My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 129

——This is obviously the arrogant family speaking. Hey, the cold image created by Yubihama Kazuya (though not deliberately) feels completely bankrupt after saying that. Obviously I am not an arrogant, obviously not. !

"Well, the so-called personal matter, that is," Isshiki's expression changed from the previous smile to a little dissatisfaction, and the upward arc of the corner of his mouth also turned in the opposite direction, "Kazun, about the Miss Xiaomu Shou's election miss Why didn’t you remind me in advance of this thing about Chief Wu Gao?"


"Well, I know, I feel that the provocation last time was a bit excessive and counterproductive, but if you want to test, this is undoubtedly the best choice, so in any case, the last test is necessary. , But what caused such a response, it really exceeded my expectations!"

Isshiki said a bunch of words that made me find it difficult to understand. The core word is "provocation"?Who is she provoking, is it Senior Xiao Muzhen?But let’s not say whether Isshiki is the kind of person who is stupid enough to provoke the school’s popular idol Xiao Mu Shou-sen. According to Xiao Mu Yu-sen's personality, how can she care about the provocation of a small first-year student?And most importantly, when she provoked, I don't know much.

"Even though I'm ready for the predecessor Xiao Muzhen to participate in the competition," Ishiki flattened his mouth, and his mood was obviously depressed. "But according to my estimation, even if the predecessor Xiao Muzhen decides to participate, he will get the final moment of the list decision. Before that, it was enough for me to get some votes from the onlookers, but I decided to run for the election so early, even if Senior Xiao Muzhen did not canvass for himself, the votes have already begun to move in the direction of seniors automatically, right?"

"Isshiki, although I don't understand what you are saying," I think the sentence I asked is silly, but even though every expression and every word in Isshiki shows his unwillingness, I still want Confirm her true thoughts, "Should you be, you really want to win this miss?"

"Of course, right? Since you signed up for Miss Chief Wu Gao, you should at least have the idea of ​​fighting for the first place, right? If you don't want to fight for this honor, what is the point of signing up?"

"But, I remember the first time you mentioned this to me, you said, "Anyway, the final champion must be Senior Omu Shou. The main purpose of this competition is to get familiar with it."

"Of course those words are for me to step down the steps of failure, aren't they?" Isshishi showed a helpless expression and said, "Kazuki, how do you not understand the girl's thoughts? I failed in order to prevent my failure from appearing too much. Embarrassed, so you need to think of a more reliable step for yourself in advance. At that time, "I can't win anyway, and in the end I just accumulate a valuable experience in the competition." Isn't it a good excuse? Don't tell me you I didn’t think about it when I was playing football."

"Uh, every time I compete, I never consider making excuses for failure."

"I think the answer you gave me in a sense makes me feel even more uncomfortable. Forget it, let's not talk about it." The current state of Isshiki was obviously not shown to me pretendingly. She was really because of Xiao Muxiao. Senpai decided to participate in the competition and looked a little embarrassed. The tone of her conversation with me was not as routinely sweet and greasy, but by a straightforward decision and irritability. Although I did not ask you to tell me the information about Senior Xiao Muzhen’s candidacy at all times, I think you should naturally tell me this kind of news."

Since you haven't asked me, don't complain about me!

"Then I won't complain about why you are now asking me to tell you the reason for the information of Senior Xiao Muzhen," I sighed and said, "In fact, I think I know the time of the news that Senior Xiao Muzhen decided to participate. It must not be earlier than you. I saw this news from Xiaochun. Xiaochun learned this news only through your student union? If I haven't met Xiaochun, I think you may ask me this question now. Dumbfounded."

"Really? Is that so?" Isshiki looked at me suspiciously.

"Is it good for me to lie to you at this time?"

"For example, Senior Xiao Muzhen specially asked you that Yi Hueiyu is a terrible competitor, so I want to beat her by surprise."

"This sentence has too many grooves. First of all, I was still feeling that you lost your chance of winning because of the competition of your seniors. Why have you become a'terrible competitor' at this time? Second, I don't believe that Senior Xiao Muzhen is that. This kind of person who can play tricks in private, now that she has participated in the competition, she is the one who is upright in the hall to make a final battle. There are some things that can not be said nonsense, Isshi!

When I said this, my tone was a bit fierce, but even if Isshiki was joking, it was a bit too much. I thought that Senior was the kind of person who would play tricks in order to win, which I can’t bear. .

"I just said something casually, don't you need to react fiercely like this?" Isshiki's expression was obviously frightened, and said dumbly.

"It's wrong to make this kind of poor judgment before I know the character of Senior Xiao Muzhen!"

"Well, well, I see! Why do you maintain such an attitude towards Senior Xiao Muzhen?" Isshiki murmured, showing a somewhat awkward expression.

"This is not defending the predecessors, I am telling the truth. Oh, when it comes to this, I remembered that the predecessors asked me to tell Isshiki a word from you!" I remembered what the seniors asked me to tell Isshiki, if you start from here From the perspective of the sentence, it seems that Isshiki really provoked senior, and then senior did accept Isshiki's provocation-but I still don't know what Isshiki provoked.

"Oh, senior Xiao Muyan?" Isshiki's expression looked a little surprised.

"The rough idea is to say, don't think that Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai will be caught like this-but I think your expression seems to be that you are about to be caught."

"Senior Xiao Muzhen's evaluation of me is so high?"

"From this sentence, it seems you can think so."

"In this case, I suddenly have a bit of fighting spirit!" Isshiki's expression was a little frustrated and surprised from the beginning, and suddenly became exalted. "If Senior Xiao Muzhen had said that, by the way, you think I have a chance to win. ?"

"Uh, if I were to vote, I would vote for Senior Xiao Muzhu both in my choice and in the final result."

——Although it is a bit wrong to say this directly in front of you, it is a fact!

"Hey, I didn't expect the peace to be quite honest!" Yishi said, narrowing his eyes.

"The main reason is that I don't have to say nice things to please you, right?"

"He also despised me!"

"It's not considered lowly, right? I just intuitively feel that Senior's advantage is too great."

"The advantage has always been chased by others. The pressure to keep this position is great, but the people who chase after her are fearless!"

If I change the image of "a girl who sees her prey licking her lips" at this time and add her words, there is absolutely no sense of disobedience, but I don’t know if it is a color. Yu's painting style itself is not suitable for this kind of image, so when she said this sentence, she didn't seem so terrible, on the contrary, she felt a little bit like a contrast.

"So, Kazuya, don't be surprised if I defeat your senior Xiao Muzhu then!"

"Don't worry, I won't." Looking at the sudden fighting spirit, I shook my head helplessly.

"Oh, yes, and also, if there are always two conflicting ideas in your mind, try both ideas and choose the one that makes you more relaxed." At the end of the topic, Isshiki throws up the topic as if he just thought of something, which surprised me a bit.

So, this guy, it’s okay to just say that when I found out that my thoughts were a bit split just now. Why do you want to have a "facilitating" attitude after finishing her topic?

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Chapter Seventeen: Xuexia Xuenao doesn't even consider retreat

One final result of the conversation with Isshiki is that the student union seems to have only acquiesced to the current situation-of course they can also ask other people for help, but although the current situation of the light music club is for another person they can ask for, Kitahara The predecessor was a little surprised, he should be happy with the current development and not interfere too much.

It is equivalent to saying that in the next period of time, the student union should not interfere too much with the activities of the light music clubs, and even help the light music clubs in some places. From this perspective, it is also an unexpected gain. .

Although, when I reported this gain to other people in the Ministry of Service, everyone's faces weren't that pretty.

"Uh, is it still troublesome for the seniors? Koyuki, can we change to another method now, we didn't anticipate this situation at the beginning, right?" This is the usual Yuihama Yui style because Interference with other people's speeches that seem to be troublesome.

"Even the police state cannot completely stop the spread of rumors and public opinion. Now even the student union can only compromise and adopt a cooperative attitude with us. You think that because we are the producers of this public opinion, we can alleviate all this. Is it?" I replied instead of Yuukishita, who frowned.

"Even if we admit that we are the source of the rumors, in this case, it is not necessarily us who is being blamed. When we are pulled out at this time, it is likely to be suspected of some behind-the-scenes transactions with the student union, or What kind of handle was seized by the student union? At that time, it was the student union that was most questioned.” Biqigu deserves to be Biqigu. His supplement to my words has powerfully captured the darkest part of human nature. The reason to believe that if this situation happened just now, he would definitely be one of the fastest people to discover the truth of the matter.

This guy is actually an expert in seeing through conspiracy theories, right?Compared with the group of people who think that they will only be fooled by the controllers of public opinion when they see through the truth, he is a little bit oblivious, but can always observe the world from a dark perspective, in a sense that is truly clear The commentator!

"But, is there really no way? Koyuki?" Seeing the pessimistic look of Higiya and me, Yui sister's gaze for help turned to Yukinoshita.

However, Yuuki's denial after shaking his head still disappointed Yui sister: "Sorry, Yubihama, things have progressed to such an extent, it is no longer something we can stop forcibly, and even to manipulate the direction of things is already very It's difficult."

Yukoshita’s face is very bad. Of course, I don’t think she is sad because there is no way to solve the problems of the student union, but more because she did not consider the impact on the student union of Sobu High School when considering this combat plan. Be angry at one point—this is of course, Yukoshita Yukino, who has never made a mistake, should be the biggest mistake I have made since I met her. Of course, as long as she makes a mistake, it means that her "strong man leads people" "The theory of bankruptcy.

This is also a matter of course. No one can be omniscient and omnipotent. Xuexia has a wealth of talents and has the ability to execute her ability to transform her talents into practical skills. However, experience and an overly conceited personality will Become a shackle when she made the right decision. Although there was no problem in the direction of solving the problem in this matter, it was just that it was not “perfect”.

"Well, anyway, the student union has already admitted that this reality is irreversible. Isn’t it a very happy thing to pull the student union into the same carriage as us? At least, whether you want it or not, the student will become The Allied Forces of the Qingyinhui, rather than the hindrances, this will only be more conducive to the progress of the plan, right?" Xuexia’s deflated appearance gave me a good mood, so at this time I am also willing to be This roundabout man.

Of course, it was not the members of the Ministry of Service who responded the fastest to my remarks, but the people involved in another incident.

"Ah, that's great, so you guys are still helping me!" Iizuka-senpai, the minister of my former club, looked at me with some emotion, "Listening to your discussion just now, I thought you were because I have offended the student union so I have to give up my little light music club, so I can still trust you, is that right?"

In the Ministry of Service, not to mention the enthusiasm that he used to be the minister in the light music club, and not to mention the legendary talk when he was making a girl. Senior Iizuka is like an angry young wife. Observing our faces carefully, it’s no wonder that the two girls in the club were the type who had been touched up by him and then touched a gray nose. The other two boys, one was his unruly former member. The other is that kind of gloomy boy of the Disability System. At first glance, he is not the same type. In this society that is not so compatible with everyone, Iizuka-sen must be very embarrassed, right?

In this way, it is indeed relatively related to him. Although I was a bit rebellious, I was still more obedient at the time. I was already the easiest object of the seniors to talk to-as a member of the current collective at the top of the school’s biological chain. , Iizuka-senpai's aggrieved situation in the light music club should be unique.

Originally, I should have sympathized with Minister Iizuka, but when I thought that he not only struck up Yukoshita and his sister, but also extended his claws to the first-year Yishi, I suddenly couldn't raise the energy to care about him. , After all, Iizuka-senpai is already triumphant on so many battlefields, and doesn't care about eating somewhere, right?After all, good things can't be monopolized by him!