My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 122

That being the case, then my choice is to follow the current thinking of predecessor Xiao Muzhen.

Is this weird?I have begun to doubt the principle of absolute neutrality. At this time, there is no inherent restraint on self-worth. Because the recognition of the "perfect image" of the predecessor Xiaomuzhen does not exist, shouldn't I at this time be treated to predecessors? Angry at my deception, so use this questioning to show a little revenge?

But after all, I didn’t, I think, it’s because I still have illusions about Xiao Muxiao-senpai in my heart. Although the shell of perfection has been peeled off, I still believe it, or I still try to believe, even if Xiaomushu-senpai’s mood is complicated and Her face is flustered, her decision-making can still be called "free", and at this time, if I comment on her participation in the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao, it will damage her weak balance. Right?

"Heya, I feel that today's mood is a little different from usual!" As if seeing that I haven't spoken, Senior Xiao Muzhen asked with some caution.

"How come? If there is a difference, it is because Aunt Inoue's condition today is a little wrong, which made me a little wrong, or my Minister arranged a difficult job and finished the work after me. Afterwards, Master Minister was dragged out by Yui sister to go shopping, so I didn't even have the opportunity to show off--well, in this case, I should be very depressed!"

I feel good about myself joking, but I know that the emotional abnormality is not at all because of this.

"Then my ideal approach at this time should be to drag you into the room again, and then let you sing with me, right?" Senior Xiao Muzhen nodded exaggeratedly and said.

——Unfortunately, Senior, your comfort this time is a bit too formal!From the feeling of speaking to the final tone, it was so soft and weak, and even the eyes were wandering. At first glance, I was waiting for me to reject you, right?

"Ah, sorry! I came to work without permission. Senior Inoue has made a lot of adjustments to the schedule for me. If I am absent from work because of this kind of thing, Senior will be angry! "

——Rejection without sincerity but in line with the ideals of Senior Xiaomushu, Senior Inoue asked me to give a new room for Senior Xiaomushu, isn't the purpose of letting me chat with Senior Xiaomushu?

"En, there is really no way to do it! But if it is Heya, these things can actually be handled easily by yourself? After all, it is not a big deal."

——I don’t believe in the emotional quotient of the predecessor Xiaomushu. I would not see the meaning of the predecessor Inoue who arranged this task for me, but after she got my negative answer, she promised as if she had obtained a straw for life. Down.

It's really annoying. It has become a very irritating situation. Both people know that there is a pimple in each other's heart-I know that the problem in the heart of the senior is Miss Chief Wu Gao, and the senior is probably worried about whether I am Knowing this, we all know this, we even know that the other person knows this, but the two of us tacitly say some insignificant things that seem to be in a tacit agreement for our own reasons. Actually it doesn’t hurt. If it's not itchy.

"Then, the tuning of room 14 is also complete!" I, who had finished my work routinely, said while looking at Senior Xiao Muzhen, whose eyes were still wandering.

"Well, it's hard work."

"The room is different, do I need to conceal the song cut mode? After all, song cut is still an important part of the continuous singing of seniors!"

"No need! It's hard work."

"Then, I'll go first, do you need anything else?"

"It should be gone. It's hard work."

Repeated three times, "Thank you and make peace." This sentence doesn't sound so harmonious from Senior Xiao Muzhen's mouth. It seems to have created a gap between me and seniors somehow.

——Damn it, what is going on!Are both of us fools?There are some things, right?Is not it?Yubihama Kazuya, aren't you hating the concealment of you by Ogisaki-senpai?Then you can ask!Holding your own imaginary expectation, where do you come from?

Perhaps, when people face-to-face, there will be a lot of things to consider, but on the contrary, when we close the door and calm down by ourselves, we will be a little annoyed by our own troubles and losses.

So, almost the moment I left room 14 and closed the door, my actions were dominated by an impulse that even I couldn’t control—if it’s not free, let me briefly Be a slave to emotions.

I almost closed the door and opened it again.

"Senior Xiao Muzhen!"



It seems that a similar situation has just been staged not long ago, and the three different voices are intertwined.

I have no regrets about my own practice. As for the attitude that Senior Xiao Muzhen in the room seemed to be ready to come out and say something to me, I was a little surprised, but at the same time, it appeared. The third voice made me feel the malice in this world.

Of course, if you want to add a layer of maliciousness to this incident, it is the fourth voice that came out after the three voices: "Yuhihama, shopping is still reluctant, and coming to a place like karaoke is really-- Uh, Yubihama, hello, I didn’t expect to see you here."

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Senior Xiao Muzhen has long been familiar with the direction of karaoke rooms and equipment debugging, so if there is no special situation, I generally don't need to bring seniors to the corresponding room. However, it seems to be the special situation of the last two times. , Have caused some strange consequences.

It's just a single person-even the box No. 14 for two people. It seems to be congested when there are four people. Of course, only three people are sitting in the strict sense. Yui sister and Xiaomusuo are sitting in two. Together, one side of the sofa seems to be talking like a good friend, and there is a gap of about one person under the snow on the other side—and I am standing next to the snow, as if Become a pure spectator of this dialogue scene just like her.

Hey, having said that, shouldn't it be like this?Shouldn't it?Let’s not talk about how everyone gathers in this small box. Yui sister matches Xiao Mu Shou senior, and I match Xuexia. This combination is unscientific anyway, right?

"Xiaohe, I don't remember the day when you were working today, right?" Sister Yui's sudden appearance directly disrupted the rhythm of the dialogue between me and Senior Xiaomushu, at least when I opened the door, Senior Xiaomushu thought that his face was flushed. To say something, after I turned my head to confirm the existence of Yui sister and then turned back, it disappeared.

"Well, because of various reasons, I ran here again today." I tried hard to prevent my expression from becoming facial paralysis, but I still said that I could do nothing about this extremely complicated situation. "On the contrary, it is. Sister Yui, didn't you take Minister to go shopping? Is shopping and karaoke a routine match?"

"Well, that's of course!" My sister nodded her head emotionally, and said, "Xiaoxue has never been to karaoke before, right? Of course I have to bring her here."

"So, Yuihama, I haven't been to karaoke before, doesn't it mean that I have to come now? And it is obvious that Yuihama is talking to someone just now? You are delaying his work." The first time The expression under the snow in such a place is a strange and cramped red expression, without the usual calm and calm appearance under the snow, it still looks quite fun.

"Eh, is that true? But just now, it seemed that Xiaohe did yell at someone or something. Well, Xiaohe, I'm sorry, I always interfere with your work!" Yui sister showed a sorry expression.

"Uh, in theory, isn't it an interruption to work, right? After all, I'm just talking to Senior Xiao Muyan—well, Senior Xiao Muyan?"

"——Actually, Yuihama-classmate doesn't need to care if you interrupt Kazunari's work, right? As far as I know, he doesn't run here once or twice, right?" Senior Xiaomusuo didn't know when he had been in his box. Walking out, smiled and said to Yui sister.

What's strange is that Senior Xiao Muzhen, whose emotions were still a bit fluctuating just now, has turned into the perfect impression of the predecessor in my cognition from the beginning.

"Uh, Senior Xiao Mu Shu? Sorry, I didn't notice you before." My sister was stunned obviously, but in the final analysis, it seems that this should be the second meeting and conversation between Yui sister and Xiao Mu Shu-the first impression in the impression. The beginning of a conversation was still full of gunpowder. Of course, for my sister, it is normal to communicate and communicate with someone you just met. It’s just that this time it seems that Senior Xiao Mushu spoke first. Instead, she didn't know how to deal with it.

"But on the other hand, apart from the part-time worker Kazuya, I still rarely see Sou Takega's classmates here! It is actually very surprised to be able to meet Yuihama-classmate twice here!"

This is not a normal senior Xiao Muzhen. Although the manner of dealing with people is the expression of the perfect image of senior Xiao Muzhen, the practice of trying to control and try to control and guide from the beginning is not the habit of senior Xiao Muzhen, she is not The kind of aggressive person.

However, in terms of effect, it has played a big role in guiding Yui sister to the direction of her predecessors.

"Uh, I don't actually come here very often. The last time I came with Yumiko and the others was an accident. Today I also happened to stroll here with Xiaoxue, and then-Oh, Senior Xiaomu, this is Xiaoxue! Yukino Yukino , It’s mine, and also the minister of Xiaohe’s Ministry of Service. He is a very powerful person!” Compared to when facing other people, Yui sister’s attitude towards Senior Omushu also made me feel a little strange. The attitude of panic is normal, but this panic is not the kind of panic that Yui sister treats people like Miura Yuko, but is just a panic that is completely helpless. In short, it is Yui sister seems to have no way to determine the identity of Xiaomushu-senior-because of my relationship with Xiaomushu-senior, Yui-san does not seem to think that she can get along with seniors as simple seniors and juniors, but her contact with seniors is also Can't reach the relationship with friends, maybe this kind of identity confusion makes her a little confused, right?

"Well, and Xiaoxue, this is the third grade senior Xiaomu Yuxuna! You should have heard her name?" Of course, the person who habitually contacts everyone in the team, Yui sister Still automatically undertook the task of introducing each other's acquaintances-even if this task seemed to be my job at first.

Yukoshita inherited his usual indifferent attitude, at most because of the introduction of Yui sister, he showed a kind of basic politeness, and stretched out his hand to senior Xiaomushu: "Hello, senior Xiaomushu, I am Xue Xia Xue is."

However, Senior Xiao Muyan stared at Xuexia for a long time, and finally showed a wry, but clear expression on his chest, stretched out his hand, and held Xuexia’s hand: "Student Xuexia is Am I? This is Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai."

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There is always a strange feeling in this chapter, not to say that I am not satisfied, but I always feel a little bit, but I can't find this feeling. Does the plot have to be written coherently? The impact of the travel period is still quite large.


Chapter 10: Xuexia Xueno's correctness will continue

Although Xiao Muzhen-senpai is not a person who is not good at talking with other people, she is obviously not as courageous as Yui sister in terms of interacting with people. Therefore, she can clearly detect the reluctance and resistance of Yuuki. After communicating with others, she should have given up the idea of ​​continuing to communicate with Xuexia.

According to the normal development process, Senior Xiao Muzhu went back to his room to start a two-hour non-stop Maiba journey after saying hello, and Yui sister dragged Yuixia to a certain room to sing. A song-although I think it is still difficult to make Yukoshita sing.

——But this should be the normal process, but why after coming to karaoke, why would Ogishou-senpai, who should not pay attention to things other than singing, continue to try to talk to Yui sister?Is this your second meeting?Almost tense for the first time, right?The first communication was not very smooth, right?There are so many things that Senior Xiao Mutong today is beyond my cognition.

"Yuhihama-san hasn't used his own room yet? How about coming to my box?" The senior Okisaki who hates sharing microphones with other people, in front of me, openly invited Yui sister." You can come here too. The room hasn't been used yet. You can ask Kaya to discuss with Aunt Inoue and return!"

"But, this room of Senior Xiao Muzhen is a single box, right? Plus there are too many Xiaoxue and I?"

"It doesn't matter, in fact, small boxes can accommodate 1-3 people, right? Heya, is that right?" Senior Xiao Muzhen turned his head and showed me a gentle smile. My answer to this situation is only a dull answer. The word "um".