My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 148

You can look at it. This chapter is a very important turning point in the protagonist’s mentality. The self-contradictions in behavior and expression have been revealed. Then I helped him set up a huge flag. Well, add a title, I’m really It is full of malice!Then the image of the great teacher in this chapter feels a little broken, so it is understood that he is not good at being a messenger of justice, right?After all, the great teacher in this book does not have the protagonist's halo who can see through everything, um, it's much easier to think about it this way.


Chapter Thirty-Four: What Yui Yui doesn't need to know

Yi Huei Yu is a smart person, and Yi Huei Yu is also a person with a strong sense of purpose.A person with a strong sense of purpose will carefully serve the final goal with every act of his own, and a smart person will terminate this plan early when he finds that this goal is highly dangerous.

Therefore, when Isshiki feels dangerous, it shows that she does feel something.However, knowing the terrible results, I shouldn’t have this potential.Even if it does, I should have wiped it out in advance.

"Sa Sa, it won't be better if you don't have it. I just pretended to be serious to scare you. I believe my speech and I haven't seen it for a long time!" Soon, Isshi returned to her. The one who laughed before, gave himself a certain expression.The shaping of this self-image is probably something deep into her bones!

And I didn't expose her, just nodded silently, and walked to the campfire with her.

"By the way, is it okay for Biqigu to stay in the room?"

"Senior Biqigu? No problem, no problem. I just came to find you in a complicated way. If you are predecessor Biqigu, you will be fine by yourself, right?"

"I think Biqigu will definitely be very sad to hear your words!"

"Then there is no way, Xiao Caiyu's goal is only Heya alone. If the harmony is not there, I can still consider Senior Biqigu, right?"

"Well, I know what you mean is to call people to the goal of the bonfire party, so can you please speak clearly, otherwise it will easily cause misunderstanding."

"I don't think there is any problem with what I said? And what is easier to misunderstand?"

"...Well I was wrong, don't care about these details."

Sure enough, Yi Huishu's personality is really bad enough, and if you are not careful, it is easy to fall into her trap!

-----------------------------split line------------------- -------

Although according to Isshiki's statement, my sister Yui is the one who worries me the most, but watching her happily playing, I feel that my sister should not worry about my condition as Isshiki said-not saying no Worry, but she shouldn't think I have a big problem, this is the most important thing.

Yui sister, who had thrown herself into the crowd like an older child, had a red face, as if she was tumbling with excitement, or perhaps because of the light from the campfire.Among the few middle school students who came to participate in this activity, she, senior Totsuka, and sister Komachi probably had the happiest.

——May God bless Yuihama Yui to be so happy all the time.

Therefore, it is almost inevitable. I also saw the squatting next to him, silently watching everyone playing under the snow.

"What's the matter, Minister, are you still not good at participating in these activities? I thought my sister would pull you hard!" No matter what Yukinoshita did to me before, after the conversation last night, I I feel that the relationship between me and Xuexia has become much closer. Based on past experience, I will definitely not take the initiative to talk to Xuexiaxia like I am now.

"It's nothing, just a little tired. Besides, I don't like fireworks either."

"It's a pity, I feel that Minister's childhood lacked a lot of fun, didn't he?"

"I think this sentence can also be given to you? Yubihama? Are you the kind of person who likes to play fireworks?"

"Well, that's true."

"But, in the end, did you do it?" Xuexia asked casually, but there was obviously something more serious than casual questioning in her eyes. "I thought you were accepting the competition. Gu’s proposal was already abandoned!"

"I have already convinced one person. How can this be done without trying to convince another person?"

"But it looks like a terrible loss, doesn't it?"

"It was only at the last second-although in terms of the result, losing for one second is a miserable loss. This was originally a winner-takes-all game."

"So, this is what you really think, right?" Yukoshita's expression softened slightly.

"If it's not the real idea, is my purpose just to challenge you?"

"Will you do this when you meet Tsurumi at other times?"

"Now I will do the same when I meet Tsurumi at other times."

"Oh." Xuexia nodded softly and did not continue to speak.

And I just like that, watching the people laughing at the campfire with her.

"Yuhihama—I'm talking about your sister," Yukoshita said again after a long time. "If it were Yuhihama, would you do it?"

"My sister's words--it's different? She may not understand that very complicated set of things, and, for her, maybe there is nothing wrong with being an ordinary person among mediocre people."

I don't know how to answer this question from Xuexia.I didn't know how to watch the atmosphere and was pushed out of the plot. My sister experienced it. After that, Yuihama developed a character to observe the atmosphere and adjust the atmosphere, and then worked hard to stick to the present.

Compared with Tsurumi's isolation for purely character reasons, my sister's situation at the time was more of an accidental gaffe and then offended people.I don't like Yuihama's cautiousness, so I want to create a society where at least I can't let myself and sister Yui cautious.This has created the three-year behavior pattern of our country-however, the final result seems to be that I have just created a society where I don't need to be cautious.

So, back to this question, if Yui sister faces a situation of isolation, I think I might not choose to let her accept this set of views.Because Yui sister herself is more suitable, or the atmosphere that blends with her surroundings.Everyone should have a judgment that truly fits their own ideas. Therefore, there is no definite answer to whether to integrate into the collective.

"Really, in other words, you didn't mean to try to change your sister's current thinking!" Yukoshita smiled softly and said.

"I will try to avoid making Yui sister isolated, but I will not persuade her to accept loneliness, this is not suitable for her, is it?"

"It's more suitable for me?" Yukoshita blinked.

"Uh, it is indeed more suitable for Minister."

Yukoshita’s words surprised me a bit, but what surprised me even more was that Yukino Yukino’s action just now—yes, Yukoshita Yukino blinked. If I’m not mistaken, This is a standard girl's cute behavior when she is playful, right?I will be able to see Xuexia sell cute in the rest of my life!

——Unfortunately, that expression seemed to be only a moment, because when I looked at the snow again, she had become cold again.

"That, Minister?"

"what happened?"

"Can you do the same expression just now?"

Then, what responded to me was the absolute freezing light under the snow, the kind of gaze that wanted to freeze people completely.

"Sorry, I don't understand what you are talking about."

"Uh, when I said nothing."

——Think about it, too. If it is so easy to repeat, is it still the rare expression that Yukino Yukino showed?

"——Xiaoxue, ah, Xiaohe, you finally came here! I only brought Xiaoxue's, or wait for Xiaohe's part?" The elder sister's cheerful voice came over, and her hand seemed to hold it. The kind of simple fireworks that are most often used.

To be honest, I really don't understand the fun of this hissing firework that can only be held in my hand.So, even though my sister has forgotten me gorgeously, I don't mind that much either.

"Nothing, I'm not interested in this kind of thing."

Yukinoshita also showed a slightly troubled expression, but in front of Yui sister, she will always be like a mother who dotes on her child. As long as Yui sister persists, she will compromise in most cases.

Mr. Hiratsuka didn't know where he went, so we couldn't borrow a lighter.Then the fireworks were lit with a more retro method like matches.The orange, green, and red lines were rendered in the dark night.

"Hey, Xiaohe, why haven't you been interested in these things since childhood? They are beautiful, aren't they?"

"Sorry, old sister, I think this is the same as why you can't understand why 22 people chasing a ball for a long time and can't score one."