My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 125

"Well, Xiaohe, sister is wrong! Before, I just thought that this is a very complicated experience that everyone has. I don't know this very well, so I don't know how to solve it. I think Xiaohe is such a smart person. , I can definitely realize this on my own and then rush through." Surprisingly, my sister folded her hands together, lowered her head slightly, and said apologetically, "However, the current situation is that if you let the family People other than people helped Xiaohe first. Then I am not worthy to be Xiaohe’s sister? If I let Senior Xiaomuzhu solve Xiaohe’s problem first, then the sister would be very shameful!"

"No, old sister, I think you may have understood something wrong—"

"——I know, I might not figure out the situation in some details. For example, I can’t understand some words between Xiao Muzhen and Xiaohe, but I can see it, Xiao Muzhen, yes I really care about Xiaohe’s reaction to her decision." At this time, my elder sister made an adequate elder sister's gesture and interrupted me mercilessly, using the typical "Well, I actually understand it. Leave it to me next!" The senior said to me in a reassuring tone.

"Senior attaches great importance to that point, I can see, but to be honest, I don't understand why Senior cares so much about that issue. Although I have a lot of hesitation before I say it, I think it is actually true after I said it. It’s not that uncomfortable, and what did you say to Senior Xiao Muzhen that made her style of painting so intense!"

"Actually, there is nothing? If you have to offend Senior Xiao Muzhen, it is that I have asked for a little bit about where Senior Xiao Muzhen helped Xiaohe?" My change of topic, Dafa, seemed to be quite effective. , My sister was just stunned for a moment, and then continued along with my topic.

"Sister, this is what you said? It doesn't fit your style at all!" Indeed, strictly speaking, if my sister really asked Senior Xiao Muzhen these questions, it can only be said that it is too inconsistent with her. When I talk very little to people I don't know, I think about the style of the atmosphere.

"Well, what does Xiaohe mean?" My sister blinked, then her face slowly turned red, and she shook her head like a slow-motion replay, and then, the more she shook her head. The dumpling also seemed to fall down with her shaking her head. Sister Yui, who was waving her hands, explained embarrassedly, “No, I’m not to blame for this! It’s Senior Xiao Mu Shu who first inquired about many things from childhood and childhood. Well! Besides, I ask these things because I think Xiaohe may be too troublesome for seniors. You see, as I said just now, if Xiaomushu's predecessors care about Xiaohe's somewhat disturbing personality. Xiaohe, which affected Senior’s own education, must be a problem, right? Asking about the interaction between Senior Xiaomu and Xiaohe will help me take care of Xiaohe and prevent Senior Xiaomu from bothering. Senior Xiaomuzhen came to care about Xiaohe, then Yubihama’s negligence, isn't it?"

The elder sister’s head swayed more and more, but her expression became more and more self-confident. Finally, she held the argument that “as an older sister, you should not let your younger brother treat other older women as sisters and cause trouble to other women”. She stopped her own voice breathlessly-although this argument is quite good, don't you think Yui sister discovered this a little late?

"Uh, there is a bit of truth in what you said. Of course, I didn't want you to explain why you did this at first." Of course, I was not so stupid that I could directly tell the complaints about Yui sister in my heart. Sister Yi finally has a continuous consciousness of being a sister in one thing. I shouldn't hit her with this kind of enthusiasm.

"Also, I always feel that Senior Xiaomushu feels very strange to Xiaohe! Although you have always said that it is the relationship between senior and junior, but that is Xiaomushu Xuecai, it was very strange when we first met. The relationship between the two of you is really good, and she went to your class twice to find you!"

"Sister Yui, how can you be sure that the senior came to see me in the first-grade classroom?" My eyes crooked to a diagonal line, but I can basically estimate the source of my sister's intelligence.

"Really? But Xiao Caiyu saw it with her own eyes!"

Sure enough, a color feather attracts your senior Yeshan well. There is no need to disclose my matter to the less important sister Yui in the Yeshan group-or that this guy will not let any of them go. Human opportunity?

"Don't think that Xiao Caiyu is just being nosy." My sister frowned and said to me seriously, "After all, I am also Xiaohe's sister. I know that adolescent boys always have a lot of secrets and are unwilling. I told my family, so since I met Xiao Caiyu, it’s natural to ask her to tell me something about your usual things as your deskmate! My mother always secretly tells me,'Little and that The child looks very smart, but in fact he may not do anything. Yui, you have to pay attention to him."

——Very well, mom, you are so amazing. In front of my sister, you told her to take care of your younger brother. In front of me, you also said something like "The kid Yui, it’s a miracle to be able to go to Sergeant Wu Gao. Fortunately, Xiaohe, you also went to Sotake High School, so you should take care of Yui more in school! "Like!"Although it is normal to let siblings take care of each other, you give me back the feeling that my family trusts me more than Sister Yui’s satisfaction!

However, at the end of the day, if the conversation between Xiaomushu-senpai and Yui-san just surrounded me and understood the situation, I still can’t find the reason why the senior suddenly changed-although it is true that the conversation between the two people is related to me, But I don't think that the little things between Yui sister and me will change the thinking of Xiao Mu Shou-san too much.

So is it still not clear here at the end?

Having said that, I took a look at Xuexia, who had been silent during the conversation between our siblings just now. It is naturally not Xuexia’s habit to interrupt other people’s conversations, but I am still very curious, Xuezhi Will you have your own understanding and judgment about the content of the dialogue between Yui sister and Xiaomushu?

However, Xuexia made me a little disappointed, still sitting in her seat in an elegant posture, but her attention was obviously not devoted to the conversation between my sister and me.

And my attention to Yukoshita also seemed to make Yui sister aware of her move of "not paying attention to atmosphere adjustment" just now, and she immediately expressed her apologies to Yukoshita: "Well, sorry, Koyuki, just too much I'm concerned about Xiaohe's affairs, so I forgot Xiaoxue again. Well, I obviously called Xiaoxue out, but after I came to Karaoke, I kept hanging Xiaoxue aside. I'm really sorry!"

"Ah, it's nothing," Xuexia raised his head with a small smile, "It just so happens that I have something to think about."

"Hey, Xiaoxue," as if to make up for her previous contempt for Xuexia, my sister deliberately provoked the topic and said generally, "The election of Miss Chief Wu Gao mentioned by Xiao Muzhen earlier, I suddenly felt It's interesting! In fact, Xiaoxue's popularity is quite high among boys, so you can compete!"

"Sorry, someone told me this when I enrolled a year ago, and that person came to me again this year. Of course, I gave the same answers. I would not be interested in this kind of activity from the beginning. ."

"Just try it! Don't Xiaoxue think it's a good thing to prove that she has a lot of charm?"

"If it weren't for you to persuade me in this way, I would now kick you away. Of course I don't think you need to challenge my limits of endurance."

"Wow, okay!" She seemed to realize that Xuexia hadn't looked at her coldly for a long time, and her sister shrank her shoulders subconsciously.

"By the way, if Yubihama is so interested in this matter yourself, I think you can also try it yourself!" Lifting his head, Yukoshita's lips flicked a bit of nothing. Smile, this guy, although he didn't make such a violent way to kick his sister away, but the means of revenge still makes people feel a little black and bad!

"Am I? No, no! I don't have any popularity at all! I really have to compare with that senior Xiao Muzhen, absolutely not! Also, Yumiko probably won't like me in the competition, right? After all, she has never participated in the competition."

"Then encourage Miura Yuko to compete. In fact, I have always been curious about the reason why she didn't compete, because of that kind of personality."

"Maybe it's because I think there is no chance for Xiao Muzhen to win? You would not like to participate in the kind of competition that loses the limelight."

"Will Miura worry about his loss?"

"Uh, Yumiko wouldn't say it herself, but I think it might be."

"I personally think that in terms of popularity, I will not be better than Miura-although I hate to admit this, it is a fact. Although I don't care about this fact, I will not talk about this game. What's the point? Since everyone's final result in the competition is lost to Senior Xiao Muzhen, why should I participate?"

"That's what I said!" My sister nodded lightly and said, "But I always feel that if the result of the game is really so doomed, it will be very strange."

"So Yubihama, you can try it yourself," Yukoshita showed a tired expression.

"But, if it's me, it won't work, right?" I looked at Yui sister who was muttering, her eyes flashed with a hesitant look that made me wonder.

"If it's me, can't it?"

I always feel that my sister’s words contain much more meaning than I realized.

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Chapter Thirteen: Seems to solve the actual chaotic situation

"If it's me, it won't work?" When my sister said this, I seemed to see the return of Yuihama Yui who was too cautious in front of Miura Yuko, and her turning was even more than usual. The pupils that were much faster, and the uncertain, hesitant look in the eyes made me suddenly feel a strange sense of anger.

Since I joined the Ministry of Service, I have rarely seen Yui sister's expression like this. Although she will also care about Yukoshita's thoughts, she will also take care of Biqigu's attitude, but she is doing those things At that time, she was completely independent and there was not a hint of compromise in her eyes, but now, in front of me and Yukoshita Yukino, her somewhat flattering eyes appeared again.What is different from the usual is that when she showed this kind of eyes in the past, she had a definite request for help, or "asking for instructions", but this time, whether it was me or Xuexia, obviously both Not her object to ask for instructions.

Therefore, this time, the look in my sister's eyes was a little more confused and at a loss than usual.

However, if it's Yui sister, it won't work, right?I repeated what Yui said. I don't know what Yui's thoughts are, but if she is facing Senior Ogisuke, she should have no chance of winning, right?The Xiaomu Yu Xuecai who was forced to participate because of friends in the previous two years can show overwhelming strength. Now this senior Xiaomu Yu who is working hard to compete for his own ideas, I must show a more beautiful brilliance on the stage. Right?

If Yui-san worked hard to dress up, she might not be much less popular than a queen-level figure like Miura Yuko, but by comparison, Ogisao-senpai is already an extraneous existence in the society of Sotake High. What's more, the basic values ​​of popularity accumulated in the previous two years of participating in the competition, and the routines such as the "miracle triple hegemony" that the Student Union must now promote, this year's Miss Chief Military High election, from The moment Xiao Muzheng competed, it was no longer a fair showdown for others.

I can feel Yui sister's eyes slowly cast on me, maybe I want to find some support from me, but facing such Yui sister, I dare not look back with encouragement. This kind of pure encouragement is given because the other party wants something. It must be the most delicious poison after the final result comes out?

Although this sentence seems to have a similar style, it is absolutely appropriate for me to use it in this occasion.

I didn't see Yui sister's expression, her expression must be very disappointed?After all, she had been supporting her younger brother, and did not choose to support this time.

Even when my elder sister made a crazy decision to apply for Chief Wu Gao, I stood by my sister’s side against the opposition of my family and helped her with tutoring, and after all sorts of miraculous factors I created a new miracle, but this time, I flinched, maybe because I realized how strong the opponent is, maybe because of other reasons, I don't know.

However, Yuihama Yui is used to losing, right?Although it’s a bit too much to say, but being able to stand up like a okay person again and again when others don’t understand it again and again, and then continue to carefully survive in this society, this is Yui sister, this is mine though Most of the time, there is no elder sister's appearance, but she always hopes to show the appearance of senior Yui when necessary.

However, every time when my sister really wanted to work hard, although it was considered that a miracle needed to happen, she did a miracle, right?Why is it different this time?I asked myself this way, looking at myself who somehow wanted to refuse to help my sister, even myself was a little strange.

I looked at Xuexia, trying to hear some words of encouragement from her.

However, Yukino, who is always correct, still chose to remain silent at this time.Maybe she didn't want to help, but I felt that even she herself had forgotten how to use gentle words to arouse fighting spirit in front of a person with little hope.

"Well, that's right. Indeed, it is impossible for someone like me. Xiaoxue said that she has no chance, so it is even more impossible for me. After all, it is really hard to disgust someone like Senior Xiao Muzhen. Yes, when I talk to her, I almost become a fan of her, right?" This is Yuihama Yui’s normal reaction, or, this kind of normal reaction even caused me to have it. A touch of disgust.

So, for what exactly, Yubihama Kazuya, when your sister needs encouragement most, even if it is a formal encouragement, you chose to shrink back!

"Well, by the way, Xiaoxue, I suddenly have a great idea!" My sister continued to say to herself, "Didn't Senior Xiao Muzhen sing very well? Then we don't need to let the student Liu Yuan come back. Did you help? Invite Xiao Muzhen directly to join the light music club. As a singer, isn't it a great choice? With Xiao Muzhen as a singer, the members who left before will probably come back, right? For Xiao Muzhen Senior, this is also a good opportunity to increase her popularity, she will probably agree to it too?"

Yuihama Yui is such a person. After he is frustrated, he will immediately think about other people like a okay person, and then, in the corner, silently **** his wounds, and is promoted to Soubu Gao, before I was able to witness Yui sister's position in the Yumizi group, I often saw my sister cheer for herself after returning home.

At that time, I still had the idea of ​​protecting Yui sister from being bullied by others after I entered high school.It's just that I encountered too many things in the third grade of junior high school. Although the result of being promoted to the high school has not changed, the idea of ​​trying to protect Yui sister has been somewhat forgotten by me.

——Fortunately, the Ministry of Service and Yukoshita completed this job instead of me.