My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 131

"Now you are not allowed to always say that I am stupid." My sister showed a dissatisfied expression, "--Ah, no, the key question is not whether I am stupid, but you went out with Xiaochunjiang two years ago. Right? That's right?"

Hey, twice, today's Yui sister doesn't seem to be easily distracted!

"Look at Xiaohe's expression, Xiaohe admitted it!" Sister Yui hummed, raising her head to look like a proud giraffe. No, even if you raise your head, you won't be a proud giraffe because of you. Always not as high as me.

"But if this is the case, it would really be a bit of a headache to let Xiaohe go out!" Yui sister sighed and looked at me sympathetically, "If you go out now, it will easily remind you of Koharu-chan. So things will be sad, right?"

Don't worry, things are not that complicated, and if it weren't for you to take the initiative to mention it, I would never have thought of Xiaochun-although you did make me a little sad.

"So, Xiaohe," Yui sister put on a look of death, "I know how to let you go out, let's find a girl on a date! You can go out on a date with a girl, right? "


I have to wonder if today's Yuihama Yui's brain has crashed.

"Well, by the way, hasn’t Xiao Caiyu’s relationship with you always been very good? You can invite her to go on a date? Although I also know that Xiao Caiyu has refused many boys’ confession, but if Xiaohe just asks her out If you play, she should agree. She still likes shopping. I can guarantee that!"

"I don't know if she likes shopping or not. She really likes to issue cards. It's true." Indeed, the two cards before the holiday are really fresh in my memory. "In addition, I almost always played with Isseki. As expected, she will become her thorough porter and cash machine, and if she meets Ye Shan on the road, she will also act as a little trump card to stimulate Ye Shan - to be honest, I am quite sorry for those people who are willing to go shopping with her. "

"Uh, you don't need to be so black to shove them?" There was a subtle color on my sister's face. Obviously, she should also understand Isshiki's practice. In short, it's good to understand. How can you Is your brother's outing pinned on a girl like this?It's really taken for granted!

"Then Xiao Muxiao is fine, and the relationship with Ye Ye and Xiao Muxiao has always been very good. How can I say, although my sister is a bit, um, feels awkward, but it is only once, if I go out to play with Ye Ye and senior Xiao Muxiao, so do I Permissible."

"Oh, you mean to ask me to invite her out in the last summer vacation of a candidate? Yui sister, you are really imaginative too!"

"Wow, Xiaohe, don't say that to me, I just didn't think about it!"

"Well, okay, if you and Xiaohe are unfamiliar with girls, it’s definitely no play, Xiaoxue feels that the difficulty is a bit too high, um, then Xiaohe, I just suggest it, I think Xiaochunchan still likes you very much. So, that." My sister hesitated to show me her last unreliable suggestion.

Regarding this, I replied to her with a completely stunned look.

"I was completely defeated, but is it really sad to look at Xiaohe?"

"Now, Sister Yui," I looked at Sister Yui who was frowning, and said, "Actually, I don't think you need to be so entangled in finding someone to pull me out. If you say something to me at this time, , I want to go out to play, come with me! "Although I am very reluctant, but I will tentatively see that you are my sister to accompany you out."

"It's okay for you to say that, but Xiaohe, dating his own sister or something, although I have always liked Xiaohe, this kind of thing—"

"Sister Yui, are you stupid? Your goal is just to pull me out? Besides, is there any problem with dating your sister? Isn’t the sister of Biqigu still thinking about dating his sister? Of course I just For example, if Biqigu is a sister-controller, it doesn't mean that I am a sister-controller, that's it!"

"Didn't you tell me not to call me an idiot anymore? But Xiao and you seem to have some truth." My sister nodded seriously.

To be honest, I don’t think Yui sister should be so stupid. According to the news that I usually inquire about Yukoshita or Biqigu, Yui sister’s intelligence level in front of other people should still be higher than that of normal people-although her grades It's really bad.

Therefore, I have to really consider whether my sister’s state in front of me is because I spoiled her too much before — I can help my sister solve everything, or help my sister solve too many things, this As a result, Yui sister formed a habit of not being good at thinking in front of me. Even if she wanted to think, she couldn't turn that loop for a while. Maybe this is the case?

So, the plan to improve Yuihama Yui’s thinking ability in front of Yubihama Kazuya should also be on the agenda, right?

"If you hang out with Xiaohe, where should I go?" And the sister on the other side seems to have thought about where to date next. Well, to be honest, if Yui sister insisted, I It is true that she does not exclude going out to play, what should be done next, let her arrange it.

At this moment, my sister's phone rang.

"Eh, is that right?"

"En, yes, yes, I will tell Xiaohe."

"So is this an event that everyone goes together? Small enterprise and Xiaoxue are also together?"

Just listening to these few words, I had an ominous premonition in my heart. I originally thought that Yuxuexia’s character would not arrange to live in the most vulgar things, and also the service in the ministry. There is no subject, so it will be boring, but the sister's phone call obviously should be in this regard.

Sure enough, after hanging up the phone, my sister looked at me with a smile on her face: "Xiaohe, we don't have to think about where to go to play! Because Hiratsuka-sensei has already fully planned for us."

Well, Shizuka Hiratsuka has been almost forgotten by me since I was brought to this club, but in fact, the instructor who still seems to have a lot of control over the club, I didn’t realize until this time. The kind of fear that can't escape her palm.

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In fact, to be honest, half of the content of a light novel is a branch line plot that has nothing to do with the main line plot. I think that this way of writing will be sprayed out in the net.But this kind of meaningless dialogue is still very cool. For example, in this chapter, although I lost to the bottom team, although I was almost desperate for my computer maintenance, although — er, I just don’t want to write it. , But let me write it out anyway.More than four more owed.


Chapter 19: The team's gathering time is always very strange

In any sense, the so-called collective activity of the Ministry of Service is a very arbitrary activity. If you have to say the reason, this activity does not seem to have conducted a democratic vote within the ministry. If there is a vote, I believe Biqigu and I will definitely be the resolute opposition, which is enough to make our opposition invincible, plus there is a great possibility to win over Xuexia to oppose this kind of collective activity that bothers her. , The game is probably over.

It is a pity that Shizuka Hiratsuka is a great demon. She is a great demon who has no sense of democratic voting. Although I think I can use countless theories to prove the impropriety of her doing this, it did not affect her decision. People who abuse power are shameful, and those who are incapable and abuse power are even more shameful. Here I must solemnly declare this. Although I know it is useless, attitude is still the most important thing at this time, right?

"Now, Yubihama, long time no see. How is your stay in your new club? Looks like something has changed?" Every time I meet Hiratsuka-sensei, I have to complain about her. Most of them are a little too casual. Although they won’t change their clothes like some strange teachers who don’t leave their bodies in white robes, Hiratsuka’s T-shirts, hiking boots, and baseball caps can only make People think of the kind of tragedy of older leftover women who want to learn how young people pretend to be vigorous but look a little outdated. For older leftover women, the most important thing is to learn to dress up a little more tenderly, rather than dress up a little youthful, because of youth It is a word that can be completely forgotten for you!

Of course, I wouldn't say this kind of complaint by Hiratsuka teacher. This kind of teacher who uses violence to solve problems when they don't agree is the one I've dealt with the least.

"Well, probably?" Of course, just answer her question vaguely.

"Well," Mr. Hiratsuka looked at me for a long time and said, "Indeed, because you are not a second-year student, you can't get first-hand information from you in many cases, but you have been reported by other teachers recently. Judging from the performance in the classroom, it should have become a bit more normal."

If your normality refers to not deliberately getting low scores, then I admit it. This is because I understand that deliberately creating this effect is not the best way to avoid interference with other people. This kind of self-repression, another degree of self-satisfaction-by the way, the person who told me this is Isshiki. I did more in the Ministry of Service. At first, I was fighting against Xuexia. Well, it seems to have done a lot of things unknowingly-but I must emphasize that these things are almost force majeure, and I have also considered their subsequent effects.

Of course, I believe that my explanation is of no use to Hiratsuka-teacher. Of course, considering that Hiratsuka-teacher thinks that I have changed, I am less annoying. I think it is better not to explain to her.

"But you guys Yubihama came very early. Compared with the others, your punctuality can be a role model."

"Hey," my sister responded on behalf of the Yubihama family, "because I finally found a chance to call Xiaohe out!"

Of course, for this answer, my reaction can only be a grunt. At this time, I should stay on the line with Yui sister.

On the other hand, Yui sister, your dress, really makes me feel very sad!There is no problem with a pink sun hat, but is a T-shirt with such short sleeves really suitable for humans?Also, I have been talking for a long time, there is no need to wear this kind of hot pants to show your current femininity in order to cater to the people of Miura.All in all, this set of clothes is unqualified, unqualified, and there is too little fabric. You are not going to the beach. What if you are done by Biqigu, uh, or other strange people with their eyes? Do it?

For example, Xuexia, you think her dress is much more suitable than yours, right?Relaxed trousers, almost no exposed skin, but as long as the quality of the clothes is good and breathable, it will feel cool again, right?Did Xuexia choose this style of clothes for you when you went shopping together? Really!

Wait a minute, Xuexia?

"Ms. Hiratsuka, I must correct your point. There are still 40 seconds left before the assembly time. So you accused me of not being punctual. This is a huge insult to me. I have the right to ask you to take back the previous one. Fan comments!" Xuexia's appearance is still full of momentum as always, or a little overpowering.

"Really, you fellow, you are still so serious in such a strange place." Mr. Hiratsuka shook his head.

"—Teacher, please don't change the subject!"

"Okay, well, I know I was wrong!" Looking at the somewhat helpless Hiratsuka-sensei, I suddenly felt a sense of sadness in my heart. If I put forward this kind of rebuttal, it must be her who greeted me. Right?The privilege of women is undoubtedly revealed at this time. I feel that I need to complain that I have been treated differently by the teacher.

"Well, Koyuki is here too, so only small companies are left?" Sister Yui nodded and looked at Hiratsuka-sensei.

"Well, there are still a few people behind."

Are there anyone else besides Biqigu?Do you want to form a volleyball team or a hockey team?

"--Ah, sorry! I'm late!"

Wait a minute, how come this sound is so strange to me?Does this guy exist in the ministry?Or do I have auditory hallucinations?

"Little Caiyu?" However, my sister's surprised voice proved that my doubts were not fake.

"Wait a minute, was Isshiki invited by Hiratsuka-sensei?" I couldn't suppress the mood in my heart that felt that this game was a bit too funny.