My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 143

So, the final conclusion is that sister Yui will definitely go there to play in the water, and my purpose is to protect the purity of sister Yui.Hayama has already gone back to the room to worry about not being enough, Senior Totsuka-since Totsuka-san likes Higiya, it doesn't matter, so now the biggest unrest factor is-Higiya Hachiman.

"Uh, Yubihama, I just wander around, you can go back first and leave me alone?" Biqigu looked at me with a helpless expression on his face.

"Don't stroll around? Let's play together, Higiya-senpai!"-I wanted to say that, but considering that this sentence seemed to be useless except Totsuka-senpai, I gave up this idea .

"It's okay, Senior Biqigu, you visited you. I just happened to visit the same place with you. Maybe I will visit the same place later? Don't care, do you?"

"Did you tell me it was just a coincidence?" Biqigu looked at me with contempt.

I replied with the purest expression to him: "Of course it's a coincidence!"

"Okay! It's up to you!" On the whole, Biqigu should be the kind of person who is particularly inept with stalkers. I can also understand a little bit why Yui sister always suppresses him in this regard. In short, after trying to get rid of me without success, Biqigu finally left it to my current behavior.

Of course, letting it go is not enough.

"Yuhihama, I just want to face the stream, don't you? I'm still sweating!" Every time Higiya tries to move forward in the direction of the stream, I happen to stand in his way and do more. After so many times, even an idiot should be aware of my purpose.

"Where is it? Ahaha, Senior Biqigu, you are really interesting, I'm just'hanging out'!" I specially emphasized the word "hanging out".

"Wandering is not enough to wander to this level? Don't you have a lot of sweat now? Why don't you go to the stream and wash it? The mountain stream should be very cool, right?"

Uh, actually I think too, since the summer vacation of the first grade in junior high school, I haven't seen Yui sister pass the swimsuit look. After all, Yui sister in third grade in junior high school has to prepare for the exam. Last year I had to prepare for the exam, so The opportunity for family trips to the beach has been divorced. Compared to three years ago, Yui’s figure must be much better than before. I also know this.Of course, I’m not saying that I’m a perverted sister who pays attention to my sister’s figure. I just think that the reason why Yui sister’s IQ is not enough is because the nutrients she consumes are being supplied to the brain. It was before, um, it’s not necessarily where it’s piled up. In short, if I were to observe Yui sister from a scientific point of view, then based on the observation of Yui sister, propose ways to improve her IQ, and then increase I am also very willing to her achievements.

——But, if I do this, it means that Biqigu can also see Yui sister wearing a swimsuit. Although I must have been seen by other strangers when I went to the beach before, I was familiar with the opposite sex. Seeing and being seen by strangers are completely different things.

Therefore, in order to protect the purity of Yui sister, I decided to sacrifice the opportunity to improve Yui's IQ. After all, I can help her if I don’t have enough IQ. If the purity is gone, then I can’t help the old sister get it back. .

Therefore, the conclusion is: "Sorry, Senior Biqigu, I don't mean to go to the stream."

"But I want to wash my face over there!" Biqigu shouted at me helplessly.

While I was working hard to protect the purity of my sister, an unexpectedly tender and somewhat cold voice came from the forest: "Hey, you two, are you acting in any drama?"

Parting the grass, Tsurumi Liumi, with her indifferent face, appeared in front of us.

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Chapter Thirty: Is Yuihama Yui really an angel?

Of course, before, I have already experienced the keen intuition and vicious words of this elementary school student. Therefore, at this time, the best way is to ignore her complaints, but from her direction is the wisest choice: " Let’s not talk about what I’m doing with Biqigu, why did you come here alone?"

"Oh, my words, because today is a free activity, no one will be there after breakfast." Tsuruimi said blankly, as if to explain an unimportant thing.

However, the matter itself is definitely not insignificant. The isolated elementary school students were abandoned by the collective on the day of free activities. For a child, this is already too tragic.It was so miserable that I felt a little unbearable to continue on this topic.

I looked at Biqigu, his rotten eyes also showed a little sympathy.Presumably, even Biqigu, who feels the same about this situation, may not be able to show a relaxed expression at this time?

"So, what about you? Are you two rehearsing any drama here?" The subject of the question appeared calmer and continued to ask the topic at the beginning.

Of course, Tsurumi would not think that I was rehearsing a real drama with Bichigu, because from her joking eyes, she could tell that she was mocking me and Bichigu’s current comic performance-the current elementary school students are too much. Terrible, right?

Of course, I can’t tell her that my purpose is to prevent Biqigu from tarnishing the purity of my sister. If I say this, although I am purely thinking of sister Yui and have no selfishness, I will still be considered by the other party as a sister. Controlled.

However, just before I thought about what reason I should use to fool through, Biqigu first replied: "As you can see, I just want to go to the stream and wash my face, but this guy will not let me go through. , I don’t know why."

"Oh!" Tsurumi nodded, and then looked at me naturally, as if he wanted to ask me for an answer.

If I face Biqigu, I can pretend to be crazy, but when I face Tsurumi, I have a natural sense of shame about this approach, maybe in front of pure elementary school students, the kind of dirty adult There is always nowhere to hide ideas, right?

"Well, this voice is Heya? Ah, and Senior Biqigu?" At this moment, an unexpected voice came.

From the direction where the sound of the stream came, the bushes were separated, and then, first there was a flax-colored hair, then brown eyes, then an orange bikini, and then, well, no further down Look, all in all, a color feather that separates the grass, just like this, stood in front of us somewhat unexpectedly.

——Add one more sentence. Although the upper body is covered with a coat covering her shoulders, the slight bulge on the chest outlined by the orange swimsuit is easy to make people feel a little imaginative. The fluttering skirt is matched with a delicate one. Skin, coupled with that pretty cute face, and smart brown eyes-er, although it may not reach the level of Yui sister, but generally speaking, it is the kind that makes people feel cute. It must be given In terms of an evaluation, that's pretty seductive.

But this time is not evaluating Isshiki's current appearance.

"Uh, Isshi?" Biqigu's eyes were a little bit lower, as if he dared to see but didn't dare to see, he asked vaguely, "Why are you here, and also, dressed like this. "

"Why? Of course, it's because it took a shower here, don't you know that there is a stream in the mountains?" Isshiki shook off his short flax hair and said naturally.

"It's not that I don't know--"

"--But, isn't this a creek? Are you going to dress like this and go back?" I interrupted Biqigu.

That's right, I understand what you mean, go back now!This is the most sincere hope in my heart.

"Oh, hey! It's just because I heard sounds in the bushes here while playing by the stream, so your sister asked me to come and take a look." While answering my question, Isshiki's voice suddenly changed. There is no vitality anymore. Is this because I pierced her disguise about me and was angry?So girls are just careful, and they have to struggle with such small problems for so long.

"Well, Isshiki, I apologize to you."

Although Isshiki has been angry with me for so long because of this incident, I am surprised, but in order not to interfere with my school life in the future, it would be better for me to solve all the problems here.

"Huh? Why do you want to apologize to me?"

Damn it, do I have to tell the story to stop?

"Okay, Isshiki, I see. Although I have always been very clear about your disguise, but every time I pierce it directly, I think you are also very uncomfortable? So the next time you disguise, I will try my best to cooperate Yours, so, uh, at least I want to apologize for the incident yesterday, uh, that's probably it."

I tried very hard to finish the apology, and then the scene fell into a mysterious silence.

So what did I say wrong again?

After about a century, Isshiki finally spoke: "So, are you done apologizing?"

"Yes, the apology is over."


Hey, don’t "oh". At any rate, use other words to clearly clarify your attitude. I rarely apologize to people. If it’s not for my high school life, don’t bear the attacks from my neighbors from time to time. I won't bother to think about apologizing to you, Isshiki classmate, you have to be content!

"Hey, Isshiki—"


Just as I was about to question Isshiki, a voice that seemed to be a little funny came over. Tsurumi, who seemed to have been watching the interaction between me and Isshiki, made a noise for unknown reasons. laugh.

However, when I turned around and asked, Tsurumi's expression returned to the indifferent look at the beginning.

That girl must have understood something, figured out Isshi's attitude towards me, and what was wrong with my apology, otherwise, she would not laugh at me like this.

However, I no longer had the opportunity to ask the other party. When Tsurumi showed this smile, Isshiki's attention seemed to be attracted by the other party: "Hey, you are Xiao Liumei!"