My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 139

Do what you can, if it can be done, then do it, if it can’t be done, there is no way.That's it, but this is exactly the kind of "try it" I said before. Unfortunately, for serious illnesses, if you don't have the determination to "resolve it," then don't use "try it." To perfuse the mood, maybe for patients, they can try everywhere with this mentality, but as doctors, they can't say such irresponsible things to their patients. This was decided from the beginning.

"If you just hold that kind of consciousness, Ye Shan, you might as well give up."

"You can't do it, isn't it like this before?"

Unexpectedly, while I was speaking, Xuexia also spoke.

Later, she and I were surprised by the other's retort to Ye Shan, and naturally glanced at each other.

A hint of surprise flashed through Xuexia's icy eyes, probably she didn't expect that anyone besides her would have objections to Ye Shan's words!

However, judging from Xuexia's words, there is indeed a story between her and Ye Shan.If Xuexia had faced similar bullying in elementary school or middle school and Ye Shan tried to help her, then everything would make sense.

"I was opposed by two people!" Ye Shan showed a helpless expression, then looked at me and said, "Yuhihama, even me, will do this with a high level of consciousness, I can I didn't have that kind of "try it out" idea, I wanted to do my best within my abilities."

"But you can't do it, can you? Even if you try your best, you can't do it." Yukinoshita continued to ask.

"Who knows, maybe this time, it's different?" Ye Shan's expression was mixed with pain, dissatisfaction, and unwillingness, but he still responded directly to Xuexia's eyes.

"Who knows?" Xuexia replied with a sneered smile.

Man is always an animal that likes to compensate others by himself.This is not because people truly feel good about the person they want to compensate, but to satisfy their own desires.Unauthorized compensation is never made from the perspective of the other party, but for self-satisfaction and self-liberation.For example, now Ye Shan’s extra attention to Tsurumi is not because he cares about Tsurumi, but because he wants to use this to atone for Xuexia who has helped and failed; similarly, now Xuexia, Hao The ruthless irony of Ye Shan was also because he saw the other party's botched cover.

Regarding the problem of helping Tsurumi, perhaps no one can really consider the solution of the problem from the perspective of Tsurumi, and more, seeking self-satisfaction.Ye Shan is like it, Xuexia is like it, including me, and other people present may also be like this.

"That's not easy!" Realizing the strange atmosphere between Yeshan and Yukoshita, Hiratsuka-sensei stood up and tried to make a round, "Isn't Yukoshita like helping that kid?"

"If this is within the scope of the ministry's work, I can accept that I will help her solve the problem by some means." As always, under the snow, she replied, "But, will she ask us for help?" "

"Impossible, isn't it?" Biqigu interrupted. "That guy, I'm talking about studying in the United States. It's impossible to be the kind of person who would ask for help."

"Uh, I also think that Xiao Liumei is such a person, you see, although she doesn't talk to other people very much, but she always thinks about not causing trouble to other people, right?" Somewhat surprisingly, take it. It was Yui sister who said Biqigu’s words. Although she did not clearly organize all the words, she still said with a shy expression, "Because of and People who have good relationships with him are also isolated or something, so Xiao Liumei would definitely not want to have such a person appear again. Then, everyone in the class is the same, because of the'will you be isolated if you talk to that child Ah, so I have been observing the atmosphere, waiting for other people to speak first, or that is, they have been testing without actual action, and finally, the two sides together, it became such a situation, uh-what did I say wrong ?"

My sister's last expression seemed to be crying. After all, this was Yui sister, who said something that sounds scary, but extremely true.

"You are not wrong, Yui sister." I sighed and poked the dumpling in the back of sister's head.

"Wow, Xiaohe, you are touching my hair again. Well, it's fine if you didn't make a mistake, well, haha."

Yes, Sister Yui did not say anything wrong, but it is precisely because she did not say something wrong that everyone is somewhat clear, but she does not dare to expose the completely certain reality. It is precisely because she did not say anything wrong that it makes people feel , This question is actually so cruel.

"Well, let's not talk about it yet. In short, everyone means that the child's problem still needs to be solved, right?" Mr. Hiratsuka made a summary answer, although I still don't understand." Where did the conclusion of "to solve the problem" come from, but judging from the subtle expressions of everyone, including the way they bowed their heads in silence, this judgment is still recognized by everyone.

"So, next—"

"——Before this, Hiratsuka-sensei, I have a question."

Then, when everyone was silent, I broke this state.Because I don't want Tsurumi to stay in the United States and become a victim of giving up freedom brought about by another environment.

"My question is, what problem are we going to solve? Is it the problem of Tsurumi staying in the United States or the problem of getting along with other people in the U.S.?"

"The one over there, Yui's brother, is there any difference between these two questions?" Miura's arrogant voice came over. It's not bad, you at least remember that I was Yui's brother, just for that. Forgive you for not remembering my name.

"Please explain, Yuihama-student." Yukoshita's gaze swept towards me.

"Minister Yukoshita, don't you really know what I mean?"

"I just need you to answer the question, Yubihama."

"First of all, it’s the problem of Tsurumi staying in the United States with other people. I think this is what most of you understand we are going to do. In other words, through a certain way, Tsurumi can talk to other people. , Let her join this group, right?" I glanced at the others and said.

"Yes, try to help her as much as possible." Ye Shan nodded and replied.

"Very good, then suppose we succeeded in doing this, and without everyone knowing, we objectively integrate Tsurumi into the collective. So, do you think the matter is over like this?"

"Maybe it won't be that simple--" Biqigu nodded with enlightenment.

"—Yes, with that child’s current character, if all problems can be solved by just helping her integrate into the collective, she will not have been ostracized by others until now, the reason why she has been ostracized until now , Because she herself has elements that the collective does not allow."

——Yes, the collective is mediocre, the collective is the masses, the so-called mediocrity, the so-called masses, then there is no need to be maverick, then there is no need to be able to exceed this average existence, mature than peers, but unable to let People who are convinced by their peers, or those of the genius type, cannot fit into the mediocre group.

I think the person present knows this most clearly, it should be Yukino under Yukoshita.

Therefore, when I said this, my eyes fixed on Xuexia, and Xuexia, as expected, showed a slightly frowning expression.

"However, Tsurumi’s problem and the problem of'Tsurumi's integration into the collective' are two different concepts," I got the response I wanted from Yukoshita, and I continued, "Tsurumi’s problem is We have been thinking about how to help her integrate into the group. But what I want to say is that if Tsurumi herself "does not want to integrate into the group," does this problem still exist?"

"Xiaohe, what are you talking about? Where can anyone not want to be part of the group?" My sister complained a little bit.

"Sister Yui, are you sure that everyone can afford the expensive price of joining the group?" I quietly looked at my sister and asked.

"As for people who don't want to be part of the collective, there is still one sitting over there!" I looked back at Biqigu and smiled softly.

"Uh~" Biqigu looked at me embarrassedly, as if he didn't know how to talk.

"Tsurumi is very smart, her mind is also very clear, or she is much clearer than her peers, so she doesn't need to be attached to her mediocre group-as she said, she Just wait and wait for someone with clear thinking like her to appear. If you can’t wait, then in enduring this lonely growth experience, she herself is enough to develop the ability to solve all problems independently, I said That's right? Minister Yukinoshita?"

Yes, the template for Tsurumi's future I proposed is Yukino under Yukoshita.

Xuexiaxue is always right, so I can understand that her life has been carried out according to what she thinks is the most correct way so far.Therefore, the Xuexia-style development model is the "correct" development model for such people.

If you deny this, it is denying Xuexia's self.

Therefore, in order not to make her own existence a mistake, Xuexia must support me, and she can only support me.

From another perspective, if you don’t want to be an accessory to the environment, then sharpen yourself to the point where you can resist the cruelty of reality. For Tsurumi, this might not be a good thing, right?

So, Minister Yukoshita, what is your answer to my question?

"As the Ministry of Service, what we have to do is to think of ways to solve each other’s problems, not to eliminate the other’s problems from the very beginning. This is the right of the client. You have no right, and I have no right. We all No right to interfere." However, the cold voice under the snow, like the bell of the Doomsday Judgment, wiped out my expectation that she would support me here.

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How to put it, the first 2500 is almost the abbreviation of the original, and the latter 1500 is what I want to write. I feel that there will be many overlaps with the original in the US incident, but I will still try to express some other views I want to write. .


Chapter Twenty-seven: The truth sought from others is not rewarded

In conclusion, Xuexia did not deny the correctness of my proposal. She just used a special way to avoid the "legitimacy" of my proposal. Although it is a trick to do so, it is also in line with it. Under Xuexia's principle, she has never made a mistake, even if I forced her into a blind spot through logical substitution.

If it were me in the past, I certainly have other ways to continue to persecute her, but now I don't care much about this kind of purely based on the level of victory and defeat.

After all, I do sympathize with Tsurumi's situation, but if Tsurumi insists on doing so, I have no room to intervene except for the birth of another person swallowed by society.After all, from the perspective of "legitimacy", the part of the talent trying to make Tsurumi more coordinated meets Tsurumi's own wishes, and I am just an idiot trying to reverse Tsurumi's essential needs.

Therefore, after Yukoshita's conclusion, I stopped talking. The same issue was decided on the topic "How to make Tsurumi study in the United States coordinate with other children".

"So, if you don't agree with this issue, you can withdraw from the beginning, can you, Mr. Hiratsuka?" I stood up and looked at Mrs. Hiratsuka.

Just like many people like debate, but they cannot join the debate team, that is because the practice of the debate team is always to prove and refute a certain proposition. However, the problem is that under this rule, even if you don’t If you agree with this specific topic of the debate team, you will also be forced to prove a proposition that you do not support.Therefore, for those who have their own specific views on all propositions, they cannot join the debate team, because they cannot make any support for their own side except to put forward their opposition by all means.