My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 144

I have to say, if it is not possible to see through the essence of Isshiki, then her concern for studying in the United States at this time is still similar to that of her sister. Of course it is not exactly the same. If you must say it, Isshiki This kind of care is more like the kind of care that the president of the city does not make people uncomfortable when he treats his younger generations, but in fact it is more of a courteous concern.

I'm not sure whether Tsurumi can feel this small difference, but judging from her hesitant response, she still can't perceive Isshiki's true attitude.

However, she should also be able to distinguish the difference between Isshiki's concern and her sister's straightforward concern. Isshiki's very skillful questioning tone made her unable to make a complete rejection response for a while.

Tsuraki unconsciously took a step towards Biqigu, did not speak, but just nodded.

"Well, that's it. I'm Yishiyu. I met for the first time." After introducing himself, Isshiki didn't seem to want to talk to the other party any further, which also made Tsurumi seem a little caught off guard.

This is like a hedgehog's stinging that has spread all over when facing the fox. In the end, the fox looks at it and feels a sense of powerlessness and a certain sense of loss when he runs away without interest.

"Uh, Isshiki, you just said that Yoshihama asked you to check the situation, right?" Hichigu interrupted.

Hey, what are you doing, Biqigu, what dangerous question do you want to ask.

"Yes, Senior Biqigu." There was another "sincere" smile on the face of Biqigu. Damn, what did I do wrong to make her so indifferent to me!

"That's why," Biqigu asked with a curious and embarrassed expression, "There should be other people by your stream?"

Well, Biqigu, I'm ready. If you are going to ask any questions that shouldn't be asked, I think I can kick you down and bury you in the woods. You know this is not a beach, but in mud But there will be all kinds of strange bugs!


"So," In the end, Higiya lowered his head, and his rotting eyes turned at a speed many times faster than usual, "Uh, for example, Komachi, uh, or Totsuka, are they there?"

Very good, Biqigu left his life.I took back the foot that was almost kicking.Well, in fact, when you think about it, you should know that this guy is a sister-in-law and he likes cute boys. In fact, from this perspective, you don't need to worry too much about him, right?

"Little Caiyu, where are you? We are looking for you!"

However, just when I felt relieved, another familiar voice came over.

Even when I was unprepared, sister Yui separated the bushes and appeared in front of us. Behind her was under the snow with a helpless expression.

"Ah, Xiao Caiyu is here, oh, there are Xiaohe, Xiaoqi, and Xiao Liumei? Are you all here?" My sister said with a surprised but somewhat surprised expression.

"So, Yubihama, you don't have to worry about Isshiki at all. Compared to Isshiki, I think what I need to worry about is these two guys who seem to want to peep." Yukoshita unabashedly showed Higiya and me. A cold look-under the snow that had a good attitude towards me last night?Give me back that minister!

"But, after all, I'm still worried about Xiao Caiyu! What if she meets a bad person?" My sister gave an embarrassed smile, "But it doesn't matter now, isn't it Xiaohe and Xiaoqi?"

"Forget about this, Minister, I need to correct one of your views." Of course, I think it's also important to clarify my attitude at this time, "I never wanted to peep, or what I have been doing before, It is to prevent Biqigu from peeping at you by the stream."

"Is that why you prevented me from going to the creek?" Biqigu on the other side seemed to be very dissatisfied with my statement. The eyes that turned faster than before proved his anxiety now, "I just want to go there. Just wash your face, and, if you want to pay attention, I will only pay attention to Komachi and Totsuka. You should not worry about your sister, Yuihama."

Wow, Biqigu, you seem to have made a great speech. Is it really okay?

Sure enough, as Biqigu finished this sentence, the eyes of everyone on the court became cold, especially Yukoshita and Tsurumi, who both said "Ah, what is this guy? Looking at Biqigu, Isshi's expression is slightly better. She just glanced at Biqigu with interest, then glanced at me again, not knowing what she was thinking about.

The only embarrassment is my sister.Pulling a little on her own set of light blue bikinis, my sister showed an embarrassed expression: "Uh, small enterprise, don't you need to be so straightforward?"

But that guy is talking nonsense. The appearance of Yui sister now is really great, great, great, right?

Although the dumplings on my head still didn't fall off, I felt a little bit of reluctance, but the bikini dripping with water drops, coupled with the good figure that my sister can't hide no matter how much it is covered, and the lightly placed on her body looks very The sky-blue skirt is thin and may fall off at any time—this is an angel, yes, Yuihama Yui is an angel, so if you don’t know how to appreciate beauty, Yui sister Yui will not care about it.

I suddenly noticed two eyes that didn't seem so friendly.Maybe it's because I was too eager to observe my sister's bikini dress just now, so I looked a little foolish?

Hello, but Mr. Yukoshita, do you forget it?The figure is slender, the skin is fair, and the black rope suit is especially beautiful. If you must praise, the curve of the waist also makes people feel very beautiful-but your Cannian breast has declared you lost.As for Isshiki, I have already said that you can be called seductive for the time being, but it is no better than Yui sister.

So even if the two of you cast contemptuous glances at me, it is useless. The most shocking thing is Yui sister, isn't it?Biqigu’s lack of aesthetic vision does not mean that I don’t have aesthetic vision, does it?

"Boring, let's go." In the end, it was Tsurumi's untimely voice that interrupted the strange atmosphere again. It seemed that he was finally tired of the false game of fighting between high school students. Tsurumi shook his head and turned. Turned around, ready to leave.

To be honest, even if you know her uniqueness, this is really an unpleasant child!

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Chapter Thirty-One: Xuexiaxue does not want to give up

"Uh, don't it, don't Xiao Liumei come and play together?" Yui sister, who is always the partner of all the lonely people, was the first to try to stop Tsurumi's departure.

Of course, the result is still tragic.Tsurumi didn't even turn his head back, and his sister probably couldn't see her face with a cold expression.

"Well, is that right?" The sister's disappointed expression was beyond words.

"For that kind of child, it was useless to do this." Yukinoshita said to her sister. The expression seemed to be because her sister was rejected and she couldn't bear it, and it seemed to be because she understood people like Tsurumi very well. But I don't know what way to face her at this time.

However, for the child who made Yui sister sad, even a child, I am very unhappy.

"There is no other person here, and you will not let others think that you are deliberately showing off your pitifulness to attract the attention of adults. People here are all people who understand your situation. Put it away in a cold manner!" I said coldly to Tsurumi, "Even if you want to refuse, don't show this attitude of disdain for the other party. You are not qualified to be arrogant enough to care for the elderly. Dismissively."

My heavy words made the surrounding atmosphere solidify. Biqigu looked at me in shock, seemingly unable to understand the meaning of what I said at this time; Xuexia's brows were also Bend a nice arc, revealing an expression that looked a little disgusting; Isshiki's performance surprised me a bit. It seemed that he had returned to the cunning attitude toward me before. A pair of brown eyes turned frantically, scanning. Move me up and down.

"Uh, Xiaohe, Xiao Liumei is just a child after all. There is no need to say that about her, isn't it?" My sister's expression became even more embarrassing. Although this is also expected, Yui sister, you are also true Can I think about it for myself?

"I don't want to be treated as a child." Tsurumi murmured.

"Huh?" It was Xuexia who answered her the fastest, raising her eyebrows, and taking a glance at Tsuruga.

And seemingly afraid of Xuexia, Tsurumi took a few steps back, this time hiding her whole body behind Biqigu.And Biqigu, also subconsciously opened his hands, as if to protect something.

Hey, Biqigu, in addition to sister control, boy control, do you have to add a lolicon attribute?The bad attributes were taken up by him alone!

"I said, I don't want to be treated as a child." Tsurumi repeated.

"Why?" I asked Tsurumi with a playful expression.

"Because, in the adult world, you need to be polite? In the adult world, if anyone is deliberately picked out, is it wrong? Adults will at least greet each other very kindly and then greet each other Right?"

"But the politeness of adults is hypocrisy. Adults' concern for the weak is just for a kind of'political correctness' hypocrisy. Adults' greetings to other people are just a daily behavior without emotion." Biqigu Shaking his legs, Tsurumi, who didn't look behind him, said words that could directly pierce this kind of child's fantasy.

Generally speaking, this kind of remark should be said by Xuexia, but Biqigu replaced Xuexia's responsibilities here. Maybe it is because Biqigu feels a little too deeply about these things?

"Perhaps this is the case?" Tsurumi shook his head and said, "But, at least, everyone, on the surface, is kind and happy, right? At least, don’t worry, on the surface, someone will become Alone?"

"At least, don't worry, on the surface, someone will become a person?" Tsurumi said with a little crying, sobbing.

At least one thing is that all of us have miscalculated. Perhaps, for children, the most difficult thing is not the kind of secret intrigue, but the blatant exclusion.For adults, the adult society is a terrible existence, because you always need to scheming against other people, or in other words, because the humans are scheming, so in the process of doubting everyone, the adult becomes tired Unbearable, but feel that the society of undisguised children will be simpler and more relaxed; but for children, this is not the case at all. Children are not so good at concealing their emotions and do not understand the horror of stabbing people behind them, so, Instead, they will look at outsiders with a simpler sunlight, and will not be dragged down by doubts about others. What they fear is the kind of undisguised exclusion, because they cannot find in this exclusion. A place for yourself.For children, a hypocritical group also makes them feel more reliable than a trustworthy individual.

Therefore, elementary school students are always playing in small groups, because if they do not do this, they cannot establish their sense of security.

Of course, this also means that you will never be able to convince her the truth about your existence when she was kidnapped collectively.

"I didn't care so much at first, but my mom always told me that. I hope my friends and I get along well, and now, if there is no photo, my mom will be troubled, right?" Tsurumi winced. Holding his camera, rubbing the buttons of the camera, said.

"However, in the end, I was still treated as a child. Because I was treated as a child, I naturally had to obey the child's rules. Sorry, this--" Tsurumi looked at her sister with uncertainty, as if Can't remember her name.