My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 150

Of course, I didn't expect to meet Yukino under Yukino, but just go out to relax.

——In the end, I didn't run into Xuexia. I thought it should be like this. How could she run out at night if she had found a righteous for her behavior?

Of course, I didn’t meet anyone else. If I had to find someone who might run out to wander around at night, I think it’s only Yukoshita. As for Isshiki or my sister, and Yuko Miura, it should be at night. The best chance for a slumber talk?

——Of course, other people refer to high school students, and women of unknown age who are stimulated by talking about their marital status with teachers from other forest schools in the middle of the night are not counted.

I carefully tried to avoid Hiratsuka's perception range. However, the mountains at night are too quiet, and the sound of stepping on the grass is enough to make people feel the arrival of other people.Therefore, I was naturally stopped by Shizuka Hiratsuka: "Look at this figure, is it Yubihama, right?"

"Mingming Yeshan is about the same size as mine, saying--"

"--That's because Ye Shan will definitely not go out to hang out at night. There are only a few people who can come out to hang out at night without sleeping." Hiratsuka-sensei sat on a big rock without any gesture, said .

"Teacher, your reasoning ability is quite strong in some unnecessary places!"

"Relax, I am not fascinated by the anesthesia needle."

"It's also really moved to hear a neta I can understand from Hiratsuka-sensei."

"Well, Yubihama, what are you talking about?"

"No, it's nothing."

"Well, forget it, anyway, it's the last night anyway, it doesn't matter if you want to confuse something in the past," Hiratsuka-sensei stretched out-by the way, the posture of stretching is also very lacking in image. Said, "By the way, Yubihama, you never think it is unfair. There is no alcohol in the forest school here!"

"I think having alcohol is a weird thing?"

"Well, forget Yubihama, you still can't drink." The teacher showed me a pitiful look.

"I don't think the point is here."

"All in all, the lack of alcohol is still very uncomfortable, especially when you find that other people are already married, and there are boyfriends no matter how bad they are. Whether there are children is another matter, but in short, you don’t Do you think these people's slumber talks are boring? You still have to talk about these things after a lot of age. Are you a child? Even if you want to talk, don't talk about men!"

Mr. Hiratsuka murmured and vomited. It seems that my judgment of her was not wrong. Is this the problem that can stimulate the poor Mr. Hiratsuka?

I feel that Qigu should have more coping skills for teachers in this state-it seems to say something like "Come on and marry her or I will go on my own", of course I feel this comfort His lines are too powerful for me to learn, so I can only look at Mr. Hiratsuka painfully, and cannot leave or interrupt her.

Fortunately, Hiratsuka-sensei has no alcohol to drink, so she can only complain now, and can't do things that are shameless.

"Right, right? This job shouldn't be a problem, right? You see other elementary school teachers have boyfriends, why can't middle school teachers find a man? In the final analysis, it's weird to find a boyfriend. It seems to be the same in the comics. Why is there such a setting of "the middle school teacher can't find a man"? Do you know that this is a big blow to women."

"--Uh, Hiratsuka-sensei?"

"So it's always a bit unconvincing, right? Although the teacher in this setting is generally not passerby A or passerby B, for a normal woman, passerby A can find a boyfriend and you can't find it yet. , Isn’t that more tragic—"


"——If it’s okay if you are younger, you can shoot directly at the students——"

——No, right? Let’s not talk about the serious consequences of dealing with students. Let’s not talk about whether students like you, a wonderful teacher. When you were young, you didn’t think you would fall to this level, right?

All in all, Hiratsuka-sensei's state seems to have fallen into a more subtle state-reaching this state when she is not drinking, and I can't help but worry about how terrible she is after drinking.So the key issue now is to stop her.

"Ms. Hiratsuka!" I said loudly, "It's not far from the camp. If you complain like that, everyone will hear it!"

"I'll hear it as soon as I hear it. Anyway, everyone knows that I'm already-- uh, okay." Fortunately, Hiratsuka-sensei finally reined in the cliff before breaking the jar.

Of course, at this time, I definitely can’t say “Teacher, believe me, you can definitely find a boyfriend” or something like encouragement. You have to take this opportunity to seize the time to change the subject.

"By the way, teacher, you privately requisition our ministry to work, will the school object to it?"

"School? Why didn't they consider my opinion when they used me to work as a slave?"

——Well, this topic is not good, change another one.

"So, is the ministry established by the minister first or the ministry that the teacher asked the minister to build?"

"Well, this is an interesting topic!" Hiratsuka-sensei's expression became interesting. It seems that the topic this time is not bad?

"Yes, although I think it's more like the club that Hiratsuka-sensei asked Minister Yukoshita to establish, but with the arrogant personality of Minister, it is not impossible to form such a club alone?"

"No, my interesting topic is another one," Hiratsuka-sensei shook his head and said, "Yuhihama, how are you currently competing with Higiya and Yukoshita?"

"It's okay?" I immediately understood what Hiratsuka-sensei meant, and I also immediately realized that the problem I just had, I dug a deep hole for myself.

"Of course, I didn't expect this to be an overnight process," the teacher shrugged and said, "If you only look at the achievements of the Ministry of Service, Yukoshita and Bikigu have solved more problems than you. Much more!"

"This is because my approach is different from them, and I am inherently disadvantaged."

"Then there is no way? For example, this time the problem should be solved by Higiya, right? Of course, I also know your opinion, and I also know that you and that Tsurumi said something interesting."

"I heard it from Biqigu?"

"Well, even though it won, Biqigu is also very awkward to win this time? I rarely see Biqigu's unwilling expression. On the whole, it seems that his solution is stained. same."

"What's wrong, Hiratsuka-sensei meant to tell me not to interfere with Higiya-senpai or Yukoshita while they are carrying out the plan, is that right?" I asked the teacher slantingly.

"Of course not. The three of you are very thoughtful people. When you have an idea, it is the most interesting to communicate, communicate, and collide with each other, isn't it?" The teacher habitually stretched his hand into his pocket, and then probably It was because I found that I didn't bring a cigarette-smoking is not allowed in the forest, so I rub my hands awkwardly and unwillingly.

"Communication collides to the end, even if it affects the settlement of the commission, is it okay?"

"Of course—it's related," Hiratsuka-sensei said sternly, "I want to show this to you when I tell you about this, Yubihama, do you know why you made Higiya dissatisfied this time?"

"Because I didn't follow his script temporarily?"

"Yes, not right," Hiratsuka-sensei looked into my eyes and said, "Of course you can have your own ideas, you have the freedom to express your ideas, and you even have the freedom not to accept the discussion and finally withdraw. But When a group makes a decision, you still don’t want to be too reckless for the better."

"In the final analysis, the teacher is also the logic of'you wasted other people's efforts'?"

"Of course, this time you can use the meaning of'other people are wrong, I am right, why should I obey the wrong party' to refute-I don't judge whether your behavior is right or wrong, just However, this time, you are making your own judgment on how to deal with Tsurumi's right or wrong. Next time, are you going to make your own judgment on Tsurumi's right or wrong? What?"

"I think I have already expressed regret for Tsurumi's choice this time-this should be a judgment, right?"

"But, Yubihama," Hiratsuka-sensei raised his head and patted me on the shoulder, and said, "A person, he may not know how to do the best, he may not know how to do the best. The effect, but is it good for him to do something? I think that person himself should know better than you do?"

Generally speaking, this is the case, but people are always blinded by the social environment, so there will always be people who see it better than others.

——I wanted to refute this, but, in the end, I swallowed this sentence back——even I didn’t know the reason for this.

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Chapter 36: What Yubihama is unwilling to accept

Compared to the time of departure, the car on the return journey seemed much quieter, and most people seemed to be ready to make a retreat in the car.At first, I could hear my sister in the back seat and Yukoshita happily saying something, but soon, the two of them seemed to be sleeping together.