My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 159

"Yes," Xiaochun said calmly. "This matter has also been discussed within our student union. We have achieved the greatest fairness in the budget allocation of the football department. Unless Minister Asada's own person arranges the budget, otherwise the football department The budget cannot be increased."

"Is it really a losing dog? I played a big game, but I didn't seem to get any benefits? Or, the current situation is beyond Asada's estimate? After all, compared to the football club half a year ago The scandal between the minister and the manager and the current student union secretary colluding with other schools to betray the interests of the school are even more eye-catching. However, this kind of scandal cannot be suppressed by Asada. He did not take this matter down. With the ability to solve problems, the student association will naturally not ask for him."

"But objectively," Xiaochun said with a bitter smile, "this kind of rumors still cost the student union too much. If the student union's credibility problem is not resolved, many of the next plans will not be effectively implemented."

"At this time, the most effective way is generally that the main person resigns-not only if someone is back, it will not affect the implementation of the big policy."

"——Kazuya, Sugiura-san said that she would not resign!" Senior Xiao Mu Shu, who had been silently listening to the conversation between the two of us, reminded us.

"Yes, I will not resign because of such non-existent slander—" Xiaochun said angrily.

"——Okay, okay," I interrupted Xiaochun, "I may have a clearer idea of ​​yours than you, so you now hope how to solve this matter."

"I don't know." Xiaochun said with an awkward expression.

"Do you pin your hopes on me? Think I can solve this problem, right?"

"Of course, I'm not saying that you should help me as a private person," Xiaochun said stubbornly. "I asked you to help from the perspective of General Takeshi. If I resign, even though you and Finamei and others also know each other. , But there will definitely be some inconveniences in cooperation? From the perspective of Zong Wu Gao, is it not the best to continue to support me as the secretary of the student union?"

"Tsk tusk, Secretary Sugiura, do you know if I recorded what you said just now and listened to the students at Qingquan Middle School, this is 100% of the school selling remarks?"

Xiaochun's face changed, but she calmed down quickly: "I'm not thinking about my position right now. Isn't Yuihama-senpai who doesn't care about Sou Wu Gao's interests at all?"

"Sorry, I really don't care. If you care about the interests of a school, then you must have a sense of belonging to the school, and this sense of belonging is not constructed by the objective identity of'I am a student of Sou Wu Gao'. Rather, it is constructed by the subjective judgment of "Whether Zou Wu Gao can make me generate enough identification". So far, I have not been noble enough to pour into such trouble for the benefit of Zou Wu Gao. Or, Even if it’s really from the perspective of Zongwu Gao, wouldn’t it be worthwhile to just abandon you in order not to arouse the resentment of potential students? Even if you are not there, the cooperation will continue. This is what you said yourself.”

"Sure enough, the style of the predecessors has not changed!" Xiaochun gritted her teeth and showed an unwilling expression, "I should have thought of it before calling you. Your analysis of the problem is always like this, too thorough. , Too reasonable, reasonable enough to make people feel powerless. People feel reasonable, but there is always something wrong. Sure enough, you must be completely convinced from a rational point of view like Senior Xuexia, in order to make you change your decision ?"

"Why did you mention Xuexia again? To be honest, even that guy can't do this."

"Then, Senior, if you only consider the issue of personal relationships, can you help me?" Xiaochun obviously didn't want to say this, but she still looked disgusted, and said this sentence made herself a little helpless. Lines.

"If I remember correctly, Secretary Sugiura, your current embarrassing situation is caused by rumors about our personal relationship?"

"I know this, but I also know that if you really want to intervene, these rumors are nothing. What I want now is your own answer, senior!" Xiaochun stubbornly avoided my suggestiveness 'S refusal, asked seriously.

"Well, although I think you should be able to estimate my answer," I said, looking at Xiaochun's pupils seriously, "Sorry, Xiaochun, I didn't find enough reason to convince me to help you, so I Refuse."

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When leaving school, Xiaochun refused my company and chose to leave alone.Presumably, when she came here and expected this result, she had already thought of the ending, and then made a corresponding expected response, right?However, even if this result can be predicted, she still wants to try this almost non-existent possibility, for which I cannot make a value judgment.

"Heya, don't you really want to help classmate Sugura?" Senior Xiao Muzhen, who was still staying with me in the archives, asked with a rare hesitation in his eyes.

"Senior didn't think that what I just said was just willful, right?"

Senior Xiao Muzhen did not answer me, but her eyes told me that she seemed to be really worried that my decision was just a gesture of anger.

"Senior, I didn't lie," I sighed and said to Senior Xiao Muzhen, "Let me help Xiaochun, I also need a "right", a "I help Xiaochun is right" this kind of right. I can’t make any promises until I find this kind of truth.”

"Do you still have no feelings on these issues as always? Heya, do you really think this is a good thing?" Senior Xiao Muzhen bit his lip and continued to ask.

"Ann, senior, I don't have feelings in everything, am I?"

"But, do you really think that Sugiura-san's matter is something you can consider without having to enter into your feelings?" Today's senior Xiaomushu seems to be different from the empathetic senior in peacetime. Although I didn't say a single word from beginning to end, the attitude of hiding needles in cotton and keeping close steps is very rare for the predecessors.

"I don't know." And facing such a senior Xiao Muzhen, I also hesitated.

"You should help her. Although I don't seem to have any say in this matter, I think you should help her." Senior Xiao Muzhen said directly to me. This is the first time she has directly stated on these issues. In the past, she might have hinted to me, perhaps she would approve of me, but she has never clearly expressed her “opposition” attitude.


"Why should you help her, sorry, Kazuya, I don't think I can give you a reason—"

"——No, senior, I mean, why, do you think I should help her, even if this reason cannot convince me, I still hope to know the reason why senior directly expressed his attitude."

"Really? My own reason?" Senior Xiao Muzhen raised his head, showing a somewhat unwilling, somewhat painful expression, and said, "Heya, do you think Xiaochun, is it painful now?"

"Pain?" This is the first time Senior Xiao Muzhen uses Xiaochun's name directly.

"Yes, I actually didn't do anything, but the people around me are misunderstanding myself. I clearly tried hard to avoid this from happening, but everyone is blaming myself for this kind of misunderstanding by everyone. The situation must be very bad, right?" Senior Xiao Muzhen stretched out her hand and put her hand in front of her eyes. He seemed to say with a bit of disgust, "Heya, you don't understand this feeling, do you? Ever thought that when the time comes, the members of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union will not support Xiaochun's situation?"

Seeing that I didn’t speak, Senior Xiao Muzhen continued: “In the beginning, they would be willing to believe Xiaochun. Of course they believe it, because this is the truth. But slowly, they will complain and complain about why they want to be together because of Xiaochun. And she was questioned by classmates, complaining why it was because of Xiaochun, their confident plan would be executed so smoothly. Then, they would have doubts whether Xiaochun is really as problematic as the rumors say-people In the end, you will even doubt your own eyes and believe the so-called rumors themselves. Do you know this?"

"I know--"

"——No, Heya, you don’t know," Senior Xiao Muzhen smiled bitterly, and interrupted me, "How do you know? Maybe you can infer this happening based on your reason. However, if you have not experienced it yourself, you will not understand that feeling."

"Senior means, have you personally experienced this kind of thing?" I looked at Senior Xiao Muzhen, a little stunned.

"It doesn’t matter if this happened to me. What’s important is Heya." Senior Xiao Muzhen approached me, holding my head with both hands, her forehead resting on my forehead, passing on her body. body temperature.Senior closed his eyes and said softly, "Kazuya, I don't want this situation to happen again to anyone, whether it's me or other people."

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Um, the snow vegetables in the last paragraph, the brain fills the scene, and the beauty cries for me.

How should I say, this story is a bit of a reference to the WA2 game Xiaochun line, but Xiaochun's situation is still somewhat different. The relationship between Xuecai and Kazuya, and the relationship with Xiaochun are also very different from the game. So the approach taken is also somewhat deviated, but Xuecai's mood should be similar.


Chapter 43: Yubihama is not a qualified dictator either

I should have known it a long time ago. I don't fully understand the predecessors of Xiao Mu Shu, or in other words, I don't know the secret of Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai.If there is a chance, I hope Senior Xiao Muzhen will tell me more of her secrets-but definitely not in this way.

"So, do you think you can persuade me to help Xiaochun?" When Senior Xiao Muzhen put his forehead on my forehead and brought my body into contact with her, unexpectedly, I didn't feel any contact with me. Regarding the emotional fluctuations between men and women, I know that the senior said these words just to convey her feelings, nothing more.

So, after a brief absence, I gently pushed Senior away.And Senior Xiao Muzhen did not show any disappointed expression, she raised her head naturally, and looked at me quietly.

"I don't expect that I can convince you by this reason, because now the'right theory' you are looking for is not simply the reason that'Sugura Koharu is very painful, so I want to help her'? I can even guess. This is your answer: there are so many people in this world who suffer so much, so'pain' itself is just an emotion, there is no right or wrong, let alone become'righteous'."

"Senior can already think about problems from my direction!" I touched the part of my forehead that still had the touch of Senior Xiao Mu's forehead, and said with a bitter smile.

"Of course, after being with you for so long, I can imitate your thinking a bit, right?" Senior Xiao Muzhen blinked playfully and replied.

"If you know it's useless, why do you even say it?"

"Xiaochun knew you would refuse before coming to ask you, so why did she let you know about this?"

I am speechless about this.

"Because, whether it is me or Xiaochun," Senior Xiao Muzhen said softly, "all have hope for you, and also, if you must find this truth, I believe you can find it. "

"In the final analysis, if you want to deliberately'find out' things like'justification' instead of unconsciously realizing it, then this is not justice, right?"

"Really? But, you will still look for it, won't you?" Senior Xiao Muzhen asked with a confident smile, "You are only bound by your own logic now. Do you want to help Xiaochun? In other words, you are actually a person who likes to be nosy, I know-but you think your nosy will cause problems, so you forcibly suppress your own nosy nature. And if—"

"——If I find an opportunity to liberate this kind of nature, what do seniors think I will become?" I remembered Hiratsuka-sensei's warning.

"To be honest, I don't know," Senior Xiao Muzhen said with a wry smile, "I only know your past achievements, but I don't know the opportunity for you to change."

"So, Senior Xiao Muzhen, do you want to know?" I raised my head, took a deep breath, and said, "Do you want to know the truth about the final six months ago?"