My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 153

"Hey, Xue Nao-chan said you are different from Brother Heye?" Xue Xia Yang Nao showed a weird smile.

"Of course it's different!"

"Well, Xue Nao-chan also works very hard, isn't she?"

"Yang Nai, let it be!"

With the appearance of this voice, the smile on Yang Nai's face changed slightly.

"Long time no see, Xiao Jing!"

It seems that Yukoshita Yo is the same as Mr. Heilaizuka knew.

Seeing other people's puzzled eyes, Hiratsuka-sensei coughed a little and explained, "Students who have taught before."

"Well, Xiaojing has given me a eviction order, which is a little bit sad! But Xue Nao is going back just now, right? Is that right?"

"I just said that you are a little bored with your own words here."

"You are not obedient, look, your mother is waiting too!"

This sentence caused Xuexia to have an unusual reaction. She tried to say something for a long time, but in the end, she sighed and bowed her head as if accepting her fate.

This is the first time that Xuexia has truly surrendered-completely succumbing to an authority-like compliant.

I suddenly understood the reason why I had always wanted to fight with Yuuki Xia Yangna. In front of her, not only was my sister ignored, but everyone's form was distorted-Yuuki Xia's clothes were softened, and they were all distorted. No matter how easy it is, she has shrunk herself deeper than Kegu, and even Hiratsuka-teacher can't completely suppress her with her identity.

Everyone seemed to be controlled by Xuexiayangna, forming an abnormal posture - and at this time, there must always be someone who blew the horn of resistance.

It's just that, up to now, I am a little bit scared. Is this "tough" image, which is different from my image at other times, also a process of "alienation" under the control of Xuexiayango.

"Sorry, Yubihama--" There seemed to be a lot of words to say, but they couldn't express the same. Yukoshita spit out such a sentence to me that should not only include the literal meaning.

Then, as if being pushed by her sister, Yuukishita lowered his head and did not say goodbye to the others, and disappeared into the car like that.

"That's right, brother Kazuya, think carefully about the question I mentioned! My sister will come for spot checks from time to time, and there will be prizes for correct answers!"

In the same way, Xuexia Yangna used her as usual gentle but rumorous attitude, and left me a sentence that was richer than the literal meaning.

The sound of a steady engine rang, and the black luxury car slowly started and disappeared from my sight.

"Xiaohe——" At this time, my sister took my hand, as if trying to say something.

"Sorry, Yui sister, it's just a while, it only takes a while, I don't want anyone to talk to me." However, for the first time in my life, I turned down Yui sister when she wanted to say something important to me.

I don’t like this reality. Xuexiayang’s attitude towards other people is just the simplest reason. In fact, I’m a little scared. I’m afraid. Xuexiayang suspects something more distant. thing.

I watched Yui-sister who seemed to be a little embarrassed talking about Bigiya, and saw Biggiya shook her head, and Yui-sister blinked strangely.

Maybe they found a deeper bond with Xuexia Xuena.

However, Yubi Hama Kazuya suspected that he might have to bear more terrible responsibilities.

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Then I always feel that giving too much God's perspective to the two roles of Yang Nai and Jing is hanging up-the protagonist can't win (Heya: How can an author like you, desperately buff your opponent and debuff me).But all in all, although there are a few chapters in the middle, I am still very satisfied with this co-star story. The collision of thoughts includes the suspension and burying of various flags and foreshadowings.Although the emotional line has faded a bit, it has been sufficiently padded, and that's roughly it.

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Chapter 38: Attitudes towards girls should not be too rigid

After ending the stay with a not-so-good memory, Xuexia disappeared during the summer vacation. Although my sister still seemed to keep in touch with her via email and phone, from my personal point of view, Xuezhi The next to me can be called silent.

Of course, I’m not saying that Yukoshita’s disappearance is a bad thing. I just think that after the sudden meeting organized by Mr. Hiratsuka, the Ministry of Service seems to have broken up because of lack of cooperation. The minister’s usual contact, Yubihama and the other two people in the Ministry of Service seemed to have lost the basis of their combination, and there was no opportunity to unite the four.

As for why you have to complain about this, it is naturally because of unsuitability.The summer vacation should be the most abundant time for club activities. At this time, the sports clubs will practice with the sun to prepare for the upcoming national competition. Cultural clubs should also enter the final stage of cultural festival preparations at this time. ——Of course, it is difficult to attribute the Ministry of Service to a specific type of society. I think this is also the reason why the summer activities of the Ministry of Service seem to be sloppy or even vague.

However, in any case, this makes the routine family trip of Yubihama go smoothly.

——However, Yubihama Kazuya was absent again for this family trip. This is the second consecutive year that I have been absent from family trips.

This is of course not because I don't want to go out-this is going to the beach, the sea should be the biggest motivation for people to go out in summer, right?

This is purely due to the unlucky time.On the second day when the plan was determined not to be changed, Isshi sent me the key to the school archives.

——This is for my independent summer research.The topic I prepared is the analysis of the performances of the Zong Wu Gao Sports Association over the years-this is basically related to my interests, and the data is not complicated. As long as the right to enter the archives during the summer vacation is enough, I will leave it to you. Yishi-she seems to be the kind of person who can get all the weird permissions in the school.

And Isshiki really lived up to my expectations, and helped me get the admission permit from the school archives-although the time coincided with the time of the family travel.

Although this time I’m sure Isshiki would never deliberately choose this time to embarrass me, but watching her holding the key, she said "Hey, Kazuya, I helped you again, how should you respond? Me" expression, I also threw behind the thought of trying to persuade her to help me change the time.

I know that if I ask her to change the time for me again, this is not impossible, but I don’t necessarily have to owe a lot of favors to the color Yu, in order to avoid being used by her unscrupulously or similar situations. , I can only reluctantly give up another family trip opportunity.

Moreover, I still can't let Yui sister know this, otherwise she will somehow feel guilty and stay with me.

"So, Xiaohe, do you really have something to do?" Before leaving, my sister looked at me sadly, "I haven't taken a family trip for three consecutive years. This time you said you can't go. If it's a family trip or something, it doesn't count at all!"

"Really, sorry, old sister, but I really have something to do. I forgot the specific appointment time for the summer study. If the school homework can't be completed, it's bad, right?"

"Obviously, I have asked the small business to take care of Sabre in advance."

"Well, compared to not being able to go on a family trip with you, I am more concerned about you entrusting Sabre to Biqigu."

"Uh, why?"

"Of course, the main reason is that Sabre must have a bad relationship with their Kamakura, and it's definitely not because it was uncomfortable to watch her sister go to Biqigu's house without any proper reason."

"Small entrepreneurs are not dangerous?"

"I know it's not dangerous, but it's-in short, it's enough to hand over Sabre to me now. Don't waste the determined summer travel plan. Obviously Mom and Dad didn't say anything about me. Why do you want Yui? You care about this thing so much!"

"That's because mom and dad feel that Xiaohe's decisions are basically correct as before. Only I know that Xiaohe is very different now."

"I sincerely hope that Yui sister, you can relax me like my parents."

"So that's not the point! Xiaohe, are you really unwilling to go on a family trip?" Sister Yui stamped her foot and said in the same tone as an ultimatum.

"It's not that I don't want to go, I really can't help it!" Although I concealed some things, what I said was the truth, didn't I?

"Xiaohe is an idiot. I will prepare for the exam next year, and the year after you prepare for the exam, you may not have the opportunity to travel with the whole family when you go to university!"