My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 158

"——Heya, this is the school’s archives. If you speak loudly, you will be driven out by the administrator." Senior Xiao Muzhen’s words poured on me like clear water

My emotions are a little out of control. It hasn't happened for a long time. I thought that I had been thinking completely rationally. This kind of situation shouldn't happen to me. However, the facts proved that I was still far behind.

It’s really a good thing that Senior Xiao Muzhen is here today. Looking at the expression on Xiaochun just now, I know that if there is no interference from other people, the dispute on this topic will only lead to one result. The two sides deny each other. The point of view, then the emotions get out of control, and finally break up unhappy.

——As in all previous cases.

"En, two, sorry, I am not very clear about what you mentioned about the final half a year ago, but now we are not discussing the issue of responsibility for that game, right?" Senior Xiao Mu Shu and Yan Yuesei He looked at me and Xiaochun, but the rare oppressive atmosphere in Senior cannot be hidden.

Senior Xiao Muzhen always seemed very relaxed in front of me, which made me feel that her side as a "senior" was not very prominent, but when she re-showed an attitude towards younger generations, this kind of aura was also real. It surprised me a little bit-although it didn't make me nervous, it was enough to calm down the agitated me just now.

Xiaochun on the other side also nodded quietly and looked at me with a questioning look.

I made a "no problem" gesture to her.

"Well, that's it. Regarding the final half a year ago, recently, such a rumor appeared in the school?"

"——Recently, it's summer vacation now?"

"Sorry," Xiaochun gave me an embarrassed look. "I and other members of the student union noticed that this is the latest place. Because of the joint cultural festival, I didn't pay much attention to the minor details, plus I was too busy to help. He is busy with you, so when we realize this, the rumors about the final half a year ago are already flourishing."

"So, what does that rumor say."

"The rumor said," Xiaochun said with a pained expression, "If it weren't for me to find you during the intermission and interfere with the tactical arrangements of the midfield, that game would not be lost."

"So?" I immediately saw through the hint in this rumor.

Football is always associated with women, and this connection is often enriched by people.For example, in the previous World Cups, the England national team’s wives have become a beautiful landscape. However, the malaise of the England national team in major competitions is often interpreted by the media as related to the emergence of the wives, and the media accuses the players of being closely related. His girlfriend and wife interfered with the player's mental state for various reasons.

Whether this argument is reasonable or unreasonable, but I don't know when it started, as the so-called "family" of players watching the game, they often become scapegoats for players' abnormal performance.

And the foothold of this rumor is here-Xiaochun, as the manager of the football department, is not surprising to watch or even listen to some tactical arrangements during football games. However, if her identity adds a little more to the team With the captain and core girlfriend, that would change.

The manager can naturally watch in the midfield of the team, but if the manager calls the captain of the team as his girlfriend and talks to him for a long time, it is questionable.

In fact, this was originally a trivial matter. Let’s not say that Xiaochun and I discussed some of her own tactics about the team at the time. In other games, I discussed some more irrelevant with her during the intermission. When it came to important matters, no one came to stop us.

However, if you lose, especially in that way, the answer is completely different.At that time, the football department fell apart because of such a game, so the masses did not want to hold accountability.

And when everyone accepts this established fact, if someone wants to start to rethink this matter, then the situation will change.

And this time, the rumor put Xiaochun on the cusp.

Everyone doesn't understand the reason for the failure. At this time, if someone gives a seemingly reliable answer, then people will naturally follow the ideas led by that answer in a swarm.

Sugiura Koharu, the girlfriend of the captain of the football team, interfered with Yuhihama's tactical arrangements. This is the most intuitive reason.

And if you think about it carefully, Yubihama also disregarded tactics in order to accommodate his girlfriend in the most critical final. Such a serious attitude will eventually become the target of everyone.

Therefore, the final result of this rumor is that when everyone believes it, it will destroy the reputation of two people: Sugiura Koharu's and Yubihama Kazuya's.

"This incident was known when Haiwei was chatting with her friends during the summer vacation. Our student union has investigated this and found that the source of the rumors is the football department itself. It is precisely because this is the rumor released by the football department itself. , That's why people firmly believe in it." Xiaochun shook his head helplessly and said.

"Is that the football club? The football club now is organized by Asada Yili? In other words, the people who were eliminated by me were disappointed with me because of my behavior after the final. The people in, are already united under the leadership of Asada, is that right?"

"En." Xiaochun nodded sadly.

"So, why do they want to release such a statement that discredited both of us?"

"I don’t know, maybe it’s a budget? In fact, we only knew about this because of the summer vacation. We couldn’t negotiate with Minister Asada at all. Moreover, this matter involves me. If the student union wants to intervene, it’s easy to get caught. People think I am using the power of the student union to oppress other students."

"So, assuming this rumor was released by Asada, then in the end, you, or more seriously, Xiaochun, you have only one choice, surrender to Asada and agree to his terms, is that true?"

"I won't do this." Xiaochun said calmly, "The student will have the student union's own logic, and I will not give in because of his bad threats. Minami and others also trust me very much. There is no problem in the student union. ."

"However, this approach tarnishes your reputation and will inevitably cause students to question the credibility of the Student Union. Is this the biggest problem you worry about?" I sighed. By this point, I have basically understood Xiaochun's Thoughts.

Yes, if it is only a matter of her own reputation, she will not compromise as simply that, but as the secretary of the student union, she represents the image of the student union of Qingquan Middle School.

"Also, I won't resign. If I resign, it's as if these slanders are true." Before I spoke to persuade, Xiaochun first expressed a tough attitude.

"I also know how your character resigns? Your character is to fight against them to the end, right? But I think it is still too late for this matter. After all, you are a student union. After you return to school, you just need to find others who have not been Isn’t that enough for the team members that Asada has been able to win? Even if the truth is not revealed, it will make people wonder. When their doubts are over, your student union position can be retired. Moreover, Asada needs time now. We need a budget. We have an advantage over him in a protracted battle!"

"I know this too, but now we can't fight a protracted battle," Xiaochun gritted his teeth and continued, "In fact, there have been some bad situations."

I squinted: So, is that person named Asada?When I met him before, it was a somewhat arrogant guy who didn't even recognize me and ran out of the student union room in a panic. It seems that he really has to give him a new evaluation!

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Ah, I received another foreshadowing. In addition, although Xiaochun's story is just a side story, it is very important, very important, and very important to the protagonist. The important things have to be said three times, so it will not be completely solved until the next volume.


Chapter 42: In this way, Xiao Mu Su Xuecai sincerely hopes

Although I had almost no impression of that Asada before, I have to say that even if it is a real defeated dog, it is not really just a scum that has no resistance. Asada’s approach may be to me who is already in the high. It didn't have much impact, but it still has a big impact on Xiaochun now.

"So, what did he use this opportunity to say?" Looking at Xiaochun who was hesitant, I continued to ask.

"This matter has something to do with, um, Kawa, uh, Yubihama-senpai." Xiaochun's eyes were somewhat dodging, still unwilling to tell the matter plainly.

"Is there anything more terrifying than that of half a year ago?"

"Maybe it's gone for you," Xiaochun made up her mind again, shook her head, and said, "Now, many students suspect that I have betrayed the interests of Qingquan Middle School because of you."


"The rumors of last year's game appeared almost at the same time as a rhetoric," Xiaochun sighed and explained, "That is to say, in the negotiation process with Sou Takeo, I am responsible for your reasons. We took the initiative to transfer the interests of Qingquan Middle School, and the evidence is that we, who had always had the advantage in the negotiation of the cooperative plan, did not take advantage in the end."

"Why didn't anyone question at the end of the negotiation? Now that these words are said, do those idiots do not know your character? Even if our relationship has not changed, you will not compromise me at all? "

"It's like this, but," Xiaochun said inexplicably, "but this kind of rumors are caused by you often entering and leaving the student union classrooms. The rumor is that I was right because of the game six months ago. You feel guilty, so after Zong Wu Gao sent you as a negotiator, you involuntarily gave in."

Suspicion is easy to breed, especially for students like students. When their interests or their self-righteous rights are threatened, under normal circumstances, they do not have enough information space and vent channels. Will choose to endure.However, when someone maliciously hints something to them, the destructive power and space for questioning they burst out is absolutely terrifying.

Although I am not sure whether Asada realized this, his current practice is undoubtedly the best proof of this situation.

"It is undeniable that the seniors always enter and exit the office of the Student Union. It is too difficult to convince everyone at Qingquan Middle School that the reason for seniors entering and leaving the office of the Student Union comes from the commission of the Student Union Department of General Wu Gao. Some time ago, we did release the rumor for seniors. Although Minister Asada should not know this situation yet, if the student association denies this issue in a high profile at this time, if the news is learned by them, then the position of the student association is It will be even more embarrassing."

Indeed, although the vast majority of false accusations are false, I did use my personal relationship with Xiaochun to trouble her in this private matter, and once this situation of using formal work to complete private commissions is discovered, in the present In this case, it is difficult to clear the suspicion, right?

This is also the reason why the student unions of Xiaochun and Qingquan middle schools are always passive.

"So, what is Asada's purpose, to act down the curtain? Or is he simply trying to put enough pressure on the student union to increase the football department's budget, just for the latter point, then his actions are too much?"

"We don't know what Mr. Asada thinks now, but he is in the third grade and has no chance to run for the student union. In fact, the joint project between Kiyizumi Middle School and Sotake High School has gone to a very deep level. The project of changing to a new student union can only proceed according to our current estimates."

"So, Asada caused such a big disturbance, from the perspective of his own personal income, it seems that he didn't get too many clear benefits?"