My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 126

——The sad thing is that I am now in this state again.

"Ah, this, Xiaohe, Xiaoxue, why don't you guys speak? I thought about it carefully. I don't think my idea is bad! Really, I have also considered feedback in various aspects, so Say, uh, give me a reaction!" Looking at the silent two of me and Yukinoshita, Yui sister stretched her head to the back of her head in a little embarrassment. She felt a little amused when she touched the one that usually seems a bit amused. But some sad dumplings said.

"I've discussed this matter with Yubihama before," Yukoshita finally replied, who had not spoken, "but your brother doesn't want us to invite senior Xiaomushu, given that Yubi among us Junior Brother Bin is the person who knows the little Mu Shu Xuecai best and has the best relationship. If he doesn't want it, I think it would be better to follow his opinions."

"What? Sure enough, Xiaoxue and Xiaohe thought about this," my sister said with a relieved expression, "Well, sure enough, haha, that, what I can think of, Xiaoxue and Xiao And why can't I think of it? I'm so stupid!"

However, looking at such a sister, a somewhat nameless anger ignited in my heart.

So, why do you want to force a topic when you are sad?Why should you consider whether the atmosphere is embarrassing or not in front of us?You came to see Xuexia as a good friend, right?Am I your brother too?Didn't you always do not hide your feelings before?Today, why do you want to achieve this level!

"That one--"

"—Sister Yui, go to the Miss Chief Wu Gao! I will support you, I think Sister Yui’s popularity will be higher than you think!" I think I am absolutely crazy, for no reason. I said abruptly as my sister tried to continue to round out the atmosphere of everyone.

"Xiaohe?" Sister Yui tilted her head and glanced at me with some surprise. Then, she shook her head slightly, revealing a very everyday, relaxed smile, "No way, my words, yes It won't work!"

Vaguely, I could perceive that Xuexia's eyes quickly glanced at me. I thought, if Qigu was here, maybe he could perceive more things I didn't know.

However, these are not the places I care about. I only saw Yui sister’s mouths one by one, repeating the one sentence I said the most today: "Xiaohe, thank you for your concern! But don’t always Treat me as a fool, if it is me, it won't work!"

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In the end, the private box that Senior Omuki left for her sister and Yukoshita did not come in handy. After that conversation, both her sister and Yukoshita seemed to feel that the atmosphere was a bit wrong, so Sister Yui sang dryly. After several songs, and after persuading Yukoshita to sing to no avail for the Nth time, Yui, who seemed to think it was unnecessary to continue doing this, gave up the idea of ​​Laxuexia and left the room hastily.

——Of course, this kind of plot is actually my brain supplement. Although I think the timing and brain supplement plot should not be much different, I personally left the box after the dialogue and went back to the counter to accept Inoue Aunt's resentful eyes.

To be honest, Obasan Inoue gave me a rare assist, gave me the green light, and sympathized with my long list of unreasonable requests. I should be grateful for this and fulfill her expectations of me.However, although the results are not too bad, the complexity and sloppyness of the process in the middle makes me feel that I am a bit disappointed by the different styles of today's Inoue.

Senpai Inoue obviously noticed Senpai Xiaomushu, who left the box before me. According to her, if it hadn’t been for seeing Senpai Xiaomushu leave and say hello to herself, it would have been relatively relaxed, and if she was full of fighting spirit, she would have taken I was still negligent in the box, I caught it back and gave me a severe lesson.

Therefore, I also feel that I still don't need to report the complicated situation to Senior Inoue again, and explain the situation that I don't even know the situation. I think Senior will be crazy.

Of course, as far as Xiao Muzhen’s seniors are concerned, seniors told me frankly that she wants to participate in the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao, and the kind of dissatisfaction with seniors in my heart does not seem to be necessary to vent too much, so, just as just now Having said that, in terms of the results, the problem between me and Xiao Muzhen's predecessor seems to have been solved in a vague way-although there is a greater crisis hidden behind this solution, I am not very clear.

When she returned home in the evening, Yui sister behaved as before, and she couldn't see that she was still struggling with Miss Chief Wu Gao for a long time in the afternoon.For Yui sister in this state, if I continue to persuade her, the effect will not be great. In fact, I still can’t understand the reason why I said that under impulse control. This is really true. It's not in line with my principles, so everyone seems to have deliberately forgotten what happened today.

The end of the term that has been shouted for a long time is coming soon, at least I hope that before that, everything is better.

——But, generally speaking, things will always become unstable when the stable flag is set.

For example, a certain girl at the same table who has been so busy in the Student Union recently, who seems to be about to be forgotten by me, came to me routinely with questions from the Student Union.

"Student Yi Hueiyu, although I admire you as a first-year student for being so caring about the students, although I also know that you were disappointed after the coquettish attitude towards me was revealed by me, but can you? Please use that cute expression to heal me during the recent period. I don’t want to talk to you like a strange student president with an expressionless face. Please don’t put you on another set. The character image collapse is here!"

"Oh, before that, I think it would be better for Heye to explain this bold move of your community." However, the person I spoke to did not respond to my complaints, and put the "faceless" I mentioned earlier. The state of "expression" was brought to the extreme, she just continued her official tone and said.

"So, it's not saved, it's not saved. Although the previous form of Yishi is not your true state, you still return to me the previous Yishi who was cute without thinking about it!"

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Chapter 14: Yubihama Kazuya who made a reverse intervention attempt

"If you are talking about asking the Qingquan Middle School Student Association for help to let the wind go, it shouldn't have any impact on our school festival arrangements, right? It's just the corresponding measures taken to complete a commission. It is making this request. At that time, I also communicated with each other completely in my personal capacity, and did not use your banner!"

"Although I know this, Sister Xun means that you didn't notify her when you did this. Doesn't this make us look passive?" Although I think Isshiki's expression on me is also It may be another deliberate performance, but the relatively tired color on her face still makes me feel a little bit that she is indeed working hard in her own way now.

However, even if I can understand her efforts and ask Qingquan Middle School to release a false and uncertain rumor, I still think there is no big problem with this matter.

"You didn't think of this. Didn't Senior Xuexia take this into consideration?" My expression of "you are too fussed" should have been accurately accepted by Isshiki, so her answer was obviously a little helpless. "After all, this is the cultural festival of Zou Wu Gao. We have not yet announced the official performance list of the cultural festival. You asked the other side to disclose this situation in advance. This is not to give the public a "light music fan club must be on the performance list" Is there an illusion?"

I understand what Yishi means. Indeed, on this issue, everyone in the Ministry of Service did not take this into consideration. Indeed, we did not consider how much the leakage of this topic would affect the preparation of Zou Wugao’s cultural festival.This is also very normal, because all the members of the Ministry of Service do not look like people with sufficient experience in student union management and cultural festival preparations. We only considered whether the other party would be willing to accept this proposal and ignored It may have an impact on yourself.

"Looking at your expression, it seems that even Senior Xuexia didn't think about this issue." Isshiki sighed and said, "You guys have forcibly tied the Student Union to your chariot. No matter. Did Qingquan Middle School make any statement? Now the attention of the students has been attracted by the Light Music Club. At that time, if the Light Music Club does not appear on the final performance list, no matter what reasonable explanation is put forward by the Student Union, it will eventually be inevitable. Let’s doubt it-the performance list of the cultural festival has always been the focus of attention of various clubs. There are many people who miss the secret operation of the student union every year. The pressure on our side is also great!"

"Uh, sorry, from our point of view, we don't mean trying to forcibly kidnap the student union." Even the president of the city, who seems to never get angry, must be very angry now?However, letting Isshiki and I personally have this kind of private communication, instead of letting her go directly to Xuexia, shows that she is also trying to find a way to solve the problem.

"If the Light Music Club already has a show, then maybe we are reluctant to add their clubs to the performance list of the cultural festival. Anyway, if the performance fails to meet expectations, the club itself is the most questioned. We don’t really care."

——Although I agree with what you said, such a blatant declaration of self-interest, as a member of the student union, is it really good for you to say it so bluntly?

"But the problem is that, Kazuma, you are too bold. For a club that is not even prepared for the show, spreading such rumors and shaping such a public opinion environment completely blocked your retreat, right? ?"

"It's okay, isn't our purpose of releasing this rumor for this? With a high degree of attention, there are people who want to use this high degree of attention for their own benefit, including those who have already withdrawn, or may include those who have not thought before Yes, all kinds of careerists have gathered together, and the purpose is to use this high level of attention to propagate themselves. Of course, if the result is good, this is not something that our Ministry needs to care about. Minister Tsuka’s commission was for him to reorganize the society and stand on the stage of the cultural festival!"

I, who had just complained about the same egoism declaration, did not hesitate to release another egoism declaration, and the final ending of the poor light music club seems to have been ignored by both of us.

Of course, if the final performance of the light music club is not satisfactory, this may make Xuexia this perfectionist a little uncomfortable, but at this stage, as far as the result is concerned, what we need to consider is how to regroup the light music fans. And have the opportunity to be on stage, and judging from the reaction of the student union, the plan we have adopted so far has been very successful.

However, this scheme of kidnapping the Student Union unconsciously still made me apologize to the Student Union. Although it is ridiculous to say that this feeling of guilt is a bit ridiculous, if I was in junior high school, after realizing this, I should I would be happier. After all, this kind of kidnapping has increased the success rate of the program, allowing everything to proceed further in the direction I expected.

However, now I don’t like this practice of interfering and kidnapping other people’s behavior without realizing it. Even if I am not obsessed with the logic of absolute neutral non-interventionism, The behavior of a third party affected by interference with others like this one will also make me feel like a throat.

"Actually, if the student union is really troubled, I can provide you with a plan to keep the student union out of the way." Although I know that many times, through doing other things to reversely intervene to make up for their own faults, they often cause problems. It expands itself, but, if possible, I still hope to try something-if this attempt is successful, it means that we may be able to take some risks to correct some excessive interventions to the original On track.

——If this is successful, then maybe I can also make some remedies for Xiaochun who was hurt by me, and the football department of Qingquan Middle School who was destroyed by me, right?

In the end, this is just a small attempt based on my own selfishness.

"If there is such a plan, then I think Sister Patrol will be grateful." Isshiki smiled bitterly and said, "I don't think you want to take the initiative to abolish these rumors, right?"

"Of course not. As long as the rumors form a specific atmosphere of public opinion, they will not disappear because of the blocking or veto of the source of public opinion. They will only slowly form a topic in the group, and then naturally disappear-if it is not used If the natural way disappears, there is only one way." I shook my head and said.

Isshiki's expression became weird, and then, as if thinking of something interesting, her eyes narrowed, and I could also notice that she seemed to be trying very hard to control herself and not let herself be like discovering a new world. Generally laughed.

"Hey, be serious, I'm helping you guys find a solution to the problem!"

"Ah, sorry, okay, let's talk about it first!" Isshishi patted his flushed face and said.

"There is only one way to make the rumor disappear in an unnatural way, and that is to replace it with another rumor."

"Is it replaced by another kind of rumor? You mean that Zong Wu Gao's student union can also use the ambiguous and uncertain remarks of Qingquan Middle School to guide everyone to form an atmosphere of untrustworthy light music hobbyists— —In this way, no matter whether the Light Music Club is on the final list or not, people will not have a crisis of trust in the students."

"Although the idea is correct, the approach is wrong," I corrected Isshi's thoughts. "Now that the atmosphere of public opinion is formed, if such rumors are immediately released, it will not become a topic. On the contrary, this kind of love for light music will Disparaging will instead become a crime of the Student Union. The Student Union does not want well-performed light music players to be included in the cultural festival performance list, so it deliberately creates such rumors-this will further deepen your suspicion of operating in the dark, and even this practice. The worst result is that if Qingyin will be on the list of performances, it is a victory for the justice of public opinion. If Qingyin will not be on the list of performances, it will be the result of the intervention of the student union—for the power that they have no access to, people I like this kind of conspiracy theory the most."

"Well, it makes sense! Kazuya, are you very researched in this aspect?" Yishi nodded and looked at me curiously.

"Isn’t there any research? It’s just from my own experience. I don’t understand the part or individual who has a lot of power. People always like to talk about it for no reason. Students will be like this. This is actually the case for small clubs."

——Yes, the football department of Qingquan Middle School, where everything I practice, can be used as a reference for me to look at the behavior of the student union. The decision-making of the team committee with me as the core has been as transparent as possible, but for the new For the members who joined, they have always been skeptical about this. Although most people give up their doubts because of the respect of their predecessors and younger generations, occasionally there will be people with a sense of justice — and then that person with a sense of justice, Being excluded from the club has further deepened everyone's suspicion of the Qingquan Middle School Football Committee.

This kind of suspicion will not disappear because of the team committee's clarification, but will only be temporarily suppressed because of the team's success. Once it encounters a failure, the next thing you will face is a tide of offensive, which will follow.

"Heya, Heya?" A close face appeared in front of me, I can almost see her brown pupils, well, there are also eyelashes, flickering eyes, I must admit, Ishiki eyes They are the most aura and the most beautiful eyes among all the people I have ever met. She is so handy at manipulating the human heart. Her eyes are hard to refuse when you see them, especially those with expectations. The eye when making a look is a very important aspect.