My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 146

"Yui's brother, right? I thought that you have refused Hayato's invitation so many times, but don't be too arrogant. The time when you played with you, Hayato was just careless. Once again, don't you There will be such a good opportunity!" Although I don’t think Miura would be so stupid, obviously women in love are brainless creatures. This kind of tangible self-righteous declaration replaces the person’s temper. Is it a flag that offends the party?

Sure enough, Ye Shan's brows wrinkled, but he still showed good education and said: "Yuzi, don't say anything. If it wasn't for Yubihama to leave me with a flaw in the end, then I would really be The loss is endless. After losing, I am not qualified to ask Yubihama for anything. It is only natural that he refused my invitation."

"But—" Miura wanted to argue about something, but her attitude towards Yeshan had obviously softened. In the end, as she had done countless times before, Queen Miura converged her edge in front of Prince Hayama, a little helpless. He said, "Well, in short, you can cooperate with us well."

"I always think I am a good partner, just like when I played with Senior Ye Shan." I nodded and replied politely.

And at this moment, I saw the pair of elementary school students running from a distance.Although it is not clear, there is a shadow in the end of the team that is a little away from the main unit, but it is not completely fallen by the opponent. I think that is Tsurumi!

"It's nothing terrible at all, isn't it? You have to talk about it later after you go out. Big brother, they don't care about preparing!" The leading boy showed a noisy voice and walked forward. Afterwards, he seemed to have seen Ye Shan and waved his hand in our direction.

"Ah, I said your preparations weren't careful enough, right?"

"Sure enough, they are all high school students, even elementary school students can't scare them, it's too bad!"

"Even though he has red hair, but we don't think our big brother is a devil if we dress so plainly, haha!"

The children were noisy and surrounded us, who were completely trusted. There were even a few bold children who pointed to my hair and joked.

Then, the atmosphere reversed.

"Ha, what are you talking about, don't think we are so close to you, don't take us as your friends without authorization!" There is almost no need to make any disguise, when Miura Yuko treats her as When this kind of queen is shown in front of the children, the atmosphere immediately becomes different.

"Oh, it's said that some people say that red hair is not a devil? Does it mean that I should show you a devil?"

I also added symbolically.In fact, to scare a few children, it hardly takes me to do too much. I just need to show the kind of contempt and disregard for them. For children, this kind of contempt and disregard can already bring Give them the greatest fear.

"No need." Probably because they were scared, the children said softly who didn't know who it was.

"Why do you say that you don’t use it?" I continued to look at them blankly. The current group of children, like many people who have been reprimanded by me, I’m using the most ruthless way to go. Destroy their self-esteem, "You don’t really want me to act as a devil, don’t you? So, can you teach me how to act as a devil? If you think you can do better than me, can anyone take a step forward? ?"

"I'm sorry—" there was a whimper from the crowd.

"Hey, hey, can you cooperate with me a little bit? I sincerely ask you for help! I want to know how to play a demon. Of course you can laugh at my bad role, but tell me, how can I make I will play the devil!" I looked at the group of elementary school students harshly, and took a step forward, but the children unconsciously stepped back.

Everyone's expressions of asking for help turned to Ye Shan who hadn't spoken yet, and was always gentle and kind.

And Ye Shan finally gave them the final blow: "That's good, I will give you one minute to discuss how to play the devil, and then leave half of the people down to play the devil, and the others can go."


"It's so decided, one minute." Ye Shan said with a bored expression. From this point of view, Ye Shan is indeed a talented actor, and it is not easy to be able to display this state to the fullest.

And like the final catalyst, as Bi Qigu expected, Ye Shan's words caused a rift in the children's group.

Of course, under this circumstance, my task requested by Biqigu has also been completed.Next, it's my round.

Tsurumi was the first to be abandoned. She was pushed in front of me without resistance, and the others started arguing for another place.

"I just said that you don't have to play Yuka, right then, just say that we are afraid of the devil?"

"Ha, what theory is this? Komori is the one who says that the man is not like a devil, isn't it?"

"Then you might as well say that Xiaoguang laughed at Big Brother at first, right?"

In this way, the team fell apart, but what I am concerned about is not this. What I am concerned about is Tsurumi, who has always stood by my side and said nothing.

She rubbed the camera in her hand, not knowing what she wanted to do.She seemed to hesitate for a while, she raised the camera, and then put it down again, but soon, she gritted her teeth again, trying to solve something and raised her head.

Probably, you are thinking about how to escape from this situation, right?

Then, just as Tsurumi was about to raise my hand, I held her shoulder, then, looking at her panicked and frightened pupils, said, "Even if you do this, the result is the same, isn't it? In the end, people who hate you still hate you, but they dare not hate you blatantly. There is still no you in the group, but there is no group of other people. If you can really endure loneliness, You can become a better person than you expected!"

This is my round.At the moment when Tsurumi is about to make up his mind, I will throw out my thoughts in the simplest way.My voice is very soft, no one can hear it except myself and Tsurumi, although maybe Higiya and others who are hiding in the grass can see me and Tsurumi talking, but they absolutely don’t know that I am talking to Tsurumi See what was specifically said.

I have never given up persuading Tsurumi, I just adopted one of the most efficient methods. When she hesitated about whether to help other people, she threw out the lonely theory of justice, not necessarily asking her to give up. Just ask her to be shaken.Although the following group will still split, she will always live with doubts about whether the group split is good or bad for herself, instead of taking advantage of this reality.

——Unless, now, do something.And if she missed this opportunity, she would not have the next opportunity.There is no next chance, which means that if she wants to endure this situation and resolve the suspicion of the group, she can only accept the truth I gave her—just like Yukino under Xuexia.

That's right, as long as she shakes her within the one-minute deadline, the victory belongs to me.

The voice of Ye Shan's countdown suddenly came over, and it seemed extremely clear.

"15, 14, 13——"

Tsurumi looked at me in surprise, and looked at the camera in his hand at a loss.

Yes, that's it, just hesitate.

"8, 7, 6, 5——"

Tsurumi still didn't move, she bit her lip and didn't mean to try to reply to my words.

Looking at Tsurumi, my expression became confident.I believe that everyone on the sidelines can see Tsurumi’s anomaly, and he can also see how Tsurumi seems to be preparing to do something but I stopped him, but none of them can enter the field to intervene. This is the field. The advantage of the actors is that even if you temporarily change your goals, the director and producer on the sidelines will still be helpless.

When the director and producer come to question the actor, the actor can get away.

"3, 2, 1——"

However, when Ye Shan said the number "1", Tsurumi turned around, and in disbelief, she reached out and interrupted Ye Shan.

"Wait a minute, can you?"

Then, under the bewilderment of others and my helplessness, the dazzling light flashed.

"Can you run? Here, fast."

Of course, from the moment Tsurumi raised the camera, I blocked my eyes, and I knew what she was going to do before stopping her, but her current practice just advanced her current practice.

I look for the children who are trying to escape in the dark.

In the end, Tsurumi stayed in the U.S. and escaped the future that Yubihama explained to her, and chose a path that made him feel more relaxed at least on the surface.

That is, the short-lived road to success like moths fighting fire.

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Chapter Thirty-Three: Yubihama Kazu will not become terrible

When the bonfire party started, I was still in the hut on the campsite, preparing for what I needed to bring home tomorrow-although I explained to my sister the reason why I might be late in this way, but myself What I know is, I just don't want to go to that party.

That party full of mediocrity and the atmosphere.

Mass and mediocrity are not necessarily a good thing. The quality of mankind brings to mankind a kind of equality. Human beings are born equal. This political correctness proposition can only be expressed vividly in a mass and mediocre society.However, the price for the masses and mediocrity is to swallow all the people who are not mediocre and those who are not mediocre.

Just like Tsurumi's study in the United States, she is finally trying to find a way to integrate into the group. Once she sees this opportunity, she will go forward desperately.