My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 141

"You can say yes or no. Now, cannibalism is of course a real idea for them. However, if cannibals evolve to the level of general civilization, when they think that cannibalism is not correct, this The real thoughts have also changed-therefore, the so-called "real thoughts" of human beings are just a stage of self-recognition." I relighted the flashlight and cast it at the ants on the ground.

"If we only consider the desire to survive, the nature of human beings is no different from that of ants, but the most valuable thing about us as human beings is'rationality.' Rationality enables us to gradually discern the truth of things and gradually discern our true inner thoughts. It’s just that, after all, human beings cannot get rid of the animal nature of animals, so in many cases reason cannot be fully implemented."

"When reason is fully implemented, Tsurumi should feel that accepting the current situation is more in line with her own desires than adapting herself to the collective life, right? If there is no interference from others, even though Tsurumi is unwilling, she Maybe it will eventually take what you think is the'right' path, do you understand it that way?"

"It may not be absolutely'right'. Your direction may deviate when you embark on this path, but the general route is not wrong-although this does not seem to match your personal wishes."

It would be great if I could take a branch at this time, draw a complicated figure on the ground, and finally shrug my shoulders to show the unpredictable aura of a philosopher, but I only have a flashlight in my hand, and there is nothing on the ground. There is too much soft land for me to draw, and I don’t know how to draw. In the end, I can only look at Xuexia with my back.

"So, from my point of view, if you must choose to interfere with Tsurumi's issue, then you should choose a correct direction of interference, that is, to guide her to recognize the truth, if she cannot recognize it, At least she should not be allowed to go down a wrong path. As seniors, we have such an obligation, right?"

"If you take the example of the cannibal you just now, you can choose not to interfere with the behavior of the cannibals, but if you interfere, you must stop them from cannibalism, even if they can’t realize the mistake of cannibalism. Does that mean?"

"Yes, Minister, I am very happy that you can understand my thoughts."

"Of course." Xuexia pursed his mouth gently, revealing a haughty expression.

If a person is doubting his choice of path, let him know that from the result, the path he chose is correct. As for why this path is correct, we can use "rationality has not arrived" as an excuse. It would be great to blur it out and place hope on something like "I will understand it in the future."

This is the truth I provided to Xuexia, and Xuexia Xueno also accepted this.

Of course, there is a problem here. If you only put the hope of proving this conclusion correct in the "later", how do you persuade yourself to believe in the correctness of this conclusion. However, what surprised me was that Xuexia did not Did not challenge me in this regard.

Of course, this may not mean that Xuexia didn't find this loophole—when I was eager to find the logic to support my behavior, he would unconsciously ignore these loopholes.

"But, Yubihama, you are still arrogant, right?" Yukoshita's voice came.

That's right, although you can't find it in yourself, but when it comes to other people, you will point it out with great precision-this kind of precision is also in line with Xuexia's style.

"Although you are only guiding what you think is the'right direction', you have never considered that your'right direction' may be wrong. We will not discuss whether this direction is right or wrong. Isn't this self-confidence in one's own judgment also an expression of arrogance?"

"Sa, who knows? So in principle, I don't want to interfere with other people! I just come to the most effective interference conclusion based on my own ideas when everyone agrees to interfere, right?"

It is a good way to explain the loopholes in your behavior by avoiding the most important issues and handing over the origin of the problem to others, and only discussing the solution of the problem.

However, Yukoshita Yukino, who used the method I gave to solve her own problems, was uncertain and confused for a while, and her eyes seemed to emit the kind of insight into everything.

"Yuhihama, in fact, you can be a terrible person, right? Or, you used to be a terrible person." Yukoshita Yukino said.

"I won't become that kind of person." I looked at Xuexia seriously.

"Then, I can only hope that you won't become the kind of person I imagined," Xuexia's eyes were sharp, but behind those pupils, there seemed to be something that I am not sure about. Concern and sympathy, "You are too arrogant. From this point of view, you have not changed at all."

"Can I return this sentence back to you, Minister?"

"Yes, I am very conceited, but my conceit is different from your conceit."

As if the fairy took off his feather robe and wings instantly, Yukinoshita said with a wry smile.Maybe the fairy after taking off the feather robe is still a fairy, but the fairy after taking off the feather robe has lost its mysterious and special status as a fairy from the beginning.

--------------------------------split line---------------- -----------------------

The discussion about Tsurumi’s question ends here. It seems that an answer has been discussed, and it seems that no answer has been discussed. But Yukoshita and I both know that the discussion of the question called Tsurumi actually This is the answer to Xuexia's question.On the surface, I should have given Xuexia a good answer, but in fact, the risks hidden in this answer, or other things that I doubt or Xuexia has doubts, we have not mentioned.

However, the objective fact of this discussion is that the distance between me and Xuexia seems to have narrowed a lot.Although I believe that Xuexia will still look cold to me when I return to the Ministry of Service, but psychologically there is always a feeling of "maybe I understand her better".

"The others have gone back to the tent? If the minister doesn't go back, Yui sister will be worried!" After the relationship improves, you can make jokes, which I always think.

"I think your sister will be more worried about you. Yubihama's mood seems to be very low since you left just now, probably because she blames herself for not helping you when I rejected your proposal, right?" There was a faint arc between his lips, and he said with some nostalgia.

"It's normal to be unable to meet someone who really understands oneself, but if you can have the kind of guy who doesn't care about the people around him and takes the initiative to approach the lonely person, that's great!"

This is also what I admire the most about Yui sister. Although she may be observant to adapt herself to the collective, but when she encounters something she really wants to do, her courage is definitely not better than anyone else. difference.

"Yes, it's amazing!" Xuexia also clearly understood who I was referring to, and nodded in agreement.

"Of course, compared to some people who claim to be sane but have no concrete actions, they are indeed even more remarkable!"

Hello, is this wrong?I mentioned Yui sister, don't you need to use Yui's name to mock me?

But since you have done this, don't blame me for the counterattack.

"Of course, I have sympathy with some people who clearly see the same experience as myself, and want to help, but because of their own arrogance and hypocrisy, they choose to be vague about this, and even further prevent others who want to help that person. It’s not in the same class compared to people, is it?"

Yukoshita's expression seemed to be pierced from the chest by someone--nice, finally got back a round.

I suddenly remembered Isshi's suggestion, that doubt about the possible past between Xuexia and Yeshan.

Perhaps, at this level, she knows what I have learned about her, and I also know that she knows this. So, at this time, Xiang Xuexia asked about this matter, maybe there will be unexpected results?

"Now, Minister, I have a question for you."

"Say it."

"Minister Xuexia, and Senior Yeshan, what happened before?"

The surrounding air suddenly became cold. Although the forest at night was originally cool, this coldness and the kind of coolness are completely two concepts.

This is a kind of coldness where the overall atmosphere has become rigid and indifferent.

Yukoshita slowly turned his head and looked at me. The indifferent gaze seemed to try to kill me: "Yuhihama, what do you want to know?"

"No, I just ask casually, if the minister really doesn't want to answer." I realized that I was still too reckless, even if I now understand more about the present under the snow, the snow under the snow is still snow under the snow. Yukino, she is not the kind of girl who can ask me these questions.

"What you want to know is not far from what you can guess." However, under the cold snow, he spit out a sentence that didn't sound so cold.

Does this mean I still have a chance?

"If you consider what I guessed--"

"--But you know too much, it is not necessarily a good thing, do you understand this? Yubihama?" However, Yukoshita interrupted me and asked me seriously.

"Okay!" I nodded, and I understood what Xuexia meant. At least, now I don't need to inquire about this seemingly secret history of the other party.

However, here, Xuexia revealed a message to me, that is, maybe something happened between her and Yeshan. She didn't deny this-and if she was faced with that she didn't want to take this matter She would definitely veto this matter categorically if the person who revealed it.

"Go back? Can you guess if your sister is looking for you everywhere now?" With an elegant smile, Yukoshita said witty words that didn't fit her style very well.

"Uh, I don't think Yui sister is so worried about me, right?"

"That's not necessarily true. For younger brothers who have certain ability but not enough ability, sisters usually worry about the other party's accident, right? After all, ability means arrogance, but insufficient ability also means that things cannot be done reliably."

"You obviously don't have a brother, but you speak so decently. I think there are too many slots here!"

At this moment, the forest was a little surprised, and a rustling voice came again.

"Uh, sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your conversation." Almost at the same moment when he appeared, Hachitani Hachiman turned around, pretending to see nothing.

In orthodox love comedy, the men and women who are caught in this situation will generally show a shy expression, explaining that "it is not the case", while coercing each other to lure them not to leak secrets.