My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 169

"Cai Yu-chan is also here to participate in the fireworks display? Who is it with?"

"With some friends! But when I saw Yui-senpai and Kazunari just now, I told my friends that I had something to leave first, so no one has taken them in now!"

"In this case, Cai Yujiang will be with me and Xiaohe? Xiaohe would be willing too, right?"

——No, I don’t want to. This is a solo date with Yui sister. What do you think is the purpose of excluding the guy from Biqigu? Of course, Isshiki is better than Biqigu, but it’s just a bit better. Except for Yi Huo Yu who will not arbitrarily set up a flag against Yui sister, the nature of her light bulb cannot be changed.

However, looking at my sister's natural face, I could only helplessly respond with a "um".

"That would be the best. As expected, it would be better to watch the fireworks show with others!" Yishi glanced at me, then turned to Yui sister and said to her with a smile.

"Yes, yes, so I should actually call other people, Xiaoqi or Xiaoxue." My sister sighed with regret.

Therefore, Higiya Hachiman is still a potential danger in this regard. Although he is unconscious, his sister always mentions him, which is a dangerous signal.

"Speaking of Senior Xuexia, I seemed to have seen it just now! The place where the line seemed to be near the VIP seat?" Yishi put up his chin and said thoughtfully.

"Xiaoxue?" My sister asked anxiously, "Then we can find Xiaoxue?"

"But I didn't see Yukoshita-senpai. What I saw was her older sister. Yui-senpai knew that--" Isshiki shrugged, showing a somewhat ugly expression. Obviously, the last time I met At that time, Xuexiayangna's attitude of playing with everyone between applause made her remember.

"Ah, it's Koyuki's elder sister!" Yui sister was still a little excited just now, as if a balloon was deflated, "Isn't Koyuki there?"

"I don't know!" Isshiki shook his head.

"Is it really not clear?" My sister still said unwillingly. It seems that although there is a connection, she is still eager to see the real person under Xuexia, right?

"So, if you don’t know, just go there and look for it carefully, right? Although the VIP seats are separated, there are not many people in the VIP seats. As long as you look for it there, you will always know where Xuexia is. Not here—that guy is not the kind of person who can run around, as long as you look in a remote corner, there is absolutely no problem."

"That's what I said, Xiaohe—" her sister's expression became hesitant, and she hesitated, "but it's impolite, isn't it?"

"Yeah," Isshiki did not make any boobs, but honestly echoed his sister's point of view: "I also saw the people in the VIP table from a distance. If I go to the VIP table to look for it, well, maybe I was arrested by a security guard in the name of sneaky!"

I understand their thoughts. Of course, they are definitely not afraid of the so-called high-class crisis in the VIP seats, but simply afraid of one person.

That person is Xuexia Yangna.

It shines on everyone like the sun, but what is even more frightening is that it has mastered everyone's heart, calculated each person's next move and responded to it with the most perfect attitude.

Whether it was Yui sister or Isshiki, they were afraid of Yukino Yukoshita--people like her were natural enemies of people who were used to hiding their true thoughts.

However, I will not be afraid, because my behavior is always consistent with my inner logic. It is certainly uncomfortable to be thoroughly seen through. However, for me, to be completely seen through is just communicating with that person. Some explanations are omitted.

"That, Xiaohe." My sister's weak voice came.

"Do you want me to help find Xuexia?"

"Of course not, um, if Xiaohe doesn't want to, then don't have to go."

"I will go." I said to Yui sister word by word, "because, this is Yui sister's request, isn't it?"

"I didn't mean that--" my sister explained with some trepidation.

"Then, let me go by myself?" I took a deep look at my sister and said, "If I remember correctly, with that senior Yukoshita Yono, I still have one more question that I didn't tell her. Yeah!"

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Chapter 51: The script written by the director of Yukoshita Yang

It is not difficult to find the sun under the snow. Some people will shine even in the dark-this kind of light refers to the sense of existence formed by the aura, which at first glance will give people a face The pressure, however, does not make people feel too scary to stay away.

Not far from the cordon of the VIP area, Xuexia Yangna sat quietly there. The navy blue yukata favored by high-ranking officials and nobles made her enveloped in a noble atmosphere, embellished with yukata The lily flower pattern sets off her elegance.It looks awe-inspiring but inviolable, but it also has a subtle sense of contradiction with that kind of total rejection and thousands of miles away.

If her sister’s temperament makes people feel that she is inherently inaccessible, then Yukoshita Yono gives people a sense of being far away, but wanting to approach, want to understand, and even for some big people. , The attraction that wants to conquer.

In social situations, such people are always welcome. I don’t know if this is a natural temperament of Yukoshita Yono, or the result of acquired development. Maybe, even she herself can’t tell this point. Well, when this kind of performance has deepened into the bones, it's like some actors can't distinguish the world in the play from the real world because of being too involved in the drama.

So, acting in reality or acting under the requirements of the script, which one is better?

During my observation of Yukoshita Yono, I believe that she must have discovered me too.Although she didn't seem to be doing anything, her hand that was gently shaking the fan had slowed down.

"Oh, isn't that brother Heye? It's not a gentleman's behavior to keep watching the girls secretly there!"

"Fortunately, I am not an upper-class person, so I don't have to follow upper-class etiquette." I shrugged and stood up.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, let me put it another way. It is not the attitude that a civilized person should have been peeping at girls all the time." Xuexiayang stood up on the ground, drawing a gentle arc at the corner of his mouth, slowly Walked in my direction.Afterwards, we were separated by a rope symbolizing the VIP line and looked at each other like this.

"Brother Heye don't want to come and take a look? The scenery here will be better!"

"Do you think I'm an idiot? Although there is no one nearby, if I want to cross this line, some security guards will rush out from somewhere and throw me to the ground as a dangerous person. ?"

"Well, it's not that exaggerated! It takes time for the security personnel to react," Yukoshita Yonoi smiled and said, "You can just threaten them with me as a hostage."

"Then I will add a charge of kidnapping?"

"It seems like this!"

"So you continue to encourage me to go over?"

"Of course, because Brother Kazuya wants to come over! Otherwise, I don’t believe you will spy on me for so long because I like my sister. Well, we two have been separated by a few years, four years, right? It may be unexpectedly close to the people of the'nianshang line', but I think I should exceed your hunting range, right?" When the word "nianshang line" was mentioned, Yukoshita Yonoi paused gently After a while, this seems to be just a normal pause in the sentence, but the look in her eyes seems to be emphasizing something

"It seems that I really have some'hunting' attempt." So, I avoided her topic.

"So, if so, how far can it be?"

"If you really want to discuss this topic, I think it would be better for Senior Xuexia to invite me next to you to talk about this topic. After all, I don’t like this line. Being in an unequal position is the same in dialogue."

"Then you can step in directly!" Xuexiayangna narrowed his eyes and urged again.

"However, my idea is to let Senior Xuexia invite me in! It is self-evident that the status of the low-level people who overstepped and admonished to the king, and the counselor whom the king invited over because of the courtesy corporal, is more important. ?"

"So, you think you are that counselor?"

"Yes, Senior Xuexia, because, you asked me a question, now, I am back with the answer to the question, shouldn't you welcome me?"

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Stepping from one end of the cordon to the other is like stepping into another world. This is not only a psychological change, but also a direct sensory experience.The other end of the cordon belongs to the common people, a crowded but intimacy world, and the other end of the cordon belongs to the upper class, an empty but somewhat indifferent world.

"Sure enough, the feeling here is completely different, and you can deeply feel the so-called class differences, the solidified society of this class."

"In fact, VIP seats are only nominal VIP seats. You can buy tickets. The price of tickets is a bit expensive. However, the average working family can also afford it. They just buy this kind of place to enjoy the fireworks display. Some of the tickets are not worth it," Xuexia Yangna shook his head and said, "Besides, when you participate in festivals or conventions, you actually feel the atmosphere of this place? This place is a bit too deserted, no The atmosphere of the festival is meaningless!"

"Perhaps it makes sense? But I think it's just because people are bound by the shackles of this social class, and they don't realize that they can enter this place. The common people naturally recognize themselves and the upper class. The gap, so I told myself that the elite can make better decisions for us, and ultimately, satisfied with this gap. This is just a social consciousness."

"So, does Brother Kazuya want to break this shackle?" Yukoshita Yono said with a light smile, "Are you the heir of the Red Army?"