My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 164

"..." However, the answer to me was still silence.

At the beginning, I thought about showing "Jie Jie" laughter, just as the villain said, "Let’s talk, I know the whereabouts of Kitahara-senior!" etc., but considering that I might do this instead. What came was that the other side raised his leg mercilessly, so I gave up this strange idea.

After all, my hair is red, and I don't want to spread the notoriety of "bad".

"Hey, Senior Dongma, although I know you are cool and don’t want to talk to other people, you are responsible to Senior Kitahara. After all, he called me for an hour yesterday to explain how innocent you are. , Your current performance is not convincing enough!"

Finally, after I said such a long sentence, Touma Kazuya seemed to have reacted to the continuous occurrence of the word "Senior Kitahara". Finally, turning his head, glanced at me, and said slowly: "What that guy said doesn't matter to me."

"Tsk tusk, you didn't pay attention to me before, did you care about Senior Beiyuan?"

Of course, in response to this sentence, it was Dongma Hesha's high leg lift.

Although I can't handle the hand-in-hand with my bare hands-well, I can barely handle my long legs, but with sufficient preparation, it is very easy to avoid Dongma Kazuya's high leg lift.

I stepped aside and put myself in a position where Dongma and Sa could kick one step forward, but now they couldn't reach the distance.I have to say that Dongma and Sha's high-leg kicking movements are still very skilled. Obviously there is a fool who will be used to exercise by her at ordinary times-I think that is undoubtedly Kitahara Haruki.

"Senior Dongma, if you don't want to mention Kitahara Haruki, let's talk about your piano competition?" Standing outside the attack range of Dongma Kassa, I said with a smile.

"Go out!" The lines are exactly the same as yesterday. I have every reason to believe that Dongma and Sha must not be able to learn Chinese well, and the vocabulary is too poor.

"Senior Dongma, it's in the corridor now. You let me out mean you told me to jump out of the window in the teaching building?" At this time, I need to take a risk. If Dongma and Sa are really Kitahara For a "good person" as the senior said, in the face of such a lightly weighted counterattack, someone like her who forcibly shows others with a dark mask will be very different, but if Haruki Kitahara makes a mistake in judgment, then I suspect that I might really be forced to jump out of the window of the school building.

Fortunately, Kitahara Haruki’s judgment should be correct. After I said that, Touma Kazuya’s expression became more subtle, and she seemed to want to say "then you just jump down" directly. Kind of words, but feel that this is a bit wrong.In the end, she just snorted and walked back to her second music room.

Although this kind of winter horse and yarn have become more or less cute, but if she is really allowed to go back to the second music room, my goal will not be achieved. After all, this situation is too rare today. In the case of Kitahara Haruhiri, he can still come into contact with Dongma Kazuya, and this opportunity is rare.

"Senior Dongma, are you good at piano?" I asked in a loud voice looking at Dongma Kazuya who was slowly returning to the second music history.

Dongma and Za paused for a while, but did not stop.

"Senior Dongma, do you like piano?"

The slender figure with long black hair continued to walk in the direction of the second music room.

"Senior Dongma, why did you switch from music to general? Did you give up piano?"

Finally, under my constant stimulation, Dongma Hesha turned her head, her eyes showed a bit of a bitter color, her voice was low, and she slowly said, "Don't think you know everything. "

"Of course, I don't know anything." I think my current smile must be very annoying to Dongma and Sa. In fact, this kind of smile has been hated by countless people. This is when I decide one thing. , Cheng Zhu’s smile on his chest, I’m sure that Dongma and Sa saw through my thoughts, so she was very dissatisfied with it. However, the information I had had definitely made her brood.

"It happened to me that I saw the photo of senior holding the championship trophy. To be honest, senior even made the champion look unhappy!"

"That's my freedom?" Obviously, Touma and Sa are very worried about the source of the information I have learned. It can be seen that she doesn't want to pay too much attention to me, but she has to be a little careful to inquire about my understanding of this aspect. Know how much.

"It's just a little curious. Senior Dongma is not happy that he won the first place in the national competition. Then, how do seniors feel happy? Is it because the self-requirement is too high, is it satisfactory to win a prize in a world-level competition? "

"In the final analysis, you are like everyone else?" Dongma and Sa gave me a disgusted look.

I don't know what her phrase "you are like everyone else" actually means, but I can feel that the topic I just mentioned has already poke some points of her concern.

"I don't know what the predecessor said is the same as other people, but I have a more curious guess, senior, do you hate piano now?" If someone else is watching, I Now the eyes have been narrowed, and the squinting of the eyes is generally a manifestation of a person's beginning to be serious.

"Do you hate pianos?" Obviously, Touma and Sa were caught off guard for this question of mine. She was stunned, and then replied somewhat indifferently, "What's the matter, I really don't like pianos. Do you want to convince me to like them? "

"Of course not," the prey got in hand, and mine showed a satisfied expression, "Senior Dongma, I like your answer very much, as a person with a talent for piano."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, Dongma and Sasha, we are the same kind of people." I looked straight at Dongma and Sa, and said, "We are all haters of talent, and we are all destroyers of talent. . In essence, we are the same. You are afraid of the piano, you are avoiding the piano, you hate the piano, and you are afraid of everything that the piano’s talents bring to you."

I can repeat my original proposition again. I don't like Dongma and yarn, but she and I are the same kind of people.

Dongma and Sha grasped the door handle of the second music room, but still couldn't open the door.

I have the winning ticket.

"In addition, Senior Dongma, I don't think it's interesting for the two of us to talk in the corridor all the time. Can you invite me to sit in your second music room?"

I patted the dust on my legs, stood up, and smiled and said to Dongma Kazuya who had been vicious to me before.

----------------------------PS--------------------- ----

"And at that time, it was the best opportunity for me to talk to Dongma and Sa." This paragraph, the original text is "And at that time, it was my ntr Kitahara-senior-ah, the best time to talk to Dongma and Sa Good opportunity." hhhhh, but think about it, this is too malicious, so I deleted it.Well, if it is really possible for Dongma shares to be listed, the only reason is because as Chungehei, I enjoy the pleasure of ntr Chunge too much (Senior Xiao Muzhen who has not been highly praised by Chunge is not counted).To be honest, if you meet Dongma earlier, it’s hard to say what will happen. After all, the similarity with Dongma is something I dug up from the beginning.

By the way, I feel that He Ye’s interest in raising Dong Ma has progressed a bit too quickly-indeed too fast, but I’m really embarrassed about how Hua San Zhang Shui He also got in touch with Dong Ma. It's compact, so just give Heya a small hangout, eh!


Chapter 47: Identity that cannot be found in Dongma and Sha

I don’t know if I’m the first to get involved in the second music room. Judging from Touma Kazuya’s somewhat awkward attitude towards Kitahara’s predecessors, even Haru Kitahara does not necessarily have the opportunity to enter the second music room. music room.

From this perspective, I still grasped the weakness of Dongma and Sha.

Different from the cluttered appearance of chairs and musical instruments in the first music room, the second music room has only one word: empty.I don't know what brand it is. Anyway, it must be a high-end piano in the middle of the second music room. The piano chair is spotlessly clean. Obviously its owner loves it very much.

"If you have something to tell me, just say it!" Dongma and Sa stood beside her piano with her hands in her arms, showing a wary look, looking at me with some uncertainty.That kind of look is obviously regretting that I shouldn't have put me in this private space that belongs to her so easily.

"This is how the host of the second music room treats guests?" I glanced around and found embarrassingly that there were no other chairs in the second music room. After all, it is usually Dongma and Sae here. I didn’t expect outsiders to get involved in the exclusive music room?

"If there is nothing to say, then you can go out." Dongma Kazuya's slender eyes flashed with anxious light. Obviously, she was very uncomfortable with the way I am now, or rather, average. The guy who stalked her, just like me before, stopped showing up after being taught by her.And now that I said what I said just now, she was obviously a little curious, which is why she dared not make up her mind to drive me away.

"Well, of course I have something to say. As I said earlier, Senior Dongma is a person who hates talent--"

When I said this, Dongma and Sa's brows frowned slightly. Is my judgment wrong?However, she didn't seem to want to refute, so I continued to say what I said.

"Of course, most people are proud of their talents, so I am curious, why do seniors hate talents?"

"I think you got something wrong, I just don't like the piano. I have never had that kind of talent." However, Dongma Kazuya, who was holding his chest with his hands, gave me an unexpected answer.

"Senior, there is no need to be joking, right? If someone who can get the first place in the national competition in the first grade is not talented, then how can you let the favor of losing to you?"

"As long as you practice for more than 12 hours a day, you can do this too." Dongma Kazusha replied blankly.

It feels a bit difficult, although she was caught off guard by Dongma and Sa when she didn’t react, but she succeeded in attracting her attention as a "person who hates her own talent". With the identity of similar people, they can enter the classroom of the second music room.However, it seemed that the other party was hiding something.

I don’t believe that Dongma and Sa will deny her own talents. After all, even if she doesn’t consider her grades in the first grade, she is now leaning against the piano, the way she is integrated with the piano, it will only make people feel that this person He should be a pianist by nature.Therefore, the other party must be hiding something.

If there is anything to hide, it means I need to gain her trust.

I don't know why I want to communicate with Dongma and Sae so much-maybe the only reason is that I am looking for someone like me.No one will hate talent, no one will understand the harm that talent brings to myself and others. I don't want to think of myself as the only sober person in the world.So, when I meet another person who hates talent, I hope to find approval from him.

Especially after resolutely rejecting Senior Xiao Muzhen in that way, I felt that I urgently needed to find a companion to prove that I was right, so I was so anxious to get to know Dongma and Sa.

——Even though, I have discovered that my self-righteous cognition has deviated to a certain extent.

However, I will still try and let myself go to this level. If I accept Dongma and Sa's explanation like this, I will not be reconciled.

"Senior Dongma seems to be a very vigilant person," I sighed and said, "If you don't want to say what you think first, then I will tell you my experience first? Let others be honest, I should make myself pay some price, right?"