My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 147

Therefore, the proposition of being equal to human beings often raises another question, that being human being free, equality and freedom are actually opposites.Countless political philosophers have argued that the two words democracy and freedom are opposed to each other, and equality as the prerequisite of democracy is naturally opposite to freedom.

Therefore, to achieve equality, freedom must be sacrificed.

Q: Do you want a society where everyone is equal, or do you want a more free society?

A: The weak and incompetent people desire equality more, and the strong and talented people desire freedom more.

Equality and freedom, both of which go to extremes are not a good thing, but what we are facing now is a kind of equal chariot that uses the greatest degree of equality to kidnap those who should desire freedom into the chariot of equality-this may be somewhat Overcorrected.

The prerequisite for hiding talents is often that the society is not equal enough, and the weak are naturally led by the strong.However, when the weak try to use the identity of the weak to kidnap the strong, is it really necessary to hide their talents?

I was not able to give an answer to this question immediately, because I saw another person in the cabin other than me, looking at me seriously.

There was a rare seriousness in his rotting eyes, and there seemed to be some rare dissatisfaction compared to Keiya Hachiman.

"Yuhihama, what did you say to Rumi in the forest just now?" Higiya looked at me and said every word.

Sure enough, he still saw it, but it was only natural. As the director of this drama, he should clearly see the core actors' every move, right?

"I said something other than the script, I hope Senior Biqigu don't mind."

"I didn't deny the importance of playing on the spot. At the beginning, your image was indeed beyond my expectations, but the effect was also very good." Biqigu is obviously not very good at oppressing others as a "righteous" party.Most of the time, he put forward a counter-mainstream point of view, to solve the problem from the perspective of the wicked, which also makes his image often portrayed a little sinister.

However, in any case, his starting point is to solve problems. Good people have the methods of good people, and evil people have the methods of evil people, but the essence of problem solving has not changed—and what I did at the time was the same as what he did. Things are completely thought, at least, that is not the way they think it is to solve the problem.

Therefore, in this dialogue between Biqigu and I, "justice" and "evil" are reversed. Biqigu, who is on the side of "justice" trying to question me, seems to be at a loss when facing the "evil" side of course. .

"Well, can you tell me, what did you say to Liumei?" Biqigu's expression was a little awkward. He still played the role of "just inquiries" that he was not good at. Maybe, he saw it in himself When I arrived at the shadow of Ye Shan, I saw his own shadow, right?

The transformation of human positions is often so bizarre.

"Let her realize what the reality you have created by Biqigu means to her, let her realize that the reality you have created by Biqigu cannot change her real situation, and tell her that she has lost this opportunity. It may not be a bad thing for her either."

"So, you are like this, trampling on everyone's efforts without authorization?" Biqigu said with some hesitation and disgust.

"Senior Biqigu, don't you think you feel like Senior Yeshan when you say this? How about, do you really enjoy the pleasure of this kind of just questioning?"

"I don't like it at all. If I can, I don't want to ask you this kind of question. Compared to playing fireworks with Komachi, this kind of thing is really annoying." Biqigu showed a disgust without concealment. expression.

"But you still asked me, so, Senior Biqigu, you are very dissatisfied with the accident that I caused at the time, are you surprised? After all, the solution you think of may be affected by what I said. Destroyed?"

"Yuhihama, I am not trying to stay in the United States alone, or I am thinking of a solution myself. My solution is recognized by everyone-even Hayama who has to pay a lot of sacrifices is the same, everyone is working hard. Everyone has sacrificed--" Biqigu's voice trembled a little.

"——Everyone has sacrificed, so naturally you shouldn't trample on this kind of effort? Especially people like Ye Shan also sacrificed, which makes you feel very uncomfortable, right? But why?"

Biqigu looked at me silently.

"Senior Biqigu, you are really a very gentle person!" I said something that looked like a line when the heroine was attacked by the heroine, but I believe that the expression on my face is definitely not That kind of compliment compared to Qigu’s gentle approval, but a sympathy, "If I guess it’s correct, you who think that you can get better results by sacrificing something, and you will choose when necessary. Self-sacrifice in exchange for the best results? After all, from an objective point of view, your sacrifice is always smaller than the sacrifices of others."

"Aren't we discussing this issue? Yubihama." Higiya's eyes were drooping, and I couldn't see his expression, but I could feel the huge fluctuations in his emotions-Higiya Hachiman could not. Be the righteous person, so when he becomes the righteous person, he has already lost.

"Very well, let's go back to the question at the beginning. Since Yeshan has sacrificed, since Miura has sacrificed, since I have sacrificed my image to a certain extent, I should not waste everyone's efforts without authorization. ,Is that right?"

"Recently, I prefer to use a cruel example to explain my behavior." I smiled and said to Qigu, "The story about cannibals, senior, are you interested in listening?"

Biqigu nodded.

"Actually, the story is very simple. The cannibals caught a person and said to that person, if you don’t eat people, we will eat you. That person hesitated and asked his partner for help. Then, his partner told him, It’s okay, eat, otherwise you will be eaten. Then, at this time, a person said, you are also a civilized person in the end, how can you eat people? Then the person who stopped him was complained by others , They complained like this:'All of us are working hard to help him survive. For this we would rather sacrifice our moral standards, but why are you preventing him from surviving so cruelly?'"

"You think you are the only civilized person with moral standards, right?"

"If I said that, would you think I was a little arrogant? But the fact is, isn't it? You have done so much to break up small groups and turn this collective into a solitary individual. The final goal is, Isn’t it just to let Tsurumi merge with the group that is incompatible with her actual thinking mode, but the previous group is more closely integrated, and the current group is more dispersed? Civilized people will eventually eat people. , There will be some unsuitability. Have you considered this?"

"Of course, it’s luckier for you," I continued looking at the silent Bichigu, "Tsurumi still did not accept my proposal in the end. I told her all possible results, and then she chose The result she wanted most at the beginning, this result, also matches your ideas, is that enough?"

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After that, I abandoned Biqigu and went outside the wooden house.

To be honest, I am a little disappointed with Keiya Hachiman. Even as the "justice" who is not good at it, he should perform better. I think he should also ask me some more powerful rebuttals.And his powerlessness can only prove that he is the same as Ye Shan and others in principle.

Witnessing the predicament of Tsurumi, trying to save her, without considering the true meaning of salvation and the possible results of salvation-so-called self-righteous salvation and self-righteous help.This is also the behavior of the public in the world-because of their own mediocrity and the mediocrity of the people around them, so self-righteously think that transforming non-mediocre people into mediocrity is helping them, self-righteous, trying to deprive others of their thinking. Free without knowing it.

After all, Higiya Hachiman is nothing more than that. In the end, he is just a man who has been kidnapped by the general trend of society and has lost his freedom by doing something in accordance with the common sense of the public in a somewhat weird way.

However, when I left the wooden house, I was surprised to find that there was already a person outside the wooden house.

"Uh, I didn't hear anything, I really didn't hear anything. Yui-senpai said that you have never come out, so I volunteered to come over and take a look at your situation. I just arrived!" Ishishi looked embarrassed. Explaining his existence.

"Why are you obedient to what my sister said? Every time you have to volunteer to inquire about the situation, don't you worry about being kidnapped by the bad guys and taken away?" I did not directly expose all the lies, but I did not pretend Believe her.

I know that she can understand the meaning of my words.

Yishi fell silent, and then showed a slightly subtle expression, saying, "Kazuki, I am actually very curious about you."

"Ha, so you want to say that you are very curious about me so you make me think you might feel about me and then deceive me to confess and finally issue me a long-lost card — sorry, I already understand your approach so just let me Let me send you a card first. I'm sorry, Isshiki classmate, I don't think you need to try to induce me to be taken the bait. I already have an object of admiration in my heart."

——Uh, I feel a bit too much?Seeing Isshiki's expressions that are not so pretty, I suddenly became a little worried.

Let’s not say that I didn’t take care of Isshiki’s mood this time. I directly exposed her thoughts. A girl like Isshi has been living among the boys’ stars, and I used this straightforward way to issue cards. Will your self-esteem be frustrated?After all, when she issued me the card, I knew she was joking, but I did not issue her card very often. She was not sure if I was joking?

"Uh, that, Isshiki—"

Just as I was about to make up for my mistake a little bit, Isshiki said as if nothing had happened: "Well, although I didn't react at the first time, I suddenly realized that this is the same and you are using rejection. My way to attract my attention and then try to use tenderness offensive strategy. I finally achieved the effect of retreating, right? Unfortunately, although I was really hurt at the time and I wanted you to explain it, but after I discovered this I still want to tell you I'm sorry. I don't like to play tricks to attack my boys like this. Next time, please be more honest."

Well, it's a good double anti-issuing card!I looked at Yishi's face that confidently laughed--well, classmate Yishiyu, return my guilt back.

"That's the end of today, let's retreat in gold!" I made a slap in the face. By this time, both of them realized that the other party was not serious and there was no need to fight.

"But Kazuya, it's true that I am interested in you."

"Yes, I can see that too."

"Hey, hey, don't deal with it, this sentence is the truth, and occasionally believe that I can tell the truth!"

"So, Miss Yi Huishu who is interested in me, what have you found in me lately?"

"Heya, I'm just a little scared," Isshishi sighed, and said with a hesitant expression in front of me, "Because, I feel that the real you will be terrible."

"Uh, isn't this a new strategy method? I didn't mean it--" Looking at Isshiki's really serious expression, my routine complaints stopped.

For the first time, I couldn't tell if a color feather was telling the truth in front of me.

Then, I remembered that Xuexia the previous day had also said something similar to me.

"No, the real me is not that scary, or, at least, the scary me is not the real me." I shook my head and rejected Isshiki's judgment.

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