My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 145

"——Xiao Liumei just call me Yui sister."

"Well, Yui, sister, I'm sorry." Tsurumi took a deep breath and said to himself, as if he wanted to ask people around him, "That," High school students, is it the world of adults?"

"In a sense, high school students are the world of adults, but the heritage of the children’s world will also be brought to high schools. In other words, at this time, if the problem is not solved well, you not only have to bear the children The ugliness of the world has to deal with the terrible world of adults. The two worlds are never completely separated, and this world is not as black and white as you think." Xuexia said coldly.

This is saying that Xuexia Xue is himself?It’s hardly liked by all girls, but there will always be some girls who try to "make a good relationship" with Yukoshita-not the closeness of Yui sister, but "use" the relationship with Yukoshita, if Without the existence of Yui sister, then, the ugliness of the child world and the terrible world of adults, Yukoshita has been dealing with both at the same time.Even Xuexia would be confused by this situation. Therefore, he would lose the truth and try to find something, right?

Cannibals, when they see a person who does not eat people because they think human flesh is disgusting by nature, they will laugh, ridicule, and hit that person. At the same time, some people will try to get close to that person. Accidentally" gave him a piece of human flesh.This world may be so cruel, but you still can't deny the correctness of "not eating people".

Of course, Tsurumi shouldn't have thought of so much. After listening to Yukoshita's words, she stunned for a while, and then a little helpless, but a little giving up, and said generally: "Well, I guessed a little bit! But there is no way. , I have completely given up, the relationship is not getting better anymore, and there is no need to think about ways to make the relationship better? Although, I know, I don’t like the way it is now—"

Yes, you don't like Tsurumi's study in the United States, but this is the price you need to pay for your freedom.

"Do you hate to be miserable?" When everyone was silent about Tsurumi's actions, the person who surprised me the most stood up.

Higiya Hachiman, he put his hands on Tsurumi's shoulders and asked seriously.


"Then, try the courage meeting, it's okay if you can be happy?" Speaking of lines that others could not understand, Biqigu opened his hands as if he wanted to embrace the whole earth.

I looked at Biqigu, thinking about a problem in my heart.

For the isolated non-cannibal person, it is better to help him overcome his dislike of cannibalism and finally let him integrate into the cannibal. Or, tell him the possible consequences of cannibalism, and finally let him It is better for him to insist on himself.

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In the end, it seemed that there was no suspense. The topic of "helping Tsurumi stay in the United States to adapt to the collective" was once again brought to the table.

Although this time I refused to participate in the discussion again, looking at the confident look of Biqigu on the other side of the crowd, I can almost guess the result of this discussion.

At least, it will be different from the previous one.

"People will only reveal their nature when they are at their limit. When they really feel scared, they will protect themselves first, regardless of others, and even sacrifice the people next to them to save themselves. If it is such an ugly part The relationship should never get better if it is exposed. In this way, the group of guys can be scattered-that is to say, let everyone become lonely, and disputes and frictions will not occur!"

This is a very rich answer in the style of Qigu!Of course, this is also a good method, or rather, it is a method that directly allows elementary students to cross the world of children and go to the world of adults.The world of children in Tsurumi has an obvious hierarchical system and cannot be crossed. However, people put their own preferences on their faces without reservation, and people can at least trust the expressions they see.

The world of adults that Biqigu is about to create for them, without registration, everyone is a lonely individual, everyone does not trust other people, but everyone respects other people, while respecting, while guarding, and trying to give Find a foothold for yourself.

In the brand-new adult world, Tsurumi can slowly blend in the adult world by observing his words and expressions, right?

Then, I put all my thoughts into thinking about how to mix in the world of adults, attach to the society, attach to the big environment, and eventually become a mediocre, member of the public.

I looked at Biqigu, who was rarely organizing the next plan. He was choosing a completely different path for Tsurumi, but does he really know what this child might face next?

"You don't like Biqigu's opinion?" I don't know when it started, Xuexia stood gently beside me, her long hair swaying with the evening breeze in the forest. It seems that a little closer can hit me in the face, but she controls the distance very well.

“However, from the conclusion, Biqigu’s opinion should be the best opinion for solving that issue. Even if my dissatisfaction with this behavior itself is excluded, from my perspective, I cannot think of any Bibiqi. Gu's better opinion."

"So, what I want to ask is not whether you agree or disagree with using Biqigu's opinion as a strategy to solve this problem. After all, this has become a fait accompli." Yukoshita shook his head and said, "What I want to ask is, you Do you like this opinion?"

"Didn't you give the answer? Minister, since I was opposed to this question from the beginning, I will not accept this opinion."

"Is that so? Well, it's true!" Yukoshita smiled softly. The faint light of the sun that was about to go down shone on her face, showing a burst of red on her cheeks, and The snow-white surroundings reflect each other, reflecting a thrilling beauty.

"So, Minister, now I will tell you the short-term results of Biqigu's plan and the final results. Then, if you are Tsurumi, you will choose to accept Biqigu's plan or try to compare Biqigu's plan. Use it?" Suddenly, a curious mood developed in my heart, and I hope to get Xuexia Xuena's answer to this question.

"Me? This is really an interesting question!" Xuexia raised his eyebrows, showing a playful expression.

After a long time, she lightly opened her lips, and Xuexia said: "I am not Tsurumi, and I will not make a choice for Tsurumi. She should decide what she wants to do. But, standing by me From the point of view, I don’t like to escape, I don’t like to give up, and similarly, I don’t want a short-term success like moths fighting the fire."

Xuexia Xuena stood upright next to me, her eyes focused on the place I couldn't find, solemnly, she seemed to announce something to someone.

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From my perspective, this chapter has spent a lot of thought on metaphors, especially the last question of Heya and the last sentence of Xue Nao.A very important point in writing this article is the metaphorical meaning in these words. There have been many similar situations before, and there will be some later. I don’t want to explain it directly, but I hope everyone can understand. I think everyone should be able to understand. But I'm not sure if everyone can understand it, so it hurts and I can't be sure.

Then there are some points of Heye, I mentioned before, and some points of Heye I agree with myself, but some points I do not agree with, whether they agree or disagree, I need to Through the progress of the article, my attitude towards it is revealed through some objective facts.Sometimes people think that the protagonist’s ideas are too strange, but what he said is the same, as if the author himself supports him, in fact, this is just the result of the author's forcibly dividing his mind.

To sum up, writing this article takes my brain, and then I added it. Thanks to the group of friends for providing me with the new cover, so I added it. I think I deserve to be rewarded for working so hard.


Chapter Thirty-two: Tsurumi chose another path to study in the United States

According to Biqigu’s plan, the main purpose of the courage test meeting is to completely dismantle the small groups around Tsurumi, make the children doubt others who belong to the same group, and let the atmosphere of the spontaneous group go bankrupt. , Tsurumi can integrate into the new relationship.

Therefore, in the courage test conference, the task of intimidating children is the most important.Especially Hayama, Miura, and, um, who were previously called the King of Kids, used the opportunity of football to play a handsome role with Yeshan because of their boredom. I was gloriously appointed to the job and took on the task of Biqigu-Biqigu this guy, until the end Still showing his slippery loach attributes as always, he himself doesn't seem to be taking any role here.

Of course, according to his statement, the popularity of children was higher before, and it was more terrifying when they betrayed the children. This explanation made me unable to refute. Who made me more involved at the time?

——Of course, these are not the key points, the key point is why the courage test conference turned into a cosplay competition!

Under Yuki under the costume of the ghost Yuki, Yui sister dressed as a little devil, Isshiki dressed as a fox girl, plus sister Komachi dressed as a catwoman, and senior Totsuka dressed as a strange mage.I don’t think anyone will be surprised if the same group of people are brought to the cosplay conference.So, whether it is the teachers of the forest school who think the children are too timid and inconvenient to intimidate, or the dead house with a bad taste, I seriously doubt that the latter is more likely.If it wasn't for the fact that Mr. Hiratsuka could not be found, I think I would definitely ask this question from her.

Even if I am really worried about scaring my children, I think these clothes are too shameful.The most conclusive evidence is that Sister Yui has been working very hard but weakly covered her upper body.

Obviously wearing such a revealing bikini when you are by the river doesn't have much psychological burden. At this time, it's twisted again. Human beings are such a strange creature, right?

"Xiaohe, if you don't want to be a bad person, you can talk to small companies. I don't think small companies have to force Xiaohe to do so." But even if it is such a shameful Yui sister The first thing she paid attention to was still my current thinking, which also made me a little moved.

"It's okay, Yui sister, I also have something I want to do."

"Yeah, Yui-senpai, don't you think it's new to look at and pretend to be a bad person to scare people?" I don't know when I started to return to my normal attitude and suddenly jumped out. You seem to like to interrupt when I talk to Yui sister?

However, this time, I have to be prepared so that my sister can no longer be pissed off by the same words.

"Xiaohe scares people--" My sister stretched her tone, showing a nostalgic expression.Hey, old sister, I know what you think of. Although I don't know what you think, from the perspective of me now, it is a complete black history. Paranoia is forbidden!

"So it's very interesting to look at small and scare people!" However, she seemed to recall the situation completely, and her sister's expression became more relaxed. "Indeed, I didn't see it for a long time after that. Xiaohe did that. Although the role played by Xiaohe this time seems to be more wicked, it always feels interesting!"

"Is it right? It's very emotional to let a person like Kazuya who usually seems to resist everything to be such a villain!" Isshiki on the side is still fanning the flames recklessly, if not yesterday You just lost your temper and made me a little guilty. I will never bypass you, Yi Huyu!

"Well, let's listen to Xiao Caiyu this time! Xiaohe wants to come on!" My sister clenched her hands into fists and nodded heavily, including the devil horns on her head and some on her chest. The shameful purple low-cut outfit also trembled.

"Well, leave it to me!" I turned my eyes away, although I was a sibling, but watching Yui's dress like this, there would still be some strange delusions, OK OK, delusions are forbidden.

Although I had achieved my goal for my sister to say these words at first, but sure enough, there was something abnormal in the end.

I glanced at it. Under the flaming red fox attire, the broom-like fox's tail flickered, which seemed to show the owner's happiness.

All in all, it's better not to mess with it anymore today.

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"I didn't expect that our second cooperation will come so soon!" Ye Shan looked at me with a wry smile, seemingly helpless and expectant.

"I hope that Senior Yeshan will not have unrealistic fantasies after the previous cooperation. Personally, the cooperation with Senior is still very pleasant, isn't it?"