My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 123

"Actually, if it's me personally, there is no problem, but the problem is—" As expected, Yui sister, seems to have never learned to refuse other people's invitations. After the senior explained a little bit, her mood was shaken, of course she also considered Under the snow.

However, Yukino Yukino rolled her eyes helplessly in response to her: "If I want to go back now, Yuihama would not agree, right? Three people can sing a few less than two people. song."

"So, that's a promise!" Senior Xiao Muzhen blinked, then pursed her mouth lightly. This is her routine little gesture when things are going well, "Then bother and go and make peace. Aunt Inoue explains, and then let’s get some drinks. After all, I forced Yubihama and Yukoshita to come over. I feel that I should make some compensation."

From the very beginning, behind the eyes of Senior Xiao Muzhen, there was a hazy color that made me unpredictable. This is a normal senior, and this is an abnormal senior.I have also noticed that before Yui sister interrupted me, Ogisao-senpai tried to say something to me. However, Yui sister’s accidental appearance made the dialogue impossible. I don’t know if I and senior What is the end result of being able to say what they want to say, but now everything is back to the starting point.

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Similarly, after seeing so many abnormal phenomena today, when I came back with a drink, I found that what came from the karaoke box was not the routine singing of the seniors, but the older sisters and Xiaomushu seniors. When I was talking, I felt a little numb.

"So Yuihama-san's recent homework has troubled his other friends, right? Don't you want to lose face in front of his younger brother Kazuya? After all, Yuihama is an older sister!"

"In fact, it’s not like that. I just feel that Xiaohe is a little bit too hard. After all, I am one grade higher than him. If Xiaohe is asked to help me, it is equivalent to saying that Xiaohe has to preview the homework for the first grade in advance. I thought this was a bit wrong before. After high school, the difficulty of the course will increase? If Xiaohe wants to preview, the difficulty will also increase. This makes it even more embarrassing to think about it. It happens that Xiaoxue is also very good, so these things are all It's a coincidence!"

"But you did this to make peace and sad! When I was helping him with tuition, he kept complaining to me, saying,'Sister abandoned me,' and so on, but his tuition didn't make up much. !"

"I've been thinking about who is the target of the study meeting with Xiaohe? It turned out to be Senior Xiaomuzhu! Senior Xiaomuzhu is an examinee, right? Xiaohe is also true. It is too unreasonable to trouble seniors like this. I won't use it next time. Do you trouble seniors?"

"The main things I need to improve are the liberal arts. I am still good at English. Although the Mandarin is relatively weak, it is not a problem to help me in the first grade. Besides, this is also a process of helping me review and consolidate, and Yubihama Classmates, you also know that the key to learning is not mutual tutoring, but the learning atmosphere where everyone gathers together, isn't it? So from this perspective, He is also helping me review!"

"Well, if senior must say that," my sister showed a distressed expression, "then I hope Xiaohe will not cause you too much trouble."

"Uh-Minister, until now I am still a little confused about the dialogue between girls, so from your point of view, is the dialogue between my sister and Xiao Mu Shu-sen is friendly or is the needle hidden in Mianli? I hope I am overhearted, but I I always feel that there is a strange feeling?" Although the dialogue between Xiao Muzhen and his sister is not loud, they don’t seem to want to deliberately lower their voices so as not to be heard by others. Therefore, although the melody of the song echoes in the karaoke box As a background sound, but basically, Yuuki and I can still hear the conversation between them clearly.

"I'm sorry, I am good at almost all fields, but there is only one thing I lack," Yukoshita frowned and said, "From my point of view, conversations between people can be found The place where I deliberately dealt with it, so I can’t clearly distinguish the attitude of Yubihama and the others in their dialogue, but where did you understand the kind of needle hidden in the cotton?"

"Intuition?" I smiled bitterly, "I feel like Yui sister can't stop me and Xiaomu Shou-sen will be a little unwilling to study-obviously she can't help me, but the reason why she feels unwilling is not Because I will interfere with senior Xiao Muzhen and the like-I hope I'm too worried, right?"

"And the other senior Xiao Mu Shu seems to be very wary of Yubihama's words. From my perspective, whether it is the attitude of the study meeting or the maintenance of the study meeting, she is Demonstrating to Yubihama!"

"Huh? That's a bit too much, right? Minister, your attitude towards humanity is too pessimistic. What terrible living environment is it that makes you analyze Senior Xiao Muzhen in this way?"

"Well, then you can understand that I'm too worried?" If there is tea here, take a sip of the tea, and then show an elegant and calm smile. This will be a very wonderful oil painting scene, but in There was no tea in the drink I brought, and Xuexia's action turned into a bottle of oolong tea, and he took a sip. In this way, the action seemed a bit funny.

"Ahem," seemed to be aware of his gaffe, Xuexia put down the oolong tea and asked me, "However, I am sure of one thing, that is, the emotions of the senior Xiaomu Shuxuecai, She was very anxious, at least, much more anxious than her calm and calm look when she had a conversation with Yubihama."

I can't perceive this kind of emotion, but I can understand the reason why Xuexia said this-it's as if Senior Xiao Muzhen should be like this.

"She wanted to know something, and then wanted to convey something to Yubihama, but the antagonism I mentioned before made her hesitate in conveying her thoughts. I’m not familiar with the senior Xiao Muzhen, but I feel less arrogant than the rumors of the flower of Gaoling!" Xuexia rarely spent a long comment on other people. This even made me somewhat overlook the huge amount of information in Xuexia's own passage.

"Well, Minister," I said, tilting my eyes, "have you taken the initiative to evaluate and analyze other people in this way? Haven't you always been disdainful of saying this evaluation of other people?"

"That's because Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai is also a well-known figure in the school. The real image and the rumored image in the school are so different. This really surprised me a bit." Xuexia saw Go up and said calmly.

"Explanation, you also said an answer that sounds very convincing--but this makes me more suspicious. If it was before, if I asked this kind of question, your attitude should basically be Ignore it?"

"I just thought that occasionally it's not impossible to be gentle with Yubihama."

"Forget it, Yukoshita, you are not good at lying! Your face turned red. Fortunately, it was me. If Yui sister talked to you, you would be even more embarrassed, right?"

"But to be honest, if Yubihama was here, I wouldn't say those words just now."

"——Then you admit that you have a problem?"

"I didn't say that."

"Well, you will always have your own thoughts anyway, under Xuexia, at least you seem to be more convenient to talk today, so I won't pursue it."

——This sentence is the truth. Today is the legendary abnormal day. Senior Xiao Muzhen is abnormal, and Xuexia is abnormal. Well, in fact, Senior Inoue was also abnormal before. To be honest, I also have something abnormal—no change. It seems that only Yui sister is the only one of those people, which is really gratifying.All in all, under the snow, who can communicate peacefully, I don't have to restore her to the original image of the poisonous tongue girl.

"So, what does the Minister think that Senior Omusao wants to ask Yui sister?"

"I should ask you this question, right?" Yukinoshita gave me a glance and said, "Yuhihama and Ogizuma-senpai don't have frequent contact. The biggest intersection between them is on you, right? The question, you must be clearer than us outsiders--but compared to the fact that you can have such a close relationship with Xiaomu Yu Xuecai, who is rumored to have little connection with men, this makes me more curious."

"I may have some general concepts about this matter, but I am not very clear about the specific situation! It would be great if the seniors could explain to me."

"Do you now have the courage to directly question Senior Xiao Muzhen?"

"Uh, not really."

"So, humans are always like this! They like to use round and round methods to achieve their own goals-you can understand it as your distrust of yourself." Yukoshita said with a soft smile.

"You seem to have absolute trust in yourself--"

As soon as I said this, I regretted it, but Yukino Yukino underneath!

"--Yes, I always believe that my approach is correct and absolutely correct." Sure enough, Xuexia raised his head and said proudly.

"I raised my snow-white neck like a swan", I think this sentence could not be more appropriate to describe Xuexia at this time, the same pride, the same perfection.

Before, because I always wanted to prove her mistakes, I ignored her appearance, but now, if you look closely, Yukoshita Yukino can really be regarded as the incarnation of a noble and elegant swan. !

——It would be even more beautiful if the incarnation of this swan could not make me hate me so much in the future: "However, having said that, if Yuihama-senpai and you are so acquainted with Ogizuma-senpai, you have to solve the commission of the Light Music Club Actually, you don’t need to spend so much time to find Liu Yuanpeng. As long as Xiaomu Shuxuecai is willing, I think with her popularity, we can also gather people from the light music club again, right?"

"This question, Senior Xiao Muzhen suggested to me before!" He shook his head and looked at Xuexia.

"Oh," Xuexia raised her eyebrows, "It seems that the relationship between the two of you is really closer than I thought. Did Xiaomu Shu Xuecai offer to help you?"

"Of course it was before Director Iizuka made this request. I didn't tell seniors about the commission," I glanced at Yukoshita and continued, "Of course, even now, my answer is the same. I don't want it. Senior, because of me, participated in this kind of activities that made her feel too compelling and did not meet her original wishes. This was the case at the time and it is still the case now."

"It's too eye-catching, so it doesn't meet the original wish? Is this the idea of ​​Xiaomu Yu Xuecai, who is the chief of miss in two consecutive sessions?

"Yes, this is what Senior said to me personally."

"Then there is no way." Yukoshita nodded altogether. "You rejected Senior Omusuo so much. I think that as your minister, you won't continue to make trouble, but, Yuihama, have you ever thought about one? problem."

"what is the problem?"

"The real thoughts of Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai you said, are they the real thoughts of Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai?"

"What do you mean?"

"Another point, you discovered the potential of Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai, and I also discovered the potential of Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai. Do you think her potential will not be discovered by others?"

When I looked at Xuexia again in astonishment, she had already turned around, her long black hair flicking gently in front of my eyes.

Yukino Yukino has always been correct, although I have been denying this, but this time, I always feel that Yukino Yukino who has been correct will continue to be correct.

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Chapter 11: The change of mentality is always in an instant

For Yukina, Yubihama should also be a very important person, but he is not the irreplaceable person.This point, from the very beginning, I should be very clear. It’s not that Senior Xiao Muzhen is the kind of girl who is very casual in dealing with the relationship between friends. It’s just that my special position in Senior’s heart is not because The existence of Yubihama Kazuya himself is because Yubihama Kazuya also happened to be in that special key position at a special time.

The potential of the senior Xiao Muzhen that Yukoshita discovered was a coincidence, and the relationship between the two of them was not up to the level that can be trusted, but the potential of the senior I discovered is not a coincidence?The next third person, the fourth person, if they can discover the potential of Senior Xiao Muzhen, whether they copied the Xuexia mode or my mode, the final probability is actually fifty to fifty.