My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 162

"I know, Senior, I have understood since you showed your attitude."

Although I understood it, I didn't get the support of seniors for the first time, and I suddenly felt that something was missing in my heart, as if the final escape route was taken away.

"Senior can expect me to find a'right theory'!" I smiled reluctantly, and said, "Maybe at that time, I have the same attitude as Senior, right?"

"If you just need a'right theory', why twist yourself to such an extent?" A trace of sadness flashed in Senior Xiao Muzhen's eyes.

——There is no way, because Yubihama Kazuya has always been such a twisted existence!

I said silently in my heart.

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This chapter should be the most painful chapter I have written since I opened the white book. The emotional transition and the collision of ideas have been written for three hours from two to five, but I am still very dissatisfied.In the middle part and the end part, I have a lot of things I want to write, but I just can’t write that meaning. In the end, I deleted all of them. I even put this chapter in the draft box at five o’clock, and after the results Pulled back and changed it for 40 minutes.

Here, Xuecai will be dissatisfied with Heye, and she should be dissatisfied with Heye, but Xuecai cannot persuade Heye. Despite her hard work, she hinted that her emotions have exploded, reasoned, and interceded, but She still did not succeed.Of course He will be touched by Xue Cai's words, but there are only some.I personally don't like or hate He. It's just the character I created, but the Kazuya here, and the Kazuya who refuses Yukina, really make myself an author a little disgusting.

Then, both of them should have some actions, but to what extent should these actions be? The kind of cracks between the two that have actually formed but been carefully stitched on the surface should be expressed. I am working very hard. Thinking, writing very hard, I think I have reached my limit, but I am still very dissatisfied.How to put it, in short, the ability is limited.

This story will prompt Heya to evolve. However, it will be a regrettable evolution. Well, for example, Agumon has become a Zombie Tyrannosaurus.So next, I will think hard about writing a plot that will make the protagonist write a plot that will feel a little cool when everyone knows that he has done something wrong.

Of course, this chapter is also a portrayal of my book, which perfectly verifies my self-tackling the night before.A lot of thoughts were spent on the plot, the emotions, and the thoughts. In the end, the full text was enveloped in an inexplicable repression, so this kind of book should be satisfied with the current popularity, don't be too greedy.


Chapter 45: There are also women beyond Yukino under Yukino

After having the conversation with Senior Ogisaki, I can no longer cheek to find seniors, so the final result is that Yuhihama Kazuya can only tragically organize it alone in the archives, nothing too much. Meaningful information.

If it must be meaningful, I think the archives administrator of the school will be very grateful for the various award materials I have "successfully" sorted out for the past ten years, although the previous archives are messy. , I have considerable reason to suspect that the archives administrator is passively sabotaging.

After all, archivists and librarians are not the same (laughs).

But after staying in the archives for too long, I will also try to have some fun in school. After all, the number of clubs for summer vacation activities is not a small number.

Of course, it is not so easy for a redhead who wanders around the school (Yunoshita Yukino) to find a club that can be accommodated. To be honest, it is not so easy, especially now that the clubs are very nervous preparing for sports festivals and culture. During the festival or the National Convention, there is no idle time to take care of a newcomer who seems to be just idle and unable to become a potential member of the community.

——Except for the football club. When I walked to the football field, Senior Nakamura, who had a wonderful collaboration with me, didn't even care about Ye Shan's awkward eyes, so he came to the sidelines to communicate with me.After getting Yeshan’s acquiescence, many members of the football club-mainly the substitute players who have played with me, also seem to have a lot of things to say to me. After all, the impression left by them during the last game. It's too profound.

However, I don’t think this is a good phenomenon. After I showed a hint of wanting to play, the eagerness of everyone waiting for me to join the club can only make me fall away. Escape-Fortunately, the manager Yi Huishu is not interested in watching a group of big men sweating during the summer vacation, otherwise my performance will become a piece of her conversation.

Therefore, when I finally found out that I could only go to the first music room to "participate" in the activities of the Light Music Club, I was very helpless.

Fortunately, even if there are only two people left in the light music club, the door of the first music room is still miraculously opened. As for its only owner, it is naturally not Director Iizuka, but is still practicing tirelessly. Senior Haruno Kitahara.

I don't like Senior Kitahara, but I have to say that Senior Kitahara is still a very difficult person to hate.At least, when you showed that the summer vacation was a little boring and there was nowhere to go, he didn't refuse, and just with this kindness, I think I should have a better attitude towards Kitahara.

For example, at least call him Senior Kitahara, instead of calling him by his name.

Of course, there are gains and losses. It is necessary to stay in the first music room and endure the preaching of the predecessors of Kitahara.

"Heya, guitar, did you give up completely, right?"

"En." Looking at Senior Kitahara, whose hands were full of scars from the guitar, I couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed. Although I suspected that he learned the guitar for the purpose of picking up girls, but even if it was for the girls, he worked hard to this level. Senior Kitahara, I don't think there is anything to blame.

"Well, this is your own choice, and I can't say anything." Senior Beiyuan sighed, but this time he didn't continue to teach me what I meant, which surprised me a bit.

However, his next words still let me understand the reasons for this.

"Also, I heard Wu also said that he was going to your club--it's called the Ministry of Service. I asked for help, right?" Although he looked a little bit hesitant, Senior Beiyuan asked this question.

"Yes, we agreed to help him temporarily, and we are planning a series of measures recently!"

"These measures have made them a little bigger?"

I glanced at the Kitahara-senpai who seemed to just casually mention these. He was a little bit unpredictable. However, I never liked trying to figure out what boys think, so I just bluntly replied: "It's okay, it's all under control. Within range."

"Well, that's good." Seeing my attitude, Senior Kitahara nodded very freely and said, "Help me more. I am a little powerless in this matter, but that guy still wants to do it again. It's a grand farewell performance, so, anyway, please."

"Although I think this sentence is more appropriate to say to our minister, since the senior said that, I can only try to try my best?" Looking at this senior Kitahara, I simply don't know how to reply to him. If you try to figure out his behavior with malice at this time, it can only be said that my psychology is too gloomy.

"However, according to our projected plan, if the Light Music Club is reorganized, the opportunity for Senior Kitahara to appear on stage will also be lost. This is also Senior's last year? Doesn't it matter?"

"It's okay, I'm just being pulled in by Wu Ye to make up the count. It's the worst behavior that really put me on the court!" Senior Kitahara replied heartily.

I stared at his sincere eyes for a long time, and I didn't find any false elements in his eyes. In the end, instead, I lowered my head angrily.

Although it's not that I can't admit my mistakes in judgment, the shining senior Kitahara really makes me want to deny the gloomy evaluation I gave him.

——Unlike Higiya Hachiman, I don’t hate shiny guys. After all, I’m also one of these people, so if they have enough performance that I recognize, I don’t mind giving these people a positive commented.

"But, seniors practice very hard, right? If you don't want to participate in the show, you don't have to practice so hard, right?"

"Well, this is not the goal of my practice!" Senior Kitahara shook his head and said vaguely.

As for what the specific purpose is, the performance of Senior Kitahara is until he is reluctant to elaborate, and the relationship between me and him is not good enough to ask casually on this issue.

And just when Senior Kitahara and I were caught in a somewhat cold awkwardness, the door of the first music room was opened abruptly.

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The first thing that caught my eye was the slender legs wrapped in black socks. Looking up, the black and white dress and shirt were the theme, plus a long straight hair hanging down to the waist, slender. His pupils are beautiful but with a heroic appearance.

At first glance, there is a certain similarity between Xuexia and Xuexia, but compared with Xuexia, the girl’s indifferent aura is more indifferent, pure indifference, and not like Xuexia Arrogant.

All in all, this is a beautiful girl. According to my standards who have seen many beautiful girls, this girl who entered the light music club is also top.

However, I always feel, this girl, where did I meet?

"Winter Horse?" Senior Kitahara seemed to know this girl, but judging from his surprised expression, he didn't seem to make an appointment with this girl to meet here.

Although a little familiar, I am sure that I have not seen this girl in a light music club before. If it hadn't been new to join during the time I was away, then this girl should not be a member of the light music club.

"I thought it was enough to instruct you once yesterday, but today I found that you didn't seem to practice seriously. If you want to learn the guitar well, don't be too foolish." Compared with the surprise of the predecessors of Beiyuan, the girl reprimanded Beiyuan indifferently from the moment he entered the door. Senior up.

It was fun to see the preaching of Senior Kitahara, who had always been preaching to others.Moreover, from the preaching tone, this beautiful girl seems to have some thoughts about Kitahara-senpai——don’t doubt that Yubihama Kazuya, who was trained by Ichiha and Yuihama Yui, tried to figure out girls from the words of girls. The ability to think.

——However, these are not the main points. This girl is too much, right?Although I know the two of us don't know each other, is it really okay to ignore me completely like this?

Paying extra attention to the people you care about, and treating people you don't care about as air, is really a bad personality-even worse than the snow under the first meeting.

"Hmm." Then, the girl named "Dongma" seemed to have finally noticed my appearance, looked at me, and snorted softly.

Then, just when I felt I should take the initiative to reach out and introduce myself to her, she turned her head cleanly and ignored me again.

My outstretched hand just stopped in mid-air awkwardly.It's not like Xuexia's poisonous tongue, but completely disdain to talk to me. This kind of attitude makes me really look down on it.

Senior Kitahara obviously realized this embarrassing situation. He smiled a little embarrassedly at me and said, "Uh, Kazuya, this is Dongma, Dongma Kazuza, a classmate in my class. Hmm. , Dongma’s character, doesn’t like to interact with people very much, sorry.”

It seems that he was very dissatisfied with the superfluous introduction of the predecessor Kitahara, Dongma Kazuo gave a stern look at Senior Kitahara, the stern look in his slender eyes became more obvious.