My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 151

The rest of the voice was the occasional conversation of Mr. Hiratsuka and Hiratsuka sitting in the driver's seat and passenger seat.I have no idea about the education that Mr. Hiratsuka is going to implement compared to Kegu. After all, it is not the first time Mr. Hiratsuka can see through everything and say some specious warnings.I think that the older leftover female teachers who have no boyfriends will carefully figure out the ideas of high school students and try to influence them.

Although very competent as a teacher, it is very sad for a woman, isn't it?

At this time, I saw Hiratsuka-sensei as if he gave Biqigu a punch, and then the carriage fell completely silent, only Hiratsuka-teacher's rented car seemed to have some soothing old songs in the stereo. Looks like-and only this teacher is a character who truly belongs to the Showa era (laughs).

The Totsuka-senpai sitting next to me supported the armrest of the seat with his arm, and supported his head with his hand. He seemed to be trying very hard to find a comfortable sleeping position, but after a while, he raised his head again. Leaning on the back of the chair, it seemed that the supporting hand was too tired.

I suddenly felt embarrassed about this Totsuka-senpai. If Higiya was sitting in my position, Totsuka-senpai would have recklessly leaned on his shoulder to adjust to the most comfortable posture, right?It's a pity that Higiya looked dizzy in the passenger seat, and Senior Totsuka could only adjust his sleeping posture unsteadily.

Naturally, I can’t take on the task of Higiya on my behalf, so I am helpless for the current Totsuka-seniors, but this quiet state allows me to think better about everything that happened during this stay together. .

During the whole stay together, Yukoshita, Isshiki, Higiya, Yui sister, and Hiratsuka-sensei expressed their concerns or disapproval of me in different ways.Some people are purely worried, some seem to be just a vague suspicion, and some are straightforward warnings.

But the starting point of the problem is the same, in response to my approach to Tsurumi's problem.If it is just a simple "help", the problem may be easier, but one thing they unanimously said is that I am trying to "reform" Tsurumi.That is to say, I tried to interfere with Tsurumi's own thoughts at one time-replacing them with what I thought were "real thoughts".

Providing only a solution to a problem for a child and completely changing a child's attitude towards the problem are not the same. The biggest dispute here is whether we should instill a "correct" standpoint for others.

Hiratsuka-sensei and Higiya seemed to think they could not, Yui sister was worried that I would do it, and Yukinoshita and Isshiki hesitated.If it was me a month ago, my answer is no—because this violates the law of neutrality. However, as far as I am now, because I am aware of the lack of rationality of other people, I have enough correct Under the premise of logic, I think it is not bad to tell the other party the truth and then let the other party make a judgment.

Of course, the premise is: You must have a correct position—just as the position of "denial of cannibalism" is a correct position that will never waver.

"His—" I heard the sound of something approaching in my ear. When I turned my head to look around, the white-haired Totsuka-senpai's head was still resting on my shoulders—probably asleep. You can’t control your actions right now?

In this case, it seems that I cannot continue to think about it. I am a little sorry for Biqigu, but this is not what I want to do!

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"Xiaohe, get up!" I don't know how long it took, the sister's gentle shout came from my ear.

Although I didn't figure out the situation right away, it seems that I ended up asleep in the car?Obviously I was a little proud of being sober except the teacher in the whole car at the time, but now I was called by sister Yui, which is really shameful.

"So Yubihama-san, your sleeping posture is really not flattering. It seems to be hanging on Totsuka-san. Are you used to holding something to sleep at home?" As soon as I got out of the car, Yukoshita was cold. But it seemed that some interesting voice came over.

"You need to control it!"

——But, is this really the case?My sleeping posture shouldn't be that bad, right?should not?

I looked at Totsuka-senpai with embarrassment, but the first thing that caught my eyes was the Cannian look of Higiya.

"Uh, that, Yawata, it's actually okay. At the beginning, I should have fallen asleep leaning on Yuihama-san's shoulder, so in the end he hung on me, and it was even equalized, right?" Totsuka-senpai, who stood behind, showed a soft look, and gently pushed Biqigu.

In the face of this Totsuka-senpai, Higiya seemed to hesitate for a long time before he reluctantly gave up asking me.

"In fact, my brother's sleeping posture is also very bad!" Sister Komachi seemed to be very dissatisfied with the interaction between her brother and Senior Totsuka. Looking at Biqigu, she rarely revealed the bottom of Biqigu, which caught him by surprise.

"Well, I don't call it bad, because everyone has to adjust to the best posture, so there is no bad or not bad—"

The voice of Bigiya’s defense is always strange, but what moved me more is that finally someone as normal as me realized the improper relationship between Bigiya and Totsuka.Sister Komachi, if you're not Biqigu's sister, then I must rush to shake hands with you now to show my support.

——Although I know that if I rush up now, my girlfriend (by mistake) has been "stained" by my sister-in-law, Biqigu, and I must work hard with me.

"Hey, Kazuya, when Yui-senpa asked you to get up just now, Yui-senpai seemed to persuade Yui-senpai to let you sleep a little longer! Has something happened?" I don't know which is Isshiki no longer. This time I grabbed everyone's attention and was distracted, and came to my ear to tell me this kind of information that doesn't sound painful but always makes people feel a little strange.

"Not much has happened, and of course it's not the'horrible' thing you think."

"Didn't you say it? I was scaring you at that time! Heya, you obviously should remember something more interesting, right?"

"If your expression at that time was also acting, then I don't think I can tell when you can tell the truth and when you will tell lies."

"Eh, but the remarks just now about Senior Xuexia are true!" Isshiki showed a smirk.

"Although I think what you said is true, it is not certain now." I raised my head and glanced at Xuexia. However, the only thing that allowed me to speculate about her feelings was Xuexia with my back to me. It was her shoes rubbing against the ground-this seemed to be a bit hesitant about what to do next.

"It seems that you can't find Senior Xuexia's confirmation, how will Kazuya go back next?" Isshiki shook his head lightly and asked.

"How can I go back together with Yui sister?"

"No, no, I'm thinking, what kind of transportation will He use to go back?"

"In terms of transportation, it seems to be a direct bus ride from here, right?"

"Can't trams work?"

"It makes no sense?"

"But it's not easy to find a seat for the bus? It's uncomfortable to shake."

"If you want to consider these things, isn't the best way to let the family drive to pick you up-but work **** parents have no time!"

"But it seems that some people have time!" Suddenly, Isshi looked at my back in a daze, and said.

I turned my head, it seemed like a close-up shot in the movie, a black luxury car, slowly, stopped in front of us.

Afterwards, as the driver opened the door in a fluent manner, what came out of the car was a dazzling woman who suddenly became a lot softer.

The dazzling light is because I can feel that woman possesses the kind of calmness in controlling everything-this is somewhat similar to the feeling that Ye Shan brought to people in the first reaction.But the scary thing is that it seemed that at the moment I felt this way, that feeling disappeared, and replaced by a kind of warm atmosphere like spring breeze.

If Isshiki has integrated her image into her bones, then maybe this person, her entire soul, has been dedicated to the image, and these images can be said to be her "real" images-as for the real " What is "real", must be no longer important to this person, right?

"Hi, Yukino-chan~" has a similar vibrato with Isshiki, but it doesn't make people feel inconsistent. It is a feeling that you can't hate even if you know that the other party is pretending.

I couldn't help but glance at Isshishi next to me. I don't know when she has taken a step back, hiding in my back, and meeting the enhanced version of herself, a little at a loss, right?

However, was this person Yuukishita's name just called?

"Sister." Xuexia looked up complicatedly and said softly.

In that case, Senior Xiao Muzhen seems to have mentioned that Xuexia has an older sister, and she has also had some contacts with Senior. When Senior occasionally mentions Xuexia's sister, it seems to be with a complicated ignorance. How to deal with the emotions-and now, I understand this, this person, to deal with it, is really scary.

"Xuno-chan is true. I said that I would go home during the summer vacation and won't be back at the end. My sister was worried and had to come and pick it up!" Naturally spit out these words, and Xuexia's sister took a step forward. , To separate the unmoving snow from the surrounding people.

"I haven't mentioned the specific time to go home." Xuexia also seemed to be aware of the current situation. While denying her sister's words, she tried to move her feet and return to the others.

However, Xuexia's sister just took another step and turned all of Xuexia's efforts to nothing.

"Is there something different today's Xue Nao sauce? It doesn't feel like it's because of this side?" The step Xuexia's sister took just now seems to have brought her right in front of Biqigu.Looking at Biqigu, she frowned, showing a somewhat puzzled expression, and said, "The situation is a bit more complicated than I thought. I thought it should be going out together, didn't I?"

"Hmm." It seemed that Biqigu should have seen Xuexia's sister before, but in this case, he could only take a step back and said nothing.

"Brother Biqigu is not as powerful as I thought! So is there any new role?"

"Sister, you don't think about other people's thoughts too much now." Xuexia frowned and tried to stop his sister.

However, what this exchanged was her sister’s more interested smile: "Xuno-chan actually said that I didn’t consider other people's thoughts. Today's Yukino-chan is really different, it's so different, it's so interesting, Xuenao Isn’t the sauce a sin that should be consistent with me—"

"—I never said that—" Xuexia retorted in trouble.

"My sister who doesn't listen to my sister." Xuexia's sister showed a smile that seemed to be a little spoiled.