My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 137

In all fairness, this child is quite cute. Although the school uniform is the same as other children, her beautiful long black hair and deep light green eyes still outline her unusual look, at least in a group of people who don’t understand right and wrong. Among the children, you can see her unique characteristics at a glance-this is a commendatory evaluation, if it is a derogatory evaluation, yes, the elementary school version of Yukino Yukino, or more precisely, does not have the ability of Yukino. The elementary school version of Yukoshita Yukino, to be precise, the elementary school version, Yukoshita Kabiki Valley divided by two girls.

However, this unique girl is now surrounded by three people in the ministry except me.

"Three high school students bullying around an elementary school student, is it really okay?" Although I know that everyone in the ministry will definitely not get out of bullying elementary school students, it is quite interesting to tease at this time.

Then, I didn't hear the three people in the Ministry of Service attacked back. What came back to me was a naive but crisp voice: "Do you want to be justice messenger without clarifying the situation? Disgusting!"

That's right, it was not Xuexia who made this sound, but the one in front of him-the pupil.

At that moment, the elementary school classmates inherited the glorious tradition of Yukoshita Yukino-still looks like you, Minister Yukoshita, is this your daughter?

I took a quick look at Xuexia, and then, I found that Xuexia's eyes also happened to see me, er, did the minister discover my enchanted resentment?Wouldn't it be so coincidental?

However, as if in response to what I said, Yukoshita cast a cold look at me, and a voice that made me suspect that it was just a "hum" that made my own brain fill the illusion.

Retreat quickly, and Xuexiaxia's poison tongue bomber is coming.

"Xiaohe? Did the talk with Xiao Caiyu end so soon?" The empathetic sister Yui was obviously aware of my almost utterly beaten expression and quickly changed the subject.

"Don't mention that fellow."

"Uh, did you quarrel with Xiao Caiyu?"

"So I'm here to seek comfort from Yui sister, please stop mentioning me, can you sister?"

"Well, since Xiaohe has said so." My sister looked at me and said with a sympathetic expression of "Well, Xiaohe you were dumped, then I must comfort you."

Although I know that Yui-san subtly understood the situation incorrectly, but now she at least knows that in front of me, she has to use the usual way of taking care of people's emotions to consider problems, so she didn't try to comfort me. Is it a comfort?

"Well, let's introduce it! Xiaohe, this is Tsurumi Liumi, Xiao Liumi!" My sister pointed to the elementary school student who had just spat at me and said.

The name is not bad, and the character is too bad.

"Well, Xiao Liumei, and here is my brother Xiaohe, Yubihama Kazuya, and Xiaohe just joked with us, don’t you really think he is the kind of self-righteous justice The type of messenger, haha!"

"Hello." I stretched out my hand to Tsurumi. Although she said that was quite hurtful, as a high school student, at this time, she should show a tolerant attitude, not just that sentence. Careful, in fact, if you do well, you can gain the trust of the other party through this attitude.

"Well, your feeling is different from the other three people." However, Tsurumi gorgeously ignored my stretched hand and commented on his own, "On the surface, it looks a bit like these two, but It feels like there is actually something else?"

Wow, are all elementary school students so scary now?Although she could not rule out the possibility of nonsense, but she seemed to see through my essence at a glance.

"Oh, wait a minute!" Tsurumi said with a suddenly realized expression, "You are the one who just played with the blonde."

"Well, that's right." So, can we use the thing she recalled to make a good relationship with her?Although I think things are not that simple.

Of course, things are not that simple.

"Poor!" This is another comment that Tsurumi gave me that made me feel uncomfortable.

"Hey, kid, don't think I have a better attitude towards you, so you can do whatever you want! What is bad!"

"Oh, isn't your way of doing it bad? It seems to give other people hope, but you play them thoroughly from start to finish?" Tsurumi said with a cold expression.


"Before you played that game, you and the blonde had expected it? You will never lose. If the two of you have a high enough skill level, it will be fine to fight more than 20 trained children at the same time. Don’t say that you two face only 11 untrained elementary school students. Use this seemingly impossible behavior to deceive other people’s trust. Use this simple method to convince them of you. Isn't this a terrible thing? This is playing those guys like monkeys!"

Speechless, completely speechless by a primary school student, his own thoughts were seen through, it turned out to be such an embarrassing thing!

I suddenly understood Isshiki’s feelings that I was mercilessly dismantled every time Isshiki’s pretense in front of me was dismantled. Isshiki classmates, I am not angry for your unreasonableness to me. I apologize to you and I will pretend to be You cheated so one or two times.

"However, I personally don't hate this situation." Tsurumi said with a proud expression.

"Well, what did you say?"

"Because those people are originally a bunch of dumb and boring people! If I had been, I could have dealt with them well, but because I was too boring, I didn't want to do it, so I just had to be alone."

Do you look extra lonely because you see everything through too much?It feels a bit more like Qigu!This guy, really is Gabi Kegu divided by two, isn't it?

"Isn't it bad for me to stay in the United States? The memories with my friends in elementary school are also very important, aren't they?" My sister continued to express her friendly remarks.

"Forget it if you remember, anyway, when you went to other places in middle school, you can be friends with other people." Tsurumi raised his head, and the light in his pupils stretched forward, until under the hidden blue sky, in her eyes It showed a little color called hope.After all, she is still only a primary school student. Although she is aware of the boringness of the people around her, she still has hope and hope for the "future".

However, this is after all just hope for the future.

This is not the case. The resetting of interpersonal relationships is something that requires careful attention. Although I don’t know this, I can feel that there is someone who has done this before. Senior Xiao Muzhen never mentioned it when chatting with me. The history of her middle school period, I don’t believe it was accidental. This is a typical example of interpersonal resetting. However, the price paid by the predecessors is, in fact, that there is almost no real friend.

"It's a pity, it won't be like that!" However, when I was about to smash Tsurumi's fantasy, someone spoke before me.

Yukino Yukoshita, with sharp eyes, even coldly, looked at Tsurumi, and said.

Xuexiaxuena is always correct, and she will not hide it. Therefore, she told this fact-even this fact may bring about a girl's little despair.

Don't doubt this, Tsurumi's dissatisfied, resentful look in Yukinoshita's eyes represents this point. It was a scene when a bubble called "Hope" burst.

However, Xuexia still had to say one word at a time: "People who go to the same elementary school as you will go to the same middle school as you, so your past deeds will not be buried, even if you hand in new ones. Friends, the same thing will only happen."

I can understand Xuexia, and I think Senior Xiao Muzhen can also understand Xuexia. Therefore, Senior chose not to have close friendship with friends, so that his past deeds will not be overly cared by his own "friend".

Higiya can also understand Yukinoshita. He looked at Tsurumi in silence, and even Yui sister bit her lip. In my impression, when I didn't know how to protect Yui sister in terms of interpersonal relationship, she I have had a similar experience.

Therefore, everyone knows that all current and non-current, as long as people who can understand the atmosphere in interpersonal relationships, know this-this is the so-called horror of society, even if you understand, The big social environment and the big social atmosphere will force you to act against your true ideas.

The so-called, society will force you not to be free.

Of course, what I want to say is that this kind of problem is not without a solution, but the price for this solution is terrible, and I don't think Tsurumi can do this.

"So, don't you know about this kind of thing?" Yukoshita's eyes fixed on Tsurumi, as if rushing to kill him.

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Chapter 25: The child who tells the truth finally believes the lie

Tsurumi knows it, and of course Tsurumi should know it. Although she may not know what will happen in the real world, and she does not understand society’s real suppression of human freedom, she should still be I know, at least, she should have a vague feeling.

Sure enough, shortly after Xuexia announced the cold and merciless answer, she showed an expression that seemed to be seen through: "Sure enough, I should have guessed it is like this. From elementary school to middle school, it's just a promotion. Is it just a form of reclassification after a new year grade?"

"Did something happen when I was regrouped?" I looked at Tsurumi and asked straightforwardly.

Of course, my statement may be cruel and ruthless, but for a child like Tsurumi, asking questions round and round is not easy to cause her favor.

Sure enough, even though a resentful expression was revealed to me for the first time, it seemed that I was a little dissatisfied because I revealed her scars, but Tsurumi finally seemed to see through something, shook his head helplessly, and said, "It's very simple. Because one person is bullied, everyone starts to bully the same person, and then even the people who have a good relationship with her are also bullied. This is a matter of course. The rumors are so terrible, and people like to follow. To bully another individual collectively."

Afterwards, Tsurumi glanced at me and I understood what she meant. The method of gaining the trust of elementary school students that I and Ye Shan used just now also used the so-called "follow the collective" principle. Among more than 20 elementary school students, it is impossible. There are no people who are smart enough to have vague doubts about my approach. However, when most people just think "Ah, this high school elder brother is so cool and amazing", the consciousness At this point, people can only act in the collective atmosphere. If they see through it, but do not act in accordance with the collective atmosphere, they will not be regarded as wise, but will be regarded as self-righteous, but will be collectively rejected.

——Just like the former Yui sister.