My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 149

"No, it's not the same," Yui sister said with a puffed face, "I'm watching a football game very seriously. Although I don't understand it, I have been earnestly cheering on Xiaohe. , But Xiaohe has never played fireworks with me seriously, has he?"


"——Yuhihama," Yukoshita's voice came over, "I will leave it to you this time?"


"I said, you should meet your sister's wishes occasionally, right?" Xuexia's white face flickered under the light of fireworks, as if under the light of neon lights, "It just so happens that I am also a little tired. ,and so--"

"--No way! Xiaoxue and Xiaohe are going to play together!" My sister grabbed my hand somewhat hard, then blocked the route under the snow and tried to retreat, dividing from her four-line fireworks Give me two sticks and say, "Xiaohe can split two sticks from me. Let's wave it together!"

"Sa! Let me tell you, isn't it nice?" My sister's happy voice reached my ears vaguely.

"Okay, okay, it looks good!" I could only helplessly replied.

"Then, it's really great!"

"Yes, yes, it's great to be able to pull up and play together with Yukoshita, who don't like fireworks!"

"What did Xiao tell you?" My sister looked at me with a strange look.

"Uh, isn't it so good because of this?"

"Of course not, I was thinking that Xiaohe's things are too good!"

"my business?"

"Yes, that's what happened when Xiaohe and Xiao Liumei were talking?"

"When talking to Tsurumi?"

"Yes, at that time, I thought Xiaohe was going to say something terrible to stop Xiao from staying in the United States!" My sister raised her head, looked at the children in the distance, and said, "Although I also think the solution for small enterprises is somewhat It’s strange, but I think this should be good for Xiao Liu. Therefore, when Xiao He was talking to Xiao Liu Mei at that time, I immediately remembered Xiao He’s first idea, and desperately thinking, “If Xiao He put What if Xiao Liumei persuaded him?'"

——Actually, I did follow this idea, didn’t I?

"But, later Xiao Liumei's performance made me feel relieved. Xiaohe was not persuading Xiao Liumei to give up, but to persuade Xiao Liumei to strengthen her confidence, right?" My sister looked at me with a bright smile and said , "I'm still wondering if Xiaohe will become what he used to be!"

"Is it like that before?"

"I don't know how to say it. In short, it's the kind of Xiaohe's before. I don't like it very much. It's a little oppressive and aggressive. It's not that small and bad, but I always feel that way. Xiaohe seems to be too arrogant?" My sister tried to think about something.

I think she is thinking back to my middle school days, right?My way of dominating everyone and not giving anyone who opposes myself a living space.

So, what my sister wants to express is, is the way I tried to persuade Tsurumi to be the same as what I did at the time?

——What a joke is this!

I looked at Xuexia and tried to find an answer from her.

However, Xuexia just looked at her sister with some doubts.

Then, I remembered that Xuexiaxuena didn't understand my middle school age, so she couldn't give me a judgment.

"Although I also think that according to the terms of small enterprises, if Xiaohe stays in the United States will be easier if this continues, it does not feel like a way to completely answer it? But at least it will make the child a little easier, right? Xiaohe You think so too, right?"

My sister still said her words in a scattered way.I think if the person who asked the question is here than Qigu, she should get a better answer, right?

"Yes, I think that kid will be a little easier, right?" Xuexia said, taking the elder sister's words.

Although she was speaking to Yui sister, her eyes were looking in my direction.

I know the hidden meaning of Xuexia: relax now, and I don’t know if the answer will be the same in the future.

"Well, that's all right!" Then, Yui sister still smiled innocently.

"Yes, maybe that's all right!" I replied looking at Yui sister who worked hard to smile.

Maybe, for Yuihama Yui, I don’t know what Yuihama Kazuya really thinks, is it the best?

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How to put it, I feel that this chapter is a little bit watery, of course, the plot of the next chapter can be finished.


Chapter 35: Finally, Shizuka Hiratsuka gives a warning

I know that Yuihama Yui is a very good atmosphere adjuster, but as an atmosphere adjuster, it also means that she is a very good pretender of her own mood.Many times, Yui sister should know more than she showed. Many times, when I called Yui sister "stupid", maybe she had more thoughts in her heart than I saw.

However, because of this, I don’t want to let Yui sister know some of my thoughts, because I know that no matter whether she understands my thoughts or not, she will do her best to cooperate and adapt to my thinking. , Used her somewhat silly efforts to "prove" that she is my sister.

So, if Yuihama Yui can’t change the way it is now, then at least let Yuihama Yui use the least effort to adjust the atmosphere, right?At least, adjust the atmosphere without considering my mood.

I thought so.

"From the result, isn't it a great job for Xiaohe this time?" My sister clapped her hands and made a concluding remark, "I came out from home to participate in the activity, and finally completed the commissioned task successfully. ."

"You said this as if I could have been a great achievement without making trouble."

"Of course, the post-engagement point of view analysis is indeed the case. Didn't you almost succeed in making trouble, Yuihama Junior?" Xuexia said coldly from the side, and this sharp complaint made me speechless.

"Well, in a nutshell, Xiaohe did a good job, isn't it?" My sister continued to work hard as an atmosphere moderator between me and Xuexia. I think she might also be aware of the relationship between me and Xuexia. The change of atmosphere, so it seems that the symbolic adjustment is also enjoyable.

"Well, you were right, at least it turned out to be not a big problem." Xuexia, who seemed to be ready to ridicule me, looked at the encouraging look that my sister showed to me, and in the end he could only choose to follow. Sister's meaning.

I think this is the reason why my sister likes this atmosphere, right?Because, even though they are also adjusting the atmosphere, among the Miura group, the leader will always be Queen Miura, and in this group of the Ministry of Service, it seems that Yukoshita has absolute leadership authority, but it is accidentally easy to be susceptible to sister Yui. Persuaded by her offensive, as the decision maker here, obviously not so convincing.

"So, Xiaohe, didn't the small enterprises come here?"

"Senior Biqigu? Maybe thinking about things in the room?" I shrugged and said.

"Really? You didn't quarrel, did you?" My sister looked at me worriedly.

"I can't argue with him? Neither of us can talk so much."

"Well, that's good. In fact, small companies have worked very hard this time! Although Xiaoliu in the United States still feels a little strange now, his method is still effective. In fact, small companies also work very hard, right? Do it, but in fact many things can be solved with good help!"

"It turns out that the tsundere type character that this club lacks is Biqigu?"

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Of course, at the end of the bonfire party, I seemed to see Hiratsuka-sensei beside Hiratsuka. I don’t know if he was dragged out by Hiratsuka-sensei or by himself. In short, it seemed that Hiratsuka-sensei spoke for a while, but nothing Talk to my sister-this is probably because I have been with my sister, right?However, it was a pity that Biqigu failed to hear the compliment that Yui sister gave him.

——Of course, I personally think it’s better not to hear, otherwise, shouldn’t that guy’s character be the kind of person whose tail will rise to the sky after a little praise?

Before going to bed, I saw Ye Shan seemed to be about to say something to me, but he still didn't do it in the end.I think this is probably because he is still hesitant to talk to me, right?After all, I should be the person Ye Shan has rejected him the most since he was a child. If a boy rejects a boy, it would be considered a card issuer. I think I have given Ye Shan Hayato a four-year card issue.

However, Hayama apparently wanted to say something to me, but he didn’t know how to speak. In addition, I had a dispute with Higiya just now, although the existence of Totsuka-senpai It provides a good cushion between the three of us, but the awkward atmosphere cannot be concealed.

In the end, I ran out to relax, just like Biqigu the night before.