My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 135

"If there are no other questions, can I ask you a question? Yubihama?" Then the result was that Ye Shan turned me into an army. "How did you guess that between me and Xuexia-uh, the classmates? Are there any connections?"

Ye Shan’s sharp expression seemed to be asking, "You pay so much attention to my relationship with Xuexia, is it because you pay attention to the reason of Xuexia" or something like that-I didn’t pay attention to Xuezhi Next, all of this was told to me by Yishi, and I just incidentally, incidentally.

Just when I didn’t know how to respond, Bi Qigu coughed heavily. Then, looking at me and Ye Shan, who were facing him with a puzzled expression, they tilted their eyes and said, “Ah, sorry, the smoke is a bit big. I choked in my throat."

Although I’m sure that Biqigu’s words are a terrible excuse, looking at Hayama’s helpless expression and Totsuka who appeared almost immediately after Biqigu’s words, I know that he gave I was successful in fighting this disgust.

"It's nothing, just don't want to answer." Ye Shan showed his usual gentle smile and said as if he hadn't mentioned this matter.

Nice, Biqigu, although I don't know why you want to help me, thank you very much.

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In fact, I feel that even if Biqigu does not intervene, as long as I fool around with a few answers, time can quickly pass in the process of repeated investigations by Yeshan. After all, the girls who went to get the ingredients returned soon.

——By the way, lunch is curry.

Although I know that there are countless ways to prove that curry is the most suitable staple food to eat together during camping, but even so, I still hope someone can innovate, for example, uh, in short, I am not good at cooking so I don’t know how What other things are suitable for doing together in the camping, but it is troublesome for the chefs to think about this, otherwise it is easy to remind people of cheap disposable slippers in the hotel when looking at the curry?

However, before cooking lunch, I think there is one very important thing to do.

"So, Xiaohe, this time Koyuki and Xiao Caiyu are all by the side. I have absolutely no problem, believe me?" Yui sister looked at me with tears, and looked at me unwillingly responsible for cooking curry. Group.

"It's okay for me to have them looking at you, but what if looking at you causes their work efficiency to drop, or even the quality of the cooking?"

——If the quality of ordinary curry is still in decline, it will feel like wearing disposable slippers that have been opened by others.

"Then I'll trouble Xiaoxue and the others. I can do it myself. Xiaohe, you have tasted the curry I made, haven't you? Although it's a bit bad, you can still eat it."

"Do you have the heart to let the children returning from orienteering eat this kind of curry that I can barely swallow? Where are you from the military training master!"

"Oh, there's one more thing," my sister suddenly raised her head as if she realized something, and then Xiubao said in the same way, "Well, the relationship between Koyuki and Yuko is not so good, so if I'm not there, they might quarrel--"

"——I think it’s safe to leave this to Isshiki."

——Well, although it’s not as easy as my sister, I hope Isshiki can cooperate with me at this time, right?As long as she is willing to mediate, it shouldn't be difficult to solve the problem between Yukoshita and Miura, Amitabha.

"Woo, Xiaohe is a badass!"

Well, when Yui sister said this, I knew the result was set, because she could not find any excuses.

"Xiaohe is a badass!"

Hey, you are my sister, acting like a baby is forbidden!

"Xiaohe is a badass!"

Sister, the elementary school students have come back, you are embarrassing high school students like this, know?

"Xiaohe is a badass!"

"Well, you can't help it! But I really can't let you go to the curry side to make trouble, let's go and see elsewhere? Or contact those little ghosts, after all, I will spend some time with them."

That's right, for me, even contacting a group of boring elementary school students is much better than putting Yui sister in cooking.

"If that's the case--" There was a hint of hesitation in the sister's eyes.

"——That’s the decision." Although I made a stroke during the cooking process after the fire was lighted, I at least managed to avoid a negative effect, so this stroke should be forgiven. Right?

As for the creatures like elementary school students, I have already said that they have just begun to form self-awareness, but this self-awareness is not very perfect. The specific result is imitating, drifting with the crowd, and being proud of being recognized by the superior. In short, it is The core purpose is always the praise of the elders, and I don't know what I want.

Of course, if this were not the case, then it would not be a primary school student.

Therefore, for such simple-minded children, just a little show of a kind of "mature" demeanor of high school students is enough to make them rush to seek approval. In a sense, it is really sad!

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Originally, in order to speed up the plot, I seriously considered deleting or speeding up the plot of the summer vacation stay together. As a result, several lolicon in the group shouted to keep this plot in order to stay in the United States, and even now I have to adjust it. Let’s look at the role of studying in the United States. Studying in the United States is very cute, whether it is personality or personality, but why should you focus on her identity as a primary school student?This chapter is a make-up change, only two changes are owed.


Chapter 23: Easily Shaping of Idol Identity

If junior high school students will fall into a state of excess self-awareness after the bursting of secondary attributes and will only regard themselves as the center of the world, then elementary school students will fall into a situation where they have not yet started, or have just begun. They are not able to form a set of systems independently, so at this time, what they do most is imitate and worship.

In other words, elementary school students are the most obvious ethnic group in the world for idolatry.We can think back to our school days. When we were in elementary school, we can easily say that a certain character in an animation is my idol, a certain character in reality is also my idol, and a certain sports hero is my idol. A big music star is my idol. In other words, the word "idol" fills your elementary school life-and all this will disappear in middle school. We will no longer say the word "idol" so easily. Often times, we will use similar language to express our conservative tendency: "I like XX's inspirational story very much, and I hope to make him my goal in life." Yes, if you notice, people always like to All fields are "thinking of the past and thinning of the present". The idols of childhood are infinitely exaggerated, but the people whom I like after growing up do not have this mysterious heroism.

Therefore, to lead elementary school students is actually very simple. You only need to show absolute strength, an absolute strength that allows them to respect you as an idol, then you don’t have to consider their obedience issues, they will spontaneously follow. Your instructions, spontaneously act in your direction-they don't know what they want, so they only imitate what the strong want, and then disguise themselves as the self-righteous strong.

Of course we cannot criticize this too much. After all, it is precisely because they do not understand this that they are just elementary school students, so they are just irrational people with no capacity for behavior.

However, the premise is that you have to show absolute strength—for example, I don’t think that looking at the bunch of elementary school students who are fighting the campfire because of the first picnic, I can help sister Yui and I. .

This is very embarrassing. When everyone is working hard to prepare lunch, it seems that two people whose cooking level ability is negative are almost useless.It is no exception even in front of elementary school students.

"Now, Xiaohe, I don't think it's anything," my sister probably realized my embarrassment. My sister shook her head and said, "I think it's a very meaningful thing to explore how to cook with the kids! With everyone Let's go play together!"

"You think it's too simple, Yui sister, if among high school students,'cooking skills negative' is just a harmless attribute, but if they can't show the ability far beyond them in front of elementary school students, they are not Will convince you as a leader."

"So, does this have any effect?" My sister tilted her head. It seems that my judgment is reasonable. My sister's IQ in front of me will be seriously reduced.

"My sister, you came here to be a volunteer to supervise the pupils. If your ability is not enough to gain their trust, how can you manage them?" Looking at the gleaming sister, I could only respond with some helplessness. .

"Isn't it enough to be friends with them? Why do we have to have such a clear relationship between superiors and subordinates?"

"Uh, this is not clear anyway! It is necessary and reasonable to maintain a deterrent image of high school students in front of elementary school students. That is probably it. But if Yui sister you want to be friends with them, I I think we should start from other aspects, at least not to get tangled in the issue of cooking."

This is the first time I feel that I have more than enough energy to persuade Yui sister, so I chose to pull Yui sister from the group of children who are thinking and figuring out cooking skills, and dragging them to have completed their task. Yes, I am curiously looking at our hope to contact the pupils around us.

As for how to become the "idol" of these children, I have a lot of ideas.

——Of course, the premise is the cooperation of Yeshan.

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"It's hard to think that Yuihama classmates will come and ask me!" Hayama Hayato's charming smile has always been a great tool for attracting elementary school students. With his skillful gesture of bumping the ball, it is enough to have completed his work and gathered. The objects of worship of the children around us.

"Use smaller people to gain the admiration of each other and thus gain control of these children. I think even if I don't have to ask for this request, you will actively ask for cooperation with me, right?" I gently stopped in the crowd. Xia Yeshan passed the ball to me, easily dunked a kid who tried to rob me, and then picked the ball to Yeshan.

"I'm not such a person! I still think it's a good practice to treat children with a gentler attitude, and then gain their trust." Ye Shan took my pass with his chest, and then picked one. The child stopped the ball at his feet and said with a smile.

"Tsk, so your current approach is to gain their trust in a gentle way?"

"Perhaps? Can't you tell?"

That’s right, the idea that I came up with to get the absolute admiration of the opponent is very simple. It is a football confrontation. Two people, Yeshan and I, against a ten-member elementary school team, as long as we and Yeshan pass each other by the opponent. If we break down, then we lose. Of course, as long as we can defeat our opponents, that kind of "worship" will be rooted in their hearts. This kind of worship can be transferred to other aspects, and it will be reflected in other aspects of trust and obedience. This is a great thing for management. Ye Shan knows this very well. It is also that after he listened to my suggestion, he left to Isshiki and Miura to help the children who had not finished cooking. The reason for this confrontation with me.Even if he doesn't admit his purpose for doing this, he and I know that this is just his appearance.

"However, Yubihama, I am actually really interested in you, and it is still the same now." Ye Shan's eyes were fixed on me, as if he wanted to see through me, "I was there with me. The abilities you showed in the game, and the efficient control of the mind that you occasionally come up with like now, are all very proficient. Even so, are you not willing to give up the "can destroy theory" you started at the beginning? ?"

"Can it be destroyed? The name is pretty good." I smiled non-committal.