My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 130

"Don't worry, Iizuka-senior, the Ministry of Service still has a professional spirit in this regard. We will not give up the client's entrustment for other reasons halfway, unless the client himself proposes to revoke the entrustment." Xuexiaxia said coldly. The voice of business affairs came over.

"That's good. I still attach great importance to my light music club. There are only two members in the club now. If you don't help me, then I will probably give up." I got the affirmation of Xuexia. Director Iizuka patted his chest in relief and said.

Hey, the slots here are big, right?If you give up without our help, why do you seem so straightforward!This sentence is as if you are ready to give up. You are so motivated, how can you ask the people who help you to be motivated!

"So, what are we going to do now?" It seemed that after hearing what I had just said, to prove that he was still motivated, Director Iizuka raised his head and looked at Yukoshita.

"It doesn't need to do anything. To be precise, it is to watch the changes." Xuexia shook his head, pouring cold water on Minister Iizuka's blood. "The rumor is still in the fermentation stage. I heard about it. Everyone will wait and see. If you go directly to Liu Yuan at this time, let’s not say whether Liu Yuan himself believes this rumor. If you ask her now, it will only show that you have a request. For her look, what you need to cooperate with Liu Yuan is equal cooperation, instead of over following her request like the first time. Although this will happen when you cooperate later, at least in the beginning, both of you To form the tone of an equal and cooperative relationship. To achieve this, you must let Student Liu Yuan take the initiative to come to you to inquire about the news, instead of you to invite her."

"However, the summer vacation is coming soon, and everyone is going home for the holidays. Will the public opinion fade at this time?" Director Iizuka asked uncertainly.

"Although there are often theoretical rumors that will automatically disappear within 75 days, but this is limited to the case where you do not interfere with the rumors. Rumors about cultural festival-related matters, even if they are temporarily weakened, as long as we guide them at any time, It will become a hot topic again. For example, this time the rumor is that the Qingyin Society has been expected by the Qingquan Middle School Student Union. For example, the next rumor may be that the music department is very dissatisfied with the Qingyin Society. Rumors It can be beneficial to light tone, or it can be detrimental to light tone, but as long as the light tone will always be the center of the topic, then Liu Yuan who pursues exposure will definitely be hooked, not to mention," Xue He glanced at me and continued, "That student Liu Yuan’s biggest opponent in the Miss Chief Wu Gao, Senior Xiaomu Yu Xuecai, has already decided to participate. This must make her emotional now a bit nervous? After all, In the absence of interference from other conditions, almost no one can fight Senior Xiao Muzhen, right?"

"It's true," Director Iizuka nodded, agreeing, "but in this way, don't we have to do nothing at this stage?"

"Let your members hurry up during the summer vacation to practice and improve their musical instrument playing skills?" Xuexia held his forehead, showing a helpless expression, "Although your members have run out now, it's all the same. There will be a few core members who have a good relationship with you and did not have a fight with Liu Yuan? Just say that you have found the singer to convince them to rejoin. According to your statement, one of the reasons Liu Yuan mentioned when he quit was 'The members of the band are not well-leveled.' Then rely on practice to convince her-or at least show the appearance of having practiced and hope to get her affirmation, so that the other party can step down when they offer to join you."

I think Yukoshita’s statement is a bit on paper. However, considering that if the current Iizuka-senpai is not assigned a task, he may be extremely restless and act in a situation that we did not expect. Therefore, It might as well arrange for him some things that seem to have a certain value, but actually have little effect on the overall situation, so that he can satisfy himself.

"Well, Koyuki, although what you said is very reasonable, I also believe in Koyuki's abilities, but what if you invite that classmate Liuyuan and fail in the end?" At this time, sister Yui raised tremblingly. He raised his hand and asked, "If the invitation is not successful, it will not only be a matter of light music clubs, but the student union will also have a lot of pressure? Such a large degree of discussion will not even make it to the cultural festival stage."

Everyone's eyes are cast on Xuexia. Although according to the progress so far, everything is developing in the direction of our plan, in this matter, Xuexia has already neglected to count Zongwu. Gao’s student meeting is one time, so everyone will also have a doubt. If we missed the calculation for the second time and caused irretrievable results, what would we do?

"At that time it's up to me—"

"So if it doesn't work then I can—"

The voices of Biqigu and her sister sounded at the same time. Both of them seemed to have ideas to solve the problem. However, the two methods of solving the problem seemed to be completely different.

"Small enterprise, what do you think?" Biqigu, who had never spoken much, made her sister's eyes widen and stopped subconsciously.

"Well, maybe Yubihama's method is better, right?" Biqigu's eyes dropped, and he didn't mean to look at her sister.

"—Let’s stop here! This matter won’t be unsuccessful." Just when Biqigu and her sister said their solutions or remedies first, Xuexia said in an unquestionable tone. , Stopped the two people’s dialogue, "This matter, I must make it successful, so there is no need to consider any remedial measures, or it is precisely because of the remedial measures that make people feel that there is a way out. , Will hesitate and fear when doing work. The so-called "breaking the boat" refers to the current situation."

I looked at Xuexia with astonishment. Such words shouldn't be what she should say, she must succeed. This seems to be a confident expression, but the so-called "breaking the boat" does not even retreat. Preparing yourself is not necessarily an expression of confidence, or it is precisely because of lack of confidence but a sense of mission that is forcing her to continue to solve problems, this situation will appear.

Are you a little anxious because you didn't consider the affairs of the student union, so you are eager to prove your success?Isn't this the style of Yukoshita?

And at this time, suddenly another question appeared in my mind: Yukino under Yukoshita, why is it so stubborn not to accept it? Failure in any sense of her own, and not let her potentially vulnerable side be exposed Before us?

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Chapter 18: A date is necessary for going out during summer vacation

The sound of cicadas outside the window is accompanied by a billowing heat wave, and the roaring sound of air conditioners brings everyone the only comfort in the hot air. Generally speaking, these are a few necessary adjectives when describing summer vacation. .

The sound of cicadas-although I don't know why there are particularly loud cicadas in the city, we should treat it as an abnormal phenomenon; the glare of the sun and the rising heat wave-although I think the heat wave in the city itself It has nothing to do with the dazzling sunlight. It is more due to the bad air quality and the heat island effect, but since this is a necessary adjective, I can also tolerate it; finally, the sound of the roaring air conditioner—— Although I have always found it strange how you came to the conclusion of "roaring" when you have adapted to the sound of the air conditioner.

All in all, in most cases, summer vacation, with these necessary adjectives, has become synonymous with laziness-except for summer vacation in the country, it feels like it will become the kind of well-wandering male protagonist but a selling point In the place where Lily’s daily animation takes place, I have always wanted to complain about how these strong people endure the itching caused by bugs in the wild in the beautiful countryside.

Therefore, for every normal-thinking person, summer vacation is equivalent to being lazy, and being lazy is equivalent to doing nothing at home-Oh, it is said that according to my personality, I should make a summary of the first semester of high school at this time. Okay, stop talking nonsense. No matter what your personality is, you should show the corresponding state for a long time, instead of forcing your personality. Look at Yui sister who loves to hang out with her group of friends, now Don’t you just have to stay at home if you dress casually?

"Xiaohe, I always think we shouldn't just hide at home to escape the heat?"

——Although what she said seemed to run counter to my point of view.

"Sister Yui, everyone has advantages, right?"

"Ah, yes, that's it, but Xiaohe, are you answering my question?"

"Looking back, everyone in the ministry has merit, isn't it?"

"Of course that's right, but what exactly are you going to say?"

"For example, Biqigu, although his popularity in the class is not very high, he also has advantages, right?"

"Small companies are a very good person, that, and it's not because small companies don't have friends--"

"——Well, I’m not discussing with you the reason why the guy from Biqigu can’t make friends, so I can learn the advantages of Biqigu now, right?”

"Uh, so, Xiaohe I don't understand what you mean!"

"Let me tell you," I sighed, looked at my sister with compassion, and said, "Biqigu's biggest advantage is that when you can be lazy, you will never let this opportunity go! Just like In a lazy summer vacation, you won’t miss the chance to adapt to the lazy summer vacation.”

"Although I don't quite understand what you are talking about!" My sister shook her head and replied, "But I saw a small enterprise when I went out with Youzi the other day!"

"--Uh, because there is no one at home to cook, do we have to go out for food because the takeout strikes?"

"And small businesses seem to want to buy some books."

"--Uh, is that guy a hidden otaku in the legend, so he secretly bought the unknown doujinshi when everyone was not paying attention?"

"Isn't it, it seems that I bought the preparation materials? I think I bought it for sister Komachi?"

"The thing I hate most in this world is that my sister controls this kind of creature!"

Of course, in fact, I don’t hate sister-in-law, but when some people have loopholes in my excuses for doing things because of sister-in-law, then sister-in-law should be automatically included in my unpopular list.

"Speaking of which, during the previous two summer vacations, Xiaohe was still very active in hanging out with friends? This summer vacation did not go out for a day. Although small businesses do have many advantages, I really don’t think that in this regard. What are the advantages of learning a small business."

When my sister propped her chin to think, the dumplings shook more severely. It seems that Yui sister has always had this hairstyle since I remembered it, and it hasn’t changed even at home. I didn’t use it when the family traveled to the beach before. The hair was completely loose.

"By the way, Yui sister, why do you have to comb into a dumpling head when you are not going out at home? Is there any hidden secret in the dumpling?"

"Hey, it’s not because of the fact that it was when I was young and when I was young--ah, Xiaohe, what did you say! Don’t change the subject!" My sister seems to be about to say something heavyweight, but it’s the one before the speech. In an instant, she discovered that the topic was inappropriate, and violently terminated the topic.

It's a pity that Sister Yui rarely sees through my topic-changing Dafa.

"Xiaohe, if you don’t go out to play and become a squat at home, my sister will be very worried. You see, you don’t seem to play football much now, and the amount of exercise is reduced. If this continues, you will really become home. If you squat, it would be the negligence of your sister's discipline to your brother!

"Relax, with the precedent of Biqigu ahead, your brother is not degenerate to that extent."

"Why? Obviously Xiaohe used to go out for fun in the first two years. Several times I couldn't find the one where you are. How did it become like this this year?"

——Uh, I shouldn’t be blamed for this. The guy Xiaochun can always find all kinds of weird cold drinks shops. I’m only responsible for accompany her to try them. Even when I remember her pointing to a certain shop, He vowed to say "If I go to a more expensive high school, then I will work here" with a very proud look. Although I didn't complain at the time, I can complain now, kid, you are still too naive , Do you think that when you go to these places to work, the store manager will give the leftover cold drinks and meals to the waiters-they would rather throw those things away as rubbish than give it to you? This is the essence of the evil capitalist society what!

"Speaking of which, Xiaohe's outing started two years ago, right? It was true that Xiaohe didn't go out often during the summer vacation when he was in junior high school."

How should I put it, with a bad premonition, Yui sister wants IQ online.

"Ah, I see, so Xiaohe often went out during the summer vacation in the first two years. Did you think you would meet Xiaochunchan?" A sly smile appeared on her sister's face. "I went out so often when I met with girls. Didn't think of this reason?"

"That's because you are too stupid!"