My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 124

This should be what Xuexia wanted to express to me. Senior loves to sing. Except for the mentality of wanting to help me in the light music club, I think she herself does not exclude singing in front of other people. , Singing is never something suitable for self-entertainment, so many times, seniors will let me stay a while when singing, not for me to sing with her, but hope that someone can listen to her, right?

So far, only I have seen the radiant appearance of Xiao Muzhen’s singing, so when rejecting her proposal, maybe I also have my own selfishness in it?I take care of myself to occupy too many aspects of the predecessors that are unknown to others. When I feel that the side of the predecessors that only I know is about to disappear, I will do my best to keep what may be left and only I know. Those things.

"What's the matter, have you changed your mind? If that's the case, then go and convince her?" I don't know when, Xuexia's head has turned around, using the usual tone that makes people feel a little uncomfortable. Said.

"Although I considered a lot, I didn't mean to change my mind."

"Really? I thought you had a major change suddenly, and I could easily convince you!" Xuexia shrugged, showing a disappointed expression.

"I'm still fighting against you, Minister, unlike me, the continuation of your principles cannot withstand any mistakes, so even if I am defeated by you, I just have to persevere and see you because of yourself When our talents are too blind and fail, then our victory or defeat will be known."

"You still remember what you thought at the time!" Xuexia raised his eyebrows in surprise. "I thought that after experiencing so many things, you would have forgotten all the bets that you didn't know at the time. Well! Haven't you gotten rid of the second disease? It's really a pity. I thought you should be better than Qigu during this period of time."

"I'm sorry! Minister, I am constantly revising myself, but I have never agreed with your views!"

"Is that so? You, like Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai over there, seem to be the best spokespersons for bluffing, Yubihama Junior Brother, is this the reason why you two have a pretty good relationship?"

"Bluffing or not being the same, it's not up to you to judge--"

"——Sorry, Xiaoxue, Xiaohe, I just talked a lot with Senior Xiaomu Shou, I ignored you!" Yuihama Yui-san may not have any talent, but it must be what he wanted to interrupt his brother. With strange talents, this is the second time in a short period of time that she didn’t let me finish speaking. This state of joining the conversation naturally and ending the previous topic naturally, only Yui sister can make the whole process No sense of violation, right?

Sister Yui, who was behind Sister Yui, nodded steadily at me, as if he was apologizing for Sister Yui-this kind of scene is surprisingly familiar. Two months ago, the person who played this role happened to be Yuihama Yui, who was behind Miura Yuiko, apologized for the provocation of her group core against me.

Just as Yui sister played a role in her small circle who paid special attention to the team atmosphere, now I seem to feel the appearance of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen that most people usually come into contact with-noble, but close to people. She seemed impeccable in dealing with everyone's performance, but there was no way to really interact with her.

"In the beginning I invited you to come in and sing, but now I have something to do, so I decided to leave first. You can continue to use this box. I have already paid for it." Senior Xiao Muzhen expressed a guilty expression. Smile, said to me and Yukoshita.

"Xiaohe, can you also persuade Senior Xiao Muzhen? Xiaoxue and I use the boxes that seniors have reserved for free. There is always something wrong, right?" My sister said to me sadly, looking at her, it should be seniors. Suddenly mentioned this incident and she tried to persuade seniors to withdraw this decision and failed, right?

"Forget it then?" I glanced at me with a smile, but there was clearly a kind of "If you say something that makes me unsatisfied, I will make you look good" Senior Xiao Muzhu, sighed. Said, "Senior Xiao Muyan's stubbornness is unexpected in many cases. I will never try to persuade such a senior. Besides, isn't it good for you to make a box money? If you are really not satisfied, I will take it over. Senior’s drink money didn’t settle the bill, did you pay the bill?"

"Xiaohe!" I probably didn't expect that I would give up so neatly. My sister reluctantly waved a fist at me, and finally turned her eyes for help under the snow.

"If I don't mind this matter, I actually don't have much opinion. You don't have to be so excited, Yukihama." Yukoshita's expression on her face remained calm, but in the end, her head was still slightly tilted. "However, it's just a somewhat curious little question. What does the senior want to leave now? It's just my personal feeling. You are not ready to leave early, right?"

"Yukixia is really good at grasping the core of the problem! This is exactly the same as your sister." Senior Xiao Muzhen smiled bitterly, and said, "If I refuse to answer, I feel a little evasive!"

"Xiaoxue, do you have a elder sister? I have never heard you mention it before!" My sister’s surprised expression is exactly the same as mine. The family under Xuexia should be a family with a higher social level. I am also a monster. There is no doubt that this kind of elder sister of Xuexia, has Senior Xiao Muzhen ever contacted?

"Please don't mention her in front of me. I'm not the same as her." Rarely, a look of annoyance brushed across Xuexia's face.

"Yes, it's not the same. There are still many differences between Xuexia and Senior Xuexia, or in other words, most of the places are different, but I don't know why, I always feel that you are in Some strange directions are the same!" Senior Xiao Muzhen raised his head, his eyes blinked vigorously, as if recalling something, "I still remember what Senior Xuexia said to me at the time, "If you are afraid, then I can only prevent this from happening from the beginning', it feels like I really see through my heart."

"What do you mean,'If you are afraid, you can only avoid this from the beginning, right'?" I looked at Senior Xiao Muzhen who was saying something strange that I didn't understand, and asked subconsciously.

"Boys shouldn't be too gossip! To pry into girls' spiritual world is to be mentally prepared enough!" Senior Xiao Muzhen replied calmly, "But returning to the topic just now, I don't know me. Will you be satisfied with the next answer."

"I'm not asking Senior Xiao Muzhen to tell me a so-called satisfactory answer, but I hope it is a true answer." It seems that because Senior Xiao Muzhen accidentally mentioned her sister, Yukino Yukino's face was calm. It doesn't exist anymore, and there is a hint of anxiety in the answers.

On the contrary, it was just now that Yukoshita-senpai had been understood as an anxious Xiaomusao-sen. At this time, it seemed that he had let go of a major burden in his heart and said: "I came here because some problems have not been resolved, but I just talked to Yubihama The conversation allowed me to solve these problems. It is a great thing to stick to my own ideas. It is also a great thing to be able to make the other person aware of something and make the other person agree with something by sticking to my own ideas. You think so too, don’t you? Yuukishita-san?"

"I don't quite understand what you mean." After a long silence, Xuexia turned his head and gave a vague answer.

I was surprised to see Senior Xiao Muzhen who had completely changed the style of painting compared to the previous one. She shouldn't be in this state until I talked to Xuexia, so what exactly did the older sister say to her before letting her Has the predecessor made such a big change?

As if sensing my gaze, my sister shook her head desperately, indicating her ignorance.

"By the way, Heya, I have one thing to tell you." Senior Xiao Muzhen turned his head and looked at me.

"Uh, please say, senior."

"I decided to participate in the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao!"

Without hesitation, and without reservation, Senior Xiao Muzhen told us the two of us had been hesitating and dare not to pierce this matter before.

"But, this is not something that needs to be reported to me." I replied dumbly.

"But, didn’t I tell you before that I was not interested in this matter? So I would think that if I also knew about this matter, would I feel that I was joking with you and betrayed you? some type of?"

"No, no? I'm surprised, but if it was the decision of the predecessors, there must be my own reason." To be honest, besides being surprised, I did have a hard work at the time. Keeping a secret, the news that only belonged to me in advance was ruthlessly pierced and sad and anxious, but after Xiao Muzhen’s predecessor said his decision and his own thoughts so openly, I found that those who had been There were dissatisfied and questioning words, but they couldn't spit them out anyway.

"Before I have always said with Kazuya that in the previous two years I participated in the election because of persuasion by my friends, so this year I wanted to come according to my true thoughts! But then, I considered this matter. For a long time, my thoughts this year are really the same as those of the previous two years? Just because I didn’t want to participate in the first two years, can I be sure that my thoughts are not willing to participate this year? If I participate this year, I will only do it for Was it done to satisfy other people’s ideas of "Xuka Yukina’s record three consecutive championships"? No, if I participated this year, maybe it’s because I actually vainly enjoyed winning on the stage. The process, maybe because I think this competition is fun, maybe because I don't want to show weakness in some places and want to be more active, but what I am sure now is that I participate in it for my own sake!"

There is no hypocritical intention to be included in this remark of Senior Xiao Muzhen, and I also deeply feel the emotion that overflows in her body and the powerful persuasive power of this remark.

"So, Kazuya, trouble your deskmate, Isshiki classmate, right? Tell her, I'm sorry, don't think that Xiaomu Shuxuecai will be like this this year!"

Uh, what does this have to do with Isshiki? Although it is said that the competition of Xiao Muzhu's predecessors will definitely affect Isshiki's competition, do I need to explain this to me?

However, without waiting for me to react, Senior Xiao Muzhen picked up his bag and left the box, leaving me alone in a daze.

"That, old sister," I was about to ask Yui sister again, to clarify how magical what my sister said could make Senior Omusuo make such a big change, but I found that the atmosphere in the box was a bit strange ,

Said it is weird, the main reason is that both Yukoshita and Yui sister stared at me with intriguing eyes.

Wait a minute, this time the culprit is Senior Xiao Muzhen, right?When did I become the backer?

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Chapter 12: Fighting for the right to speak when the roles of sisters overlap

"Xiaoxue, can I ask you a question?" My sister tilted her head, and then looked at Xuexia with a serious expression that I rarely see. "Little and this child, I usually give you that kind of grace. This child is so pitiful, do you need more care?"

Hey, Yui sister, should I use this sentence to describe you?Why did you seem to have no sense of disobedience when you said this sentence?

"If you understand this sentence as "Well, this guy is really bad, it won't work if you don't change it", then it is true." Yukoshita replied with a cold face, only this guy said This type of words does not give people a sense of relaxation like a joke.

"Well, I don't want Koyuki to understand from this angle," Yui sister routinely showed a somewhat troubled expression, but after thinking for a while, she nodded heavily, clenched her left hand and made her right hand. He patted lightly on the fist of his left hand, "But this means that Xiaoxue still wants to care about Xiaohe? I understand it right?"

——No, no, I think your mistake of understanding is too great. Xuexiaxu will not care about me, she just thinks that I am an unstable factor in the world she controls. If it can't be ruled out, then It must be remodeled, it's just a similar feeling.If you have to say caring, I think Xuexia's caring for you is more like caring!

But, rarely, Xuexia only frowned slightly, revealing a slightly troubled but unwillingness to explain, and finally turned his head to the other side helplessly.

Er, classmate Yukinoshita, Minister Yukinoshita, I don't think this is a good time for you to promote your non-fighting style. Please clarify your misunderstanding to Yui sister.

However, I was disappointed. Xuexia's head was still slightly tilted in the direction that made me lose sight of her expression, making it rare for me to judge her thoughts.

"If Koyuki thinks the same way, then this matter is indeed very troublesome!" On the other hand, Yui sister who misinterpreted Yukoshita's reaction looked at me with a headache." Although I know that Xiaohe has indeed become a lot of worry since he was in high school, but I didn't expect it to be so serious. Has this kind of appearance that people want to care about when they see it also attracted the attention of Senior Xiao Muzhen?"

"What are you talking about, Yui-san?" So Yui-san understood the relationship between me and seniors as Kazuna who became a problem child after entering high school, because the so-called withdrawn character aroused Senior Xiao Muzhen, who is "sister-in-law" pay attention, is there a wonderful legendary story of seniors caring about younger generations on both sides?

——Although I think it’s not impossible to use this statement to explain the interaction between me and my predecessors, it’s too much to describe the male protagonist in the work as a lonely second madman. My High school life exists precisely for the failures and gaffes brought about by the second year of junior high school.