My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 171

So, there is no doubt that if I have to make an evaluation, the two sisters of the Yukoshita family will be more lovely than the minister.Equality, fairness, and impartiality. Although she herself has a sense of superiority, this sense of superiority is not determined by the difference in the social hierarchy of the family, and her sister has become accustomed to having different coping attitudes in front of different people .

Speaking better, this is called flexibility, and if you say it badly, it is treated differently.

In fact, this situation is not uncommon in people of any class. This is just a personal character. However, the class gap will make the opposition of this character more obvious.

The love between the prince and Cinderella can only exist in fairy tales, and the mutual understanding between the princess and the poor is an unreachable existence.

When I left, Yukoshita's other words made me a little bit worried.

Her original words were: "By the way, brother Kazuya, in fact, if it weren't for you, Xue Nao-chan could come out! However, Xue Nao-chan seems to have become more stubborn again, which makes my mother very angry!"

"So do I have to pay for all the consequences I have brought to the minister, is this too unfair?"

"Sa, then who knows? Maybe you are just a fuse, maybe you played a key role, but there must be someone to take the responsibility? If Xue Nao can't do it, then, as the only external role You are the strong person in charge, right?" Xuexiayangna shrugged and said.

In this regard, I am speechless. This is the domineering logic that belongs to the dominant side.

"Relax, don't be so scared. I still didn't disclose the information of brother Heye to mother. She felt the changes in Xue Nao-chan, and she was just wary of it." Probably seeing my complicated and cautious expression, Yukoshita Yono smiled like a prank, "It's just a small revenge for the trick that Kazuya brother has just done to me!"

"However, one thing is okay," but the smile on her face quickly disappeared, and she changed to a serious look. "Our mother, my lord, is a hundred times more terrifying than me. ! No one can defy her, no one can not act according to her will."

I stared at Yukoshita Yono's eyes, hoping to find a joking look in them, but I couldn't find it.However, in this regard, my answer remains unchanged: "For me who already understand what I want, things that come from the outside and change my thoughts and my behavior, I am very thankful to Bumin. of."

I have to ask why, because, unlike other people dominated by these people, I am rational and I am free.

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The news that Yukino Yukino did not show up at the fireworks festival did not seem to make Yui sister or Isshiki particularly surprised. Presumably, during the period of time I just left, they also considered the present Yukoshita. Happening.Isshiki may not be clear, but Yui sister who has been in contact with Yukoshita should be very clear-after all, when I am away, Yui sister sometimes seems unexpectedly reliable.

"Sure enough, Koyuki is not there? There is no way, right? It's a pity, but I can only meet again after school!" After listening to the narration of my selective dialogue with Yukoshita, Yui sister Nodded regretfully, but accepted the fact.

"VIP area, the effect of admiring fireworks must be very good, right? Kazuma, you just gave up like this. If you don't want to watch with the Yuukishita-senior, you can call us over, right? Why is that? I don't know how to work around?" In comparison, Isshi's concern seems to be another aspect. This guy, in this respect, is a little bit like a girl who likes to take advantage of it.

"I think if I go there again, I can still persuade the Yukoshita-senpai to let us in, and then Yui sister and I will come out and stay together. How about you being with her?" I squinted at it.

Isshiki's face immediately showed an uncomfortable expression, as if he had encountered some shock, he immediately became squeezed: "Ah, this, um, in this case, it's not a big deal to watch it with everyone. Ah, haha, it always feels weird to get along with those people in that kind of place, and it will be a little unbearable! Yeah."

I beg you to persist for a longer time. Don't expose your fear of Yukoshita Yono in this way. Boy, how about your confidence in everyone before?

"However, speaking of coming to participate in the fireworks festival, there is only one fireworks festival around here this summer, right?" my sister asked thoughtfully.

"What do you mean?"

"That's right," Yui sister said hesitantly, "I have already foreseen Xiao Caiyu, Xiao Caiyu has also seen Senior Yukoshita, and I have met a small model before. I always feel that I have met familiar people. The human possibility is still very high, haha?"

"Are you talking about Yeshan and the others?"

"Uh, it can be counted, but I don’t really care about Hayato or the others—well, I don’t care, ah—this means I don’t care so much, uh, Xiaohe, you understand what I mean, right? Right?"

My sister seems to say a lot of unclear words, so who is she caring about?Was it Ye Shan's guys, or did she think that Biqigu's sister might be stunned by his sister and "ran into" with us?

I cast my help-seeking gaze to the side and found that the other person was looking at me with a look of "Are you an idiot?"I seldom see this expression in Isshi. This kind of hatred for iron and steel makes me a little angry.

Say what you want to say!Isn't this the most important factor in communicating with others that you advertised?Why did you give up on your own at this time!

"Yuhihama——Senior?" A familiar voice came over.

I have to say that Sister Yui's judgment on "you may meet many familiar people this evening" is correct.Although this girl is not a very familiar person, but, at least, I once again ran into a person whom I "know".

The dark hair has two slightly thin double ponytails, revealing a refreshing nape. One is similar to my sister, but with a lighter pink yukata, embellished with a few more elegant flowers like Chinese ink painting The outline of the petals made me feel a little too serious and true her temperament softened a lot.She didn't know where she had caught the goldfish in her hand, but with her questioning tone, it was a bit nondescript.

"Vice President Sonoda, I don’t think you need to look at me with this aggressive attitude every time you see me? I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong lately. Why do all kinds of girls always use this? What do you look at?"

"No, I'm just asking if it's Yubihama Kazuya-senpai. To say aggressively, I really don't have one!" For Vice President Fu Sonoda, who has an overly serious character, it is enough to point out her unmodest character. Now, her current frantic attitude of not knowing how to deal with it proves this point.

However, this time the Vice President Sonoda seemed to come out with two friends.One is a girl with brown hair wrapped in a ball and looks very energetic in a white yukata, and the other is a girl with a dark purple complicated pattern yukata. The brown color can even be brighter and silvery. This girl looks quiet a lot of.

However, it is clear that my attacks on Vice President Sonoda just now caused her two friends to start talking.

"Has Hai Wei taken the initiative to talk to boys before?"


"But that boy looks like he has red hair. It's a bit scary, isn't it? You think he was a bit bad when he just laughed. Hai Wei wouldn't like it, right?"

"This is not necessarily true, Honano Jam. I have seen it in books. In fact, girls with a more modest appearance are generally crazy inside. So it is not impossible for Xiaohai to like bad things."

"Hey, the little bird is amazing, but is Haiwei's family allowed it?"

It seems that no matter what age group you are, the gossip tradition of girls will not change. However, do you two really think it’s okay to say this in front of the parties?Well, Vice President Sonoda's face flushed, getting redder, and then exploded.

"You two, give me enough!"

The angry roar of Vice President Sonoda briefly overwhelmed the sound of crackling fireworks launches and explosions, and within a short period of time formed a silent zone around us.

Uh, it feels a bit bad!

The trio of Vice-Chairman Sonoda and the three people on my side looked at each other. I don’t know when, my sister and Isshiki were separated from me by a certain distance. So, it’s like I'm leading two The other girls came out to hang out, and then they were caught by another girl.

And then President Sonoda's words seemed to deepen the impression: "Also, who said that Yubihama-senpai did nothing wrong, you refused Sugiura-senpai's request for help?"

"That kid Xiaochun really knows all of you in the student union!"

"In short, you admit it!" Vice President Sonoda said with an arrogant expression.

"It was indeed rejected at the time, but—"

"--It's not necessary, Yuihama-senpai, if you don't help, it is in our expectation, you just watch it, and our student union alone can help senior Sugiura through the crisis!"

"Uh, I don't believe this, Vice President Sonoda." I frowned.

"What's wrong, such a frivolous attitude."

"Well, I mean, the temperament of your yukata is more suitable for the personable Yamato Nadeshiko. Your current frying attitude is not big enough!"

I admit that I deliberately wanted to annoy Vice President Sonoda, but this is also very helpless, right? You know, she is a very reasonable girl, or a beautiful girl, always like Raksha in front of me, I Did you provoke someone?

Sure enough, the crit effect was overwhelming. After I finished vomiting, Vice President Sonoda opened his eyes wide, and let out a mournful cry.Then, disappeared in the crowd.

And her two partners naturally followed up with their due diligence.

"I'm impolite child, and he left without introducing me to her companion. Only at this time is her etiquette and rules returned to her parents?" I sighed helplessly. In fact, I liked that. For girls with light brown hair, uh, there seems to be a kind of gentleness of predecessor Xiao Muyan-although only a junior high school student, right?

"Xiaohe——" My sister grabbed the corner of my clothes and said softly.

"Sorry, Yui sister, that junior is too rude, I apologize for her, although I know she will definitely not accept my apology for her—"

"--Uh, that's not what I meant, Xiaohe," my sister looked around helplessly, "Do you think we are despised by these people?"