My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 140

Similarly, on this issue, although I cannot get others to agree with my point of view, at least I need to express my own attitude now.That is-leave the meeting.

Although in the eyes of outsiders, this approach will be considered to be an impulsive behavior or a child's temper after rejection of his proposal, but this cannot change the fact that I want to do this, at least, people who understand my current attitude , Should understand what I think.

Teacher Hiratsuka looked at me quietly: "Yuhihama, if you don't participate in this discussion, it will have an impact on the rating of your club activities!"

"I think it is the biggest influence that I am making trouble here?" I smiled bitterly.

Yes, this kind of discussion to solve a problem is in a sense even more sad than the debate team defending a certain issue. For the debate team, the existence of dissidents can be used as a mock debate. Object, but in this problem-solving discussion, the presence of dissidents will only become a backlash that drags down the team atmosphere.

"Well, since you said that, this is not a compulsory thing anyway, it's up to you, Yubihama, but it's getting late now, so don't lose yourself." Finally, looking at My expression, Hiratsuka-sensei, who realized that things could not be changed, had to face my persistence and showed a helpless expression.

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Deliberately leaving the group in group activities is a very irrational thing from a large scale. For example, Tsurumi did the same thing as me in her elementary school group, and it would definitely be squeezed out.

However, in a group with a large number of smart people, making such a move is not necessarily misunderstood-it should be said that there is only Miura who feels that I am too arrogant and dissatisfied with me.

This can be seen from the words "Yuyi, your younger brother, is too much too much? How do you usually discipline him!" that came vaguely from a distance after I left. Of course, this kind of complaining is not so much after Hayama's "Yumiko, Yubihama's attitude is understandable" and so on.After all, for Queen Miura, to people she doesn't care about, she has always regarded as ants. Of course, she will complain about how ants offend her feelings, but she will not be bothered by ants for a long time. .

But to be honest, in this kind of forest with weak cell phone signal, if a person sits here in a daze, I really don’t know what to do—after all, I’m not a daze like Qigu.

After the store that wasted flashlights carefully observed the movement of the bugs on the ground for a long time, I noticed that the sound of discussion by the bonfire in the distance had disappeared-after all, there were only a few solutions that I could think of. And it may not be suitable. Therefore, the discussion ended in a deadlock and ended hastily. This is also predictable. If Mr. Hiratsuka, an elder, was present to organize the situation, it would be nice to say, but after I left, the teacher seemed to be quick The appearance of leaving, there is nothing to say when the people present are not convinced by each other.

But thank goodness, their discussion is over, I can go back too—just as I was thinking about it, there was a rustling sound in the woods.

I don’t know why, when this sound came, I had guessed its owner for granted. I don’t know how to explain this phenomenon, but the reality I saw next also proved my The correctness of this unfounded guess-Yukino under Xuexia, creaking on the grass in the forest, slowly walked in my direction.

With long black hair, snow-white skin under the moonlight, and deep blue-green pupils, I have to say that the temperament of the forest is very consistent with the temperament under the snow, quiet, mysterious, and deep, just like the forest. Like a fairy.

Then, just when I didn't know if I should break the silence that belongs to the fairies, Miss Fairy first spoke: "Yuhihama, are you here?"

"Yuhihama, are you here?"

The usual cold tone is completely different. Although this sentence is not too warm, it gives me the illusion that the other party is caring about me.It was like the relaxed tone of my sister when she finally found me.

Faced with this kind of snow, I am already a little embarrassed to say too harsh words, so I can only use the word "um" somewhat vaguely to express my current mood.

"Senior must show respect when talking to you, don't you know that?"

Then, Xuexia's next sentence allowed me to completely take back the kind of affection for her just now.

"Yes, Senior Xuexia!" I stretched my voice and shot back.

"It doesn't look like Yubihama's style to stay in this place for so long!" To my surprise, Yukoshita didn't seem to care about the dissatisfaction in my tone of voice, but took care of himself. Talking about other topics.

And this approach made me feel an unexpected sense of guilt unknowingly. After all, from the perspective of Xuexia, it is not unreasonable for me to call her senior. The request for understanding was because of Yukoshita's provocation to me. Now it seems that if this is not the case, it would be wrong for me to make such a bad response without authorization.

"Uh, it's not too long, so how is the discussion meeting on the minister's side?" I tried my best to show a gentle attitude and said.

"There is no conclusion, but it is only natural. If a solution can be reached only based on the discussion of a few people, then this kind of meeting is too simple to start. The so-called meeting should be continuous. The discussion continues, isn't it?" Yukoshita said with a soft smile.

"Participating in such a meeting does not feel like Minister's style!" Feeling the rare Xuexia who is not hostile to me, I also relaxed and said jokingly, "The Minister's style should not be taken immediately. Come up with a solution, and then ask everyone, "Do you think there is any problem with this solution?" Then, finally pass your solution in silence and solve the problem?"

"Yeah, I should have done this in the first place," Xuexia lowered his head, then raised his head and looked at me, "But, I'm not sure."

This is the first time that I have met Xuexia's eyes so close, watching me deeply in those blue-green pupils, as if to suck my whole person in.It was not until this time that I truly realized that Yukino under Yukino is still a beautiful girl out of a million. Maybe she doesn’t have the affinity of the predecessor Ogizuma. Maybe her words are sometimes not pleasant, but maybe it’s because This kind of cold and arrogant temperament combined with her body makes her quite popular among boys, right?

And these things, before, have been completely ignored by me. From the beginning, the confrontation with her, the hostility that has been radiated against each other because of the opposition of principles, seems to make me ignore many things.

Yukoshita didn't care about my dazedness, and continued: "So, Yubihama, do you really think that for Tsurumi, there is no need to be attached to the mediocre group. Would it be better?"

"Sa, who knows?" I turned my head and gave an unsure answer.

"Really?" Xuexia's eyes seemed to flash with disappointment, but before I had time to confirm whether the disappointment was true or false, she interrupted my thinking, "but from Yubihama. Judging from the speech just now, I think you should be convinced of your point of view."

"No matter how convinced you are, if it turns out to be wrong, it will be worthless. I have made this mistake before, and I can't do it again in the future. Otherwise, the battle with the minister , How should I proceed?" I don’t know why, in front of the snow tonight, in front of the snow that hides her sharp side, my attitude becomes very soft, this feeling , There is a feeling of being in a conversation with other senior girls like Yui sister or Xiaomu Shou-sen, respect, but there is also a slight frivolousness that I may not even notice.

"So, at that time, why did you act so confident again?" Xuexia's question continued. "At least you were convinced at that time for a reason? I hope you can explain to me at that time. Reason."

I looked at Xuexia, although her words seemed to include more elements of the requirements of the seniors facing the younger generations, but from her expression, she was asking, or she was looking for someone answer.

What would happen if Yukino under Yukino was far less firm than she showed?Suddenly such a strange idea came to my mind.

There is no perfect superman, and there is no person who is always right. I still insist on this point of view. I don’t know when Xuexia will make mistakes and when she will fail. However, as a person, she also Should be worried about failure, about making mistakes, or fearful?

However, she has never shown this-until now.

Although Yukino's appearance was still very awe-inspiring, she was looking for something.

The solution I set for Tsurumi is based on Yukoshita as a template. In my previous inferences, this template was chosen by Yukoshita and is the best solution she has set for herself. .

But what if this template is not her choice?If this template is only in a specific situation, because various factors cause a maverick result, then Xuexia will try to optimize this result to the greatest extent with his own ability?

That means Xuexia has been looking for a path forward in fear and doubts about himself from the beginning. If this is the conclusion, then the skin of "absolutely correct" should be punctured from the beginning. Up.

"I want your explanation."

This sentence is not asking me to provide an explanation for Tsurumi's solution, but hoping that I will provide a righteousness to the life of Xuexia.

However, Xuexia, when you try to ask other people for help, try to find an explanation of your own practices from other people, it means that your own freedom is no longer the result of being forced by society. The so-called beliefs added to oneself in order to conceal the result itself, plus the truths borrowed from others, all of these are not their own rational decisions.And then, no matter how you use your own ability to ********, to prove the truth, the final result is only the deceived conclusion.

However, if you really need this kind of justice, I provide it to you, and there is no big problem.

"If you have to give a reason, I think I just want Tsurumi to know what she really wants in her heart." I looked at Yukino Yukino and replied.

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Chapter 28: The truth that cannot be told at present

"I want Tsurumi to know, does she really want something in her heart?" Yukoshita looked at me with a slightly subtle expression.If Yukoshita sees his shadow in Tsurumi, then the answer I am giving Tsurumi now is the answer to her.

Yukino, if you need to seek justice for your actions, then I tell you, this is because your actions actually meet your true wishes.

"However, Yuihama, you are really arrogant enough to want to tell other people his'real thoughts'. Could it be that Tsurumi's desire to join the group is not her'real thoughts'? 'Are you ready?" Xuexia pulled up the long hair behind her head and turned it around gently, with the dim moonlight, making her attitude as a "fairy" more obvious.

However, this goblin was not instructing the traveler in the direction of advancement, but was asking the traveler the meaning of the existence of the goblin itself.

"I don't know if it was Tsurumi's real thoughts," I shook my head. "Maybe Tsurumi couldn't understand this kind of thoughts until the end is the so-called real thoughts. For example, the cannibals in Africa to the end They will also believe that cannibalism is a legitimate behavior. So, is cannibalism a real idea?"

"So, don't you think it is not?" Xuexia looked at me with interest.