My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 134

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In short, the so-called volunteer activities are just to look after the pupils of the forest school, assist the staff of Chiba Village, and then help them plan various colorful activities.

I don’t hate elementary school students. Of course, I don’t like elementary school students either. I have no special attitude towards elementary school students. A group of children who don’t even have their own ideas, only follow the collective and the teacher’s steps. There is nothing to evaluate.So, when some self-righteous pervert shouting "primary school students are really great" and then the self-righteous fools who regard educating primary school students as their own profession say that kind of embarrassment, I can only say that you have managed it like this A group of children who are weak in independent thinking and just follow the crowd unknowingly, do they really have a great sense of accomplishment?

Of course, looking at Yui sister next to me, I feel that even if I don’t shout "Elementary school students are great," there are people who are willing to demote themselves to elementary school level and mingle with each other and become good friends.

"Xiaohe, I think you are thinking about some of my rude things again!" My sister's dissatisfied voice came.

Well, I don't know why, the Yui sister seems to be particularly sharp these few days, and it seems that her evaluation of her needs to be revised in the future. You can't always look at people with the original look.

"Hey, Kazuya," I don't know when, the one who has been far away from me suddenly appeared beside me, almost pressing her lips to my ears, "have you noticed anything?"

I think the most obvious thing I noticed is that you are too close to my ears. The breath from my mouth can stimulate my ears, okay?

"If you have something to say, don't get so close." I resolutely distanced myself from Isshiki. "By the way, why did you look so dull when you saw Yeshan? You shouldn't have a good fight with Miura Yuko. ?"

"Why do I have to fight with Miura-senpai? Isn't this a disadvantage? Especially at the critical moment of the fight for miss chief martial artist. Offending Miura-senpai is not good for me."

"By the way, do you really feel that you have the power to fight against Senior Xiao Muzhen?"

"Who knows?" Isshiki shook his head and blinked playfully, "But that's not the point, Kazuma, have you noticed that?"

"So what the hell is it?"

"I'm talking about Senior Xuexia! Your minister, today seems to be particularly silent!"

"Yukixia? Didn't she always look like she doesn't like talking to people? My mood suddenly improved when I thought of this. Yuukixia, who was unwilling to talk to people, asked to face a bunch of noisy schoolchildren. What, it should make me laugh three times!"

"I know that Yukoshita-senpai doesn't speak much, but she seems to be less talkative today than usual. To be precise, she feels very alert, isn't she?" Isshiki shook her head seriously, said.

Well, since Isshiki said so, I will accept it.Although I have no reaction to this, girls always understand girls better, don't they?

"So? Xuexia is not in the right state today. You have to care about her and earn impressions in her heart. You think that your miss chief is very profitable. Don't think about it. I think you will please Yui sister more than please Xuezhi The download effect is good. Few girls like Xuexia's personality. You can't expect Xuexia's male fans to vote for you because you have a good relationship with her, right?"

"Even I don't always want to use other people, you say that makes me very hurt!" Isshiki flattened his mouth, showing an expression of weeping.

However, I will not be fooled.

"Okay, okay, don't look at me with this kind of remnant expression," I probably realized that I would only look at her silently, but Isshiki finally gave up playing tricks and said seriously, "Don't I said that caring about Senior Xuexia is useful to me. Can we analyze the reason why Senior Xuexia is relatively quiet today? It should be related to the people present, right?"

"It's because she is going to volunteer for elementary school students, so I have a headache and I don't want to think about too much."

"People in the Ministry of Service don't need to think about it." However, Yishi ignored my guess. "When I met me, Yukinoshita-senpai did not behave strangely. Totsuka-senpai shouldn't be a problem. He came to When you asked for a commission, Senior Xuexia was also normal, right?"

"As for Miura Yuko, I think Yukoshita's poisonous tongue almost made Miura cry."

"So, does the answer come out? There is only one person who caused the abnormal situation of Senior Xuexia today, and that is Senior Yeshan!" Isshi nodded and said.

What? After a large circle of snow, is it still for Ye Shan in the end?Maybe you noticed something special between Xuexia and Yeshan, so you were worried?It's really hard, but at this point, it's higher than Miura's idiot who doesn't think about such things at all.

"Let me inquire about the relationship between her and Yeshan? I don’t think there is any answer except asking the other party to give me a "If you are willing to go to North Korea with my father’s building materials, I might consider telling you." Opportunity! It's okay for you to leave this question to sister Yui."

"No, I just remind you to pay attention to the relationship between your Minister and Senior Ye Shan." Isshi shook his head and said with a calm expression.

"that's all?"

"That's it? Otherwise, what else?"

I couldn't see Ichiyu who seemed to be lying at all, and felt that his brain capacity was a little insufficient. Therefore, it is too annoying to deal with a girl like Isshiki, who is difficult to analyze and judge.

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Chapter 22: Yubihama’s greatest contribution is not to add chaos

After saying these things with me, Yishishi disappeared like dancing. If this is an RPG game, I must think Yishiyu is a certain character in the plot that made me trigger the plot under the snow, but the problem is , I’m not playing an RPG game now, and triggering the story of Xuexia is not good for me, so why should I be curious about the resentment that may exist between Xuexia and Yeshan-mastering this family scandal Is it good for me to blackmail them both?What if it succeeds?

So, the conclusion is that the words that Isshiki and I said are the nonsense she told me for a while. Maybe she will use it later, but it is definitely not now. Even if I let me observe the naive pupils now, it is better than He Xuexia must be reliable to inquire about this information.

Of course, it is said to manage elementary school students, but in most cases, other teachers in the forest school take on most of the work. This is a matter of course. If the safety of elementary school students is entrusted to them, even self-protection is often impossible. For the high school students, it can only prove that this country has reached the point of life and death-because there are no adults to take care of elementary students.

Therefore, after a routine preaching and self-introduction (to be precise, only Yeshan, who is full of sunshine leader breath, and Isshiki, who seems to be able to show a welcome gesture in front of everyone, represent everyone. After introducing himself, our great Minister Yukoshita shamefully chose to retreat at this time), the primary school students went to participate in the so-called "orienteering", and the so-called volunteers, at this time, temporarily acted as chefs.

"I know that many of you regard this event as camping, so I will treat the process of cooking for the forest school students as camping cooking process, understand?" Hiratsuka The teacher made remarks that seemed inspiring but depressing.I think most people don’t feel better because of cooking for children as camping cooking. On the contrary, this sentence of yours will only make people realize that cooking for themselves and for other people’s labor The mental gap causes our emotions to become even lower.

However, Hiratsuka-sensei obviously didn’t take this into consideration. She just continued to say in high spirits: “Well, boys, don’t complain, now there is ready-made charcoal for you to make a fire! You don’t have to worry about the picked branches. It’s too humid to ignite, or the hay is too easy to be burned, so you must always pay attention to the uncomfortable mood of a fire. Ah, that’s it, you guys don’t know how to get out of BBQ with a bunch of college students and then the so-called cash Just looking at Xiu Enai, all the so-called wood-burning tasks were thrown on me, even a single male classmate would look at me and say, "Ah, Hiratsuka is suitable for this kind of thing," and then became indifferent to a weak woman. of!"

Uh, Hiratsuka-sensei's mood seems to be very bad, so even though she feels that there are many gaps in these words, I still don't complain.

However, Mr. Hiratsuka's fire-making skills are indeed able to withstand the test, at least the superb skills of adding salad oil directly to the charcoal that has just been lit to make the fire flourish. I don't think anyone present can imitate it.

"Boys set the fire, girls and I will go get the ingredients." Then, Hiratsuka-sensei, who exuded full of masculinity, classified herself among the girls, leaving me, Hikigaya, Hayama, and Totsuka-senpai.

In fact, making a fire is not a difficult task, so after Hayama began to pile up charcoal, Totsuka began to ignite, and Higiya began to fan, I became the natural spectator.

Don’t think that this kind of natural laziness is my fault. As a member of the Yubihama family, I deeply understand the fact that Yubihama’s lack of talent for cooking. Although strictly speaking, there is no direct connection between ignition and cooking, but In my vague memory, I still had a glorious history of lighting up my clothes in elementary school. Although I would definitely not light up my clothes in high school, but if I lit up the clothes of senior Totsuka. That would be a little difficult-although I believe that if I did, Biqigu would be grateful to me.

However, compared to not participating in the matter of ignition, the four boys have no topics to talk about is the most terrible thing.In fact, none of the four people present can have a relationship with any two of them to the extent that they can talk spontaneously ignoring the eyes of others. Therefore, this means that all the topics that are provoked must take into account the ideas of the four people.

Ye Shan should be the person who can do this best, but looking at his embarrassed expression, I know that whether it is dealing with me or against Biqigu, Yeshan seems not so handy-maybe better than Qigu. Some, but I should still bring a heavy psychological shadow to senior Yeshan Hayato.

This situation changed until Totsuka-senpai, who was worried that it was too hot than Keiya, who had been fanning the wind, left to help find the ice pack—hey, are you two going to get married soon?If you obviously like each other, don't care about worldly prejudices, right?

Speaking of this, it seems that the thing that Yishi told me just now has another breakthrough.That’s right, if Yuukishita would respond to my question by sending me to North Korea, at least asking Ye Shan this question would not be rejected by him in such a bad manner. After all, that’s Ye Shan Hayato. !

As for why I am interested in the relationship between Xuexia and Yeshan, of course not to grab their handle, but to show off in front of my sister before she finds out about this situation in the future-ah, old sister, you You don’t know as much about Xuexia as your own good friend than I, as your brother. Should you express disappointment?

Well, that's probably the case. It is also a very enjoyable thing to imagine sister's expression of "Wow, Xiaohe, how can you be so excessive"!

"Senior Yeshan, did you know Mr. Yuushita before?" If you talk to a smart person like Ye Shan, there is no need to twitch, so it is better to ask this question straightforwardly, and it is easier for the other party Tell some news that is more worth listening to without preparation.

"Yuhihama-student?" Obviously, my estimate is correct. Facing such a straight ball, Ye Shan's expression obviously changed a little. At the same time, the fan of Biqigu on the side, although pretending not to care about anything Looks like, but obviously he also pricked his ears to listen to the conversation here.

"Why did Yubihama ask this question?" However, Ye Shan deserves to be Ye Shan. He just frowned slightly, and he had the right attitude to respond.

"Curious! Outstanding boys and outstanding girls. After all, the general public has a lot of fantasies about such a combination, right?"

"The term'general masses' is not so appropriate for you!" Ye Shan smiled bitterly and said.

"At least compared to the current seniors of Yeshan and Minister Xuexia, I can still be called the'general masses', right?"

"Well, if you have to say it, you know it." I didn't mean to try to be true to this question. At least, on my first question, Ye Shan unexpectedly gave me a happy and positive answer. On the contrary, I don't know how to deal with it.

If you ask directly, "I think the atmosphere between you and Yukoshita is weird, is there any story before" or "What is the reason why Yukoshita sees you so unpleasantly", it seems a little too Gossip, and too disrespectful to the other party, um, so why did you answer so happily, like "Yes, yes, I know Xuexia, so you plan to treat me like" Feeling of sarcasm-although I know this feeling is made up by my own brain.