My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 121

"No!" Kitahara Chunxi sat down heavily, and at the same time cast a thankful expression at the girl next to her.

However, at this time, the girl with long black hair has routinely cast her eyes out of the window.

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"So, classmate Xiao Muzhen, if you can, I still hope you can give me an accurate answer, and we also hope that we can confirm the list early." At the door of Group A in 3 years, looking at Xuecai with a surprised look, Chunxi Said sincerely.

"Do you really want to answer now?" Yukina frowned. "Although I am not very clear about the situation in previous years, the final list of previous years was confirmed in the week before the school festival, right? Even during the school festival. Someone can sign up temporarily. Why should you be so anxious this time?"

"Well, you know, Xiao Muzhen, this time the school festival was hosted together with Qingquan Middle School. Although our Miss Chief Wu Gao selection is a bit underground, objectively, this may be the highest percentage of students in the school. If possible, we hope to use this activity to attract the attention of Qingquan Middle School."

"If this is the case, why didn't the other members of the student union tell me this? I am most concerned about this matter and none of Isshiki's students!"

"Ah, it's actually like this! I'm still discussing this matter with the student union, but it should be confirmed soon, so I said—" Chun Xi was taken aback for a moment, and then had to feel that the other party was catching the problem. He grasped the key points accurately, and finally explained reluctantly.

"Sorry, Xiao Muxiao, I really lied this time, but if Xiao Muxiao can be dragged into the election, the student union should be very happy. I hope I can be forgiven for my rash move this time."

"--But, what is the relationship between Kitahara and the Student Union? I am curious about this? You told me that you are an assistant classmate, but you always feel that your assistant is the one who decides?" Xuecai continued to ask. .

"Ah, illusion, illusion! I am also a nosy person. If I am a nosy person, it is easy to become a free labor force, so I will naturally be called by the student club!"

"Nosy, this is a bit like what Kazuya said."

"Sorry, Xiao Muzheng, did you say anything just now?"

"No, it's nothing, student Beiyuan."

"From my personal point of view, I will never force Xiao Muzhen to agree to us or something like that," Chunxi took a deep breath and said seriously, "It is Xiao Muzhen's own freedom to run or not, but I hope you can give us an answer as soon as possible. Taking into account the interests of the collective, I should trouble you to make a choice as soon as possible."

"But you are still persecuting, Beiyuan-student." Xuecai took a step back, stirring her fingers a little, and replied.

"Sorry, this is because of the situation in the student union," Chunxi said with an apologetic smile, and then said nervously, "But, can I ask the reason why Xiao Muzhen doesn't want to participate? Uh, if it involves privacy. Forget about the topic."

"It's not a topic of privacy, right? Do I remember that I said it before? My friend asked me to attend the first two times, especially the first grade. My friend didn't know where to inquire about the senior Yukinoshita to me. I was very optimistic about the news, so I reported my name without telling me. This year is the last year, so I still want to choose one freely."

"But Xiao Muzhen really has no idea about Miss Chief Wu Gao? Although I know that you don't seem to care about the honor of three consecutive championships, but if there are other things—"

"——Student Beiyuan, I remember you said that you didn't come to persuade me to run for the election, did you? These words of yours obviously induced me in the direction of participating!" Xuecai interrupted Chunxi dissatisfiedly and said.

"--Ah, sorry, I didn't maintain my attitude." Chun Xi rubbed her hands awkwardly.

"Forget it, since you came to ask me this question, I knew your personal inclinations," Xuecai shook her head helplessly, and said, "But in fact, it's okay, student Beiyuan, I can ask you something. A problem?"

"no problem."

"If you have a very good friend, you tell him a lot of things, especially an idea you don't want to reveal to others, and then he takes it seriously. But then the situation changed and the idea developed in the opposite direction. Now, the more you feel that you should keep what you thought at the beginning, the more your thoughts will change. But watching your good friend take that secret seriously and look very happy, you can’t bear to tell him that this thought has changed. , What should you do at this time?"

"Although I don't understand, it's just an idea. If it were me, I would tell my good friend that his idea has changed. He is still the first person who knew my idea?"

"No, that's not it—because the changed idea is an idea that many people can guess. It is precisely because of the initial idea that many people can't guess, that friend will feel that he has learned the secret very much. Precious." Xuecai shook her head and said.

"Even so, because you care about your friends’ opinions and you hide your heart or something, it’s not necessary? Just like Xiao Mu Shu, you just said, at the beginning you came to the Miss Chief Wu Gao because you cared about your friends. Opinion, now you want to quit to express your inner thoughts. If you-uh, I am this person, and then ignore your inner desires because you care about your friends' thoughts, then it's not just the same as Xiao Mu Shu's beginning Is the situation the same?" Chun Xi shook his head and replied.

"So, Kitahara's opinion is, don't care about the opinions of good friends?" Xuecai replied seriously.

"I don’t care about it, I will explain it to my friend well! Because if you are a friend, you will understand me in the end? Of course, if there is no other way, maybe I can only accept it at that time. This is the result!"

"Well, is this kind of student Kitahara?" Xuecai squinted her eyes and continued, "But if you want to explain, you still have to explain the reason to your good friend? If the reason is because If your friend has no way to explain, what should you do?"

"Did your friend do something wrong? Then you have to make it clear to him, right?"

"No, that's not the case. Your friend did nothing wrong," Xuecai smiled bitterly and said, "It's just that you have made some changes in your psychology because of your friends, and then you changed your mind."

"That's really difficult, but I still feel that if I insist that my own ideas are not wrong, I hope my friends can understand if I explain the reasons. If it doesn't work, you can try to cover up the past in other ways-although using the trust of your friends This is shameless." Chun Xi showed a somewhat uncertain expression, but in the end, he gave such an answer.

"Do you want to stick to your own ideas at this time? It seems to be very important to stick to your own ideas!" Xuecai nodded thoughtfully.

"It looks like this to me," Chunxi glanced at her watch and said, "Well, sorry, classmate Xiao Muzhen, I have to go back to class soon, but I still hope you can make a decision as soon as possible. If you don’t make a decision before this afternoon, I think it’s better for you to give up participating. After all, I think your idea should be the same, right?"

"In the end, I still couldn't convince her! Instead, I told her so many things that seemed to be problematic but didn't know how to explain it." When she turned around, Chunxi felt a little regretful, "Then because of herself The set you gave yourself, what to make a decision as soon as possible, this afternoon is the deadline or something, if you want to check with Isseki students, there is no way to ask them again. What a complete failure!"

However, when Chunxi turned around with regret, Xuecai's crisp voice rang: "Sorry, Kitahara-san, can you wait a minute?"

"Anything else? Student Xiao Muzhen?"

"I changed my mind!"

"Uh, classmate Xiao Muzhen, don't force yourself, I also said, respecting your true thoughts is the most important thing." Chun Xi looked at Xuecai in a daze, and replied subconsciously.

"Isn't this trying to force myself? It shouldn't be," Xuecai also shook the double ponytails behind her head with some uncertainty, but in the end she still showed a firm expression, "Originally, if Beiyuan-student could give me more I might hesitate to think about the time, but since you have given me such a deadline, there is nothing I can do about it?"

"Uh, sorry—"

"--Forget it, although I don't know what decision I will make if I give me more time to consider," Xuecai said with a refreshing smile, "I think if you remove me from the list now If it is crossed out, I will definitely regret it."

"I also think that the Miss Chief Military High Election that Xiao Muyan did not come to participate in is a loss." It was only then that Chun Xi showed a relaxed smile.

"Of course, my mind is still very confused. It will take a while to sort out my thoughts. However, as far as this matter is concerned, the three-year A group, Xiaomu Yu Xuecai, still ask Beiyuan student to give more advice." Not sure, but with a somewhat strong smile, Xuecai said seriously.

"Well, me too, Kitahara Haruki. Although she doesn't have any position in the student union, she always likes to be nosy, so please advise." And looking at Yukina's expression, Chunxi was also affected by the atmosphere, solemnly Replied.

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Of course, the main purpose of this chapter is not to dig pits, but to fill pits. It happened that someone in the book review area asked me what I think of Brother Chun. This chapter with Brother Chun as the first point of view can actually illustrate my point. Thoughts, Question: Are all the practices of Brother Chun in this chapter the only choice and there is nothing wrong-in fact, if you bring Brother Chun in my chapter, there is no problem with this judgment.But is this really the case?

Similarly, I think you can ask this question when you are playing WA2. Because of the first-person routine of galgame, our thoughts are basically following the protagonist’s thinking. Then, whether your thoughts are by the protagonist— —Or the script author wants to guide you in the wrong direction — to apply the second remarks in this volume, it is to ask if you are free when you play galgame?I am not a real white scientist. I play games quite casually. I don’t do serious text analysis, but sometimes if I don’t bring in the protagonist so much and follow his thinking mode, there are still many Stuff.Of course, I follow the practice of Brother Chun in my article-although I am inclined, I seem to not go back and force you to make a specific judgment 23333.


Chapter 9: Special encounters in special circumstances

"Actually, you don't have to follow Kazuya!" Although Xiao Muzhen seems to have adjusted her mood, there are too many unnatural places in her—for example, she always likes to come to karaoke when she comes to karaoke. She who "borrowed me" now rarely resists me to accompany her senior as a job.

I believe that if I pierce the predecessor’s disguise directly at this time, she will be at a loss. Even now, although the tone is still calm, her heart is probably asking me not to continue doing this, right?

I used to think of Senior Xiao Muzhen as a perfect existence. In my impression, although the personalities inside and outside the school are completely different, the situation of calm and unhurried doing things has never changed. More importantly, it is The predecessor’s proper cooperation and care for other people’s attitudes-will not send extra attention when others don’t need it. Of course, when you send your own understanding and support, it will always be the most vulnerable of others. time.

However, the perfect image itself comes from construction, from the construction of predecessors Xiao Muzhen, and also from my self-assertion understanding of predecessors’ behavior.If you look at it from the post-employment perspective, whether it was the previous football match at Hayama, or the unprovoked scandal with the chairman Kimura of Kiyizumi Middle School, if it was Yui sister who came to me at that time, then I would I would only complain, "Sister Yui, you are really a big idiot who catches the wind"-but I can only be grateful for the care of me by the predecessor Xiao Mu.Similarly, in the case of the light music club, both Xiaomushu-senior and Yui sister suggested that I should actively participate in the settlement of this matter, but from the beginning, my attitude towards them was also different. He always regarded her as a cumbersome refusal, and for the predecessor Xiao Muzhen, it was a thoughtful refusal.But in the final analysis, what's the difference in their approach?

The construction of a perfect image not only stems from the individual's performance to other people, but also from other people's responses to the parties. This is a process of mutual construction and mutual reinforcement of both parties.

That's right, I actually realized it a long time ago, but I have never admitted it. The predecessors I know about are not all the predecessors. The predecessors in front of me are not necessarily the real predecessors— -Unreality means self-disguise, disguise, it means fear of the world, and most importantly, loss of one's own rational judgment and freedom.It's just that I deliberately didn't think about the second half of the thoughts.

However, if Senior Xiao Muzhen exposes her uncertainty and unconfidence in front of me, I feel that I can no longer deceive myself with the image of "perfect Xiao Muzhen Xuecai"?

So, do I need to pierce this predecessor’s camouflage?

Although the predecessor didn't say it, she was praying in her heart for Yubihama to stop asking questions, right?