My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 168

It can be seen that the relationship between my sister and Sagami is definitely not the kind of relationship that can be called "friends". The two should be the kind that can be courteous to each other, but in my heart, there is a vague confrontation in the vagueness of no one agrees with each other Relationship.

So, for Sagami, Yuihama Yui, who came to the fireworks display with his younger brother, will surely be a joke when he returns, right?

Although I am a bit unwilling, but under the control of this strange social rule, the world has to have such other knowledge of this kind of thing.This is not a rule that I can change alone, but a law that belongs to the current world and has been determined in advance.

Although they know that this is an unfairness, people have no ability to resist—especially those who want to adapt to the existing rules, even if they adapt to such rules, they have distorted their true ideas. Also distorted my own perception.

"By the way, Yui’s brother, I seem to have heard of him! He was the one who played against Hayato before? I heard that Hayato kicked him a draw in the end, but it’s not bad, even if Hayato has some To the effect, being able to play a draw is also very powerful, right?"

I don’t know where Sagami heard about the match between me and Hayama, or that she watched the match live, but it is certain that what she meant to the match did not mean anything. Clearly, being able to tell this kind of judgment that is almost completely contrary to the facts is the best proof.

Of course, there is still no derogation of her sister in her words, and some are just praise for my "sincere"-although behind this compliment lies the most insidious derogation.

However, although we all know this, if we are to fight back against this kind of words at this time, it will be Yui sister who has fallen behind.So in the end, my sister just bit her lip, trying to explain something for me: "That game was not like this—"

However, I have already said that I don’t like Yui Sister like this. With the help of the Ministry of Service and Yukoshita, Yui Sister who re-established her own unique model of dealing with people’s problems is me. The Yui sister I want to see now.When facing Sagami, she is careful not to make mistakes. Yui sister who does not want to face conflict with the other party is not the one I want to see.

Of course, I also understand her difficulties. Being a classmate in the same class, the relationship does not want to be too stiff, and naturally I do not want to expose my emotions to the other party.

So, it's very simple, let me replace Yui sister to go crazy-anyway, the image of my younger brother should not be so important in Sagami Minan's mind.

Even in the case of insisting on the principle of neutrality, I feel that the family’s problem is an exception. So, now that I have found the right theory to help other people, let me sit back and watch my sister’s situation. This is not a problem. A joke?

Sagami's smile is still relatively stable-but to be honest, compared with Yi Huoyu, she is really far from it. Even if it is a person who needs to work hard to maintain a stable smile, it is simply not possible. Truly hide your mood, and control and guide a group of people.

If Isshiki was here, he would definitely say this:

"Hey, isn't this Yui-senpai? Sure enough, he was robbed of by Heya, so I didn't want to watch the fireworks show with others?"

Well, that's probably it!

Uh, wait, is this voice too realistic?

My reaction was correct. I looked up, and a squinted smile with a colorful feather sign appeared in front of me. Although she said this to her sister, her brown pupils were smiling and concentrated. On my body.

Uh, I haven't been offended recently, am I?I think should not be?

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Chapter Fifty: The initial change is bringing an unknown panic

If I want to choose a spoiler in my life, Yi Huei Yu is undoubtedly the most powerful competitor in this game.As long as there is a chance to meet Yubihama Kazuya, Isshiki will ruthlessly mess up the situation around me. If there is no chance to meet me, Isshiki said, "I have no chance, I will also encounter the opportunity to create it."

However, when I was about to scold the unpleasant-looking Sagami Nan, Ishiki appeared, as if forcibly blocking the gunpowder keg I was going to go crazy, this emotion was half brewing and was severely brewed. The state of being depressed is really uncomfortable. Of course, I don’t think the "culprit" who caused this kind of problem would think so. Judging from the feeling of her smirking small eyes at me, she should think she Interruption at this time is a good way to help me out, right?

Objectively speaking, the fact is exactly the same. After Ishiki appeared, Sagami immediately put away her mocking eyes, and replaced it with a kind of surprise and uncertainty.Her eyes swept towards me as if she wanted to find me again.

I don't know whether Sagami knows Isshiki, whether he knows it or not, but one thing cannot be denied, that is, she can tell at a glance that Isshiki is a beautiful girl with high caste attributes.I just laughed at Yuihama Kazuya who looked like a problem child, and I laughed at Yui sister who stayed with me at this time instead of enjoying youth with other friends. Then, Isshiki's this kind of natural Saying hello is an instant slap in the face.

According to the usual routine plot, this time the actor should continue to be like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and then the villain who refuses to admit defeat continues to forcefully pretend, and then more beautiful girls appear to continue having sex.

——Although this does not seem to be a routine of light novels, we don't need to care about these details.

Because the current situation is different, Sagami Minami is also a master of words and expressions, rather than the kind of strong support template villain; it seems that the face is just a shit stick, and he is responsible for changing the situation. After the interesting direction develops, she will let go; more importantly, if I were the leading actor, the current me is no longer the me who would consider the bad consequences of too much interference.

"Are you familiar with Hayama? If you are familiar, you can ask him about the results of that game. If you are not familiar, Senior Sagami, please don't say ridiculous things without knowing it. It’s just to compete for the upper ranks, to show the limelight, if you do too much, you will fall into the pit and be unable to get out!"

After I said this, everyone's expressions changed. Sagami took a step back almost immediately. She is also very sensitive to the atmosphere and the environment, so she can tell what is behind me. Proud—so she was scared, she was running away.

However, it was Yui sister and Isshiki who reacted more strongly. Almost as soon as I finished speaking, Yui sister immediately grabbed the hem of my clothes and whispered anxiously, "Xiaoto, it's no big deal. !"—It's as if I will eat Sagami next.Isshiki's seemingly playful eyes also became a little puzzled, his green fingers slipped on his lips, and he seemed to be a little confused about what was wrong with what he had just said.

I looked at Sagami with a provocative look. I once showed this expression to the extremely proud Hayama. However, Sagami is not Hayama. She had already flinched almost at the moment my momentum changed.

Sure enough, Sagami Minami touched her purple hair unnaturally, and she stepped back: "Well, it's not a bad thing that family relationships are good, haha, Yui played with your brother. Be happy, uh, and Yui's brother's friend, uh."

She was very careful and slowly withdrew from our sight with a soothing pace. I don't know if she will run away where our sight is out of sight. If so, then this guy is too bad.

Is this the case for people who do not have sufficient knowledge of their own abilities, but still have to act beyond their own abilities?Humans, as expected, are mostly irrational people!Either presumptuously, or self-esteem is too high, people who can clearly grasp what they have, and judge based on it, are much less than I expected before!

I turned my head, looked at the other two people with complicated expressions, and smiled lightly: "Sister Yui, you still need to take on such a role in the class, don't you really feel tired?"

"Small model is not that bad, she just--" My sister bit her lip, trying to explain something to Sagami who just dug a hole for herself. Yuihama Yui's care for other people really penetrates. When it came to something in the bones, however, I don't know if it was because she was really difficult to deal with Sagami, or because she felt that these words were useless to me, she finally blinked and did not continue.

"Well, next time she meets Yui sister, she won't show that disgusting expression, right? Your brother, I am really talented in scaring people, don't you think, haha?"

"Xiaohe—" My sister glared at me complainingly, as if I really did something wrong.

That kind of sad expression made me feel a little guilty. It was obvious that I was only a small blow to the mocker of my sister. Compared with the direct movement of my fist before, now I only threatened with words-no, not even a threat. Right?

I looked at my sister’s pupils. Her pupils themselves were that kind of beautiful red. Now, this red is slowly spreading to other places, as if to cry, but after blinking a little, Yui The sister's face returned to normal, and she shook her head. She said softly, "It's nothing. It's just,"

Sister Yui looked at me seriously and said, "What's wrong with you, Xiaohe? Is there something wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong?" I was a little confused about my sister's inexplicable questioning.

"Well, it's actually nothing." As if responding to my answer, and as if telling herself an unimportant thing, Sister Yui muttered to herself.

"Oh much--" Isshiki's voice reappeared, interrupting the interaction between my sister and me. However, this time, Isshiki seemed to lack the usual shock, and more or less a real embarrassment. , Of course, there is no other way. After all, she appeared in front of us confidently like her trying to end for us, but in the end found that she seemed to be a passerby without any help, even if it was thick Isn't it a bit embarrassing to have the same face?

"Thank you, Cai Yu-chan. I was really helpful just now!" When Ishiki said, my sister jumped up like a frightened rabbit and apologized to Ishiki.

"Uh, Yui-senpai, I'm very happy that you can say that, but to be honest, I don't feel like I really helped much." Isshiki was obviously not ready to accept flattery.

"Eh, is that right?" My sister fiddled with the dumpling on her head embarrassedly.

——Hey, so is it really good for you to apologize blindly when you haven't figured out the situation yourself?

"But it's fine if the problem is solved. To be honest, it's really surprising to be able to see Heye again!" Isshiki gave me a deep look and said.

"Yeah." My sister gave me a quick glance, then nodded quickly.

——How do you think I'm abnormal? Is it really okay to look at me like a monster like this?

It is a good habit of me now that I have an opinion, so I directly expressed my doubts about the other two girls: "So, have I done anything that scares you? "

"No, how could it be!" The same answer as before, this time, my sister turned her head.

"Uh, it's just a coincidence!" Even Yishi maintained the same posture, and she snorted softly, "You think it was me just now, right?"

In fact, I understand their shock, after all, I have corrected my principles of doing things.However, I feel that from the perspective of the observer, Yubihama Kazuya, who had avoided talking about everything, is still the character of the current Kazuki Yubihama, compared with the current "proactive" Kazuya. Better?

After all, I didn't understand what happened. However, the two girls seemed to have a tacit understanding and began to change the subject.