My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 160

------------------------Memories kill---------------------

At the end of the first half, perhaps no one had expected this result.Although Qingquan Middle School has played well in the national competition for three consecutive years, Yubihama Kazuya, but stopped in the quarter-finals for two consecutive years, it still makes the outside world feel that this team lacks the background as a traditional strong team.Therefore, they were able to make it to the finals, although it is recognized that they are not weak, but Qingquan Middle School can still be called the dark horse of this competition.

Therefore, the score of Qingquan Middle School leading the traditional strong team Tongchuan Academy 3:0 in the first half is still very eye-catching. No one thought that the score gap between the two sides would be so wide.

And this difference in scores also filled the rest area of ​​Qingquan Middle School during the intermission with laughter.

This also made Sugiura Koharu who walked into the rest area with a serious expression especially abrupt.

"Madam Captain, don't look serious, go and think about how to celebrate with the captain after the game!" I don't know who made the first booze, making the originally serious Xiaochun face a little red.

"Sato, don't think that it is the last game to talk nonsense. Kazuya graduated, and I will be in charge of you next year!"

"Hey, the captain's wife will continue to be the team manager after the captain graduates? Don't you think this is too cruel to the first-grade juniors?"

"What's cruel? If the first-year little guys think about weird things when they first joined the team, just kick it out!" Xiaochun said with a straight face.

"Wow, it's terrible, the captain has graduated, and Yu Wei stayed through his wife!"

"Okay, okay, it's just halftime now! Don't feel that the winning ticket is in your hands." At this time, Kazunari stepped up, and what he said at this time, who has always been the same in the team, can be regarded as a set for the team. A tone was set, but his mood now seemed to be very good. Although he said that "don't underestimate the enemy", the expression on his face was obviously an expression of an early crown.

"Well, I see, give the captain and the captain's wife some time alone!" Everyone in the team said, giving Heya and Xiaochun a channel.

"Heya, the situation of the team, don't you really feel too arrogant?" Xiaochun gritted his teeth, looked at Heya, and asked.

"It's nothing, it makes everyone nervous at this time, but it will make people feel that you are unkind. It is the best to let everyone continue to maintain a relaxed attitude." He glanced at everyone and said, "It's you. , I was really overly careful, what information did you find for me?"

"When we watched the videos of the last three games of Tongchuan Academy before, we found a problem, that is, their physical fitness is particularly good. This is why we think Tongchuan Academy can often reverse in the second half." Xiaochun little bit. Head, said.

"Yes, so a one-goal lead in the first half is not safe. We achieved a three-goal lead and perfectly achieved the expected goal before the game."

"But, just now, I found from a friend the report of Tongchuan Academy's participation in the county qualifiers, and then you can compare it with the situation in the last three games."

"Most key game reversals, the conclusion is still the same, isn't it?"

"Yes, this is the point, but the main reason for the reversal is not that they have good physical fitness and strong willpower as we imagined. Or, this is a major tactical arrangement of Tongchuan Academy." Xiaochun solemnly Said.

"Koharu, I know that you are very cautious," Kazuya shook his head and said with a smile, "But when you take reversal as a tactic, you really have a high regard for the psychological quality of the players at Tongchuan Academy. You have to know if If you are behind for a long time and cannot be equalized, the psychological pressure on the team is great. I don’t think middle school students can stay behind without crashing."

"Then, you can pay attention to this substitution that Tongchuan Academy often performs in 55 minutes." Xiaochun pointed to the information in his hand and said, "52-57 minutes, Tongchuan Academy almost always happens when it falls behind. Make the same substitution."

"The midfielder's matchup is replaced, and this number 15 is assigned, Mu Qiren?"

"Yes, I remember that we discussed it before. This number 15 is a strong point. At that time, we were still wondering why he could not get the main position. The idea at the time was that there might be insufficient physical fitness. However, the fixed time is basically fixed. The substitution mode makes me think that this may be a fixed tactic of Tongchuan Academy, represented by No. 15. Before Tongchuan Academy tried to choose conservative tactics, but after No. 15 comes on the court, they will press forward."

"Yes, at that time, it was our chance to fight them back." Heya said proudly.

"Although it is correct to say that, but, Kazuya, that number 15 is in opposition to you."

"Why, do you think I can't beat that guy?"

"It's not like that, I just think that everyone can see that the core of Qingquan is you, and Tongchuan Academy should also understand your importance, coupled with their strong points against you, and the physical gap between you and his. , Will be exposed as the game continues, won’t it?"

"It's okay, just let the Sato kid come and help me." Kazuya said indifferently, "This Muqi man, if he is really that strong, why didn't I see him during the national team training? What?"

"However, Kazuya, although I am not sure, I always feel that the No. 15 of Tongchuan Academy will be the winner, Kazuya, you should be careful." Looking at Kazuya with a relaxed look , Xiaochun finally chose to compromise.

"Don't worry!" Heya said with an OK gesture.

--------------------split line-------------------

"As far as the game is concerned, this animal husbandry player did not show extraordinary strength." Maybe Xiao Muzheng didn't understand football very well, but she was still listening to me carefully, and I also had a kind of connection. Feeling a little surprised and calm, I continued, "From my point of view, he did not cause me too much trouble. Of course, there is indeed a problem, but there is not much trouble."

"However, you just said that the result of that game was 3:3, and then you lost the penalty? Does Tongchuan Academy have any other killers?" Senior Xiao Muzhen shook her ponytail and asked Tao.

"I just said that the problem did not lie with Mu, but he did cause me a little trouble. Therefore, when I was trapped by Mu and couldn't turn around, I asked Sato to help me share the ball. , Mainly to undertake an additional task."

"Could it be that--"

"--Yes, their goal is Sato. In the final of the national competition, with his team leading 3:0, Sato was directly intercepted by the opponent twice when he got the ball, causing the ball to be lost. You can imagine How big was the blow to him? Although Sato was replaced immediately after that, the damage had already occurred. At the last moment, we did not defend the whole line and lost another goal and were dragged into a penalty shootout. , And then there was the famous reversal."

"So, although it is a bit bad to say that, shouldn't the biggest person responsible for this game be Sato?"

"Why?" I gave a wry smile and said, "Sato is just performing my task faithfully! When I was robbed of No. 15 and it was a little uncomfortable, in fact, as long as I put more effort into it, I can get rid of it by myself. Yes, but I was careless at the time and chose to let Sato help-and the other party aimed at this at the beginning, I could think of letting Sato help, how could they not think of it? So, in the end, Sato’s disastrous play, It's all because of my wrong command, isn't it? I just stupidly got into the other's trap, I trusted my judgment too much."

"It always feels like something is wrong—"

"——It’s even more funny," I interrupted Senior Xiao Muzhen’s words and continued, "After that game, I didn’t reflect on my mistakes and threw the problem to Xiaochun, thinking that if it weren’t for her, I would pay more attention to 15 In terms of number, I would not make this wrong judgment. From that time on, many conflicts between me and Xiaochun before had all erupted, and some things could not be saved. But it was clearly not Xiaochun’s fault, she She has done the best she can do. I was too careless. If I could analyze Tongchuan Academy’s tactics more down-to-earth, this would not happen at all."

"After that game, Sato stopped playing football. He was only in the first grade. He chose Kiyizumi Middle School because he admired me," I continued. "He is really talented and has a good personality. He can sit in the first grade. Stabilize the main team of the team, and can also laugh with everyone. His only shortcoming is that he is a little bit weak, but he is only a first grade. As long as he receives enough exercise, he can improve mentally. However, he lost in the finals. The blow was taken by him who was only in the first grade, and the pressure was too great. So he will not play football anymore. The decision I made at the time ruined a person's football life. Senior, do you understand?"

"Senior is right. I want to help Xiaochun. Senior said that I don't understand the situation of being misunderstood. However, I have really seen a situation where a good enough person was misunderstood and then collapsed! I also want to help him, but whenever I help him, I realize that his situation is caused by me, and I wonder if I will help him at this time. Helping is counterproductive. I have been thinking about whether my approach is correct and what I have brought to the football department of Qingquan Middle School during my three years. So, after a fight with other people, I After leaving, the football club suddenly disintegrated after that-until it was rearranged by that Asada. Everyone felt that I was losing my temper at the time because I was losing a game. But it was only myself. I know, I really can’t watch someone get ruined because of my arrogance, but I can continue to give orders on that court. I have always been the dictator of the team, but at that time, I found that as a Dictator, I'm not qualified, I still can't achieve absolute rationality, I still can't do it, really, face up to my own mistakes, the price paid."

"So, if I really make a decision about her future, you can be sure whether I am helping Xiaochun, or destroying Xiaochun's persistence in Qingquan Middle School. What is the last glimmer of hope?" I just looked at Xiaomuxiao. senior.

Maybe many people will think that my current fear is a bit tricky, but I know that Senior Xiao Mu Shu will understand, Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai will always understand me.


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Chapter 44: Needless Persuasion and Needless Persistence

"So, you still regret your helplessness on Sato's issue, but you are still unwilling to help Koharu who may face the same situation as Sato. Does that mean?" However, Ogisaki-senpai did not seem to reveal what I expected With an understanding smile, her voice was not as soft as before, but it showed a more silent feeling.

"I really want to help Xiaochun, but, senior, I am scared. In order to walk the right path in high school, I have denied the previous me. You mean, let me go back to the original path. ?"

"Heya, I used to think I understood you. Even now, I don’t think there is a big problem with my understanding of you." Senior Xiao Muzhen looked at me quietly, but, her words The shock revealed in the book is much more than what she sees on the surface, "But what I don’t understand is that whenever I understand your ideas, I find that the more I can’t I understand your thinking - in other words, what I understand is the result of your behavior that allows you to take a specific approach, but I cannot agree with your mode of thinking about problems."

This is the first time that Senior Xiao Muzhen said this to me. In the past, she has always used her tolerance, understanding and supporting me. However, this time, I once again sought Xiao Muzhen Xuecai. When helping, I found that she was not on my side.

"Heya, what do you think of me?" Suddenly, Senior Xiao Muzhen raised a topic that had no connection with it before.

"A reliable predecessor, who can understand and help me at any time." I replied subconsciously.

"So, what do you think is the difference between me and the one you often complain about, Yeshan Hayato in the football club?"

"This question is nothing comparable--" I lowered my head with a guilty conscience, because I already know what Senior Xiao Muzhen wants to ask next.

"——Kazuya, I hope you can face some problems, can you?" Senior's gentle but undeniable voice stopped my vagueness.

"Well, compared with that, Seniors are a bit more low-key, know more about when to stop, and Seniors are not the typical role of team leader, are they? There are still many differences-of course, these differences are all I said. According to the performance of seniors in front of me, in front of other people, seniors are friendly but not easy to get close, but that is not your true side, right?"

"Heya, what you are talking about is my attitude towards other people, right? Whether in front of you or in front of others, you are talking about Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai's attitude towards other people-but , Do you really think my attitude when taking care of you is different from the attitude of Yeshan Hayato, who you don’t like, when taking care of other people?"