My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 138

I think that from that time on, I decided my behavior style throughout the middle school period-if the collective atmosphere of the masses is so hard to get rid of, then let me be the leader of that collective atmosphere. And the founder, all those who do not match the atmosphere I want, will become the pitiful being excluded. This is the right way that we thought of in the middle of the country.

This is also what I just said. To solve Tsurumi’s problem, one of the methods that can be adopted is that the leadership of the collective atmosphere is not difficult. As long as everyone is at a loss, the atmosphere of the group can be established. The first shot, then the remaining people will blindly obey you. That's right, human beings are so easy to give up their freedom, even if they know the unfreedom of this society, they are still easy to give up.

However, the result is also heavy. If you can’t always keep it right, you who fired the first shot will lead to the destruction of the entire collective. Humans are stupid, so when you start to lead them, they tend to follow blindly, but humans They are also clever. When collective destruction appears in front of them, they will quickly realize who brought this collective destruction.

I didn't achieve this, or, to make it worse, not only did I bring destruction to the collective, but what I destroyed was the ideal I had adhered to for three years."Capability Destroy Theory", borrowing the term Yeshan's thoughts about me, on the whole, there is nothing wrong. The logic of "Capability Destroying Theory" is that people make decisions beyond their own abilities because they trust their abilities too much, but they don’t. People who are talented or who do not show their talents will not be so frustrated, so they will not lead to destruction-but there is a more terrible fact behind this conclusion. If people without talents try to lead a collective, then this In the absence of other leaders, the collective will naturally obey the leadership of the incompetent, and in the end, the collective ending under the leadership of the incompetent.It must be more miserable.

I don’t know whether Tsurumi belongs to a talented person or an untalented person. However, in addition to changing her status quo, the change may be something more terrifying—that’s why I think , This solution may never be used.

"Then, there is something more interesting. There was a child who had a better relationship with me, and was then excluded. As a result, naturally, in order to obey the collective meaning, all she had to do was to bully with other people. Me?" Tsurumi continued with a cold face.

"This is too much!" My sister showed a worried expression. At this point, I don't know if my sister has had a similar experience, but I can feel her dissatisfaction with this behavior and sadness.

"That's not enough," Tsurumi smiled sarcastically. She said such cruel words, which made me feel unbearable. After all, she was just a primary school student, she had seen too many things, but also A kind of sorrow, "After all, it is only better to have a good relationship with that child, that child knows a lot of my things, and then, those things, everyone knows anyway."

It seemed that it didn't matter to him, but he actually said something terrifying to everyone, and Tsurumi's light green pupils looked straight ahead.

And this time, no one tried to reply to her again.

Because everyone was shocked by this cruel sight.

The existence of such things in society is often disgusting but impossible to resist. Maybe you can disagree with the opinions of most people, and others will tell you symbolically, "We respect your opinions". However, in addition to "We respect your opinions" In addition to the phrase "your point of view", they are always trying to persuade you to accept the point of view of the "majority". If you do not accept it, then there is more bullying, persecution and oppression beyond "respect"-in the end, The vast majority of people in society still say this: "I respect your point of view."

This is ridiculous, but it is a fact.

The same is true of bullying in school days.There are naturally conscientious people in a group. They don’t want to do things that insult other people. However, other people will tell him: "Of course you can not do this. This is your freedom." But when he Will he still care about his freedom when he finds that once he "does not do this", he will be the object of being excluded?People who try to integrate into this group will certainly not, because the group is the meaning of existence for them.

Therefore, a child like Tsurumi is very rare, but it is also very great, because she is at least trying to keep her thinking, trying to keep herself from being overwhelmed by the collective arrogance, she is resisting, even if she knows, this kind of resistance Very weak.

"In middle school...will it still be like this?"

The sound of sobbing came over, there was sorrow, confusion, fear, and almost collapse.

Yes, most people cannot become great people, so after a certain degree of resistance, she will want to give up and join the collective, because in many cases, the value of “freedom” is more There is not an environment that makes you feel familiar and friendly.

"I would rather die if you are free." This sentence is a false proposition."It's better to die than to live", this is the so-called truth.

If these two propositions are too extreme, then it is very simple. For most people, they will be willing to exchange "freedom" for a stable life, because "freedom" is too extravagant.

Tsurumi's study in the United States is no exception.

I remember the sequel to the fairy tale called the emperor’s new outfit that I had read. The kid who told the truth finally admitted to the emperor’s beautiful clothes under the coercion and coercion.

The reality is the same. Those who try to resist are not given any chance to resist.

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The people in the ministry found Tsurumi who was out of gregariousness. Naturally, Hayama, who can shine on everyone like the sun, also noticed Tsurumi. Therefore, after the bedtime of elementary school students, naturally, there are still energetic high school students. Guys, this is what we started talking about.

Of course, the first person who provoked this question was Ye Shan: "Well, everyone has noticed? There is an isolated student..."

By the way, everyone now sits around the campfire in a circle.Isshiki and Miura were sitting on both sides of Hayama. As usual, Miura showed the gesture of "His Royal Highness, I am your princess, right?" in front of Hayama. What surprised me was that Isshiki also occupied Ye Shan’s side, but her concentration does not seem to be very concentrated. According to my observation, 60% of her time is spent staring at the bonfire, and only 10% is spent dealing with Ye Shan's words-yes, yes. "Coping with" Ye Shan's words, the other 30% seemed to keep looking at the people around me.

So, my right hand is my sister, and my left is Yukoshita. I thought that Yukoshita should be sitting with my sister, but the other side of my sister seemed to be taken over by Higiya’s Komachi sister first, so Yukinoshita seems to have to retreat and sit next to me-the reason for not sitting next to Higiya is because Senior Totsuka and Higiya are close together, and the distance is even greater than that of Komachi's sister and Higiya. The distance is still close-although sister Komachi seems very upset about this situation, I still have to repeat it again at the risk of death. Compared with senior Keiya and Totsuka, will you two go to Holland to get married soon?

In such a seating situation, after Ye Shan first provoked the topic, there was a kind of mysterious silence.

I thought Miura might say something like "Ah, I know, that's the kid" and then tried to please Hayama, but surprisingly, Miura didn't say anything either. I think it was because of the Hayama group of four. The other three stupid boys were not there, so no one helped Miura's stupid speech to cover up for her. Realizing this, Miura decided to make himself cautious, right?

In short, Miura stopped talking, and he was wandering away. The Yeshan Group's forces looked inferior to the forces of the Ministry of Service. The Hayan Hayato, who could turn the venue into the home court at any time, seemed surprised to find that he was actually fighting away. .

"Uh, it's Yubihama, the little girl you were talking to just now--" Obviously, Ye Shan, who yelled to her when she was speaking, didn't expect this to happen, but since you want to provoke a topic, why would you ask for help? Looks at me with his expression—I know I just asked you to help, but doesn’t that mean I should return this favor now, okay?

"Well, although the personality is not very good, it is actually not the little girl she intended to be so lonely." I nodded and said-in the end I reluctantly returned the favor, so I was relieved earlier. In the future, Ye Shan will use this matter to ask me anything and it will be troublesome.

"Well, it's that kid, called Tsurumi, right?" Ye Shan nodded and gave me a grateful smile. Shouldn't it be Ye Shan?Even the gratitude smile is so contagious.

"Oh, so we should let her get rid of this state of isolation, right?" Miura seemed to finally feel that he could express himself in front of Hayama, and said something that seemed to be correct.

Of course, this sentence is just not wrong, Ye Shan frowned, and gently spit out the word "um".

Afterwards, Biqigu’s rebuttal sounded unexpectedly: "No, there is nothing wrong with'isolation' itself. The problem is, the state of being maliciously isolated, uh..."

Higiya's voice is getting smaller and smaller, it seems that Miura's dissatisfied eyes are on him.

This should be a big mistake by Biqigu, who can still understand the atmosphere. Yuko Miura finally said that he is correct and can earn some impression points in front of Hayama. You slap her naked in the face like this. Isn't that bad?

——Although I look at Biqigu’s expression when speaking, I am more inclined to say that his sentence was originally intended to say to Hayama, but Miura was the first to speak, but Biqigu’s words could not stop the evil consequences.

"Biqigu means that there is nothing wrong with people like him, but Tsurumi is not like him, that's the problem." I glanced at Biqigu and explained.

Although I think this thing is more like Yukinoshita's doing, but now to divert Miura's attention to make Biqigu less trembling, this is a way to earn favor in front of Biqigu.

"Well, in short, we can be sure that this child named Tsurumi has a problem, so what we should discuss now is how to solve her problem, right?" Hayama smiled and said to Miura, Higiya, and me. This triangle battle between the time draws a stop.

So, in the end, will it become what it is now?A child is forced to give up his freedom to integrate into this society, and a group of people who have the ability to change this society first think about not changing the reality of this society, but how to help this child to give up their freedom. More thorough.

This is really an ironic result!

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Well, in fact, in this passage in the United States, from the perspective of solving her problem, I may not be able to find a good enough other solution, so I decided to use a different perspective to interpret the problem, as to whether this perspective is correct or wrong In fact, I don’t know this myself, and the idea of ​​Heye in the article is not necessarily consistent with mine. You can understand it as a fun point of view.This chapter is a make up, only one chapter owed


Chapter 26: There will be a distinction between the surface and the back of the problem

"Um, so what are you going to do?" Mr. Hiratsuka, who was standing behind us watching our conversation, interrupted suddenly, not knowing when.

To be honest, I always feel sad when looking at teacher Hiratsuka like this. She doesn’t want to be called "auntie" by children like other teachers in forest school-although most children call her She is indeed an "auntie", but because of the natural age gap, she cannot integrate into the high school group here no matter how hard she tries, so she can only stand behind us, looking at the fire surrounded by us, And these seemingly passionate high school students, thinking back to her lost youth.

Oh, poor Hiratsuka-sensei!

"Yuhihama, it feels like you are thinking about something very rude!" Then, my thoughts were discovered by the teacher. Sure enough, for older leftover women, is this kind of sympathetic radar always particularly sensitive?

"No, nothing." Of course, I wouldn't be so stupid to offend Hiratsuka-sensei's dignity at this time.

"Forget it, back to the topic just now, since you know that the child needs help, what do you decide to do?" Mr. Hiratsuka rarely complained about this issue. At this time, she still fully demonstrated her deeds. "Teacher" attributes.

However, the answer to her was a complete silence.

The vast majority of people present know the seriousness of the problem, but it is precisely because they know the seriousness of the problem that they dare not start to solve it easily. This is the same as a person’s illness. The more serious the illness, the greater the need. Be cautious instead of trying to solve the problem with the attitude of "Ah, I'll find a way to try to cure it, maybe it will have an effect".In the same way, Tsurumi’s current problems, if the solution is not appropriate, will put her under heavier pressure than it is now.

For example, if the intention to help her is detected by elementary school students, the situation will get worse.In order to gain the appreciation and favor of high school students, other children may show concern for Tsurumi in front of us and help her integrate into the group. However, where we cannot see, the attitude toward Tsurumi is even worse. After all, "Because of being withdrawn, I got the attention of high school students." This kind of situation will only make people feel "This guy is just lucky. Using this personality to attract the attention of high school students is really shameless!"

Therefore, if you want to help, the most important point is that you can't give her special care. The more special care you give her, the more you will have nowhere to hide Tsurumi Liumi.

"My thought is, in any case, do something within our ability." Seeing no one else speaks, Ye Shan said something that would be more expensive at this time.