My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 155

However, no matter how good the attitude is, I can still see the meaning of Xiao Muzhen.

So in the end, the eviction order was issued.Is Senpai's father really such a terrible person?But it also feels like. From the performance in school, you can see that Senior Xiao Muzhen is still very strict in tutoring. Compared with my parents, sometimes they just throw the care of Yui sister at me. On his head, Yubihama's family can really be regarded as "free and loose".

Suddenly, I thought of Yukoshita’s house. The loss of Yukoshita’s dereliction of duty is probably related to her family environment, right?Thinking of her sister's words "Mother is still waiting" at the time, Yukoshita was forced to give in like magic.Presumably, the minister’s family is also one of the reasons for shaping the minister’s character?

"At the beginning, I thought that He was more polite in front of me lately, but when you talk a little longer, you are in a state of distraction again!" With the sound of a flick of his forehead, the face of Senior Xiao Mu Xiao appeared on me. In front of.

"Uh, I'm just thinking about how the family environment will shape different people's personalities-maybe this can be the content of my free research next summer?"

"Oh, is it because I mentioned my parents?"

"That's right! Seniors are usually serious, but occasionally they have some unexpected thoughts. It feels related to the family environment!"

"So? Since it is a subject of free research, I am definitely not the only example?"

"Yes," I confessed, nodding honestly, "Well, I also considered the example of Yui sister and the example of Director Yukinoshita. It seems that the personalities of Yui sister and Yukinoshita are very much related to the family environment. Relationship."

"Oh, do you mean that Yubihama Kazuya-classmates thought of other girls when talking to a girl again?"

"Thinking from a pure research perspective!"

"But you can't change this fact!" Senior Xiao Muzhen shrugged, showing a subtle expression, "Fortunately, you are not the kind of fool who talks about the advantages of another girl in front of one girl."

"Is there really that kind of fool?"

"Well, there shouldn't be any, but it does not rule out that you will develop in that direction in the future!"

"Although I don't know where the predecessors came to this conclusion, even if I develop in that direction, I would not do it in front of Xiao Muzhen. After all, I still can't imagine any advantages that Xiao Muzhen does not have."

"Well, when did Heya become so glib?" Although what I just said was really true, it is indeed a bit shame after careful consideration. Senior's now a little embarrassed flushed face seems Also proved this.

Girls can't resist the temptation of sweet talk--especially the words you say inadvertently.This is not a reminder from Senior Xiao Muzhen, it should be my own experience.

However, looking at the a little embarrassed-senior Xiao Muzhu, I also suddenly had an idea to tease her: "Hey, no one has said these things to seniors before?"

"It's not that you haven't confessed to me, but it's definitely not as explicit as you said!" Senior Xiao Muzhen showed a troubled expression, "Heye, you are now because you have a better relationship with me, so you are speaking too unscrupulously. "

It's worthy to be Senior Xiao Muzhen. Although the way he speaks is a bit embarrassing, he has quickly changed the mode and adjusted his state to the "education" mode of the predecessor to the younger generation: "Also, Kazuya, do you often talk to you? A good relationship girl talks like this? This is very dangerous! I can still detect that you are joking. If it is a conversation with other girls, it might be misunderstood."

"That's not the case. In fact, I have only said similar things to Senior Xiao Muzhen."

"Really?" Senpai showed a thoughtful expression, and then he seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, and his attitude was not as urgent as before. "Of course, it's best if you didn't say that to other people, but Before you say these things next time, do you have to be careful to know? Although I don’t think you are so dull, but sometimes you say these things without thinking through your brain that are somewhat, um, sensitive, you still have to pay attention Some, okay?"

"I see." As always, I lowered my head and made an attitude of listening carefully to the "education" of Senior Xiao Muzhen.

——Although the predecessor’s attitude to teach this lesson, the younger generation’s attitude makes me want to confuse the showa era.

"It's okay if you understand." Of course, I think Senior Xiao Muzhen also understands that my state may be just doing something. She also quickly ended her education for juniors and stood up, "Then let's go!"

"I understand." I nodded and stood up.

Later, I found Senior Xiao Muzhen sorting his schoolbags.

"Senior is going out?"

"Of course!" Senior Xiao Muzhen replied as expected.

Well, if Senior Xiao Muzhen let me leave after having an appointment with other people, my heart will be balanced a lot-although it is always strange that Senior will drive me away because of other people.

"I think you didn't bring anything? When you go to the school archives to find materials, you have to bring paper and pen to copy the materials. Besides, I am not too free to spend a day in the archives with you, so I have to find something for myself. , I went to study by the way-you have the key to the school archives, right?"

"Uh, senior Xiao Muyan, I don't understand what you mean?"

"What are you talking about, He Ye," Senior Xiao Muzhen sighed, "Hurry up and go out. Let's go to the school archives together now? Give me my grief and indignation. I will supervise you. "


"——Don’t make yourself lazy because of the summer vacation!"

"I understand, Senior Xiao Muyan!"

------------------------------------split line------------ --------------------------

"In fact, Zong Wu Gao’s sports clubs still have a relatively glorious history! I didn’t know about it before, so I made a wrong judgment based on the current half-dead situation. At least two years ago, Zong Wu Gao’s Sports clubs all have good results." In the school archives, I looked at the materials in hand with some surprise.Indeed, at least three years ago, the football club of Zou Wu Gao also entered the quarter-finals of the national competition, but the quarter-finals of that session also had certain accidental factors. The third-year senior students of the football club seemed to have some bonuses. , Played very well, so that the former Wu Gao, who had only been able to play in the national competition for one round, approached the quarterfinals in one fell swoop.

However, if the former General Wu Gao was still at the level of a round of the national competition, now he can't even pass the county qualifiers, it is really a bit bad-it is no wonder that the current Minister of Football Ye Shan repeatedly wants to pull I have joined the group. After all, senior's grades are also a huge pressure on him.

"There are more coincidence factors?" Senior Xiao Muyan who was reading the book replied smoothly. "Sometimes there will be a group of particularly outstanding students inexplicably, and then by chance, these students will They will form a good group, and then they will be able to maintain stable results during their enrollment period-but this is just a coincidence after all, this group of people will not necessarily be added up, right?"

"Hey, I didn't think that the seniors had such a deep research on sports clubs. Would they also specially observe a certain sports club, like the main players of the football club or the basketball club?"

"Idiot--" However, the response to me was Senior Xiao Muzhen's relentless forehead attack, "This is just a common sense that can be speculated? And it is not often said that after you left the football club of Qingquan Middle School, now Is the football club of Qingquan Middle School in a mess? That's the truth."

"Do I mention this often?"

"Don't you just mention it?" Senpai seemed a little unwilling to continue entanglement on this topic, and pointed to another booklet in a panic, and said, "If you must pay attention to the honor of Zou Wu Gao, I think you go Looking at the honors in music, it will be more reliable. After all, we still have a special music department. It seems that someone won the third place in the national piano competition not long ago?"

"I've heard this before, but after all, it's only the third place. In the music department that recruits specialized talents, it's not easy to explain it without a first place?"

"There is only one first place in total. How many schools do you think there are in the country that enrolls music subjects!" The predecessor once again showed a helpless expression, "It is already great to get a third place! You weren't there just now. Are you surprised that the football team made it to the top eight in the country? If you really can't, you can go through the files carefully, maybe you can find a first place."

"The football department is weak, the music department should always be stronger than the unstable football department—" I followed the advice of my seniors and flipped through the honor book. Then,

"—Okay, Senior Xiao Muzhen, I withdrew what I just said." I looked at the photos on the honor book somewhat unexpectedly.

It was a girl with long black hair and a delicate face. Even if I had seen many beautiful girls, I had to give that girl such affirmation. She was holding the trophy that won the national competition.However, something unexpected is that she didn't seem to be very happy because of winning. The expression on her in the photo did not show any excitement at all. Some were just indifferent and extra cold.

"Dongma Hesha, won the national competition two years ago?" Senior Xiao Muzhen also leaned next to me, looking at the photo in front of me, "It's very beautiful, a great beauty!"

"But it looks arrogant, doesn't it? Win the championship and put on a bad face."

"Well, and don’t just judge a person based on a photo! Haven’t you been complaining to me about how bad your Minister Yukoshita is, now don’t you also accept her? Before you and your sister Did you go camping with her?"

"That is a collective lodging in the Ministry of Service organized by Mr. Hiratsuka."

"Anyway, I went camping together!" Senior Xiao Muzhen said nonchalantly, "But I won the championship two years ago, maybe I met this girl!"

"Even if I met, she has graduated now, right? Unless that guy is a genius who can win the championship when he reaches the first grade."

"But I think Heya already knows a lot of geniuses!"

The words of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen made me a little speechless. Indeed, after seeing someone like Xuexia, the genius who can win the national championship in the first year does not seem to exist.

"But I haven't heard of this Dongma and Sa before today. If she is such a powerful character, I should have heard of it when she enrolled, didn't you? Seniors, you don't know such a character. Does it exist? Did she go away after winning a championship?"

"Well, I have also seen a situation where the core players of the national junior team don't want to play football!"

——Damn it, and was again sent to the army by Senior Xiao Muzhu.