My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 142

However, this story has never been a youth love comedy.Yukino Yukino tilted his head and glanced at Biqigu, showing a puzzled expression.It seems that I don't understand why Biqigu wants to avoid it.

"Ah, the person who cares about Yubihama the most is you. After all, are people like people? I should have noticed it a long time ago, but I have to admit that my judgment was really wrong this time. "

Uh, don't show any shyness, when did Xuexia get brainwashed by bl!

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Chapter 29: It is the younger brother's responsibility to protect the purity of sister

"No, no, it's definitely not like this." Biqigu's reaction radar was much more sensitive than mine, and he immediately jumped up, as if he stepped on something dirty, he tried to deny what the Xuexia said.

Of course, I have no worries about his approach. If a beautiful girl said this, it might make me regretful, but if Biqigu said it, it would only make me feel a little lucky. ——At least I am not the object that the guy cares about. If I become the object that the guy cares about, then I feel that my life is hopeless.

However, it seems that this kind of performance will also appear in girls of the Tsundere style. Is Biqigu a Tsundere style boy? The answer seems to be no, but I vaguely feel that it is not so sure.

"Of course, I am not stupid enough to think that this kind of thing is true, I just don't understand the meaning of your appearance." Yukoshita continued coldly and said to Biqigu, the absolute zero-degree light from the line of sight was about to let Biqigu was suffocated.

Therefore, I have a kind of gratitude that Xuexiaxue Nai has adopted a soft and demanding attitude towards me. Take a look at the current Biqigu, which is suffering from unreasonable disasters, and compare it with the current Xuexiaxue who confronted me several times. Looks like, I can only feel that the god of luck is still on my side.

"So, I just felt that the weather was a little hot and I couldn’t sleep after the talk, so I figured out to make my head sober. I didn’t expect to meet you two at this time. You see, I saw at first Didn’t you want to turn around and leave? You also assume that you haven’t seen me before, continue your dialogue, okay?" Biqigu showed an expression of grief, of course, I think he has The reason is grief and indignation. After all, Xuexia, who seems to have had no time for the poisonous tongue today, applied her last poisonous tongue to Biqigu's body, which is really regrettable.

"Of course, it was definitely not because I looked at Totsuka's face that I couldn't fall asleep." Hichitani murmured.

Uh, I feel like I heard something amazing, and the two big men don't want to show off all the time.

Of course, Yukoshita’s last sentence seemed to be ignored by Yukoshita-from this point, I’ve always been weird. Biqiya’s strange affection for Totsuka is almost naked, but no matter who it is I didn’t feel strange about this kind of feeling. Even the Ebina who likes to obsessive BL the most seems to be just forming the pairing of Hayama and Bichigu, ignoring the strange feelings between Bichigu and Totsuka. None of you Did you find a pair of people with so many slots here?

"Really? Is it already so late?" Yukoshita showed a surprised expression, and then looked at me, "I didn't expect to talk to Yubihama for so long!"

"Uh, should I be grateful for the grace of the Queen?" I curled my lips, showing a remnant expression.

"If you want." Xuexia's mouth bends.

"Thank you for not being sensitive."

When I turned my head from the direction facing Xuexia, I saw Biqigu's open mouth. It was a pair of "Today you talk back to her like this, but it's okay. But I was scolded by her inexplicably. So Xuezhi Xuexue is the face of taking the wrong medicine.

"You, you two--" Biqigu said hesitantly

My mood suddenly became a little happy, and it seemed to provide Xuexia with the truth she needed. It was still quite a profit, at least for one day—no, it was the kindness to me under the snow one night, In fact, this is very satisfying.It's a pity that this kind of thing doesn't happen every day. Otherwise, if you give me a minister who won't be poisonous to me, at least the seductive function has been achieved, right?

"--Well, Biqigu, hurry up and take the lost Yubihama back!" Xuexia interrupted Biqigu's hesitation.

Please, Sir, don't you can't help boasting, what is the lost Yubihama?

"I haven't lost my way, Minister, or I think it's more normal for you to find your way back in the forest as a road idiot—"

Wow, it's terrible, just now to me and Yan Yuexie Xuexia showed me another look that was enough to kill me, and forced me back the last half of my complaint against her.

"Even if it's me, I can find it back at such a close distance, so don't worry."

On the one hand, it is gratifying to admit that I am a road idiot, but on the other hand, even you can find the way back, but I can’t find it. Isn’t that shameful?

"Uh, I think I'd better go back." Biqigu showed an expression of ignorance, but from the perspective of cooling his brain, I think he has achieved his goal, at least now under Xuexia The freezing light should be enough to immerse Biqigu in the cold.

"That's it, good night." Xuexia put away the cold expression just now, and showed us a soft face, then creaked on the branches and disappeared into the night, watching her The more certain position when leaving, I think, there is no need to worry about her getting lost.

"Now, Yubihama, what did you and Yukoshita say just now?" Hichigu next to me still looked at me like a monster.

"Sa, didn't say anything."

——Provide her with a truth, but if she is unwilling to expose the truth provided by others, I would not expose it like this.

"I always feel that the appearance of Xuexia today is a bit strange." Biqigu may be able to see through my lying, maybe because of the cover of night, he can't see my face, so he can't judge, but in any case, he finally seems Still put this matter aside.

"Sa, who knows?" I shrugged and said, "Girls always have a bad temper for a few days. I think you can understand that Xuexia has a few days for a bad temper. ."

"I always feel that something is wrong." Biqigu Tuojii said thoughtfully.

"Don't worry about Minister, Senior Biqigu just said that you were lying down, what is the content of the lying down talk?"

"About topics like people you like?" Higiya frowned and said, "I didn't expect Totsuka to propose it first. Damn it. The person Totsuka likes is terrible to others, but Who is the guy who is usually gentle to him?"

That's you!I touched my nose to vomit.

Then, suddenly, I remembered a question: "Senior Biqigu, since it's a slumber talk, are the boys here?"

"Yes indeed."

"So, does Senior Ye Shan say someone he likes?"

"That guy," Biqigu said with a sigh, "I definitely don't want to say it. After all, if there is a person who likes the upper caste, the person he likes will be isolated very badly. Yes. But we only asked for the initial letter."

"What's the initial letter?"

"'Y', to be honest, I can still think of a lot of people whose initial letter is'Y'." Biqigu nodded and said.

"It doesn't need to be Yui sister. I have never stopped Yeshan-senpai for Yui sister." I turned my head and thought about the possible names.

"I don't think it will be your sister. But in general, the question of whether your sister is suitable for Yeshan is not considered?"

"You can agree with it. By the way, why should I consider the problem from the perspective of Senior Ye Shan? Of course, as a younger brother, I must consider the problem from the perspective of my sister, right?"

"Well, Yubihama, did you just let me get past something?"

"What are you thinking? Senior Biqigu."

"No, you seem to be fooled by something."

"Alright, alright, calm down and calm down, go back to sleep, if you think you can't calm down, then give me the position next to Totsuka-senpai."

"Only this is absolutely impossible!"

Biqigu showed a determined expression of a hen guarding the baby, and shouted at me angrily.

Well, at least the goal has been achieved. Biqigu finally no longer entangles with Xuexia's anomaly tonight. It's gratifying, isn't it?

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Compared to the first day, the activities on the second day are relatively easy.The day is the free time for the children, and we only need to make the evening test and bonfire to relax-and this relaxing time may be this time for Sister Komachi, Sister Yui and others The biggest purpose of traveling is.In the impression, Yui sister seemed to have stuffed a swimsuit into her luggage.

Ye Shan went back to the room after finishing the preparatory work, and all I had to do was to watch Biqigu.

As for why we should look at Biqigu, the reason is too simple.The main premise, the summer is hot and I want to take a bath, the small premise, it is summer, everyone is very hot, conclusion, so now everyone is going to take a bath.Then, although the accommodation here provided a bathroom but it didn't seem to be open during the day, and then, Yui sister brought a swimsuit, and then, on the way here, I noticed that there is still a beautiful stream in this mountain.