My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 154

It is rare that Yui sister said something very reasonable, which also made me feel a little regretful.But now it’s too late to ask Isshiki to adjust the time.

"Even so, I can't change my plan."

"Is it still impossible to say that?" My sister launched a tearful offensive at me.

"But, this time I'm really not playing tricks, Yui sister."

To be honest, looking at this picture of Yui sister, I almost had a summer free study regardless of the urge to set off directly with Yui sister, but the last trace of reason prevented me from going out.This summer vacation is really not peaceful enough!

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"So, a kid who should have turned his grief and anger into strength in the school's archives, what is he going to do in my house now?" Senior Xiao Muzhen came to me with a cup of tea and looked at me helplessly.

"Sister Yui is sad to come and seek the comfort of Senior Xiao Mu Shu!"

"Heya, you really did it! I felt sad because of one girl's affairs, so I went to another girl to find comfort." Senior looked at me with slanted eyes, showing a smile.

"Ahem, although you are right to say that, one is Yui sister, and the other is Senior Xiaomushu, all exceptions are exceptions!"

"I remember a certain kid still'confessed' to me!"

"Ahem, shouldn't Senior care about these details so much?"

"Well, what I want to say is, you should at least say hello to me before you come to my house?" Fortunately, Senior Xiao Muzhen didn't seem to hold on to me on this topic, although her face was a little red. , It seems like I am embarrassed about this question-the history of confession and card issuance must be black history for both of us, right?

"Well, do you forgive me if you are emotionally unstable, senior?"

"I shouldn’t let you take me home occasionally. You know, this is the first time you have come to my house. My family doesn’t know you, so suddenly I rang the doorbell and came to me like a bereaved concubine. You need to know this Fortunately, it was Xiaohong who returned to open the door, if it was Dad--" Senior Xiao Muzhen said with a grumbling face, but immediately, she stopped.

Then, seeming to realize something, she opened the door of her room, and then the brown hair of Senior's brother jumped out of the door.

——Well, by the way, when I came to Senior Xiao Muzhen’s house for the first time, I entered Senior’s room, and knew that Senior opened the door of the room just now. I didn’t feel anything wrong.

No no no no, this is terrible!I had never entered her room when I was a boyfriend and girlfriend with Xiaochun!Even Yui sister, I almost never enter her room now, and now I sit in the room of Senior Xiao Muzhen without any scruples. I didn’t pay attention just now. I only noticed when Senior stopped talking, um, The pink bed is very girly, the exquisite but charming dressing table, the shelf with neatly arranged books, does not seem to be closed, and you can vaguely see the wardrobe of the seniors’ casual clothes inside-all of this It's too bad, right?

Even if my mind was short-circuited and didn't react, Senior Xiao Muzhen should know how unreasonable it is to let me into her room, right?

Obviously, before the summer vacation, I still felt that I had some misunderstandings with seniors. Before coming to senior's house, I felt that I was impulsive and ignored. All in all, the current situation can't be called "normal" anyway?

But the senior still seems to be unaware of some problems. She is now dissatisfiedly reprimanding her brother outside her room who seems to have been caught eavesdropping.

"When did my younger brother develop the bad habit of eavesdropping on the conversations between my sister and friends?" In front of her younger brother, Xiao Mu Shu-sen was indeed a majestic image, and this kind of vividness with Yui sister The comparison also made me realize the fundamental difference between the two.

"It's mainly because this is the first time that my sister has a male friend to visit, so I think there are some problems. I definitely didn't deliberately want to eavesdrop——" Senior's brother, a boy named Xiaohong said.

"Aren't male friends also friends? Isn't it so surprised to have friends come to me?"

"But, after entering high school, obviously no friends come to the house anymore?" Xiaohong seemed to mumble dissatisfiedly.

"In short, let me catch you overhearing you and you will be finished. Also, if mom and dad come back, you dare to talk to them, the consequences will be very miserable, do you understand it!" Senior Xiao Muzhen, hands on hips, Reprimanded her brother mercilessly, leaving her brother with a dazed expression and had to apologize constantly.

It’s also terrible to start scolding people!

"Sorry, Kazuya, I didn't know that Xiaohong would overhear like this. I am sorry for my brother's unreasonable behavior." Senior Xiao Muzhen, who had finished reprimanding her brother, returned to sit down opposite me. The face looked sorry and said.

"It's nothing, it's just the expression on Senior reprimanding your brother just now, including the appearance of apologizing to me just now, making me feel like Senior is like a son who has finished teaching his own ineffectiveness, and then complains with the neighbors of the mother-"

"--Anyway, you want to say that this is the image of an old woman from the Showa period?" Senior Ogishao's sharp gaze swept over.

Wow, it's terrible!

"--Uh, absolutely not, I just feel that Senior will become a good mother in the future!"

"Heya, don't you think you said something very dangerous again?"

"Eh, is that right?"

"You guy, you always seem unexpectedly slow on some issues!" Senior Xiao Muzhen sighed and said, "For example, your sister's matter, although I also understand that you have to complete your summer research. The plan is embarrassing! But how can your sister not understand this? So her kind of retention is just to make you clarify your attitude of sorry. At that time, you only need to subdue a little, even symbolically agree. If your sister asks, she will let you go and let you stay and do your summer research, right?"

"But if you don't clarify my question, Yui sister won't understand, right?"

"Do you really think of your sister Yui as a stupid? At least from my contact with her, she is actually a very sensitive person! You always regard her as a stupid. That's why you can't understand a lot of her thoughts. Like just this time, you think your sister Yui is an idiot and can't understand the tasks you must complete, right?"

"Absolutely not—"

"--to be frank!"

"—Well, a little bit."

"So, for your sister, your tough expression means you have something to do, so the attitude of not being able to go is hard to accept. In other words, girls don’t like this attitude. Girls understand that you have a reason. But if you really use this kind of legitimate reason as an excuse to reject girls, it would be too bad."

"But that's Yui sister, Yui sister and girls are always a little different, right?"

"Even if it is your sister, her way of thinking about problems is still a girl!" Senior Xiao Muzhen said to me earnestly, "I really can't see that you are still a person who has a girlfriend. The girlfriend before you is probably Can't stand your personality and break up with you, right?"

"It's not the problem. It seems that Xiaochun and I are mainly competing for the dominance of the problem? So there is no problem?"

"That's the way to get along?" Senior raised his head, seeming to be caught in some thinking.

"Well, that's the kind."

"But you never seem to try to fight for dominance in front of me?"

"That's because what seniors say is always convincing, isn't it?"

"Although I think you are complimenting me, why do I always have a subtle feeling of not being happy?" Senior Xiao Muzhen glanced at me, shook his head, and finally showed a somewhat reluctant expression.

Senior, do you want me to fight for more dominance in front of her?But this is not necessary?In other words, for Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai, does she really want a boy to dominate her behavior?

I think this is unbelievable, after all, she is so dazzling, so independent, what about Senior Xiao Muzhen!

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After a lapse of 26 chapters, Xuecai’s first appearance, um, hurry up, take advantage of the opportunity of Xuenao to be limited, and the dumplings to travel, Xuecai quickly brush her presence!Moreover, it is really interesting to let "Xiao Mu Shu Xiaohong" write "Xiao Mu Shu Xiaohong" in the first person of "Yubihama Kazuya" hhhhh.Of course, back then, I really considered using Xiaohong as the protagonist to write this doujin, but considering that Xuecai had been injured by Brother Chun when Xiaohong was in high school, it was hard to tolerate it.


Chapter 39: There is always no shortage of genius in this world

"All in all, I don't think it is a very reliable thing for you to stay in my house now!" The senior knocked on the table and put on a fixed attitude, "Just look at Xiaohong's curiosity just now. You know how unreliable it is to come to my house, right?"

Although Senpai’s words are somewhat eye-catching, her expression does not seem to show too much anger-but even then I can’t take it lightly. After all, Senpai Xiaomu’s ability to control his true emotions is very powerful, this It is evident from her state of showing a friendly but inviolable mask to others in school.

Therefore, it’s better for me to warn me as a predecessor for this kind of predecessor's - indeed, although at the time because of the little conflict with Yui sister, I ran to the home of Ogishao predecessor in despair, but now I am back. I still felt very ashamed when I came, didn't it?

However, in any case, being kicked out of the house by the senior is always a very hurtful thing, so I still tried it a little bit.

"Senior meant that your brother might tell your parents about these things?"

"Don't worry, I can still suppress Xiaohong in this regard, but I find it difficult to explain when my mother comes back later, and what is even more difficult to imagine is the attitude of father after returning." The senior sighed, earnestly Earth and I explained the reason.