My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 170

"Of course not, I just feel a little ironic. In fact, everyone should know what is best for them. However, they have given up the opportunity to know and make choices. Many people think others can Make better decisions than us, so they ridicule those who make decisions for themselves. Of course, many people who make decisions for themselves are really stupid. They are confused by insufficient knowledge and mind, and they are affected by society. Confused by the psychological hints added to them, in the end, there is indeed no way to make the most correct choice for myself. Only recently did I realize this."

I said these words too naturally, because Xuexiayang is a complete stranger to me, and only with strangers, I don’t have to worry that the other person will have any thoughts about these words-pure opinions. It's just communication.

"All in all, don’t worry about the lower brother Kazuya leading the bottom to overthrow our rule," Xuexia Yangna "chuckled" as if he didn’t care what I said. "Then we' upper class people. 'At least you can hold on for a while."

"Well." I shook my head noncommittal.

"Brother Kazuya, who can think about these things clearly, must also understand. The answer to my original question came to me? It's a pity that Xue Nao is not there. If you are in a conversation, let her listen to brother Kazuya's answer in person. It must be fun."

"She won't understand the meaning of your question, will she? Or she doesn't want to know and prevent herself from knowing what is behind your question. After all, she is an'absolutely correct' person. ! So, letting her listen to the answer to this question is actually meaningless."

"So sometimes my sister is still very important!"

"Yes, elder sister is very important." I thought of sister Yui, thought of senior Xiaomu Zhao, and pursed my mouth gently.

"So, brother Kazuya, what is the answer?"

"If a person borrows something dangerous from others, then of course that person has to take the risk. However, if the person is induced to lend out the danger under the premise that he cannot make a complete rational judgment, Then, the person who lends the thing should naturally also bear the responsibility. The nominal neutrality is a kind of bias, and the error should be corrected by the person himself-of course, the premise is that it is wrong."

"Interesting answer, elder sister, I am finally relieved, and I am also worried that younger brother Heye is the kind of boy who leaves without responsibility after playing with girls!"

"I've never been that kind of person. Besides, Senior Xuexia, this analogy of yours is very dangerous, isn't it?"

"Actually, I don't know much, but I remember talking about the problems that Qingquan Middle School faced recently when I was chatting with Xue Nao-chan. Of course, it's not a problem anymore. Because of my curiosity, I paid close attention to Qingquan. Some gossip, gossip, and so on in the middle school." Xuexia Yangnai pursed his mouth and smiled, showing an unpredictable expression.

"I'm sure to believe that some of the things you paid attention to are false." I understand what Xuexia Yangna is talking about. At that time, the Qingquan Middle School Student Union incident, Xuexia Xuena was unwilling to disclose. The source of information about the crisis in Qingquan Middle School must be this person, right?For Xuexia, being helped by his sister in such an understatement, he would definitely be very dissatisfied with him, right?

"Maybe it's true, maybe it's false. In short, the result is good, isn't it?" Xuexia Yangna looked at me and said seriously.

"What, is the result good?"

"Because, Brother Heye, you don't have a girlfriend right now. If you didn't break up with that kid, things would be very troublesome, right?"

"I don't understand what this has to do with her."

"But Brother Heye shouldn’t be obsessed with girls older than you just because you don’t get along well with girls younger than you. Although I know that Xuenao is also older than you, Xuenao never treats her older sister. He treats others with the same attitude, so getting along with Xue Nao will not feel like a sister or brother!"

"Senior Xuexia, I think you might have misunderstood something--"

"It doesn't really matter if you misunderstand something, because it might be different in the future, right?" Xuexia Yangna lightly ignored the question.

I don't know when, the night sky burst into light, and then blue, red, and yellow fire lights began to bloom in the sky, as if celebrating the end of the topic just now.

"In addition, although there are fewer people here, it is indeed a good place to enjoy fireworks, isn't it?" Xuexiayang glanced at the sky noncommitantly and said.

"Yes, it's a pity that the people who admire together have some problems."

"Don't blame me! It's not my problem that Xiaoxue can't come, it's mother's will!"

"I'm not talking about under the snow—"

"——Tsaojiao boys are not cute, brother He Ye."

"——I’m really not talking about Xuexia——"

"Then elder sister is a little bit troubled, and younger brother Heya, now should be the time to work hard, go multi-line, it is easy to collapse the whole situation!" Yukoshita Yono's eyelashes curled up slightly.

I don't like the rhythm of words being manipulated by her.So, I decided to play with her a little bit.

"Multi-line opening is also interesting, isn't it? Especially when you plan to help someone you valued before."

"What did you say?" For the first time, Xuexiayangna showed an expression that she didn't understand.

So, you guy, aren't you omniscient and omnipotent?There is no omniscient person in this world!

"It's nothing, I just feel that there are too many people who can't do anything about their own affairs, so I decided to help me as much as I can!" I showed an extremely bright smile to Xuexia Yangna, and said, "Well, it's just like me. It's the same as helping the minister-of course if the minister thinks that is helping."

The sound of fireworks continues to linger in our ears. It seems to be small rapid-fire fireworks launched now. Although not large, the small arcs that explode one after another still have an unexpected beauty.

The expression on Yukino's face slowly changed from the previous doubt to a coquettish but dignified smile.

"You kid, a bit naughty! Sister doesn't like naughty children very much!"

An overwhelming aura radiated from Yukoshita's body. In other words, she just kept hiding this aura.

Of course, this aura disappeared very quickly, as if it had never appeared before.

"But it's also very interesting! Are you ready to do something? Like my Yukino sauce, it's not good to go astray!"

"Let's not say whether I will go astray, you haven't even determined the Minister's own thoughts?"

"That's true." Xuexia Yangna covered her mouth, as if she had discovered something very interesting, "So, sister will pay attention to the performance of younger brother, you won't let me down, will you?"

"I don't know what you expect of me, so how can I talk about disappointment?"

"Ah, it looks like this. But, I think you will know it then?"

I think I don't understand Yukoshita's thoughts.

"After school starts, can I prepare for the cultural festival?" She said suddenly.


"There is also the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao at the cultural festival. I feel that it will be very interesting." Xuexia Yangnai said softly with a slight nostalgic tone.

At this time, I suddenly remembered that once, Senior Xiao Muzhen also mentioned Yukoshita Yono, and this person in front of him seems to have been inseparably connected with the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao.

However, she has graduated for two years, right?

Yukoshita Yono seemed to just mention this incident casually, but I had a shuddering feeling about it.

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Chapter 52: The school girl who appeared and escaped without authorization

I still don't like to enjoy fireworks with someone like Yukoshita Yono. Although she seemed to have offered me an invitation sincerely, in the end I refused her kindness.

In this regard, Xuexiayangna did not have any unexpected expressions. At this time, I doubted whether her invitation to me was also a routine disguise on social occasions-but considering that she faced people like me, she seemed Without that kind of hypocritical politeness, this suspicion disappeared.

This is not self-depreciation, but a clear understanding of oneself. If a gap between class differences can be bridged through a simple dialogue, then the social strata will not be so easy to solidify.As the traditional hot-blooded man of jump tells us, a character's origin determines his future belonging. Although a little helpless, this is also reality.