My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 166

Then, as if to prove that she really wanted to say something, Dongma and Sa asked a stupid question to me: "Why leave without permission!"

"Uh, Senior Dongma," I turned around, laughing and crying, "Do I need your permission to leave? Or I think you will relax a lot if I leave? Wait here for a while, maybe Senior Beiyuan will be here soon!"

"I said, I have nothing to do with that guy, that kind of troublesome person, I don't want to have too much contact with him." Even at this time, Touma and Sa are still defending something, I can only I sincerely pray that this awkwardness will not affect her emotional expression to Kitahara-senior-although I think this is still very possible.

"No, it's not what I was talking about!" As if they realized something, Dongma and Sa nodded suddenly and said, "What do you mean by'misunderstanding' just now?"

"Oh, it's just that the two of us are not the same." I shrugged, telling each other this kind of thing is actually not a big deal.


"Uh, shouldn't you ask why you are not the same person at this time?" This time I am a bit embarrassed. I am fully prepared to explain my current thinking with Touma Kazuya, but the other side's attitude I was caught off guard.

"There's nothing to ask." Dongma and Sa showed a sorrowful expression, "It's nothing more than routine preaching, isn't it? You are still very talented, just a little bit more attention, your life path It's still very long-by the way, I heard these words a year ago. That's what those teachers told me."

Afterwards, her indifferent face showed a slightly sneer gesture: "Probably they are thinking,'If such a person can't participate in the competition, then it will be a big loss for the school?' and other goals."

"Senior Dongma seems to hate preaching?"

"what happened?"

"No, just curious, Senior Kitahara is a person who likes to preach!"

"Yeah, I think he has raised the preaching to the height of his life value, right?" Dong Ma's face softened a bit, showing a somewhat helpless expression.But, soon, she realized her gaffe, pursed her mouth, and pretended not to answer in the same way, "No way, you know, that guy also has a lot of nonsense in dealing with my class. It’s difficult if you don’t know this!"

What a shameless person!

"So, are you interested in listening to my preaching to you? Senior Dongma?" However, there are some things I don't need to dismantle. I now have a little grasp of the way of getting along with Dongma and yarn.

First of all, Dongma and Sa hate people who are too close to her, so if she shows her self-familiar appearance at the beginning, her best attitude towards you is to ignore you, and the second best attitude is to let you go. , The worst attitude is probably raising your legs. Secondly, Dongma and Sa are not good at dealing with others, so as long as your skin is thick enough to be able to talk to her repeatedly without her paying attention, she will only Be obediently obedient; in the end, she will say a lot of unfrankness, but even if you can feel that it is unfrank, as long as you don't expose it, the topic can still continue.

So, after listening to my words, Dongma and Sa frowned and hesitated for a long time. Finally, with a helpless but helpless expression, he nodded slightly.

I nodded with satisfaction.

In a sense, I am also a person who likes to preach. To be precise, what I like is to tell other people a certain idea that I admire.For example, facing the current Dongma and Sa, I am playing the role of such a "preacher" even though I know the result may not be too significant.

"Of course I don’t think about the school’s interests like the people who persuaded you before—or, I always think it’s weird to let students who don’t identify with the school naturally consider the school’s interests. thing."

Dongma nodded nonchalantly.

"Of course, I will not say the so-called'for the sake of your future life, let's work hard.' In your life, I think you have been doing what is best for you. judgment."

This time, Dong Ma's expression changed slightly. Obviously, the two things I denied gave her many other ideas.

"What I want to ask is, Dongma and Senior Sa, have you conformed to your true heart? Have you really made the decision you think you want most?"

"This is what you want to ask?" Dongma's face showed a disappointed expression without hiding, "Is it different from before?"

"Of course there is a difference. I remember I asked you a question at the beginning, Senior Dongma, do you hate piano?"

"I remember I said I hated it?"

"Do you really hate it? Or, let me change the question. What caused you to deny the piano. Because the piano and the talent of the piano—we first call it the objective existence thing , It cannot form a value judgment by itself. So, what makes you have a negative view of the piano?"

"I don't understand something that is too complicated in logic." Dongma Kazuya replied cleanly.

"Senior's personality is really terrible, but the answer to this question, Senior has mentioned before!"

This is almost the same way of dialogue as before entering the light music club. Touma and Sa are curious about what I said, but they have been unable to make an ideal response. On the other hand, I really enjoy it. The thrill of this thorough dialogue.

When the conversation is under your control, the other party has no way to go crazy, because the other party will sadly find that he can't even find a specific time to go crazy.

Looking at Touma and Sasha, who frowned and did not speak, I continued: "For you, the reason for denying the value of the piano is not your mother? Your mother does not recognize your ability, which makes you right The piano produces an overly negative impression, isn't it?"

"what happened?"

"Then, Senior Dongma, the question is, who is deciding your attitude towards the piano, you or your mother? Who is deciding the direction of your life, is it you or your mother? After all, who is making self-righteous self-judgment for you, is it you or your mother?"

The continual problem hit Dongma and Sa.Although the Dongma and Sae in front of me are seniors who are two years older than me-although she may not know it, I really like her expression of inexplicable surprise because of my questions.

"Probably, is that person?" Dong Ma replied hesitantly.

"However, only when a person makes a decision for himself can he find the path he wants most clearly. The life kidnapped by your mother's point of view is sad. I am not such a person. I have always been responsible for everything I have done. I believe in my own judgment, not the judgment of others, so we are not the same people."

Dongma Hesha bit her lip, and her initial indifferent expression has also been replaced by a somewhat dazed bewilderment.

I think this is an opportunity to strike while the iron is hot.

"So, Senior Dongma, would you hope that your life will always be bound by your mother's perspective?"

The piano made a huge harsh noise. Following the source of the sound, I saw that it was Touma and Sae who accidentally pressed his hands on the piano keys and made an unexpected noise.

She must be very entangled in her unconscious behavior towards the piano she valued.

However, the answer I expected did not come.

Dongma and Sa bit their lip, and said softly, "However, that person is my goal all along!"

However, to a certain extent, this reaction is not beyond my expectations. If Dongma and Sa can really change because of my rhetoric, then she will not be what she is now. Of this character.

I did not find identification with Dongma and Sha, but I have found another truth in her.

In fact, human beings were not free from the very beginning, nor were they rational.This is not a human problem, but a social problem.The existence of infinite possibilities like Dongma Hesha has become such a self-defeating and helpless person, which is not the result of her own rational choice.It is the result of her mother's influence on her.When her mother had an impact on her thinking pattern from the beginning, all her self-conceited decisions brought her mother's persecution.This is not about freedom.

So, what about people who want to pursue freedom?I think everyone will remember the story of Tsurumi Liumi.That is the story of a person who wanted to pursue and finally succumbed to social pressure.It's not that I don't understand the truth of this society, it's that I don't understand the rhythm of things, but Tsurumi Liumi still rejected a better future I gave her, and chose a wrong path.

There is no shortage of people like Dongma and Sa in this world. They have been influenced by society and lost their freedom since their birth. There is also no shortage of people like Tsurumi who stayed in the United States. They gradually lost their way in the pursuit of freedom.

So, what should people who understand the true meaning of freedom do for them?

The answer is very simple, right?

Point out a real way for them, a real right way.

The so-called neutralism, the so-called non-interventionism, and the so-called damage to other people by the so-called talents are of course justified and of course dangerous.

But what if the prerequisite is that before helping others, other people themselves have not made the most correct decision?

Instead of timidly thinking about what will happen after the help, it is better to look at what has happened before the help.Before helping, people have already lost their freedom. All people who are oppressed by the social environment cannot get freedom. Therefore, your own non-help will not lead to worse results.But my own help will create a greater potential.

So, if you really want to do this, what's the problem?

The discussion about helping people's "rightism" with Xiao Muzhen's predecessor is still in my ears, but what's the matter?To find this truth, is it really easy?

That’s not right, or that this truth doesn’t need to be searched, it always exists in my mind, doesn’t it?When I helped Tsurumi stay in the United States, and when I talked to Touma Kazuza, in fact, I have been adhering to this philosophy, right?

If anyone else sees it at this time, I walking out the door now is as excited as a pirate who has discovered a treasure.