My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 156

"Well, all in all, if this person is still in school, senior, you go to the music department to find her, then I will give up."

"An la, Kazuya, we didn't bet, why be so serious!" Senior Xiao Muzhu looked at me with a smile, I now understand it, and seniors probably didn't pay much attention to what I said just now. Looking at the current situation, she It should be secretly taking revenge on the "trick" I just performed on her!

At this time, my phone's ringtone suddenly rang.

Yui sister, I know you care about me, but there is no need to call me in less than a day, right?

I glanced at Senior Xiao Muzhen, and she showed me an expression of understanding.

However, when I looked at my mobile phone, I saw a familiar and unfamiliar number.

Although the owner of this number is not registered on the mobile phone, the first moment I saw the string of numbers, I understood who called me.

After all, some memories can be erased not just by mechanical deletion.

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The content of this chapter is a bit watery, but I will continue to think about it for three hours. The main reason is that the next plot is not an independent plot. What I want to undertake is two consecutive volumes. The protagonist’s thinking mode It is about to usher in a complete transformation.

To be honest, I am a little scared. So far I am very satisfied with this book, but the next two volumes should be more exciting if they are well written, but the first three volumes of this book are no matter how gorgeous they are It's useless.Everyone knows that the cultural festival is the climax, but I have no idea how to write the climax, so I have been laying the groundwork for the climax and I am really worried that I will pave the way for it.


Chapter 40: Shura Field is always caught off guard

After entering high school, I did not deliberately change my mobile phone number.Although I don’t know if Xiaochun deleted my number, it’s no surprise to me that Xiaochun was able to contact me proactively, just as I reacted immediately when I saw her number.

The problem is, why did she take the initiative to contact me? Although the meeting with her before the summer vacation seems to have been a long time ago, I still clearly remember her stubborn and serious look at that time. But also working hard, seeking a proof.

Therefore, she shouldn't take the initiative to contact me until she has made some concrete proof of her achievements.

I just stared at the screen of my mobile phone in a daze, and in this small archive room, my every move could not escape the observation of Senior Xiao Muzhen. Senior poked my arm in a strange way and motioned: "He Ye , What happened to your phone?"

"Ah, it's okay." I didn't want to show this kind of absent-mindedness again in front of Senior Xiao Muzhen, and it was more or less to cover up my panic, so I answered the phone, "What's the matter?"

I didn't start with the usual social language such as "hello". Although this is a bit impolite, I think Xiaochun on the other end of the phone should be able to feel my current situation where I don't want to be disturbed.

If she is the usual one, she will probably understand what I mean very quickly, and then hang up the phone with a casual greeting, right?

However, after the other end of the phone was silent for a long time, the familiar, somewhat hasty voice came over: "Is there really no time? It's okay for me to find you."

I glanced at Senior Xiao Muzhen next to me, and subconsciously wanted to refuse.

However, the predecessor's eyes looked at me so seriously, as if he wanted to see through my heart, and stared at me like this, making me reject the other party and stuck in his mouth like this.

"If I can, shall I go to you now?" My silence seemed to give the opposite encouragement that I had tacitly agreed with. Soon, Xiaochun vomited out even more anxiously.

"I'm in school, but there are others on my side—" I reluctantly wanted to refuse.

"——If it's a senior in your club, I don't care. To some extent, this matter is also a bit of a touch with your club. I will pass now." However, Xiaochun's renju cannon is the same. The speech interrupted me.

"Uh, your understanding may be a little bit wrong—"

"——Sure, right? Hey?"

Xiaochun called me by my name. It was not "Yuhihama-senpai" who could express distance in the past. I think I have understood the subtleties in it.

I took a look at Senior Xiao Muzhen, who continued to look at me like this. In the end, I still succumbed: "Okay, come to Chief Wu Gao, I will go out to pick you up."

To be honest, if it wasn't for Xiao Muzhen's predecessor to watch him and give me inexplicable pressure, I think I might have rejected Xiaochun at that time.Although I know that Senior Xiao Muzhen didn't express her position intentionally, she looked at me as if she was warning me not to escape.

"Someone will come and find me next." I looked at the senior, and simply said the fact that we all knew well.

"I see," Senior said gently, touching the purple bow on his head, and said casually, "Is this a girl I know?"

"Uh, it can be considered, or can it be considered?"

"Really? It doesn't matter if I stay here, right?"

"There should be no problem." I looked into Senior Xiao Muzhen's eyes and replied.

Senior's expression was a bit unpredictable. Once again, I found that I couldn't understand what Senior Xiao Muzhen was thinking.

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I went to Xiaochun outside the school gate of Zou Wu Gao.Although it is a summer vacation, the current Chief Wu Gao is not too quiet. After all, although it is a bit hot, there are still a lot of clubs that maintain activities during the summer vacation. With my guide, she can save a lot of money. trouble.

Wearing a pink T-shirt, the lower body is more comfortable women's cropped trousers, the back of the head is routinely tied into a single ponytail with a light blue hair band. This is a routine for Xiaochun when going out during summer vacation.In fact, I still remember that I chose the pink T-shirt for her. The reason I gave her at the time was that she tends to be too aggressive in front of other people, so wearing pink clothes can look more cute and neutralize it. Her impression of being tough.Since then, she has always preferred pink clothes.

It's just that, I didn't expect that after the breakup, her habit still hasn't changed, and it makes me feel a little embarrassed to remember this.

However, Xiaochun didn't seem to be aware of this. Compared to the confident look when I saw her last time, she was obviously a little haggard and flustered this time.It seems to be crushed by something.

If there must be something annoying, it should be related to the joint school festival, right?However, there is no special situation in my impression recently.

"Zong Wu Gao, there are a lot of people during the summer vacation!" Xiaochun lightly bit his lip, and a slightly worried expression appeared on Xiaochun's face.

"This is the norm in many schools?" I shrugged and said, "After all, summer vacation is the best time to strengthen training, and it is also the fastest time to improve, right? Have you forgotten my football club back then? Training camp for summer vacation."

When she heard the word "Football Club", Xiaochun's eyes were obviously dimmed. It has been half a year. She probably still feels self-blame for the incident at the time-obviously something to do with her No, that error, I only need to bear it.

"There are too many people. There shouldn't be so many people in the place where we will talk later?" Xiaochun seemed to want to say something very secret or relatively inexplicable, and asked hesitantly.

"No problem, it just so happens that normal students can't get in that place later."

"The student union room?"

"Not really."

Then, when I was a little proud, when I brought Xiaochun to the archives, I realized that what I was proud of just now was indeed used in the wrong place.In the process of talking with Xiaochun, I completely forgot, Senior Xiao Muzhen, stayed here forever, waiting for me to return.

Therefore, Xiaochun, who didn't get my reminder, just looked at Senior Xiao Muzhen when he opened the door of the archives.

And Senior Xiao Muzhen, also obviously looked at Xiaochun in surprise.

There was an unprecedented silence beside the desk of the small archives.

Xiaochun should have heard of the name of Senior Xiao Mu Shu from various materials about the election of Miss Chief Military High-and it is very likely that she has seen senior photos.I also remember that when I met her before, she was high-spirited, and she was ready to compete with Senior Xiao Muzhen.However, she is obviously completely different from her at the time. Even if she realizes that she is in front of Yusuna Xiaomu, she must not be able to shake hands with seniors generously as she expected, right?Especially when she is still completely unprepared for this unexpected meeting.

Senior Xiao Muzhen on the other side, although I think she can tell who this person is from my attitude towards the call and my description of Xiaochun, she is obviously not sure about Xiaochun who appeared with me. Confirming the identity of the other party, so Senior was somewhat embarrassed.

This atmosphere can no longer collapse.

"Uh, let me introduce it. This is Senior Xiaomu Yu Xuecai, my senior sister in General Wu Gao, I think Xiaochun, you should know some of her situation, but in private, she is actually a good deal People!"

Senior nodded slightly, but didn't mean to speak actively.

"Then, this is Sugiura Koharu, um, the current secretary of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union, and also the manager of my football department at Qingquan Middle School, and I recently accepted the commission from the Student Union to handle the joint school festival between the two schools. At work, I see her more often."