My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 152

But the scary thing is that I can't even tell whether this kind of "smug" smile is really spoiled or not.

And Yukino Yukino raised her hand, and finally seemed to be an appointment, watching her sister's behavior-this was the first time I saw that arrogant Yukino Yukino was softened.

It seemed that he was going to patrol all the people present, and Xuexia's sister's eyes scanned everyone unscrupulously.

"That--" My sister raised her hand, seeming to want to break the embarrassing situation.

"--Ah, I found it!" However, Yuukishita's sister completely ignored her sister's speech, causing her half-raised hand to hang down in embarrassment.Afterwards, she walked straight towards me, showing a kind expression to me, and asked: "Did the little brother do anything to my Yukino sauce? Also, what is your name?"

"Before asking my name, I hope seniors." I raised my head and looked straight at the woman in front of me who seemed to give people a very comfortable feeling. "I hope to make a difference with the one you just ignored. Sister Yi apologized."

——However, although it gives a very comfortable impression, the arrogance in the bones cannot be removed.

Although it's not impossible to understand the arrogant nature of good people, I still don't want someone to turn a blind eye to the hand raised by Yui sister who has been working hard.

At least, I don't hope that in front of me, Yui sister will have to show that kind of self-comforting and self-adjusting careful expression after her own efforts are ignored.

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Until I write this chapter tonight, I still don't know how He should face him when he meets the Great Demon King Yang for the first time. I don't want him to appear too weak.Therefore, for him now carrying the seal, he can only use his sister to stimulate the sister to control it hhhh-and then it will take another chapter to finish this part of the plot. It is said that there are already thirty-six chapters. Look at this volume. It's really going to be more than fifty chapters..


Chapter Thirty Seven: Unintentional lending will bring deeper consequences

"Yubihama!" After I said that, it was not Yukinoshita's sister who answered me first, but Yukinoshita herself. Her tone was anxious and warning.However, just after she called out my name, she froze there as if some didn't know what to say, and some didn't know what to do.

Obviously, I saw another person in this world that Xuexia Xuena is not good at dealing with-her own sister, and is different from the pampering attitude of the parents of the child when she talks to Yui sister. When facing her sister, Xuexia was like a prey being watched, resisting hard, but didn't know where the danger came from.

"Yah, ah, it seems that this is a child with a bad temper! My sister actually doesn't like this type!" Xuexia's sister paused for a while, as if she wanted to wait for Xuexia to finish her words. However, after Xuexia did not continue to speak, she let out a sigh that was almost inaudible and continued.

"I don't like it so you want me to develop in the direction you like?"

"The first impression is very bad! Are you treating me as a big devil? Why is this?" Yukoshita's sister stared at me, as if trying to see through me, asked "Why? Just didn't you notice the'Sister Yui' just mentioned to you?"

This is the first time I have encountered such a look, this kind of look that seems to be able to see through everything, and the penetration of this kind of look into a person does not seem to be ineffective due to any individual resistance, but that kind, nothing Obstructively penetrate people's feelings.Yukoshita's sister just looked at me unscrupulously.Even making the preparations to compete with her short-circuited me for a while.

But after I finally got back to my senses, she moved away from the topic with some familiarity: "Well, forget it, today I will leave a good impression in front of Yukinochan! So my sister won't fight with you. Now, if the little brother doesn’t want to introduce myself to me, I’ll just listen to you first-of course, I’m still very polite, and I’ll introduce myself to you first. I’m Yukoshita Yono and Yukino-chan Oh sister!"

Yukoshita Yono said to me like this, then turned around and said to himself: "Well, there was a girl who made a sound just now, ah, is that you?"

When he walked to the elder sister who seemed to be overwhelmed by the current situation, Yukoshita Yonoi smiled and folded his hands to his chest, and said, "I was so sorry just now! I was too anxious to find a change in Yukino-chan. You’re not here, so ignoring you, don’t you mind?”

Although it was a pleading attitude, the whole person of Yukino under Yukino exuded a kind of aura that forced the other party to agree with "you will definitely not mind"-although Yui sister herself was at this time The answer is definitely not mind, but I think even if she wants to answer "mind", she will be forced to surrender under the aura of Yukoshita Yono?

"Well, it's nothing, you don't have to apologize to me either, that, I am Koyuki's friend, Yuihama Yui." My sister responded to Yukoshita Yono nervously.

"Ah, is Yukino-chan's friend? This child has never had any friends, that's really great!" At that moment, Yukino-chan seemed to be a simple sister who cared about his younger sister.

And this also seemed to make my sister breathe a sigh of relief: "Hey, I am not as good as Xiaoxue, but Xiaoxue is really good, and I will work hard—"

"--Well, sister Yui, I have a question to ask you, can you give me an answer?" However, Yukino Yukoshita did not let Sister Yui continue talking--or, She seemed as if she didn't care what Yui sister wanted to say, because her next words made the feeling of spring breeze blowing her face disappear.

"Uh, tell me, I will try my best to answer."

"Now, is Sister Yui the older sister of the younger brother? My sister? I think your hair color seems to be the same!" The sharp beam of light cast on me before, this time penetrated to the end. Sister Yi's body.

"Huh? Xiaohe? Well, that, I am Xiaohe's sister! That, this—" Yui sister also obviously felt this huge pressure, so after answering the other party's question, she returned Some stammers don't know what to say.

"--Well, it’s just my elder sister," Yukoshita Yono interrupted her elder sister again, showing a somewhat relieved expression, "Although it’s a bit weird compared to the younger one , But I'm still very open-minded! Who cares more about Xue Nao Jiang? It's up to Xue Nao Jiang to decide for herself!"

——Wait a minute, these words of Yukoshita Yono seem to be a little weird, who is more concerned about whom Yukoshita cares about? It seems to be talking about whom she likes——Until the day before yesterday, his attitude has not been soft to me. Xuexia Xuena will care about me. Do you really think that your sister can't get married, so you are desperately trying to find a boyfriend for her?

"Well,'Little Brother', I apologized to your'Sister Yui' according to your request!" Yukoshita Yono turned around and said to me, she deliberately "Little Brother" The words and "Sister Yui" emphasized the tone, which made me feel that she wanted to say something deeper.

"However, Yukoshita-senpai interrupted her more than once when she was talking to Yui-san? You still lack respect for Yui-san, don't you?" However, I insisted on treating Yukoshita-yo. Nai said, even I don't know the reason why I insisted on being so opposed to Xuexiayangna.The person opposite is very scary. I know this. Although she never seems to be angry, if such a person gets angry, even if she doesn't show an angry expression, it is enough to wipe out the person, right?

And I think that the current Xuexiayangna may have to go in this direction.

"Little brother, I have already introduced myself, shouldn't you also introduce yourself?" Yukoshita Yono did not listen to me this time, she just narrowed her eyes and said seriously.

And her sudden pressure made me a little dazed again. When I reacted, I had already unknowingly answered her question: "Kazuya, Yubihama Kazuya."

"Is this a good boy, brother Kazuya. For a good boy, not only do you have to have your own ideas, but you should also learn to understand other people's ideas when necessary, especially to show respect to adults-but I am Some of them understand the reason for the change of Xue Nao-chan, and are a little disappointed!"

Yukoshita's short hair, which is different from her sister's, trembles slightly, and she continues: "One more thing, brother Kazuya, Yukino-chan is actually a very good child! Don't instill it in her. This kind of weird idea is right!"

"I don't think I can instill any ideas in people like Minister."

"Dishonesty is not a good boy! Also, brother Heye can call me sister Yangnai—then the girl behind brother Heye seems to be a new character again! Can you introduce yourself?"

This confrontation with Yukoshita Yono made my spirit a little too tense, which made me forget for a while that since she appeared, Isshiki has been standing in the shadow behind me-not too close to me, Nor did it deviate from my "scope of protection."

"Well, hello, Sister Yang Nai, I am Heya's friend, Yi Huiya Yu." Isshiki captured by Yukoshita Yangna didn't seem to have any thoughts of resisting—presumably, from the conversation just now, she Have realized that any escape in front of this person is useless, right?

"Just a friend of my brother? Not a girlfriend?"

"Ha, Senior Yang Nai joked, I'm just a friend of Ye!" When asked such a question, even Yishi, who has always been able to flexibly control her image, seemed a bit embarrassed, and her face rose. Flushing, said somewhat reluctantly.

"This guy has other people he likes, and he asks this kind of question when he meets for the first time. Senior Yukinoshita is really rude!"

"It's okay to call you sister Yangna, and brother Heya is really stubborn!" Like singing an aria, Yukoshita's voice became weird. "Also, brother Heya Don’t always speak for girls, otherwise, isn’t it easy to cause misunderstanding?"

"I don't usually say so much. If Xuexia-senpai can respect people enough, I wouldn't do it."

"So in the end, he is still a little brother with thorns all over! This style is a bit like Xue Nao-chan-no wonder you can instill strange ideas into Xue Nao-chan, right?"

"I don't have the ability to instill these things into the Minister, Senior Xuexia, I don't want to repeat these words a second time!"

"Ahhhhhh, all in all, brother Kazuya, you should also know that borrowed things are borrowed after all," Yukoshita Yangna still smiled softly, ignoring my protest ——As for things that she doesn't mind, she always seems to be inattentive, "So, if the borrowed thing breaks and there is nothing to make up for it, what should I do at that time?"

"Then the person who borrows the stuff is doing it on his own, right? The borrowed stuff should be kept well, isn't it?"

"But, is the person who borrowed her thing safe?" Suddenly, Yukoshita's eyes became sharp. "If he deliberately lends that person something that will break sooner or later, What should I do?"

"You have to ask the borrower why he didn't check it well, right?"

"A desperate person won't be able to check the trust he borrowed, and watching the desperate person borrow something is dangerous, my sister has always been worried!"

"So, it must be the responsibility of the person who lent that thing, right?"

"Do you think it should be? And brother?"

"—Sister!" Finally, the long-lost Yukoshita’s voice interrupted the conversation between me and Yukoshita Yono. "Everyone is waiting for you here. It’s not good. Moreover, you don’t have to be the only one Are they so aggressive in the first year of high school?"

"Ah, is that right? But Yukino-chan was also aggressive when she quarreled with me a year ago? I thought everyone in the first year of high school was like this."

——Do you think someone will believe it when you say this?

"I am different from other people, and Yubihama," Yukoshita paused, glanced at me, and continued, "It is also different from Yubihama, so you can't be confused."