My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 132

"From the result, it is like this." Mr. Hiratsuka nodded.

"I need an explanation. Isshiki is not a member of the Ministry of Service, and this event is nominally a collective activity of the Ministry of Service, right?"

"There is not enough manpower, so I called her over. It doesn't matter, right? You all know her anyway, don't you?" Hiratsuka-sensei shrugged and put on a posture of "I think it's okay to do so." .

"Heya, you are too much. Minister Yukinoshita over there didn't say that I was not welcome. Why have you been entangled with me to participate in this matter? Is the trouble I caused you so great?"

"My lack of comment does not mean that I welcome you, classmate Isshiki."

I have never thanked Yukino Yukoshita like I do now. You are an absolute knowing blow!Even the step of explaining my shocked mentality was omitted.

However, Yihishiyu apparently practiced a Dafa of "I don't care about it at all". After a brief period of hesitation due to the attack by the "unwelcome people" under the snow, Isshiki just shook his body a little, and then took himself His mood adjusted: "Well, but Yukoshita at least did not directly refuse me to participate, then I am very satisfied! So today, I would like to ask everyone for your advice."

This self-acquaintance guy, and a cheeky self-acquaintance guy, was obviously treated coldly by the two people in the team and still looked like "I'll be good, everyone," which is really elusive.

"Well, all in all, Xiao Caiyu is actually her own! She has cooperated with so many things in the Student Union before." My sister was embarrassed and slapped Yishi, but I couldn't bear to look at my sister. I want to make complaints. Even the dress of a vixen girl like Yishi who never forgets to make use of boys is much more decent than your hot dress. I should have been when you chose this suit. Stop yours.

However, since Isshiki has appeared, I really wonder if Hiratsuka-sensei is summoning other characters related to this society, er, such as Senior Ogisuke.

"Don't worry, I haven't been so frenzied to invite test-prep candidates to participate in this kind of activity." It seems that after seeing through my mind, Mr. Hiratsuka's voice came over, "So you don't have to think about the third grade students. There is a problem."

Damn it, I just think about it. I also know that Senior Xiao Muzhen will not be able to participate in this kind of event, but, how should I say, is it a good thing to have a little expectation?

Of course, because it's not a school, it's impossible to invite junior high school students, right?

"Hey, Xiaohe, do you really want Senior Xiao Muzhen to participate in this event?" My sister lowered her head and asked seriously.

"Stupid old sister, I haven't mentioned the name of Xiao Mu Shou-sen from the beginning, okay? What kind of third-year students? It is Mr. Hiratsuka who is inexplicably incomprehensible, I don't know what she is talking about. Well!" Well, at this time, we must persist and persist to the end. As long as you do not express your own ideas, then you must persist to the end.

"Heya means that he even hopes to meet Senior Xiao Muzhen in a way of chance encounter," Isshiki took out a mirror from his pocket, tidyed up his hair that was a little messy because of a hurry, and said. "You see, Yui-senpai, if Ogisao-senpai was invited, wouldn't there be a fateful surprise that happened by chance?"

"Yi Huayu, tidy up your outfits and don't talk. No one will think your sense of existence is weak."

"Actually, I don't need to sort it out. It's summer after all, and I have to spend so long outdoors. No matter how good the makeup is, the final result will not be good. I still know this very well." Isshiki closed her own The little mirror said with a smile.

I think it’s because the man you want to attract isn’t there, so there’s no point in putting on makeup, right?

"But having said that, it feels like a small company is so slow!" At this time, my sister took on the responsibility of initiating a new topic, and she was so moved that she cried. Sister Yui who has been working hard to make the team atmosphere look less dull. .

"No, I have already seen Biqigu." Hiratsuka-sensei showed a confident smile. Then, I also saw Biqigu, who was dragged by a girl with a confused face. It looked like before. His younger sister than Keiya Komachi who met.

Seeing Hiratsuka-sensei walking towards him, Biqigu seemed to see a monster. Afterwards, his face showed his usual silly smirk that often appeared when trying to find reasons and excuses. However, , Hiratsuka-sensei didn't seem to let him off at all, and in the end, Bigiya could only follow Hiratsuka-sensei with an awkward expression on his face.

Obviously, just as the person who contacted Yuihama's family was to contact Yui sister, the person who contacted the Yuihama's family was to contact the little sister Komachi. Higiya was obviously dragged here by his sister without preparation. It’s really scary if middle school students want to act!

However, I remember that I just complained that Hiratsuka-teacher would not invite middle school students, right?This is really fucking naked.

"Ahalo! Yui-senpai!" Well, another familiar girl came.

"Ahalo, sister Komachi!" Yui sister's usual smile responded to her.

"Aha, um, hello, Komachi!" Even Xuexia greeted her. Before I knew what this terrifying junior high school girl did, you are the whole ministry Is it a female member?

I don’t know if I should greet sister Biqigu or not. In theory, I have met her. However, unlike Yui sister and Yukoshita, my relationship with her should be limited to “seen” I can’t even say “knowing”. If I greet each other rashly at this time, let’s not talk about the reaction of Biqigu’s sister. Just the suspicious look that Biqigu’s sister might cast at me. Enough for my scalp to numb.

Fortunately, there was another person present who was as embarrassed as me.

Aha, Yi Huei Yu, aren't you familiar with it?Then go ahead and say hello!Don't have such a helpless expression of "Who is this kid, what should I do?" Isn't it?Well, it's useless for me, because I don't know how I should greet this kid!

Although I am proud to say that, it seems that I should not be proud.

"Well, Yuihama-senpai, hello! My brother is usually taken care of!" In the end, the girl who took the initiative to greet me turned out to be this girl, Yuihama-senpai or something, and the dignity as a senior suddenly completely disappeared at this time.

Also, things like "usually elder brothers are taken care of", I always feel that something is wrong. I suddenly remembered a very famous setting. If my sister is not only a brother-in-law or a rotten girl, it is good for others who have a good relationship with my brother. Boys, there will always be a strange fantasy, I have a feeling that my sister Qigu is a brother-in-law, and then-well, stop delusional!

This girl does not have the aura of a rotten girl. I am familiar with the feeling that the girl from Ebina's current group of sisters brings to others.

However, the tragedy is, why should I have this fantasy myself?

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After hesitating for a long time, I still don't include Xuecai and Xiaochun in this plot. Let's leave all the roles of the two of them in the next section!


Chapter Twenty: The result of confrontation between characters with overlapping attributes

To be honest, I’m not very good at dealing with girls who are too quirky, because when a girl like this is talking, you can never judge her reaction to what you say, and then you can never judge her to you. Whether the reaction is her true thoughts or false thoughts, in the end, you may think that you are very happy with the other party, but maybe the conclusion is that she is talking with you in a more advanced social way.

A typical example of this kind of girl is a color feather, of course, it also includes the predecessor Xiao Mu Shu, who sometimes bursts out of naughty attributes, and the sister Biqigu in front of her is obviously of this type.

In comparison, Xuexia Xue is a girl with this style. It is much easier to deal with. You can almost predict all the reactions she can make to your words and prepare countermeasures. Moreover, the expression on the other side is absolutely It will not be that kind of hypocritical expression, she will only expose her most true thoughts, or the most correct thoughts she thinks.True and correct are generally not equivalent, but they are equivalent in Xuexia's dictionary.

"Well, as my brother said, it is the type that is not easy to communicate with!"

I added such a comment to me without authorization, just because I didn't quickly reach out and shake it back when she said "please advise" and then say "please advise" or something.

In addition, Biqigu, is that how you describe me at home?Or is it for you, sister-in-law, in order to create a good image of a brother in front of your sister, do you hesitate to belittle others?

Biqigu looked at me with a guilty expression in his eyes. After doing these things, he gave me a good acknowledgment. He raised his head upright like a man and said, "What's wrong, this is what I did. I refuse to accept us." Let's duel!" Can't it?

Well, I should have expected the result when this happened to Biqigu.

"Sorry, I was distracted just now, how are you! Sister Biqigu!"

I showed a friendly smile. The long-term experience of working in karaoke has made me almost form a professional habit when I show this business-style smile. Therefore, even if I am constantly cursing Biqigu in my heart, it is not Prevent me from showing kindness to his sister.In addition, the sentence "I was distracted just now" is a very clever sentence. I did not refute the point made by sister Biqigu, but used a fact of "distracted" to tell the other party. I was not just because it was not easy to communicate. The main reason for not talking to her is because I am thinking about some other things, not directly refuting it, but indirectly criticizing, the language skills are here.

"Wow, did Komachi make a mistake just now?"

Biqigu’s sister shakes the dull hair on her head in a bit of surprise. Yes, my child, you have made a wrong judgment. Although I am only one year older than you, the age difference of this year is enough to determine the two of us. The essence is different.

"But Komachi doesn't think Komachi's feeling just now is not a lie. At this time, it should be on the side of brother-Now, brother, Komachi thinks Komachi's sentence can give full marks!" Sister Biqigu turned her head. , Showed a mischievous smile to her brother, so I just don’t understand this kind of girl. It should be said that she really believed in Biqigu’s judgment, or because she was a brother-in-law to protect her brother Dignity pretends to believe in Biqigu, and it is really difficult for me to tell.

"However, since Yuihama-senpai has spoken to Komachi, it is enough for him to call me Komachi. I can't treat Yubihama-senpai differently from the other two seniors!"

"Okay, okay!" In the end, I still agreed with Komachi in a daze. Ah, the words of sister Biqigu, this girl, who said so much, finally did not offend anyone, and the ability to deal with crises is still very strong!

"Uh, who is this senior?" Finally, sister Biqigu who slammed the audience cast her eyes on a colorful feather. If I had an emotion tester, then the alertness of this sister Komachi should have risen to the highest level. It’s time to be strong, yes, a color feather is the person with the highest similarity to Higiya Komachi and the most serious attribute overlap among the people present. Generally speaking, people with high attribute overlap must meet each other. There are great sparks.

"Hello, Sister Komachi, I am the good friend of the'Yuhihama-san who is not good at talking to people' just now. My name is Yi Cai Yu, you can also call me Sister Cai Yu!" Ishiki said. , And then, without hesitation, took me as a stepping stone for her and each other.

In fact, among the people present, Isshiki is more familiar with me, and sister Yui, but the relationship with Yukoshita and Higiya is limited to the relationship between acquainted seniors and younger generations, and everyone I know that the core of the conversation with Hichiya Hachiman lies in Hichiya Hachiman. Therefore, it is the most difficult for everyone to talk to Isshiki, who is the least familiar with Hichiya Hachiman.

However, Isshiki took a somewhat unexpected approach, that is, instead of using Higiya Hachiman, a dialogue path that everyone agrees, he chose to use me as a stepping stone to get a chance to talk to the other party.Isshiki deliberately emphasized "Yuhihama-san who is not good at talking with people", and such a Yuihama-san who is not good at talking with people, Isshiki can become his friend, which shows that Isshiki is a reliable enough person. And the person who can make "Yuhihama-senpai who is not good at talking to people" open up to communicate with them is definitely an object of interest to sister Komachi.

More importantly, I still can't pierce or point out Isshiki's cunning intentions here, because I have been given the impression of "not good at talking with people", so any opposition I have shown here The denial of his behavior would be given the definition of "arrogant" and was eventually ignored. Therefore, the hateful one color feather passed through my indirect way to talk to the other party.

Damn, I was laughing at this guy just now. I didn't expect that she immediately took such a vicious but effective path.