My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 127

——Uh, the delusion stops, the key now is to be too close, too close!Yi Hueiyu, please don't be such a benevolent beautiful girl to observe the development of the protagonist.

"Well, does it seem to have a reaction to me? Kazuki's appearance just now is quite interesting. I thought you had thoroughly seen the demon nature of Xiao Caiyu and would not be tempted by any form of me. Yeah!" Isshiki's enlarged face suddenly shrank and returned to normal at random, with her routine but the right and attention-grabbing smile that she hadn't seen for a long time, said.

"It's not abnormal, right? Men are such sad face-controlling creatures. Even if they know that it is a trap, sometimes they can't help stepping on them."

"Hey, then what Kazume means is, will you help me when I ask you?"

Here comes, it's a long-lost one again, a voice that is as sweet as chocolate, and a cute one is good, isn't it?

——But, it’s very sad, this set is not effective for me who is ready.

"Sorry, I also said that sometimes when I see a trap, I will actively step on it, but more often, if I realize the nature of the other female devil, the male can also show sufficient self-control so he will not do it. Yes." I leaned back a little, and distanced myself from Isshiki.

"Hey, shouldn't I say the words just now to you when you were in a daze, the effect must be good?"

"Maybe-er, please don't change the subject, please? Shouldn't we now discuss how to help your student union solve the problem caused by our ministry?"

"Obviously, you are the first to distract yourself, isn't it? I also asked you why you are so comfortable with solving these problems, and if you have done relevant research." Isshiki curled his lips and replied.

"Well, there seems to be something subtle and wrong, but it seems that the basics are all right, but—"

"--But Kazuya, you seem to be working against the Ministry of Service now, is there really no problem?"

"This is not the point, so the solution is—"

"—By the way, the expression on Kazuya when you talked to me about the solution just now was really handsome! But why do you always have to behave like this? I think that confident expression should be your foundation Doesn't it look good?"

"——Don’t change the subject at critical times, listen to me, the solution is this——"


"Uh, why didn't you interrupt this time?"

"Because you told me not to interrupt."

"Okay," I finally gave up to understand what is Isshiki's status in the end, and seriously said my thoughts. "The law of shaping public opinion, if the student union becomes the antithesis of the potential light music society, it is for shaping For the image of the Student Union, it is enough to use the conspiracy theory to figure out the Qingyinhui. The simplest thing for most people is that they will only think about one level of conspiracy theories and will not consider multiple mutual penetrations."

"What do you mean?" This time, Isshiki really showed a thoughtful expression.

"I mean," I nodded, looking at the color feather in my thoughts, and said, "If the student union is concerned, you can make full use of the current public opinion, and then, explain these public opinions to the light music club for the purpose of kidnapping public opinion. And the deliberate operation is enough."

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How should I put it, this chapter is a long-lost and more satisfying chapter, so I said that I let the protagonist be so embarrassed to do nothing, what is it to make trouble, now I have experience and I am the most sexy Comfortable.The routine update still owes six chapters.


Chapter 15: The sad thing about human beings is that they think they see through

"Specifically," I continued to explain, looking at the seemingly incomprehensible explanation to me, "You have to portray the student association as a victim, and the light music club as an offender."

"It doesn't feel so good just to hear you explain this way?"

Of course, the manipulation of public opinion is such a bad thing. Some passionate students who think they need to play a role in the specific school management are one of the most misleading groups.And here, those who are clever and think they have thought one step more than others, after being guided, will be more convinced of the idea that they have been molded, and thus spontaneously wave the banner for a public opinion that is itself molded. know.

Until the end, those people will not know that their self-righteous idea of ​​"seeing through XX's conspiracy" is actually part of another conspiracy.

Of course, there is no need to tell Isshiki about these words. Although I will give her such advice, it does not mean that I personally appreciate this approach, or that the so-called public opinion guidance and topic control, this kind of self or guide As a superior being, one side looks down and looks at the simple masses affected by simple information, and makes everyone fall into an irrational carnival because of the incomplete information. In addition to giving people a simple sense of accomplishment and victory , More, is disrespect for others.

Human beings are unequal, so the weak can naturally be used by the strong. It is precisely this thought led by the leader that makes most of us lose freedom and makes many people feel free. There is a chaotic carnival.

"Hey, is it really such a bad suggestion? Then I still don't listen?" Yishi patted the back of my hand lightly, letting me wake up from thinking, sticking out my tongue, and said.

"It's just a suggestion. In the end, whether the student council decides to adopt it is your own business."

Although reason told me that telling Isshiki this idea is not necessarily a good thing, but my mouth seemed to be unwilling to say the opposite.

"Well, since you said that, then I'll listen to it and ask Sister Xun for instructions?"

"You just said that the rumors of the Light Music Club have objectively played the role of kidnapping the student union. Even if the student union now exercises a certain degree of refuting and restraint, this approach will only be suspected by the students. The students will wonder if the rumors that came up later are whether the students will deliberately interfere with the light music club, that is, everyone will self-righteously find that they have seen through the conspiracy of the student union."

"Yes, so you just said that my plan didn't work. Didn't that mean?"

"The core problem here is that the students self-righteously discovered the'Student Union Conspiracy', but if what students discover is not the'Student Union Conspiracy' but the'Light Music Club Conspiracy', what will they have at this time? What about the reaction?"

"Heya, pause for a moment. You said these things, but you are stumbling on the commission of your club? It is also very detrimental to the director Iizuka of your previous light music club, isn't it? It's just good for the student association, I I don’t understand it!” Looking at Yishi’s eyes with something wrong, I know that she should probably have a certain grasp of my thoughts. Therefore, her now a little surprised expression is obviously a bit of my approach. Doubt it?

"It's very simple. I'm not talking to you as a member of the Ministry of Service, but as your personal adviser, so in addition to the identity of the'Yihueiyu adviser', I don’t need to put other labels on myself, that’s it."

I think I gave a very unconvincing explanation, but what makes me a little strange is that even though I know that this explanation is very weak, I can’t even find a better reason, or that is, deep in my heart Yes, the reason for guiding myself to do this, I still don't know.

——Hey, hey, because you enjoy this process of manipulating human beings and manipulating the general situation, and actively neutralize yourself and make the situation more chaotic, isn't it possible?

At least, in my heart now, it won't be there, right?

——I think I might be deceiving myself. Isshiki mentioned earlier. My current state of mind is completely different from before. I don’t have the so-called self-depression. This is a joyful feeling.

This feeling is the same as Yeshan’s feeling during the game, the kind of joy that he can control everything.

So, admit it!Yubihama Kazuya, if the so-called principle is a kind of repression of one's own nature, then the principle itself may not be called a correct existence.

Isshiki doesn't seem to accept my explanation, but she doesn't seem to have the kind of aura she usually wants to ask questions, except for the question that drags the end of the sentence "Is that right?".

"Well, it's the same as the kind of lawyer who accepts consultations from two opposing parties at the same time!" I turned my head and explained in a tone that I didn't believe me.

"Well, then I believe you."

"Uh, just believe it?"

"At least, I believe that Heya doing this now will not be detrimental to the student union and me, will it?"

"In theory, that's true."

"Isn't that okay? As for the reasons, for example, Kazuya finally discovered the cuteness of Xiao Caiyu, so he impulsively wanted to help Xiao Caiyu earn some impression points in front of Sister Patrol, which is also very good. The reason for this!"

"Only this kind of thinking that sees me like other boys who are played around by you must never exist!"

"So, that, Kazuna," Isshiki's eyes trembled, showing a trace of anxiety, "So, what you mean is, if the students don't care about this matter, but I just come to you to discuss it, you are Wouldn't you agree to help me?"

Attention, although Isshiki's current appearance is very pitiful, um, although Isshiki's current appearance is very pitiful, but all of this is deliberately done. If you answer "no" at this time, you will be caught in her trap. .

"Uh, it's not that it won't!"

Ah, damn, although you didn't answer "no", what is the difference between your soft words and not rejecting them?

"Ah, then I can rest assured, it seems that Heya still regards me as a friend!" Yishi stretched out his hand, made a "V" gesture, blinked, and said.

Obviously knowing that the other party is playing you, but you are willing to be trapped and then give the other party a satisfactory answer. Finally you are shown off by the other party, probably referring to my current situation?

"All in all, let us propose a plan!" I forced the topic back to the right track. "Actually, if you think about it carefully, the light music club suddenly became a word of mouth. There are many problems, the most typical one. Just before that, the Light Music Club has always been unknown, and it has become a topic club only with Xiaochun’s "inadvertent words". If you think about it carefully, it will be strange-of course, the Ministry of Service is indeed in Xiaochun. After the news is released, the news will be further spread, otherwise it will not be possible to cover such a wide area so quickly. And this little strangeness, as long as it is intentional, many people can see it."