My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 128

"These are the people who'think you've seen through' just now, right?" Isshiki put away his cute expression at this time, and replied sternly.

"Conspiracy theories and skepticism are not lacking in the market at any time. I have also mentioned this point. If the possibility mentioned before is the possibility of suspicion of the dark-box operation of the student union, then the music will be lightened. The conspiracy theory that “Tonghaohui” has now become a topical club is explained as the conspiracy theory of “light music and loyalty clubs exerting pressure on the student union in order to hype themselves”—especially for others who also compete with them in cultural sacrifices. For the community."

"The'conspiracy theory' you mentioned, your Ministry of Service's hyping of light music clubs is the result of conspiracy theories and later manipulations. Isn't there any problem?"

"Uh, our initial goal was to stir up the light music club itself, so as to attract the members who have retired to return. Because there is no idea of'pressing the student union', this kind of conspiracy theory does not represent our true thoughts. "

"But objectively your approach has also formed this effect? ​​If you really want to guide this way, then I think the wind direction can be easily reversed," Isshiki curled his lips and said, "First of all , The competitors of the Light Music Club definitely have no good feelings about it. If there is a better rumor-oriented, they will try their best to promote it. Moreover, your work is not so fair and honest, so basically we only You need to describe the facts you accidentally caused as the results you deliberately caused, and that's fine, because the results are not much different from the propaganda, so people are more likely to believe the'truth' that they have speculated."

"Yes, that's it." I nodded approvingly to Yishi, "Now I somewhat support you in electing the president of the student council, and you have a very thorough view of the problem!"

"Although I am very happy for you to say that, but I believe that you didn't want to pursue me, so when I relaxed my guard, you suddenly praised me in order to gain my favor?"

"So, please don't be too self-conscious—"

"--Well, of course not, I still believe in Heye's character!"

"Why do I suddenly become very upset when you said that I had no idea at all?"

"But, having said that, Kazuki's suggestion is quite good. Although it is a bit bad, if it is to prevent the student union from being in such a passive situation, I think even the patrol sister will adopt this plan as appropriate. "Isshiki's "mood" always appears suddenly, leaving you in a state of being caught off guard and a little dazed, and then quickly switch to another mode, such as the current mode of business affairs, "However, I can regret To tell you, Kazumi, your suggestion will definitely be passed by the student union!"

"Why? You said it yourself, the president of the city will consider this plan, right? When did your student union still prevail in the democratic voting system? Even if it is a democratic vote, you and the president will have two votes in favor Isn't it?"

"So, the problem is not with Patron Sister!" Isshishi shook his head, sighed, and said, "If it's other things, it might be okay, but there is another student outside of the cultural festival preparations. The person in charge!"

I immediately understood the meaning of Isshi.

"Yes, I know you have always disliked that senior Beiyuan, so unfortunately, your plan will be immediately passed by Senior Beiyuan. Why don't you need to explain it?"

"Of course, there is no need to explain." I lowered my head angrily.

Of course, there is no need to explain. Kitahara Haruhiro himself is a member of the Light Music Club. The student union's counterattack plan, if implemented, the Light Music Club will definitely be labeled as "If you have no strength, you will only play tricks." ?Although it is not impossible to have some consultations and solutions, these plans without exception will damage the reputation of the student union. Before such rumors have a direct impact on the students, Kitahara Haruki will definitely avoid the last light music The reputation of the club has been damaged.

The best solution is to cut it off at the source of its implementation.

"Does Senior Kitahara have such a big influence in the student union? You have to get his permission to do things?"

"Not really? But Senior Kitahara is indeed very capable, and he works for the Student Union for free, and has played a big role in various preparations, so if he really does not want this kind of plan As far as the idea of ​​implementation is concerned, then with the character of Sister Xun, surely he would not want to fight with Senior Kitahara?"

"Indeed, President Cheng Ye doesn't seem to be such a person who offends people without authorization! Or in the position of student president, no one is so stupid to offend someone who helps him more."

"If I don't have the status of a student union member, I personally think it would be interesting to let this wind go! After all, your Minister Iizuka came to harass me too, I don't mind causing him An even bigger trouble." Isshi narrowed his eyes and smiled lightly.

Okay, Director Iizuka, although I felt that the rumor that every class in your school has a hunting target is true, but you really will target the first-year school girls, the target you target. It's still my deskmate-er, maybe it's because I sometimes mention the result of Isshiki.

All in all, thank goodness, the purpose of a color feather is very clear, not interested in you.Of course, thank goodness for both sides, for Isshiki, and for Director Iizuka.

"I think it's normal for you to look down on a relatively frivolous boy like Director Iizuka, but according to what you just said, your attitude towards Senior Kitahara isn't very good. Follow the type of boy who likes Hayama. Look, Senior Kitahara is actually in your hunting target, right? Don't tell me that my low evaluation of Senior Kitahara affected your evaluation of him."

"Yes, that's it!"

"Uh, don't you need to be so blunt? I'm a little sorry, Kitahara-senior, so that a school girl who might have been interested in him became the object of dislike him or something."

"Of course, Kitahara-senior is actually quite interesting, but I think some other people are more interesting and easier to get close to, so I don’t care much about him anymore. I don’t care about him anymore, so naturally my attitude towards him is also It can only be affected by you."

Poor Hayama Hayato, it's still very troublesome to be targeted by a girl like Isshiki with a clear goal?After all, it’s okay for that kind of person to be popular now, but after having a girlfriend, it’s easier to become a target of public criticism!

"Don't push the other person too hard. It may not be a good thing to really become that guy's girlfriend! At least during high school."

Now I am in a more relaxed mood, so I will give you a suggestion.

"Okay, thank you for your suggestion, I will pay attention!" Isshiki's eyes narrowed into a slit, revealing a sly expression.

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Chapter 16: Declaration of War on Remote Control

To be honest, when Isshiki chose to reject me in a slightly regretful tone, I felt a sense of relief in my heart.If you think about it afterwards, if you really act according to my thoughts, then the reputation of the light music club will be hit, and it will also have a very bad influence on the Ministry of Service and Xiaochun of Qingquan Middle School.

After all, as long as someone with a heart investigates Director Iizuka's movements, his coming to the Ministry of Service for help is not something to hide from everyone, and even if the students of Qingquan Middle School will publicly deny that they were involved in this matter, as long as the conspiracy theory The voice is still there, and those who doubt the relationship between the Qingquan Middle School Student Union and the Light Music Association will not let it go.Facing this kind of annoying but not baseless rumors, even if Xiaochun and the others try their best to stay out of the matter, they will inevitably be troubled, right?

And if this method is realized, it will be a simple result of my random trading because I want to satisfy my nature. Although I still have my own countermeasures for this result, but if I take this If this kind of countermeasures, it is a general intervention for further self-satisfaction.

The previous analogy of lawyers who provide advice to both parties is not appropriate. At that time, this is no longer a lawyer’s "suggestion", but treats everyone else as his own plaything. The practice of unscrupulous manipulating by yourself-in a sense, it is also a terrible practice for me, because the middle school era Yubihama has never done it.

Therefore, I have never thanked Senior Kitahara like this. Although he has no idea of ​​the cause and effect of this incident, it is precisely because of his existence that I avoid making such a big mistake.

I probably noticed that my face turned pale for a while, reddened for a while, and finally a somewhat relieved expression. Isshiki's voice came as expected: "Hey, Kazuya, is it okay? Not because I told you Your suggestion is useless, so you are angry?"

"No, it's better to say a sigh of relief!" I replied with a stretched smile.

Well, I was really relieved!

Isshiki looked at my expression like looking at a monster-of course I understand, a guy who was already confident and wanted to propose a solution to a problem, this guy was rejected in his plan After that, it was not frustration or depression, but inexplicable relaxation. This kind of person can only be understood as a split personality.

In fact, I feel that my personality is indeed split. On the one hand, I use a principle that I consider to be "correct" to restrain myself. On the other hand, I feel that this "principle" is a stumbling block for me to do things. , I once discussed the issue of human freedom, thinking that we may be bound and interfered by many things, so we can’t get real freedom, but now, I don’t know whether it is the "right principle" against my nature. It is my "nature" that makes me unfree, which itself is a misguided notion of unfreedom.

Of course, fortunately, Isshiki seems to have other things to ask me, so even though I realized that Yubihama Kazuya is now in a strange state of split personality, she didn't ask the truth about it—what she said. This approach still makes me a little frustrated. After all, it means Isshiki doesn't seem to care about me very much. If she cares about me, she should be asking about my situation in a certain way to test me, right?

Although Yi Huei Yu is not the type of girl I like, but if you are a popular girl in the class or even in the grade, you usually have a good relationship with you, and can show you extra to you when you have problems. If you care about it, that is actually a very fulfilling thing, isn’t it?

"Regardless of this, besides the matter of the patrol sister's request, I have another personal matter to ask you." Isshiki shook his head and said.

It's a pity that you don't have the conspicuous dumplings behind your forehead as your sister, otherwise this approach will look a bit like your sister's habitual movements.

"I remember that when you were asked by the chairman of the city, you also added a personal matter of your own. Why do you always have to ask about your personal matters along with work matters?"

"Of course it's because of the higher efficiency!" Isshiki rolled his eyes, and then showed a slightly sly expression, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I see, do you think Xiao Caiyu can Separating the personal matters from the things that the patrol sister asked you to ask you, will the time for talking with you increase? Well, although I understand you want to say more with Xiao Caiyu, I am sorry for this. If this idea is seen through, it will only show that you, a boy, are a little too anxious."

"Oh, in fact, my thought is that if you don't even bother me with this kind of personal matter, then it's best."

"Ahhhhhh, this time I want to pretend to be Tsundere, and then use a type of Tsundere boy that rarely appears to attract Xiao Caiyu's attention? Although this method is really novel, I don't like it. Tsundere exists like this, so I'm sorry."

"A color feather!" If I can see my face in a mirror now, I think my face must be distorted, "Although I don't know when you like this kind of hairpin again, but I must tell you that this approach will only make me more dissatisfied with you."

"Ah, have you played with it?" His tongue stuck out.

"You know, too? I just spit out your way just now. It's a bit uncomfortable for you to play such a trivial matter."

"Really, I'm really sorry, Heya!"

When I apologize, I don’t need to be cute to heal me—well, I can’t admit that her hairpin is actually a cute behavior in my eyes, so I can’t express this disappointment in my language.

"Uh, in a nutshell, just ask your personal questions quickly, don't waste my time!"