My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 163

As for Senior Beiyuan, he could only smile bitterly, and dealt with Dongma's fierce eye offensive with a little helplessness.

——However, since I'm a classmate of Kitahara-senior, it seems that I should call her Dongma-senior, but this kind of rude person really can't make me interested in calling her seniors!

——Wait a minute, Dongma and Sa, where do you think this name has been heard?

Then I remembered it.

"Dongma Hesha, you are the one, the first place in the national piano competition two years ago?" I looked at Dongma and said without image.

After all, this fact is too horrifying. Not long ago, I discussed with Senior Xiao Muzhen whether such a person is still in Zong Wu Gao. I did not expect that not only was Dong Ma in the same grade as her, as Xiao Mu Xiao guessed. She was an uncompromising genius who won the first place in the national competition in the first grade. Moreover, she also met the predecessor Kitahara dramatically, and was hit by me who might come to such a light music club this summer vacation. .

I have to say that life is full of coincidences, isn't it?

"Although Dongma seems to have transferred from the music department--" Obviously, Senior Kitahara didn't have much preparation for the news. He looked at Dongma with a surprised look, and then showed a dazed expression. "No wonder—"

"--Get out!" However, Dongma and Sa arrogantly interrupted him.

"Huh, Dongma?"

"——I'm not talking about you, it's the guy just now," Dongma Kazuya pointed at me, and continued to say fiercely, "Get out!"

"Hey, I didn't even introduce myself. It's really rude to drive me away like this? Besides, this first music room is for the light music club. I'm still a member of the light music club. , What right do you guys who are not even members of the Light Music Club have to let me out?"

However, Touma and Sa, Yubihama Kazuya is best at competing with people. Although I don't compete with people very much, you are a guy with extremely stubborn personality at first glance, so you can have a long memory. It's not impossible.

"Get out!" Obviously, Dongma Hesha is not very good at arguing with people!After thinking for a long time, she should not find enough to refute my remarks, and finally could only use this word to express her feelings again.

"Tongma, uh, and Kazuna is actually not malicious, I don't think he deliberately wanted to tell you about your award-" Senior Kitahara on the side is still working hard to repair me and Dongma Kazuya relationship.

However, it is obvious that he failed.

"Then you can go out with him." Under such threats, Senior Kitahara, who was dominated by Dongma and Satan, silently closed his mouth.

"Hey, Dongma, don't you think you are too arrogant? You drove people out without any reason. How much did your family sponsor this school, or are you a member of the board of directors?"

However, this time, what struck me back was not the routine "go out", but the long legs that flashed past my eyes.

Although I escaped the catastrophe through the agile reaction ability that I exercised, I was forced to the door without knowing it.

Then, before I was ready to continue the debate, the door of the first music room was closed.

Although faintly, I could still hear Senior Kitahara's persuasion inside, "Tongma, isn't this bad?" However, I was still firmly shut outside the door.

To the Minister Yukoshita who hasn't seen you for a long time, I think you can already get off the throne of the worst girl with the worst character in Sogo Gogo. Compared with this winter horse and yarn, Yukoshita is a rare everyone. Lady!

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Feeling the full of malice in the title (laugh), it is a bit of a sense of contradiction to say that such a foggy title is mixed into a bunch of serious titles.In addition, I am very witty. You are all discussing the protagonist's problem. Let the students of Dongma and Sha, who appeared for the first time at 65w, come out and divert their attention.

——Although in my impression a certain female character that appeared in the last book seems to have not even gotten the qualifications for soy sauce, well, Dongma shouldn’t be that miserable — probably?


Chapter 46: Annoying but Identical Role

Although I only met Touma and Sae once, I have to compare her with Yukino Yukoshita-after all, these two are the only two beautiful girls who can meet me for the first time. Someone who left me a completely negative impression.

However, as I said before, no matter how you look at it, Touma and Sa are the existence of Yukoshita Yukino-I mean the harshness of the character.

First of all, the two have a very cold attitude towards others, but Xuexia can at least maintain a basic courtesy, while Dongma and Sa are very lack of basic respect for people.

Secondly, both of them are unreasonable types, but Yukoshita usually uses his overly powerful reasoning to make you accept something that you can’t accept, and Dongma and Sa, in the first communication with me Under the circumstances that she could not persuade me, she chose to use violence to solve the problem. So far, Xuexia Xueno has not used violence. Although it is not ruled out that this is because she is not physically strong and cannot use violence, but it is objectively It looks a little more civilized than Dongma Hesha.

Finally, compared to Xuexia, Dongma and Sa's attitude to distinguish between people is too obvious. They can maintain rational communication with the predecessor Kitahara whom they value, but basically ignore the other person present, and Xuexia Although sometimes I think Biqigu and I are a bit worse, but at least I will not deliberately ignore the two of us.

To sum up, these shortcomings of Touma Kazuza not only made her a perfect substitute for Yukoshita to seize the throne of Yubihama Kazuya's heart of the worst character of So Taketaka, but also let me know where to find it. My phone call and the remarks of Kitahara-senpai who kept apologizing to Touma and Sae were completely ignored.

Dongma is the first person willing to listen carefully to my guitar!

——En, that's because she likes you, not only changes the reality that her character is very bad.

Dongma is actually a very kind person!

——Then show it to me.

That guy Dongma is actually really amazing!

——I know she is very good, otherwise it is impossible to be the first in the country in the first grade, but does this have anything to do with me?

Obviously, Kitahara-senpai also has a good impression of Dongma and Sa-I have every reason to believe that he practiced guitar to soak that girl, but please, don't you two see each other's attitude?The guy Dongma and Sha doesn’t seem to be very sensitive to this kind of stuff. IQ and EQ are both high-level Master Haruhi Kitahara. Look at Dongma Hesha’s attitude towards you and my attitude. Should you understand her thoughts?

——If you don’t react more quickly, I would doubt that you deliberately fail to see her feelings!To be honest, it is easy for me to come to such a conclusion, who has been trying to figure out your psychology with the greatest malice, right?

However, the other words of Kitahara-senpai made me curious about Touma and Sa.For example, "I didn't adapt to the general course from music, so my personality became withdrawn." Although I'm sure this is a cover-up by the predecessors of Kitahara, there is a very important message-from music Section came to the general subject.

This means that Dongma Hesha has given up her music specialty. It is impossible for a person of her level to be reduced to a general subject because of lack of ability, so the only possibility is that she is unwilling to show her talents.

——In other words, Dongma Hesha is a person who hates his own talents.

That's right, although that girl is useless except for her good figure and high value, she can easily arouse the resonance of Yubihama Kazuya-the resonance of similar people.

The disgust of talent, the contempt for the abuse of talent.

And this is the reason why I was able to endure the preaching of the predecessor Kitahara, and finally accepted his apology instead of Touma and Sa.If possible, I would hope that Dongma and Sa can communicate our similarities.After all, people who also hate talent are rare in this world!

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This is also the reason why I went back to the first music room with some penetrating thoughts the next day. However, it is a pity that Senior Kitahara didn't seem to come to school today. This also means that Touma Kazuza, who has been here for Senior Kitahara, should Will not come to school anymore.

——According to common sense, it should be like this.

However, obviously, the relationship between Kitahara Haruki and Dongma Kasara is slightly colder than I thought.So, when I was about to leave the first music room, I saw Dongma and Sasha walking straight towards the classroom.

With the same ignoring attitude as yesterday, Dongma and Sa almost completely treated me as air when they walked towards me. After that, she didn't knock on the door of the first music room, and went straight into the second music room next door.

However, I can see that when approaching the first music room, Dongma and Sha’s pace is a little confused. Obviously, I am observing whether there is anyone in the first music room, but maybe because I’m standing there. Because of the door, she didn’t feel embarrassed to knock on the door to check it out. After all, she wanted to leave others with the impression that she just “coincidentally” heard Haru Kitahara’s botched guitar playing and couldn’t help anymore. He, not the person who "specially" came to help Kitahara Haruki practice guitar.

Along with the sound of the second music room being locked, a rush of piano sound came out from the second music room. Even a person like me who doesn’t understand much music can hear what’s in the fast tune. Containing feelings.

Because Kitahara-senior didn't come over, I was irritated, that Dongma Kazuya!

So, if I’m right, then as long as I make sure that there is no one else around, she will definitely check if Haruki Kitahara is in the first music room. At that time, it’s the best time for me to talk to Dongma and Sasha. Opportunity.

So, before that, just wait patiently.I hid in a blind spot.

Sure enough, about 20 minutes later, the stormy piano performance in the second music room ended. Then, a small slit was opened in the door of the second music room. After observing the situation in the corridor, Dongma and Sha hurriedly came to the door of the first music room and pushed the door gently.

"Senior Kitahara didn't come today, don't you know?" I jumped out from the blind spot and said.