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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 133

"Eh, is Isshiki-senpai? Is Isshiki-senpai and Yuhihama-senpai have a good relationship?" And in the face of this Isshiki, the opposite Hiketani Komachi gave an excellent response. First of all, he accepted the other's kindness and said "Senior Yubihama, who talked with others," continued the dialogue. At the same time, he did not give up his vigilance against the person in front of him who has a high degree of overlap with him. The most obvious manifestation is the silent rejection of Isshiki's initiative. The title of "Sister Caiyu" is used instead of the rather unfamiliar title of "Senior Isshiki." This way, I can avoid the topic from being dominated by Isshiki eventually.

"Yeah, I and He are sitting next to each other! Usually we often talk to each other." Isshiki said with a smile.This is because you are aware of the opponent's resistance, so you have adopted a more conservative approach, right?

"Is that so? I really envy Yubihama-senpai! I feel like my brother doesn't have such a good neighbor." Sister Komachi sighed and said helplessly.

To be honest, it’s hard to respond to this sentence, because you don’t know if Sister Komachi really envy me, or regretting the guy from Biqigu, even if we follow a normal understanding, we are sorry for Biqigu. , Then what is the implication of this sentence?Is it just a pity for Bigiya, or do I hope that the "Yuhihama-senpai who is not good at communicating with people" can also be friends with Ichiha Yu who can also have a good conversation with Bigiya?

Sure enough, there was an embarrassment on Isshiki's face. Finally, she didn't know how to reply, she nodded embarrassedly, and said, "Senior Biqigu will have friends who can talk? I think Yui-sen Is it a good friend of senior Qigu?"

Hey hey, what are you talking about!My sister is a good friend of Qigu. Here I need to correct it. If it is just a friend, then I accept it temporarily, but if it is a "good" friend, then I need to be clear. My sister treats everyone Her attitude is very good, which allows her to be everyone’s friend, but this does not mean that the word "good" friend can be easily poured into her to other people, at least, can her sister become Biqigu’s" Good friend, I need to get my verification, understand?

However, if you don’t entangle such details, Isshiki’s sentence shows that this brief confrontation between her and Komachi’s sister ended in Isshiki’s defeat, and that the winner of this war of the same kind is also obvious. He showed a look of relief, and said: "If my brother is really that ineffective, I would trouble Senior Isshiki to take care of it!"

"Well, I understand! Sister Komachi!" I looked at the current Isshiki expression, and suddenly I felt like I couldn't laugh. She who has been playing around with other people, is now being treated by another like myself. Types of girls play around, now you know the pain of the person you play, right?

"Okay, okay, everyone is here, and the cordial greetings end here, right?" At this time, Hiratsuka-sensei's voice came over and came with her, except for the "kindness" with her just now. "Besides Biqigu Hachiman who greeted each other, there was an unexpected person.

Totsuka Ayaka, that beautiful one is easy to bend people, if Sister Komachi is really a rotten girl, his brother's best cp object, also followed them tremblingly.

Presumably, Totsuka-senpai should be the same as Isshiki, he was called by Mr. Hiratsuka under the name of "the number of people"!

Of course, looking at the action of Higiya next to Totsuka who was forced to calm but couldn't hide the red expression on his face, I had to doubt that Saika Totsuka was Hiratsuka teacher In order to calm Higiya Hachiman's grievances, the soothing master specially invited.

I think this is a matter of course, because as long as you look at the smirk of Higiya who is next to Totsuka, and compare the shock and resistance when he just appeared, you will know the appearance of Totsuka. What a comfort to Biqigu.

"Well, this time I rented a big car deliberately. My own car can't bear so many people, so you guys, but you have to thank me very much!" Hiratsuka-Sensei looked proud He patted the small van in front of him and said.

Indeed, plus the driver himself, there are a total of eight people, so an average car can't handle so many people!

By the way, the seats in the car are four double-seaters, which means that there must be one person who is left alone.

Never be that person!

I glanced at Biqigu and found that his eyes showed the same color as mine.Well, this is a matter of course, right?As long as it is not for me and Biqigu to sit together, it means that I can definitely sit with a girl, and with a girl, no matter what, it will be more eye-catching, right?

Obviously, Biqigu thinks so too.

Therefore, what we have to do now is to think of a way to allocate seats, and at the same time, we must not let ourselves be the one who is alone.

——If so, that would be great.

"By the way, Biqigu, you take the co-pilot!" Hiratsuka teacher's merciless voice made the red look of expectation on Biqigu's face suddenly white.

Well, although I have complained about Hiratsuka-sensei's dictatorship, but for now, I am very satisfied, I am very satisfied, compared to the seniors of Qigu, I will trouble you to be the victim. The remaining six people are matched. , The person I match with, no matter which girl it is, is a seductive beautiful girl!

——The conclusion seems to be correct.

I looked at Totsuka Saika, who looked at me embarrassedly and said "please advise me", not knowing what kind of expression I should show.

If you only talk about seductiveness, I think Totsuka-senpai deserves the word, but he is a boy, he is a boy, although a boy is cute, it’s pretty good, but I’m really not that kind of cute. Isn't it the type that boys feel?Although the look in the eyes of Higiya Hachiman in the passenger seat is as terrible as I want to eat me, I am also very embarrassed, isn't it?

Seeing the other two seats, Yukoshita and sister, and the combination of Isshiki and Komachi's sister, I couldn't help sighing heavily. To be honest, even if it is to deal with Isshiki or Komachi's sister, I think it is better than the current Kazuto Senpai Tsuka's speech is much less stressful, and the scene where he had a good conversation with a certain girl on the road full of fantasy seems to exist only in fantasy.

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Chapter 21: The grievances of the older leftover women appear unprepared

To be honest, sitting with Totsuka-senpai is not as uncomfortable as I thought. After all, when I was helping the tennis club before, I had also communicated with Totsuka-senpai, so I could call it a "knowledge" relationship. And Totsuka-senpai himself is also a kinder type. In this case, all I need to endure is the occasional sight of resentment that I have cast in.

Of course, most of the time, Hiratsuka is forced to engage in uncomfortable conversations with Hiratsuka-sensei, so this line of sight doesn’t last for a long time. From the perspective of that teacher, Hiratsuka’s problematic children are obviously better than those of Hiratsuka. I want to be big, this is more or less a gratifying thing!

In fact, I really want to look back and pay attention to the situation of the two pairs of girls sitting behind me, especially sister Komachi and Isshiki. I don't know what sparks will come out of these two girls sitting together.However, if you turn your head to observe them at this time, you will generally be regarded as the kind of bad guys who want to inquire about girls' privacy without good intentions, and doing such things in front of Totsuka-senpai is indeed somewhat Sorry for my neighbor, so I can only give up the idea of ​​observing the four girls behind.

I think I can predict the way my sister and Yukoshita get along. However, at least judging from the sporadic conversations from behind, sister Komachi and Isshiki seem to get along better, so the scary thing about girls is that. Here, a pair of sparks that have just appeared in an open and secret fight, whether it seems to be disguised or sincere, can talk as much as a girlfriend in a few minutes. It’s no wonder that Biqigu doesn’t believe in women anymore, it must be him. His sister has brought him a lot of shadows, right?

The journey to the mountains in Chiba is much smoother than I thought. Of course, I don’t understand the freshness of these people when they see the mountains. According to Biqidani, it’s because people in Chiba usually live on flat ground. There will always be some longing for something unfamiliar with mountains-but since I don’t have such a longing, it seems that I can’t be called a reliable person from Chiba. I was in their Chiba issue before. I realized this when I was in, and now I reinforce this impression again and it really makes people feel a slight sense of alienation from being excluded.

However, at least the air in the mountains is still very good. The pleasant feeling of breathing air when the window is suddenly opened for a long time in the room is a bit refreshing-uh, if I don’t see the other two familiar faces of the camping site In other words, one is a familiar face, and the other is just an acquaintance.

Hayama Hayato and Miura Yuko, did the two come here to date?Although I was once a current member, I still couldn't understand the choice of a high-end current dating location like Yeshan.

"Well, you were here first!" However, at this time, Mr. Hiratsuka's words made me realize that, obviously, my common sense should be correct. This kind of place is not suitable for current people to date.

"I took a look at the teacher's car. It seems that there should still be two other people in that car?" Ye Shan also walked up to Hiratsuka teacher in a familiar manner, and said with a wry smile on his face.

"But in that case, you might not fit so much luggage in the trunk, right?" Mr. Hiratsuka haha ​​said a reason that I don't think she would believe it, "Moreover, all the fare schools here It’s reimbursed for you, don’t care about this, right?”

"I don't care about the fare." Ye Shan showed a helpless expression. In the end, he finally realized that Mr. Hiratsuka couldn't make sense when he didn't want to make sense, so he chose not to explain.

"Hey, elder sister, are you here to stay at the Ministry of Service? It's weird to bring in Totsuka-senpai and Isseki. Why do you seem to have an appointment with Hashan-senpai? You asked them to come. Is it true?” Although it is unreasonable to suspect my sister in this way, it is obvious that when discussing the relationship, the sister who has the closest connection to the Yeshan Group among all the people present is the sister.

"I don't know these things either. I just received a call from the teacher saying about group activities or something, and I hurried over happily." My sister showed a grieved expression.

"Hey, don't you doubt that other people imitated the teacher's voice to deceive you? Just a group activity caught you?"

"I won't listen to Hiratsuka-sensei's voice!"

"Voice is not the point, and if it's the teacher, I think it's possible to be tricked into this mountain by her to help her do something-that guy seems to be such a bad person in character!"

It’s a pity that my speculation seems to have hit. Realizing that the two waves of us seem to be a little puzzled by the appearance of each other, Hiratsuka-sensei coughed and explained: "Ahem, let everyone come together this time. Is to let everyone help participate in volunteer activities."

"What? When Hayato talked to me about this, people thought they were going camping with Hayato! Now that there are so many people, do you want to participate in any volunteer activities? People don't want to, na , Let’s go, Hayato?” Routinely, Miura Yuko showed a "coquetry" appearance in front of Hayama that was not in line with her usual queen demeanor. Although I am not very familiar with this girl, yours is like this. The voice that still babbles is really full of violation.

Well, speaking of this, what about Isshiki?If she saw Ye Shan, shouldn't she start to work as accurately as she saw her prey?Why did he let Miura "seduce" Senior Hayama there?

After turning around, I found a colorful feather at the location closest to the car hired by Mr. Hiratsuka. She seemed to just look at the situation here with a smile on her face, whether it was the volunteer activities mentioned by Mr. Hiratsuka or Miura. She doesn't seem to care much about her coquettish offensive. Should it be better for her to be confident at this time, or is it better to be deliberately indifferent?

But this is always her own business, I don't need to care about it, right?

"Sorry, Yuiko, but I heard that this event can add points to the default?" Yeshan tilted his body a little to the side, just blocking Miura trying to wrap his hands around him. After that, he looked at Mr. Hiratsuka and showed a questioning expression.

"But Komachi heard that I came here for camping?"

"Yes, yes, so after all, coming here to participate in volunteer services is meaningless, right? Summer vacation is to be lazy, not—"

The Biqigu brothers and sisters also became noisy at this time, especially Biqigu, after seeing his sister expressing a puzzled expression, the expression of arguing as if seizing the best opportunity is really very interesting. .

"——I said, for the Ministry of Service, this time it’s staying together, and there is no problem!" However, Hiratsuka-sensei interrupted the speech of the brothers and sisters, "I don’t know why I was The principal arranged to supervise the volunteer activities. It was obvious that other teachers should do this kind of thing, so I just called me to come because I didn’t have a boyfriend or got married, so I took it for granted that I would be very free during the summer vacation. Do you take on this task? Haha, I understand, I understand."

Even if you are far away from her, you can experience the resentment of the teacher, the resentment of older leftover women, the society should show more care to these people, otherwise, their resentment may cause other victims—for example Say we are now this group of people.

"Yeah, so I understand. There are people who are the same as those who are not good at coping with the children. Please, the long-winded elementary school students are very annoying, and then a group of high school students are caught by elementary students. I’m called elder brother and sister, but I’m called an aunt or something, so don’t talk nonsense--so, you guys, come over and volunteer for me. If it sounds bad, I’m a slave. Do you have any complaints?" Hiratsuka-sensei continued to say incomprehensible things. Although I think most people don't understand what she means in the first half, we can still understand the second half.

"Hi! Hi!" Everyone raised their hands tremblingly. At this moment, even the arrogant people like Yukoshita, or the people like Biqigu who always think about being lazy, can't resist Hiratsuka. The teacher's order.

Sure enough, is the final outbreak of resentment among older leftover women the most terrifying thing?