My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 136

——It is indeed very good. Although there is some secondary atmosphere, the generalization is very accurate.

"So, Yuhihama, you know, in my team, you always have a place for you." Hayan Hayato, after three months, once again offered me an invitation to join the team.

Of course, my answer has not changed.

"Sorry, the elementary school students themselves are irrational. This is why I can control them without psychological pressure. However, I dare not bear the burden of controlling rational people!" I took the pass from Ye Shan, no Choosing to cooperate with him again, directly and flexibly wiped the fragile line of defense composed of the last three children, and then kicked the ball to the goal that was temporarily piled up with branches.

"GOAL, you lost, that's it." I smiled and looked at the child who looked at me with a shocked and admired expression, and at my Ye Shan who looked helplessly at the end of my personal heroism.

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"So, in the end, the so-called helping other children, didn't it become Xiaohe's handsome alone in the end?" My sister looked at me with a bulging face, as if it was indeed the case. Ye Shan helped. After winning the title of "Red-Haired Demon" among the children, my sister seemed to be the spectator next to her all the time. She was very weak in participation. She is obviously a bit dissatisfied with my approach, right?

"Uh, it seems like this, sorry, Yui sister!"

"However, I think Kazuki looks very handsome just now! It makes me feel like'If you like such a boy, it doesn't seem to be bad,' doesn't it? Especially the last'GOAL' , You lost, that's it.' Although there is no exciting thing to say, but there is a very objective domineering, right?"

Well, just by listening to the tone and style of speaking, you will know who is speaking.

"Student Yi Huishiyu, what do you want of me? I'll talk to you first. I will never agree to excessive requests."

Well, this is Isshiki. If it is Isshiki, unless it is praised by Yeshan, it is definitely not safe to praise other people, right?So beware first.

"Hey, Kazuya, I think it's necessary for me to reverse my image in your heart, Xiao Caiyu will sincerely praise people, right? Now, right? Senior Yui?"

"Ah, ha, um," my sister seemed to be caught off guard at Isshiki's sudden unresponsiveness to her question, "Ah, yes, Xiao Caiyu praised you for showing such a guarded look. , This is very unfriendly behavior, isn't it?"

——That's because you are too kind to see through the nature of this person.

"Or, Heya, because the previous incident offended you, do you hold a grudge against me? I think Heya you are not such a person, right?"

"Hey, what the hell are you talking about, why didn't I understand?"

"Heya, I can’t do anything about it, right? Sister Xun asked me to communicate with you. What I said was basically what Sister Xun meant. So, if I have sin against you-- "

"——Don’t make these messy things, okay? Have I complained to you about the student union?"

"Ah, I remember what you said, "Don't always confuse your personal affairs with official affairs," or something like that?"

"Can the context be completely different?"

"Xiaohe, sister has never taught you to hold a grudge against other people's things! Even if Xiao Caiyu asks you to help with other things, you can just refuse if you don't want to. Why should you maintain such a prejudice against her?"

"Hey, old sister, please don't be fooled by that guy."

"I understand, Kazuya, if I must say that I praise you purposefully, then I just praised you for being handsome, so that you can forgive my previous mistakes, can you?"

"I was wrong, sister Isshi, I believe that your compliment to me does not contain any false utilitarian elements, so please forgive me!"

"But Heya is really handsome! Now, Heya, if you confess to me at this time, I won't issue a card!"

"Oh, what you mean is that you will not issue a card now and then you will say'Sorry Yubihama, I just accepted your confession because of impulse, but after careful consideration, we are still very different. It's appropriate, so can you let me think about it for a while and then send you a card, right?"

"Huh hey."

"At least give me a symbolic denial, okay? "Hey," this kind of "Since you have already seen through, I don't need to explain too much." What is it about?"

"Hey, Kazuya, although I'm embarrassed to say this, don't just chat with me and leave Yui-senpai down!" Ishiki blinked and said innocently.

Therefore, it is really shameless to use this trick to change the subject at this time.

However, when I turned around to look after my sister, what I saw was my sister's expression of sorry.

"Anyway, I know it too. Xiaohe, this kid, has always been like this before. He always told me to do something together. In the end, he patronized himself and became popular, and then left my sister behind. Then Xiaohe will be with others. I went to chat, whether it’s a boy or a girl, because Xiaohe’s excellent performance has been to talk to Xiaohe. Although I know that Xiaohe is very capable of you, I am also proud of Xiaohe’s ability, but Xiaohe can you Can't you leave some room for your sister to show yourself when you ask me to do something together?"

"No, Yui sister, this time is really different from before."

"It's okay. Anyway, I don't care if Xiaohe and Xiaohe talk to each other, am I? I have supported letting Xiao Caiyu and Xiaohe go out on a date, so I don't mind if Xiaohe talks to Xiaohe, so I went to find Xiaoxue and the others, Xiaohe must come on!"

Now, sister Yui, although I want to believe that you are not jealous, don't look at your brother with such regret, really.

Also, looking at the expression of "Sorry, I was really kind at first, but I really didn't expect the result now", this guy is really a little devil who is afraid of the world.

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After another chapter, I expected that this chapter will be a beautiful one. Well, let's save it to the next chapter?After all, I feel that if I don't give Isshiki and Tuanzi a little bit of rivalry, it will be difficult to have other opportunities next.


Chapter 24: Those who can read the atmosphere will eventually know

"Now, classmate Isshiki, as you wished, Yui sister was mad at you." I looked at Isshiki helplessly, this guy still looks at me with an innocent expression.

"I never wanted to make Yui-senpai angry." Isshiki's expression was innocent, so innocent that even I, who had seen her true face, couldn't find the flaw.

"Forget it! Generally speaking, you should also show a sly smile at this time, and then admit it with an expression of'Hey, you can see through everything, there is really no way you can't cooperate with it'?" If there is a mirror now, I am sure my eyes must be slanted to a certain extent.

"So Kazuya didn't believe that I came to you just because you were handsome just now, and didn't you deliberately want to call Yui-senpai away?" Isshiki's expression was a bit embarrassed, well, in order to deceive me, Isshiki Classmates, your acting skills are soaring. Just go to the acting department. Why should you waste your youth in the football department?

"Even if you didn't mean to deceive Yui sister, the purpose of your coming to me is nothing more than'Oh, Hayama-senpai did a great job just now, but Miura Yumiko has already acted as a force to praise Hayama-senpai, if If I want to attract the attention of Hayama-senpai, I should start from other places, such as using the conversation with Yuihama Kazuya to attract Hayama-senpai's attention, etc.', am I right?"

It’s a pity, Yihuyu, no matter how you act, it’s useless for me to see through all your actions-although the word "see through" is like a famous flag set up by a well-known defender on the football field, but for I know all of Isshiki's routines, and said that there is no problem in seeing through.

"Well, okay, I see, and that's how you look at me." Isshiki's expression sank, so she said that her acting skills today are simply amazing, and every expression is forcing me to believe Her approach seemed to be her true thoughts.

——Wait a minute, won't you?Isichishi really has such a good mood just to praise me instead of asking me or using me?No way?

"Ah, you guessed it right, I really wanted to take advantage of this to dismiss Senior Yui and ask you for help." Isshiki showed a sad expression.Well, from the conclusion, I am not mistaken.

"I'll say it first, I won't agree to your excessive request--"

"—No need," Isshiki interrupted me unexpectedly, tossed his own hair, and said, "I suddenly thought of a better way, so Kazuya, you can be honorably laid off."

"Hey, you weren't so rude when you asked me before, did you? What do you mean by'glorious laid-off, don't treat me like the president of a company! I'm very angry, classmate Isshiki, I need you Give me an explanation--"

"Well, Senior Ye Shan——" However, the sweet and greasy voice calling Ye Shan showed her ignorance of me.

Hey, you fellow, I know you are looking for me to stimulate Ye Shan, but don't turn your face so fast, okay?Even if it is me, do I have male self-esteem?I am also very angry.

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However, the fact that I was angry didn't change the result at all. After Yi Shiyu gave Yui sister away, he ignored me gorgeously.In the eyes of others, Yubihama Kazuya has become a lonely family from just being surrounded by two beautiful girls.Fortunately, I think elementary school students shouldn't know the meaning of the word "Sura Field", otherwise the admirable image I just established in front of them will probably be destroyed.

Therefore, at this time, Yubihama Kazuya could only throw himself into the arms of his sister again with a reluctant expression on his face. If there is a girl in the world who would forgive me at this time, it is probably Yui sister.

One is because Yui sister is a elder sister, and the older sister always has extra tolerance towards her younger brother, and the other is because Yui sister is an idiot, and the idiot often forgets the things he was angry with.

So, naturally, when I found Yui sister, I couldn’t tell from her expression that she was stimulated by Isshiki at all. In fact, she stayed with Yukoshita and Higiya, and is now seriously Looking at a schoolboy.