My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 157

And Xiaochun just lowered his head without further reaction.Of course, I may be able to grasp the emotions more accurately. When I introduced Xiaochun to my predecessor, I didn’t mention our previous relationship. This may make her a little sad, but this is also normal, isn’t it? After all, it is so unacceptable to introduce the identity of the "ex-girlfriend" in a fair manner!

"Well, Xiaochun, I told you on the phone that there are other people on my side——" Senior Xiao Muzhen's thoughts were difficult to figure out, so I first tried Xiaochun's meaning, after all, I still remember her coming this time I have something to discuss with me.

"--But you didn't tell me that it was Senior Xiao Muzhen!" Xiaochun said in a pissed tone, and hers did not look at me, but stared at Senior Xiao Muzhen firmly.

"Well, Sugiura-san feels that he can't let go of asking for help in front of strangers? It's okay. I have a good relationship with Heya. When he encounters difficult problems, he often turns to me for help. So Sugiura is completely There is no need to care about this." Senior Xiao Muzhen replied with a light smile.

——However, although it is a chuckle, what is the faint atmosphere of the flaunt of the winner in the tone!

"But, I have heard Heya talk about his relationship with seniors before!" Xiaochun raised her head, revealing her usual stubborn look when she was disadvantaged, and said, "I remember Heya back then. Say, he and his senior have a relatively good relationship between'Senior Sister' and'Senior Brother', right?"

Xiaochun deliberately added an accent to the words "school sister" and "school brother".

Even fools can hear what you are suggesting, right?Didn't you come to me for help now?Don't compete with Senior Xiao Muzhen!

"Of course, as you said, it's just'relationship is better'! But my senior sister should be more reliable? So Kazuya often comes to me when I am depressed, right? For example, today, because Kazuya I've been sighing and sighing that he and his sister are having conflicts over the family trip, so I was'forced' to be pulled over by him as a trash can for complaining."

However, the problem is, why did you compete with a girl who is three years younger than you, Xiao Muzhen, who should be quiet?She is at the same level as your brother. If it is coincidental enough, your brother might know her after entering high school!According to Xiaochun's character, if she knew that it was Senior's younger brother, then Senior's younger brother would suffer a little loss!

I think I need to stop them.I don’t like this kind of drama in the Shura field, although I know that since Vice President Sonoda revealed to Xiaochun that seems to be misunderstood, Xiaochun should secretly have a sense of opponent to Xiaomushu-senpai-or, to put it simply, hostility .However, I can only understand that Senior Xiao Muzhen, who has always been friendly to others, treats Xiaochun in this way because she is very dissatisfied with Xiaochun's provocation.

However, no matter who is right or wrong, I can already faintly smell this unpleasant smell of gunpowder in the air-although I feel that this development seems to make Xiaochun's spirit a little more exciting, This may not be a good thing.

"Well, Xiaochun, do you have anything to do with me today? You still have to talk to me in person?"

It is undoubtedly the most effective way to use Xiaochun's discussion with me as a breakthrough to change the topic.Sure enough, after I finished speaking, Xiaochun seemed a little hesitant.

"Didn’t you say that it’s okay if Xuexia and the others are there? You can treat Senior Xiao Muzhen as the object of a negotiation like Xuexia. At least one sentence from Senior was correct. I will talk to seniors a lot of questions." I took a deep look at Xiaochun and said.

I know that my remarks are actually biased towards senior Xiao Muzhen, but think about it carefully, after all, it was Xiaochun who took the initiative to show a sense of hostility. Isn't it okay to be a little harsh on her?

A wistful smile appeared on Senior Xiao Muzhen's face, and he should be satisfied with my support for her.On the other side, Xiaochun shook her lips unwillingly, and gently spit out a sentence: "I won't admit defeat."

I know what she meant by this sentence, and I also knew how stubborn Xiaochun was.

Therefore, whenever I want to stop her, I will be so stubborn and finally give up. Once I make up my mind, Sugiura Koharu will always stick to it.

This was the case before, and it is still the case.

So, what about Senior Xiao Muzhen?With the corner of my eye, I swept the other side Xiao Muyan senior.Senior sat calmly in his position without saying a word.

So, Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai, is there anything you want to stick to?If so, what would she do?

I think about such a question that seems to have no answer.

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Chapter 41: Sugiura Koharu is always very stubborn

From the time I received Xiaochun at the school gate, I had already noticed something was wrong with her. She seemed very uncomfortable with the routine club activities during the summer vacation. On the other hand, when talking to me, she It also seemed a little daunting, especially emphasizing not to be seen by others.

This kind of situation will not occur in normal Xiaochun, so I can be sure that the problem she is facing now must not be a simple problem, and even this problem may be related to me.

"Hey, Yubi--en, and Heya." It can be seen that Xiaochun tried to call me in the usual polite tone at first, but, as if she was still competing with the predecessors Xiaomushu, she changed her name to My name, I have to say that Xiaochun's tenacity in this aspect is still a bit admirable.

"Kazuya, do you remember Asada?" Xiaochun asked cautiously.

"Who is Asada?" I gave Xiaochun an answer neatly. I don't think I need to remember the names of all the people I have met.

"Okay," Xiaochun frowned slightly, "Do you remember the names of the players you expelled from the football department at the internal screening meeting of the football department the year before?"

"The eliminated guy," I smiled indifferently. "The eliminated guy doesn't have to let me remember his name, right?"

"But," Xiaochun said, biting his lip, "At that time, there were a few people who were not eliminated because of lack of strength, but because you did not obey your tactical arrangements and you were directly excluded from the list and eliminated. Ren also had a seven-on-seven group practice with the main lineup of the team you led, and was severely suppressed by you before leaving."

"It seems that there is such a thing." I slowly recalled the situation at that time. Yes, although I chose the players to pay attention to their abilities, I paid more attention to their discipline and absolute obedience to me. The arrogant people who didn’t obey my command were simply excluded from the club. Of course, I thought I gave them a convincing reason. After all, they couldn’t beat me in a group confrontation. Isn't it?

"So, you mean, this Asada-student was a self-righteous guy at the time, right?"

"En," Xiaochun sighed softly and said, "He is now the current head of the football department of Qingquan Middle School."

"Football club?"

I remembered, I should know this hapless Asada, the boy in the student union room who was arguing with the student union for the poor budget of the football department.

"Understand?" Xiaochun stared at me closely.

"I probably know who it is," I nodded and replied, "Then, is he coming to you to ask for a budget now? I think you should be familiar with the trivial matter of budgeting with your ability, right? If not, can he block you in the corridor and threaten you to let you increase his budget?"

"It's not like that. He has no way to refute me about the budget." Xiaochun shook his head bitterly. "Although I know his situation is actually very difficult, the football team really can't come up with convincing results."

"Isn't this solved?" I don't want to talk to Xiaochun too much about the football department. This will only remind me of the unbearable game six months ago.

"——Kazuya, don't be so aggressive." What surprised me was that Senior Xiaomu Shun actually stood on Xiaochun's side at this time and said to me, "Sugura-san looks troubled now, right?"

Xiaochun's somewhat bitter face squeezed a smile, and her mouth opened, as if she wanted to apologize to Senior Xiaomu Zhao who was her "rival", but she was still unwilling to compromise because of what she had just said.Finally, she turned her head stubbornly, and coughed softly.And Senior Xiao Muzhen, as if nothing had happened, continued to listen to Xiaochun's narration.

The remarks made by the predecessor made me calm down, and Xiaochun was able to continue to describe the situation she is facing now, but this time, her expression was very hesitant, as if she was not embarrassed to speak out the problem. .

Seeing this expression, I feel that this matter must have something to do with me.

"Let’s say, if that guy really wants to compare with me, I don’t mind to teach him and help you solve this problem by the way. Are you satisfied? People with different abilities should be different. You don’t need to be too lofty."

"It's not like that, and you got it wrong." Xiaochun retorted weakly.

"Uh, if that's not the case, what can't you tell me in front of me? You obviously complained to me, didn't you?"

"Okay." In the end, Xiaochun seemed to have finally made up his mind, nodded heavily, and said, "The question is about the final half a year ago."

I finally understand Xiaochun’s hesitation. The final was not only a watershed in my thoughts, but also a watershed in our feelings. It was the quarrel shortly after the final that allowed us to finally break up. Regardless of the angle, for the two of us, the match was a prohibited matter.

"Was that final? What did that guy know?" I asked in a deep voice.

"He actually doesn't know anything, we don't know anything, right? Until now, we don't understand what happened in the second half, we don't know, what else can he know?" Xiaochun said with a wry smile.

"You don't know, I know, I should be responsible for that defeat, it's all my fault."

"Heya, you really don't have to think about it like that. The failure that time was not your problem alone—"

"——You didn’t say that after that game, did you?"

"I was so excited at the time, everyone was a little dizzy at the time, and after careful thinking, I understood that it is unfair to attribute the problem to you." Xiaochun's face showed a sad expression of pleading .

However, I don't like this expression, and her expression was also like this during our last fight.

"——So I hate this. Do you understand? Obviously you reminded me before. Obviously you said the same after that game. Why do you want to deny your answer at that time? Just like then, take responsibility Isn’t it okay to press all on me? Why, you all have to tell me now that I have come to a conclusion, that’s not my problem! You have thought about it calmly and I am thinking about it now, right? ——"