My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 167

——Uh, it seems that there is indeed someone next to me.

"Hey! Yubihama Kazuya!" This time, Touma Kazuya shouted at me with a much better attitude, at least directly calling me by my name.However, Touma and Sae seem to be really bad at speech, because she squirmed her lips, as if she wanted to say something, but did not say anything.

"During the summer vacation, I will still take the time to instruct that guy." Half a day later, Dongma and Sha said coldly.

"Well, I think Senior Kitahara will be very happy!"

At least I think you should allow me to enter your second music room occasionally to reform your mind, right?How can I say such a completely mindless sentence!I shook my head helplessly.

Sure enough, the thoughts of girls with personality like Dongma and Sa are not understandable by people like me!


Sent from Krakow on the trip, watching the game in Lyon the next night, it should still be impossible to update.But do you think that He Ye's transformation is a bit quicker?Actually not. Regarding his thoughts, I have actually prepared a whole volume, even including the second volume. As the title says, He has already been practicing this truth. The rejection of Xiaochun's problem is not so much a practice of ideas, as it is a dying struggle with something he almost gave up.And this time it was the first time he explained the reason, making the dying struggle meaningless.

Finally, the words of Dongma at the end of this chapter are, um, um, very interesting.


Chapter 49: The relationship between family members is essential

Kazuya Yubihama has never understood the psychological state of girls, let alone girls with extremely awkward personalities like Touma and Sa.Therefore, let her and Kitahara-senior love each other, entangled in solving their problems. Touma Kazuya, who rejected my denial of her, could not bring me enough interest to help.

After all, although I have found the right theory to help other people solve their problems, I have not yet laid back enough to give all the unfree people in this world the right to guide the path of freedom-or that this is a country across the ocean. patent.

Of course, the more important point is that after wasting three days of time on things that have nothing to do with my summer free research, I seriously feel that I need to make good use of my remaining four days to complete my free research, and then At the end of the family trip, Yui sister who looked at me sadly gave a big smile.

If Sister Yui knows that her brother, after giving up the family trip to do his homework, hasn’t done enough to talk to another grumpy girl for a long time, even if it’s a good-tempered knot. Sister Yi, will you fully show the majesty of your sister in front of me?

I must resolutely avoid this from happening.

So, this is the most important condition for me and my sister in a pink floral yukata standing together to watch the fireworks display.

"Xiaoxue's problem is more complicated. I was disappointed if I didn't invite it, but there is obviously a chance to invite small companies? Why did Xiaohe stop me?" My sister shook her head rhythmically. It was the dumpling that looked just a loose bun now, and the hair swayed gently, which I could not describe.

With red hair and pink yukata, the whole body of my sister has a pink atmosphere.

Since it has a pink atmosphere, it would be very troublesome to invite Biqigu, isn't it?

"So Yui sister, remember when was the last time we only went to the fireworks display together?"

"Uh, last year, hey wrong, the year before last, uh—"

"——Three years ago, the situation of being lost during a family trip is exactly the same." I helplessly patted Yui sister on the head.

"Well, the firework festival hasn't come together for so long?"

"Yes, so it would be very troublesome to invite Biqigu now? Well, sister, do you know what I mean?"

"Well, in that case, this firework festival is also very commemorative for us. Indeed, if we invite small businesses to come, there will be a subtle sense of violation, right?"

"--And I think that sister-in-law would like to come with his sister even more."

——Although I tried my best to prevent my sister from inviting others to come, I don’t seem to be qualified to say Biqigu's appearance.But this is not the same. This kind of memorable sibling dating again after three years alone — er, no, the exchange of family feelings alone is higher than the pair of siblings who interact all day long. where it goes.

"I've inquired about it. Small companies seem to only go to their families when they were in elementary school—"

"—Isn’t that better? He doesn’t like such a lively occasion, so don’t force him out! Sister Yui, as someone who has had a girlfriend, let me come. Tell you a basic idea of ​​a boy-even if you are kind, if you force a boy to do something that he doesn't like, then that boy will be bored with you."

In fact, I think most boys will be ecstatic about Yui's invitation, especially the sister who doesn't seem to be very used to wearing clogs, and the walking is always swaying and not so stable-absolutely not let Yui The sister gives other boys any opportunity to send benefits.

"Really?" However, Yui sister, who has never been in love, nodded stupidly and replied, "I see, that is to say, although small companies may agree to my invitation, it is essentially Because it’s polite to me, is that right?"

"Yes, that's it!"

I looked at my sister with relief, just as happy as my father watched his daughter, who had almost walked on a crooked road, finally got back to the right.

"But, if you don't try, how can you tell whether the other party likes this thing?"

——I take back what I said before, my sister hasn't changed the evil and returned to the right.

"You have to guess based on the other person's previous state, understand?"

"However, if you directly ask the other party and communicate directly with the other party, it will be faster, right? Your guess is not confirmed by yourself. In the end, it is just a guess, isn't it?" Sister Yui reluctantly Asked.

This is a bit troublesome.

Just as I was hesitating what way I should use to divert the problem to avoid facing Yui sister's misunderstanding, a sudden voice relieved my embarrassment: "Ah, Yui-chan!"

This is a girl I don’t know at all. It’s not a girl in Yeshan’s circle to which my sister belongs but I can’t name a girl, but a girl I’ve never seen before. Girls.

The hair is dyed in exaggerated purple, a slightly neutral short hair that I don’t know if it’s popular nowadays. Obviously, it is a girl who wants to give a shrewd and reliable attitude at first glance.There was a natural smile on her face, as if she had found something, she walked over slowly and greeted her sister.

"Oh, is it a small model?" Upon hearing this greeting, my sister seemed to have been shocked by an electric shock. She immediately turned around and responded.

This is of course normal. When someone greets you, of course you also show good to the other person-but the key problem is that your sister's performance is too quick and too cautious, as if she is dealing with someone who has to deal with something. Same, careful not to make mistakes.

In front of the well-known Yukino Yukoshita of the grade, my sister had never done this; in front of the school’s Kayama no Hana Yukuna, Yui Hama had never done this; in front of the female leader Miura Yuko in her circle My sister had done this before, but then she adopted another attitude.

So, what is the ability of this person called "little model" that is worth asking her sister to do this?

With all due respect, if a girl can let me see through the hypocritical disguise of the other party at first sight and it annoys me a little, then the level of self-concealment of this girl is really not very good-at least, the same. The color feather made is much cuter than her.

However, when facing such a person, my sister made a very cautious attitude, which made me a little unhappy.

The long-term non-interventionism has made me a habit of hiding my expression in the shadow when I am in a bad mood. Since it is a figure my sister thinks need to be treated with care, then I won’t do it for the time being. Reckless action-perhaps too much of a demonstrative disguise and this frivolous state is just a form of expression.

"Sure enough, Yui is here. I heard that Yui didn't come with friends this year. I thought there was something to do!" The girl named "Small Model" came close to her sister, as if she was taking pictures very familiarly. I patted my sister's arm.

So, do you think this seemingly neutral feeling is very powerful?Also, although you are a girl, if you are a girl I don't like, I will be very angry if I just touch Yui sister casually!

Sister Yui obviously didn't like this state very much-of course, maybe she was able to adapt to this kind of conversation in the past, but now, she should not like to act according to the atmosphere even more.

"Well, although I didn't come with my friends, I came with my brother! After all, it's been a long time since I came to the fireworks display with my brother!"

"Ah, I'm here with my younger brother, I know Yui's younger brother is also in Sou Wu Gao, right? The first grader?" The purple-haired girl said with an exaggerated smile.

"Yes, this is my brother Oto, um, Yubihama Kazuya," my sister gently pulled me behind her-even though I was just standing behind her, my height was already large enough. She's a head taller, so my sister only needs to raise her head a little to indicate my existence.

After that, my sister gently pulled my hand, pointed at the purple-haired girl, and said, "Owa, this is a model, Sagami Minami, my classmate!"

I nodded towards Sagami. For people I don't like, this is how I usually say hello.

Of course, Sagami showed a good demeanor to me like this — of course, to explain it in another sense, she seemed to completely ignore my appearance, and responded casually to me. Then, Turning her head to her sister again: "However, Yui-chan's relationship with her younger brother is really good! If you don't go out to play with your friends, you should stay with your younger brother? Is that true?"

Although the words are full of envy and admiration, looking at Sagami's expression and feeling the specific tone of her speech, you can understand that Sagami's words are actually full of malice.

Ah, Yui is already a high school student, and she is so clingy to her younger brother, and it’s so funny when you come to a place like a firework festival and don’t come with your friends.

This should be Sagami's monologue.