My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 165

The only answer to me was a cold hum.I didn't agree, but I didn't refuse either. However, I was very fortunate that Dongma and Sa hadn't driven me away at least before I could speak.

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It is not easy to talk to two people about the most painful memory of my past in three days.And the two people I told me have completely different status in my heart. Senior Xiao Muzhen has always been my last support in despair, and the girl in front of me at the same level as Senior, until one day ago, we did not know each other.

——In other words, we still don’t know each other, because after I finished telling my story, Dongma and Sa’s first question was: "Well, you are called Kazuya, right?"

"Yes, Yubihama Kazuya."

"En." Dongma and Sa nodded lightly, and did not show any reaction that they might know the name. In fact, this is not wrong. In this school, if I have a certain degree of popularity, it will only be with Yeshan. That game of the game.However, Dongma and Sa are obviously not the ones who care about such gossip.

"So, you lost and made others lose their confidence, so you don't like your talents, right?"

I vaguely feel that there is something wrong with this kind of statement, but what Dongma and Sa are saying are just objective reality.Therefore, I can only nodded somewhat depressed, and said, "Well, that's right."

"Oh, in my opinion, then you just don't have talent." However, the girl with long black hair on the opposite side gave me such an answer in such an understatement.

Even the almighty genius Xuexia Xuena had never denied my talents. In this way, it was easily rejected by this girl who had a worse character than Xuexia.

"Senior Dongma, I don't understand what you mean." I know that my face has become a little ugly.I doubt the consequences of ability, but I have never doubted my ability itself.

"I don't know much about football." Touma and Sa's eyebrows moved slightly, and her indifferent expression became more popular. She casually pressed the piano keys with her slender fingers, and a string of unsystematic but unsystematic pops appeared The note that sounded not so bad, said, "But if you didn't let that Sato help at that time, according to your opinion, the problem wouldn't happen, right?"

"That's right, but generally speaking, in the face of that level of press, the best way to deal with it is to cooperate with your teammates and then get rid of the opponent. This is also the most efficient way. The pastor of Tongchuan Academy, He is a player with strong tactical execution ability. In that case, I think even Endo players would first ask for help from his teammates."

"That—who is Endo?"

"The captain of the national team, the spiritual leader, the main midfielder-is the player who plays a position with me."

"So, he is the strongest in the country?"

"Yes, there is no doubt that the strongest player in the country at that position."

"So, is Endo the best in the world?"

"No," I stunned, and replied, "Endo may be the top player in Asia, but he is still far away from the best player in the world."

"So, it's very simple, that Endo player has no talent." Once again, just like denying me just now, Touma Kazuya directly denied the strength of the domestic No. 1 Endo player.

I was a little angry. If I just thought that Dongma and Sa were unwilling to tell the truth with me for some reason, then I am now willing to believe that Dongma and Sa said to me at the beginning "she has no talent." It may be a truth. She used an almost unreasonable way to deny not only herself and me, but also my idol Endo.

So, in fact, Dongma and Sae are two completely different people.

"So, what exactly are your criteria for the definition of talent?" I want to get an answer. Even if some are very dissatisfied now, I hope to get an answer, "Really, only the top players in the world can be yours Are they called'talented' people?"

"Is there any problem?" Dongma and Sae answered naturally.

"You are crazy. According to your statement, the vast majority of people in the world are people who do nothing at all, because there are always only a few top people in each field."

"That's just because your definition of talent is too low." Dongma Kazuya glanced at me indifferently. The look of attitude reminded me of Xuexia, but not like Xuexia.Yukino Yukino will despise a person, but at the same time, she will also value everyone's shining place.

However, Dongma and Sa are different. Dongma and Sa despise everyone and herself.

"Everyone thinks I'm great-of course I thought you would have any special opinions. I was also very impressed at the beginning, but you are actually the same." This may be Dongma and Sa It’s the first time I took the initiative to express a long speech to me, but I didn’t like this situation. "Everyone thinks that this standard is'excellent'. Everyone can only see my performance on the piano-also It's the talent you said, but you think that the so-called'excellent' talent is worthless in the eyes of that person."

"That person?" I was sensitively aware of something.

"Have you heard of Dongma Yoko?"

I shook my head honestly.In the field of music, I really lack interest.

"That's my mother." Dongma and Sa showed a disgusted expression and continued.

"Uh, is your mother a very powerful person?"

"In short, she thinks I can't do it, and I can't meet her standards. She doesn't agree with me." Dong Ma didn't try to explain to me how powerful this mother named Dongma Yaozi was. Obviously She felt that the other party should have reached a level known to women and children.

"Because of your mother's disapproval, you rejected your ability?" I looked at Dongma and Sa in disbelief.

"I've worked very hard, but that person has never looked at me seriously." Touma Kazuya's face dropped, showing a depressed expression.

If at the beginning, my purpose of entering this second music room was to find the identity of my philosophy in Dongma Hesha, then, now I have fully realized that between me and Dongma Hesha , The gap in the cognition of the behavior patterns of the two parties is really too big.Looking for the so-called identity in Dongma and Sha should be the biggest mistake I made recently.

Dongma Hesha is completely kidnapped by others and lost himself.

Regardless of whether the talent is negative or affirmative, this judgment is first made by the person himself.The basis of this judgment is that everyone can clearly believe that they have talents.However, Touma and Sa, she didn't even have the idea of ​​deciding the existence of talents by herself at first.

What I deny is the possible consequences of talent, but I never doubt the human potential that talent can stimulate.Even if limited by various gaps, Endo will never be able to become the world's top player. He is also on that path. If he succeeds, how would Touma and Sae comment on him?

In the same way, denying one's possible progress and miracles just because of a word from others is not called self-knowledge, but rational thinking without self.

Maybe I and Dongma Hesha are the same. We are avoiding the use of what we are good at, but she is just a marionette who has lost all motivation because of a word from her mother.I am a rational actor who takes the initiative to retreat after being aware of the truth of everything.

The same approach, but the two of us are completely different people.

Therefore, it is impossible for me to find the identity I expected in her. On the contrary, in Dongma's body, I saw a reason to further destroy some things I believe now.

I stood up, and in the surprised eyes of Dongma and Sa, said: "I understand, Senior Dongma, our conversation is over! It feels like I've misunderstood something!"

I don’t know the face of the girl behind me, and it’s impossible to know what she’s thinking. However, I only know that her state makes me feel very depressed and want to burst out. s things.

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It is routinely emphasized that in the evaluation of Dongma, the protagonist’s cognition is not necessarily equal to the author’s cognition-of course, I agree with him in a certain sense. Please point out the question. After all, the author is not the Winter Horse Party, so he can't completely bring him to think about it, so there may be some deviations in cognition).So in my opinion, Dongma still has to get rid of the dependence on Yaozi or Chunge to be truly mature.

In fact, in judging the protagonist’s dark history, Dongma’s attitude is also very interesting. This attitude may lead to two completely different results. One is that I am not strong enough, so I Without talent, talent is innately deterministic. One is that I am not strong enough, but self-struggle can replace talent. It depends on personal character.Of course, the protagonist does not accept this judgment. His attitude is that talents exist objectively. He denies that self-struggle can replace possibility, but emphasizes the excavability of talents, the strength of talents, and the existence of talents are two different things.There is a subtle difference between this and the second attitude above. You can feel it yourself.

Then, when treating Dongma, the protagonist is indeed a little impolite, but if you think about how he treated Xiaochun in the first place, you can be relieved. He has this aspect in his character, and he hides it well. That's it.However, Dongma objectively has given the protagonist a right theory, a distorted one (laughs).

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Chapter 48: Already thought about the truth

Although I think my attitude towards Dongma and Sa is somewhat impolite.He asked the other party to invite himself into the second music room like a private space without authorization, and left with an arrogant appearance when his question seemed to lose effectiveness.However, compared to her attitude when I first met Dongma and Sa, I think I'm still much gentler.

Of course, I don’t expect that Dongma and Sasha, who is frosty to other people, will have any special reactions. I think she will be in a dazed state now, probably like "Why am I being fooled by this person?" "Let him in".

——This is not an expression of arrogantly expecting a response from the other party and pretending to be nonchalant. It’s just because, when Dongma and Sa’s "stop" sound really came from behind me, I I really don't know what to do.

According to the idiomatic mode of pretending to be forced, I should ignore the other party’s words and continue to walk out the door, but the previous impolite state made me feel a little guilty. However, I really don’t think that I can and now What's the exchange of Dongma and Yarn.

So, I kept a stiff posture, stunned at the door, did not move forward, nor thought of turning around.

However, Dongma and Sha behind me obviously don’t know what I’m going to do to stop me. She is a bad-spoken person, so you can hear her "humming" behind her for a long time. What to say.